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Playdoh Submits

by slaveplaydoh

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My family was out of state visiting relatives and I had a urge to go farther into self bondage then I have ever gone before. You see I am a self bondage enthusiast and a exhibitionist as well so I wanted to combine the two and push the envelope of my limitations.

It was a warm Tuesday evening and I was pumped and ready to go. All I was waiting for was for the clock to turn midnight. I chose this night because I was figuring that most people were not out on this night going out to clubs etc.

I had everything ready. Besides my leather posture collar, I was wearing leather wrist and ankle cuffs and I padlocked them all closed. Keys for them were to left on my bed. I picked out a old t-shirt and made small cuts in all the seams with a pair of scissors.

Always looking to make things harder for me, I lubed up a medium sized butt-plug and inserted it into my ass. I also looped the chain from my nipple clamps thru my collar and attached each clip to my nipples.

I have a pair of 5" heels that can be locked on, so I figured why not. These heels have little bells zip locked to the straps so they will make a nice little ring as I walk.

As a last thing to add to my torment was a O-ring gag that I locked on as well. I figured "if" I was caught maybe they would use my mouth and force me to pleasure them.

It was almost time to go. I slipped the t-shirt on and grabbed an extra padlock.

At midnight I went out the front door of the house and shut it making sure it was locked. The key to the house was in a frozen water bottle that I placed in the middle of a parking lot at the base of a light pole just a 1/2 hour ago. It looked like some ones trash so I felt it would be safe that nobody would disturb it.

The thing about this parking lot, is that it was almost a half mile in the opposite direction of where I was going and it was lit extremely well.

I looked around to get a feel for the neighborhood. After feeling the coast was clear I made my way to a church 2 miles away.

All I was wearing besides the bondage gear was a t-shirt and heels. It was a exhilarating feeling being almost naked walking down the street at midnight.

It was very quiet out except for the sounds of my heels clicking and the bells ringing. My cock was so hard I wanted to take matters into my own hands but I knew I wouldn't go thru with my dare if I did. So I kept my hands behind my back with my cock pointing the way.

I walked thru the residential part of the neighborhood till I came to the first of two busy streets. The streets were lit up pretty good so I had to be extra careful. I waited till I couldn't see any headlights in either direction. When the coast was clear I went for it.

I had to walk because I can't run in heels. I did the same thing at the next intersection. I arrived at the back of the church with no trouble.

I sat down on the edge of a planter to get myself together before the final part of my plan.

Before I could chicken out, I removed the t-shirt and starting ripping it into shreds. I didn't want to be able to use any piece of it to cover me up in any way.

Now I was committed and forced to go thru with my naked dare even if I changed my mind. I stroked my cock a few more times and then quickly used the extra padlock I brought along and clipped my wrists together behind my back.

When I heard the sound of the click of the lock I almost came without touching myself.

Now I was naked with my collar, wrist and ankle cuffs locked on. Wearing 5" heels and a O-ring gag that were both locked on. A butt-plug and nipple clamps as well for added stimulation. All this and being naked 2 miles from home and 2 1/2 miles from the house key.

I was stuck and I was in heaven.

My head was spinning. I just stood there for awhile just taking in what I had just done to myself.

Getting home now would be a nice, exciting challenge.

to be continued:

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