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Playing Hooky

by Techtroll

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© Copyright 2003 - Techtroll - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; toys; insert; chast; gag; cuffs; straps; clothespins; caught; F/f; hum; breastplay; tease; torment; climax; cons/reluct; X

I was in to self bondage before my husband and I were married and I have yet to tell him of my fantasies. We dated for some time before being married and have enjoyed an active sex life since our fourth date. My husband brought an eighteen-year-old daughter to the marriage from his previous wife and we have never gotten along. It was three months after the wedding before I had a chance to do some self bondage. My husband was at work and his daughter Suzan had just left for her first day back to school. Suzan was just starting her first day of her senior year at high school. And had left an hour ago with her boy friend.
I started out by getting the keys to my locks from the back of the freezer were I had placed them the previous night. I planed on doing just a simple hogtie in our bedroom for a couple of hours. I keep all of my bondage equipment in the back of our closet in an old suitcase. I make my way up the stairs to our bedroom looking in to Suzan's room and noticing that she still hasn't cleaned it up from the last time I asked her to. I continue onto our bedroom and retrieve the suitcase from the back of the closet. I place the suitcase on the bed and open it. It only takes me a moment the find the items that I will use for today's bondage fun.
I remove each item from my collection and place it neatly on the bed. I then close the suitcase containing the rest of my bondage collection and place it back in the closet. First things first I strip naked and fold my clothes neatly on the dresser. I stand for a moment looking at my bondage apparel laid out on display before lightly dusting my body with powder. I start with a pair of latex stockings and a garter belt. Next, I put on a latex top that has holes placed in front to allow my breast to stick through. The top constricts the base of each breast causing each to swell and jet out in front of me. When I wear this top my breasts actually bob up and down as I walk. Next comes a pair of opera length latex gloves made from a thicker latex. The gloves make it harder to get free as I can't feel the difference between the keys when they finally melt free from the block of ice. Finally, I put on a leather chastity belt that has large built in vibrators for both my ass and pussy.
I lube the vibrator for my ass liberally and slowly work it in. The vibrator for my pussy doesn't need any lube, as I am all ready dripping wet and pops in easily. After both vibrators are in place I lock the chastity belt in place. I place the wireless remote to the vibrators on the night stand within easy reach beside the block of ice that contains the keys to my release. There is an eyelet mounted to a stud in the wall just over the bed that I run a piece of string through. I then tie the piece of string from the block of ice to the string going through the eyelet. Once the ice melts the keys will drop onto the bed within easy reach of my hands.
I am finally ready to start my bondage I lock two straps on my legs one just below my knees and one around my ankles. The strap I have around my ankles also has a short strap that I will lock to my wrist cuffs once I have them on. I place a large ball gag in my mouth, pulling it tight, I lock it in place with a small pad lock. I then kneel in the center of the bed, which takes some manoeuvring with my legs bound as they are. I reach over to the night stand and move the remote for the vibrators beside me on the bed so that I can reach it once I am completely bound.
Next, I put a strap around my upper body just below my bulging breasts and over my arms at the elbows. With some effort I place cloths pins on each nipple and six more in a circle around each breast. As the pain from the cloths pins start to work their magic I take one more look around the room before I finish locking my self up to make sure that everything is in place. Finally, I fasten a three-inch leather cuff on each wrist and lean back for the strap connected to the strap on my ankles and lock the wrist cuffs and strap closed behind my back. Just as I lock my wrist cuffs behind me, I hear the front door open and slam shut. This shocks me so much that I loose my balance and fall over on my side causing my bulging pined tits to flop all over the place. I scream into the gag from the pain of my pined tits but only a muffled groan escapes my lips.
I hear Suzan call my name from the living room and start up the stairs. I look over to the bedroom door and in my rush for a little fun I forgot to close it. I can see into the hall and straight in to Suzan's bedroom from my position on our bed. I watch helplessly as Suzan goes in to her room and throws her book bag onto her bed. As she turns yelling my name once more she sees me in all my bound glory laying out on the bed. I hear her scream out, "Oh my god what happened?" As she runs in to our bedroom. Suzan tries for a moment to free me from my bonds when she notices the block of ice hanging over the bed.
She stops her attempts to free me and moves over to the side of the bed so she can look me in the eyes. “You did this to yourself didn't you?” she asks. All I can do is shake my head yes, tears streaming from my eyes partly from the cloths pins on my tits and partly from embarrassment. She takes a moment to inspect my bound body moving all around the bed to get a good look. All I can do is blush as my stepdaughter gazes upon her new step mom in tight bondage. I try to tell Suzan to release me, but my words are changed to grunts by the ball gag in my mouth. I watch as Suzan reaches out slowly and gropes one of my bulging and pined breasts. She looks in to my face and starts to squeeze it painfully and all I can do is moan in to my gag. “You like that don't you!” she says. I try to rock my body away from her hand, when she tightens her grip even more on my tit and in a stern voice says, “No don't move.”
Releasing my tit Suzan reaches down to the bed and picks up the remote to the two vibrators locked behind my chastity belt. Tilting her head to one side in puzzlement, she slides both controllers to their maximum setting. We both hear the two vibrators slam to life in my ass and pussy. With a devilish grin Suzan pats me on the head and moves behind me. I lay there for a moment breathing deeply, my tits throbbing from the cloths pins, and the two vibrators humming away behind my locked chastity belt. I look over my shoulder to see Suzan taking down the block of ice with my keys in it and my eyes follow her through the bedroom door as she leaves.
I lay my head back down on the bed and loose myself in my bondage. I hear water running in the upstairs bathroom for a few moments as I near an orgasm. As I climb to the peak of my orgasm both vibrators shut off. I look over to the doorway and see Suzan standing there with the remote pointing at me in one hand and the keys to my release dangling from the other. “Oh no not just yet,” she says, “where's the fun in that.” I uncontrollably thrust my hips in a vain attempt to bring myself over the edge of my orgasm as Suzan moves in to the room and sits facing me on the bed.
Reaching out Suzan flicks on of the cloths pins on my tits with her finger, as she slides the controls for both vibrators to full for a moment. I squirm on the bed from the pain/pleasure that my stepdaughter is causing me. Suzan repeats the process with each cloths pin on my tits pausing after each one to watch me squirm in my pleasure/pain ecstasy. After running through all the cloths pin sequence three times, she grows bored and starts to remove each cloths pin from my tits and rotates it ninety degrees before replacing it. Again, each time she removes a cloths pin she starts the vibrators on full and stops them once the cloths pins are in place. Each time a pin is removed, I scream in to my gag from the pain. When she has all the cloths pins rotated to their new positions. She starts all over again from the beginning. I lose track of time and how many times she tortures my tits and sends me to the brink of orgasm with the vibrators.
My world is reduced to an agony filled throbbing need to cum. I thrash on the bed, tears streaming down my face as I endure the sweet pain/pleasure that my stepdaughter is causing me. After I don't know how long I am finally blasted in to the most intense orgasm of my life. The pain from my tits and the pleasure from my ass and pussy combine in to an earth shattering orgasm. I literally jump off the bed when it hits. Every muscle strains against myself imposed bondage as I scream in to the ball gag. The waves of my orgasm slam through me over and over. Just as I can't stand it any longer I pass out from the shear pleasure of finally being allowed to cum.
I don't know how long I am out but when I wake up, I am laying in bed with the covers pulled over me and am no longer in bondage. I am still wearing all of my latex lingerie but the chastity belt has been removed. The cloths pins have all so been removed from my breasts and I can see slight bruising were each one was. I look over to Suzan's room and notice that the door is closed. I am filled with the sudden need to urinate so I head in to the bathroom. When I have finished and cleaned myself up, I move to Suzan's door and look in to her room. Laying naked and strapped spread eagle to her bed is my stepdaughter. As I walk in to the room I notice that she is now wearing my chastity belt and that the remote is on her nightstand out of reach. As I move to the bed her eyes follow my every move.
She looks me in the eye and starts to explain that the reason she was home and not at school today was that she and her boy friend had a fight because he just couldn't handle her need to be tied up when they had sex. Suzan went on to describe some of the ways she and her boy friend had played with bondage and that the only time she could reach an orgasm was to be in some kind of bondage. She explained that when she walked in on me in self-bondage that it was like a dream come true and that she just couldn't let the opportunity slip by. When Suzan had reached the end of her story, I asked her where the keys to the restraints are. With a mischievous grin on her lips Suzan replies that I will have to make her tell me where the keys are.
Just as I reach down to pick up the remote to the chastity belt I notice a bag of cloths pins laying on the table beside it. I smile at my stepdaughter as I pick up the remote and cloths pin and display both to her. In a husky voice, I ask Suzan is she sure this is what she wants. She smiles back at me and says, if I ever want to see the keys again that I had better get started. I laugh out loud and shake my head at my stepdaughter when I hear a knock from the front door. I and Suzan look at each other in puzzlement. As Suzan's room over looks the drive way I glance out the window and see her boy friend's car in the drive. I smile at Suzan and say I’ll go and see who is at the door. As I walk out of her room, I turn the vibrators attached to the chastity belt on to their lowest setting.


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