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Pleasure Poled

by Dana

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© Copyright 2011 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; cuffs; nipple; messy; insert; toys; computer; cons; X

I am 33 years old, 5' 8" tall slim with long legs and long blond hair and an ample pair of breasts and when I am in my day job as sales manager meeting new customers I'm often wearing something that excites me, my favourite being a nappy and plastic panties, if only they knew what I got up to in my free time. I have an ever increasing desire for sexual excitement and stimulation which involves, pain, bondage, dressing up and getting very messy. My latest adventure involves a lot of planning and preparation and over the previous weeks had been getting various pieces of equipment organised.

I've had made a 4'6" post, from a scaffold tube, with seat on top shaped like a racing cycle saddle with an 8" vibrating dildo, 6" steel butt dildo and at the front a latex clit stimulator. These all being run from the mains so no fear of battery failure. Electrodes had been fitted to either side of the front section of the saddle and to the base of the butt dildo so to get the most enjoyment. These had been wired, together with the dildos and clit stimulator to a computer run random timer.

The post would be fitted solidly into the floor socket this was positioned 10" in front of a chrome floor to ceiling pole which I will use to steady myself when impaled on my Pleasure Pole. Above the Pole was a hook with a 3 litre bottle of cooking oil hanging from it.

On the floor are 2 piles of 2 air beds either side of the poles, on top of that a board of plywood to which was fitted a third pole. This was for the heavy duty nipple clamps that would hold on to my nipples for the duration.

There I stood looking at my handy work, I had been planing this for weeks and now the time had come to secure myself to my Pleasure Pole.

I was naked as I stood on plywood which was on the 4 inflated airbeds. I positioned myself over the lubricated dildos and positioned it 1" or so inside me. From the cap of the 3 litre bottle of cooking oil, I tied a piece of string tightly to my hair. I then lent slightly forward and attached my nipples to heavy duty clamps that were fitted to the third post which was fixed to the plywood. Finally I handcuffed my hands behind my back and grabbed hold of the chrome post behind me .

I then pulled 4 pieces of string which removed the stoppers from the airbeds. As they slowly went down and as they did the dildos went further into me, my hair pulled my head straight up making me pull back but my nipples were being stretched to the limit, I was half way down the dildos when the cooking oil was released. It completely engulfed me, I had instinctively tried to use the chrome pole to stop the decent onto the dildos but now it was covered in oil and its only use now was keeping me upright.

After a few minuets my total weight was on my crotch, my legs were dangling in the air, my nipples pulled out forwards and I was struggling to keep upright as the pain sored through them. The dildos had entered into me fully and I was helpless. The plywood carried on with its descent and when it hit the floor, it turned the switch contact to the computer.

It wasn't long before the program started, firstly the 8" dildo burst into life, this was not only a vibrator but had also a snake like rhythmic movement to it and when the clit stimulator kicked in I almost orgasmed immediately. Just as quick as it started it stopped and the electrodes took over zapping my ring piece and my clit. I was bouncing around involuntarily and when the dildo and vibrator fired up again I could not help but orgasm. My whole body was shaking and I didn't know what I was doing or where I was, as much as I tried to release myself or alter my position, I realised my helpless position. Everything was on full power and it wasn't long before a second orgasm exploded between my legs.

Finally after what seamed an age but in fact was less than an hour the power was cut, I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had had, the time had come to start arranging my release. This was going to be a long complicated operation.

Stood 10' in front of me was Dave, my release, he had been stood there chained in position. His only means of escape was me. His chain was attached to my chrome pole by way of a combination lock which I could just reach. But this was only the start of a long process for his release then mine.

Click, the computer program had started again.................




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