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by Sinthia

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It was an overcast but warm August weekday and I had the week off and my husband Steve was out of town, so I figured it would be a great opportunity to do some nude, outdoor bondage. I went to my bedroom after grabbing three zip bags from the kitchen and started assembling the accessories for this adventure: some locks, their keys, some chains, leather cuffs, spandex hood, ring gag, and two kitchen safes (time locking containers).

I stripped off my clothes and then donned my black patent leather pumps with 2 inch heels, and secured them to my feet with a couple of thin chains, secured by pairs of small locks at my insteps and back of my ankles. I then began sorting my locks and keys. All but four of the locks went into one of the zip bags, the keys to which will be left in my bedroom – anything they secure I’ll be wearing on my trip back to my house. On the end of a nipple chain, which uses small fabric nooses to secure them to my nipples, are keys to two larger locks. I put all three items in another bag. Lastly, I put a six inch heavy chain, two large locks (keyed differently from the other large locks), and their keys in the third bag. I put all the paraphernalia in my leather gym bag, then turned my attention to the finishing touches.

I lubed up a vibrator which was shaped like a short dumbbell and inserted it deep into my pussy, putting the remote control into one of the locking containers. I then lubed up an inflatable butt-plug that has a detachable inflator hose, and worked it into my butt hole. I put the inflator into my gym bag along with all the other stuff. I had tested these insertables earlier and ensured the batteries were fresh for the vibrator, and the butt plug inflated and deflated with the hose attached, and held inflation when the hose was removed. I turned off my cell-phone so it wouldn’t be tracked, and put it in the container with the vibrator remote control.

I was just about ready to go, but first I walked into our bathroom, grabbed a lipstick, and scrawled something on my chest. I then returned to my room and donned a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for the trip to my bondage clearing in the adjacent woods.

Grabbing the gym bag, I then went downstairs to the basement walk out, unlocked the sliding door, and stepped outside into the warm early afternoon August air. No rain was predicted, and it was supposed to remain overcast, so it shouldn’t feel too hot. I closed the door, leaving it unlocked, then strolled to the back of the yard where the woods begin. There is a street in a ravine that runs down to a river valley at the back of our property, and I started walking down the wooded slope down to my favorite outdoor bondage spot which was about 100 yards down the gentle slope.

Arriving at my destination, I found this mini-clearing just as I had remembered it. A clearing about forty by 20 feet in dimension, surrounded by trees of various sizes and brush of variable density. Regardless, no one would be able to see into this area, unless they were using an overhead drone.

I walked to the far side of the clearing, and dumped the contents of the gym bag on the ground, checking the bag to make sure that it was indeed empty. I then stripped off my t-shirt and shorts and put them in the bag. I retrieved the inflator for the butt plug and inserted it into the receptacle on the plug, and started pumping the inflator bulb. It took a few minutes, but I clearly felt full down there and the balloon was pushing my vibrator into the front wall of my vagina. I then detached the inflator, experimentally pulled on the plug a few times and confirmed it wasn’t going anywhere until it was deflated. I then put the inflator in the gym bag, grabbed one of the locks for which the keys were in the bedroom, and then locked the zipper tabs of the bag together, preventing me from accessing my clothes and the inflator until I got home. So at this point I was committed to walking back home naked and with the plug inflated in my butt.

I then retrieved one of the zip bags - the one that had the nipple chain with keys and two large locks. I pinched my nipples to stiffen them up, relaxed the nooses on the ends of the chain, and slipped a noose over one nipple, then tightened, repeating the process on the other. Unlike nipple chains with clips or clamps, these require two hands to remove them from my nipples,

I then retrieve a thirty foot length of heavy chain, and lock one end to a short chain that I had secured with a lock to the T-shaped handle on the plug. The other end of the chain I wrapped around a medium size tree, having checked to make sure the tree was solidly in the ground, and locked the chain around it. This I called my ‘tether chain’. I would be stuck in the clearing until I could release my nipple chain and use its keys to release one or both locks of the tether.

I then grab my gym back and walk as far as I can toward the far end of the clearing. I feel the tension on my rectum increase, and walk as far as I can, seeing the chain lift off the ground when I reach the chain’s limit. I can feel that the plug is secure, and not going anywhere. Mostly for symbolism (since it’s already locked and its contents inaccessible), I throw the bag as far as I can – several feet. I’m not retrieving it until the tether is released.

I make my way to home-base, and retrieve the two timed containers. From the zip bag with the six inch chain, I retrieve two pairs of keys. I put one set in the empty container, set the timer for eight hours, tapped the lid, and a few seconds later, there was a whirring sound and two tabs emerged from the lid, engaging into two slots in the clear plastic container. This won’t open until dusk – not a prospect I would be looking forward to, but it was my backup. The other set of keys, I put in the other container with my disabled phone and vibrator remote control. I walk back toward the other end of the clearing, once again, as far as I can go, then crouch down, set the timer for 45 minutes, then turn on the vibratory remote. OMG – this was intense – the plug pushing the vibrator tight against my G-spot. “I need to focus to get this job done,” I thought to myself. I then put on the lid, tap the top, the tabs engage, and then I reach as far as I can and put the container down on the ground. I rise to my feet, and then walk back to home base as fast as I can in the pumps, all the while the vibrations diminish as I distance myself from the remote, until about halfway there, the vibrations are gone entirely.

“What a relief,” I said out loud to no one in particular.

Returning back to my pile of toys, I grab the spandex hood, and pull it down over my head. It had holes from both eyes and my mouth, and I pulled my long hair back. It was behind my ears. I then grasped a 2 inch ring gag and inserted it into my mouth, then rotated it so it was lodged behind my teeth, propping my mouth wide open. I pull the straps back behind my head and buckle the gag on tightly. I retrieve one of the many bedroom locks and snap it closed on the buckle, effectively locking both the gag and hood on my head until I get home.

Next are the leather wrist and ankle cuffs. These are supple leather and very comfortable. I tighten then buckle them, applying a bedroom lock to each. These are also not coming off until I get home.

The last of the items not in the last zip bag are a one-foot heavy chain and two two-foot heavy chains, along with four bedroom locks. I take a lock, pass the hasp through an end of the short chain and the end of one of the long chains, then through the D-ring on my left ankle cuff and click it shut. I repeat the same process with the short chain and the other long chain and secure them to my right ankle cuff. Lastly, I take another lock, pass the hasp through the other end of the left long chain, and lock it to my left wrist cuff, repeating the process on the right side. I can only reach up to just below my waist and will be like this until I get home.

The very last step was to retrieve the two remaining locks from the last zip bag (the keys to which are in the two timer containers) and lock one end to my left wrist cuff. I then reach behind me and eventually secure the other end of the chain to my right wrist cuff. I experimentally explore my reach and even crouched, I can’t reach my nipples to remove the nipple chain. I am stuck here in the clearing until I can release the wrist chain and freely reach around front. The first step is to retrieve keys from either of the timer containers. The one in easy reach will open hours from now, the other will open in just a few or several minutes, but will I be able to retrieve it with my hands bound behind me?

I head back toward the far end of the clearing to the length the tether chain allows and I come up almost two feet short of the canister! I try to reach around but my reach is severely limited by the wrist chain secured to my other arm. I try to swat at it with a foot, but I come up about a foot short in terms of reach.

I try another strategy and spin around a half turn and try to reach out behind me while crouching down. But because the tether chain is now wrapped around my thing and the ankle/wrist chain is pinned to my thigh by the tether chain, I come nowhere close to reaching the safe.

I have one last strategy other than to wait for the other safe to open around dusk. I turn a quarter turn toward the canister, stretch the tether chain as far as I can while lowering myself onto my butt with my legs extended perpendicular to the tether chain. I then raise my legs, parting them and swing them a quarter turn toward and over the canister. I lower my legs, and to my delight, I have snared the canister between my legs and the hobble chain!

I should have mentioned that all this time the vibrations in my pussy have been very intense, and they only get worse when I draw the container toward me with my legs and hobble chain. I scoot back a couple of feet by digging my heels into the ground and repeat the process of drawing the canister into me a few more times. I then swing my legs a quarter turn and glance at the timer. 17:12 minutes:seconds it says as it continues to count down. I know I can’t take the vibrations for that long and can’t decompress as I can’t reach my clit, so I scoot back over toward homebase, the vibrations waning as I go until they are nearly gone.

Now I wait. It’s quiet in the woods except for the sounds of rustling leaves and birds chirping. I hope to be able to hear the lid motor whir, but I silently count the seconds to myself until I reach what amounts to 18 minutes.

I then scoot back toward the safe, the vibrations gradually increasing. When I get there, sure enough, the lid is unlocked and I lift it off. I reach in and immediately turn the remote control to the vibrator off. Once that intense distraction is gone, I fish out the keys, and work one of the wrist chain locks, and in short order it releases and I am now able to reach in front of me. I remove the other lock and place the chain and two locks in the canister.

I now turn my attention to the nipple chain, working the nooses free with both hands, until the chain is freed from my boobs. I work my way to my feet, reach down below me and use the keys to unlock the tether from my butt plug. Free at last! At least as free as I’m going to be until I get home. I go to the other end of the tether chain and unlock it from the tree and put the chain and locks into a canvas bag I also brought with me. Into it go the canisters, and after retrieving my gym bag, I’m ready to make my trek up the slope toward my backyard.

This is slow going, especially with the ankle hobble making it difficult to step over forest debris on the ground, having to walk around many of these obstacles, and having an inflated plug in my ass, make this a slow slog. I wind up stopping to catch my breath and regroup about every twenty feet.

Eventually I can see my backyard through the trees, but I also hear the drone of some kind of power equipment. Some motion catches my eye and I make out that there is one of our landscapers on a riding lawn mower cutting the backyard grass. I don’t think he can see me as I'm still deep in the woods and I spy a large tree a few feet in front of me to my left, so I head there and lean up against it with my back to the backyard.

The rest is welcome and I realize that I could be here for a while, so I decide to have a little ‘me time’. I reach down and turn on the vibrator. “Wow, is that intense?” I think to myself. But now, my hands are free to rub my clit and I close my eyes and get to work. It does not take a long time for an intense orgasm to come over me and I cum and cum and cum with the vibrator continuing to torment my innards. I open my eyes to go and reach down and turn off the vibrator when I see the landscaper just a few feet in front of me as he puts what looks to be his cellphone into the front pocket of his jeans.

“Oh my God! He’s taken pictures and maybe videos of me masturbating while in bondage in the woods.” I realize. My only solace is that I’m hooded, so maybe he doesn’t know who I am.

I weigh my options and there really aren’t any other than to see how this develops. No way I can outrun him hobbled like this, I can’t kick or knee him in the groin due to the chains, and even if I try to scream, all that is going to come out is a muted howl.

He takes a couple of steps forward, reaches out and starts groping my breast. I try to raise my hands to protect myself, but can’t reach that high with my wrists chained to my ankles. I shake my head and try to yell ‘No, No, No’ but all that comes out is ‘Oh. Oh, Oh”.

He then pulls me forward a couple of steps by my boobs, then applies firm downward pressure, forcing me to my knees.

“I think I know where this is going,” I tell myself. I’m beginning to regret writing “Fuck my face” on my chest with lipstick before I left the house.

Sure enough, he unzips and a long, thin cock springs out of his pants. I lubes it up with spit with his left hand while cupping the back of my head with his right. He then slides it into my waiting mouth and I’m helpless to stop him. He then clasps the sides of my head and starts pumping into my mouth.

“Oh my God! I’m being face fucked while naked and bound in my back yard!” I was screaming inside of my head.

His pace slowly increases, and eventually he pushes deep and I feel my mouth fill with his musky, warm cum. I try to swallow as much as I can, but some dribbles out my mouth and dribbles onto my boobs.

He pulls out, pats me on the top of the head a few times patronizingly, then puts his dick in his pants and zips up. He grabs me by my armpits and helps me to my feet. I’m still frozen and stunned by this turn of events.

He tips his hat and then picks up my two bags and starts walking off. The only consolation to this theft is that the vibrations start to wane.

I weigh my options. “Maybe if I continue making my way up the slope past my house, he’ll think I live elsewhere,” I muse.

So I make my way, slowly up the slope until I can hide behind some trees in my neighbor’s backyard. I wait it out and I eventually see him drive his mower out to my front yard, but I still hear a lot of power equipment nearby. After what I guess to be about a half an hour all the sounds stop and I can see the trucks and their vans exiting our driveway.

I then work my way down to my backyard, cut across it and head to the walkout. As I approach, I start to feel those familiar vibrations in my pussy that are relentlessly increasing as I close the gap to the walkout. I open the door and see my bags sitting neatly on the floor. So much for him not knowing who I am.

 I reach into the canvas bag to turn off the vibrator and find a note on top of the canister.

“Next week, same day, same time, same place, same outfit.”

“Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into?” I shriek (as best the gag will allow).

The End


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