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My Poolside Adventure

by Ariadne Smith

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© Copyright 2007 - Ariadne Smith - Used by permission

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I'm an attractive 33 year old woman - blond, 5 foot 3 inches, 110 pounds, full C cup breasts - with an interest in self-bondage inspired, in part, by the stories on this website.  I decided to write to you to tell you about an experience I had last August.  Everything in here is 100 percent true.

My interest in bondage began when my first serious boyrfriend in college and I started using ropes and stuff during sex.  We would take turns tying each other to the bed and would spend hours teasing each other, resulting in the most mind-blowing orgasms, or, sometimes when he had me tied up, he would make me orgasm over and over and over.  Eventually we began to play with clothespins, but none of our activities were very hardcore and we both switched from the dominant to the sub position. 

After college, when we had gone our separate ways, I had a hard time finding a boyfriend who enjoyed these little bondage games, and I started to miss it.  Thankfully, the internet came around to show me I was not alone in enjoying these sorts of activities and that there were ways for me to satisfy myself.  That's how I got into self-bondage. 

Maybe once every couple of months, when I had some time alone, I would tie myself with a vibrator pressed against my clit inside a pair of tight panties.  Usually, I would tie myself with nylon ropes and leave a knife on the floor a couple rooms away, then struggle to retrieve the knife and cut myself free after a couple intense orgasms.  Sometimes I put a clothespin on each nipple first.  These adventures were really mild compared to some of the stories I have read.  But what I wanted - really wanted - was to be bound tightly, to be teased for hours, then forced to cum over and over again.  What I really wanted was for someone to do these things to me. 

But, as my work career became more serious, the men I was meeting were less and less interested in anything "kinky."  There was no way I was going to meet some potential psycho off the internet and let that guy tie me up.  I didn't realize it at first, but my frustration level was growing.  I began to fantazise more and more about being found bound and horny by some sexy guy and about what he would do to me.  My obsession with this fantasy grew over the years.  Although I was adamant that I would not meet anyone from the internet, I began chatting a bit with strangers.  I liked to read what they would do to me if they found me naked and bound.  Many of these guys wanted to engage in serious sado-masochism - activities I had never considered or had any interest in (like using a riding crop or whip on me).  Part of me was repulsed by the idea, but part of me thought it would be so sexy to be used in any possible way by whoever found me tied naked.  My solo attempts at rougher activities (like spanking my clitoris with a wooden spoon) didn't turn me on that much. 

While at the Office Depot one day, I bought a webcam that was on sale.  I sat at my computer that evening, naked, with my pussy brightly lit and on display, and simply waited for someone to find my webcam, check it out, and discover what I was showing.  I promised myself I would masturbate for whoever found me.  It didnt take long for several men to check out my webcam, and I fingered myself to a mind-blowing orgasm for them, putting myself on complete display for their pleasure and following their directions.  This became a monthly activity. 

At about that time, I also started to travel more for work, driving to nearby cities.  I used these opportunities to expose myself more.  Sometimes I would toss my skirt and panties in the backseat and drive with nothing on beneath, excited that someone might see me.  I spent evenings in my hotel room, bound, usually with a vibrator on or in my pussy, sometimes with a butt plug in my bottom as well, with the window curtains open or ajar, wondering if anyone would see me, come get me and fuck me.  But none of this was exactly what I wanted.

One night, at a hotel out of town last summer, I called housekeeping and told them my sink was backed up and asked for a service call; I said I was going out and asked that the service man let himself in to repair the sink.  Then, I stripped naked and cuffed my hands behind my back and laid down on the bed, waiting.  My pussy was dripping wet, but I chickened out, got to the phone and cancelled the service call.  Then I masturbated thinking about what would have happened if the service man had really found me.  Afterwards, I spent weeks thinking about what I had almost done.  In the end, I simply had to make my fantasies come true, and accept the consequences (good or bad) of making them come true. 

By chance, my neighbors called to let me know they would be away for the entire month of August.  They asked me to keep an eye out for their house and to pick up any packages or mail that might end up on their front door step.  Of course I agreed, knowing that I could sneak into their yard and use their swimming pool while they were away.  August was a quiet month for me anyway and I didn't have anywhere to go.   I was very envious of their beautiful in-ground pool but had only been over to swim in it once before. 

The first Monday in August, I was there, happily laying out on a padded lounge chaise in my bikini, swimming, drinking iced tea, and e-mailing on my blackberry.  That first day, I noticed how secluded the pool truly was - none of the neighbors could look into the pool area, and of course, being a pervert, I imagined laying out in the nude.  On Thursday, I had another chance to lay out.  This time, I had less work to worry about and was indulging in a little sex daydreaming.  I actually had my left hand in my bikini bottoms gently rubbing my pussy lips, when I heard the gate swing shut with a bang.  My hand flew from my crotch, just as a college-aged guy rounded the corner of the house.  He apologized to me and said he was there to clean the pool, not even wondering who I was. 

" Ahh, no problem, go ahead," I told him.  He went to work with chemicals and brushes and, when he was done, he came over to tell me not to swim in the pool for a half-hour.  I took the opportunity to learn that the pool was cleaned every Thursday and that sometimes the pool was cleaned in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.  Suddenly, I had a terrible, wonderful idea, and I had one week to work out the details.

My first problem was coming up with a timed release mechanism.  I had never done anything with ice blocks, but I wanted something that would be pretty easy like that.  I froze lengths of twine into assorted blocks of ice, then tied them up outside to see how long they would take to melt. After I had found a block that would melt in about 3 hours, I was ready to let my little game begin.  

The next Thursday morning, at 8:00, I headed over to the neighbors' pool with my gym bag and block of ice.  Once there, I removed my clothes and spread a heavy layer of tanning oil all over my body.  I was jittery, but terribly excited.  I dragged the chaise lounge over to the shade beneath a tree and tied the twine to branch so that it dangled 2 feet above the top end of the lounge.  To the twine, I tied a handcuff key.  Next, I tied a nylon rope to the branch so it hung down over the middle of the lounge, with plenty of slack.  I slowly pushed my medium butt plug into my bottom, then laid down on the lounge so the middle rope went between my legs.  I pulled it down very tight, pulling the branch down slightly, and scootched up so the rope pressed against my pussy.  From there, I pulled the rope down the crack of my ass and tied it around my waist. 

Now the rope was pushing the plug into my bottom and pressed tightly against my wet, enflamed pussy, slightly touching my hard, exposed clitoris.  I sat up and used cuffs to clip my feet to either side of the lounge, spreading my legs wide.  I next put 2 clothes pins on each side of my pussy and 1 on each nipple (I pulled the clothespins open a bit so they would not bite so hard for a three hour session).  I placed a special envelope between my legs, then, taking a deep breath, reached back and cuffed my hands to the top bar of the lounge.  I didn't know when or if the pool man would come, but he would have about 3 hours to find me before the key fell to my hand and I could free myself.  If he found me, he would also find a letter in the envelope inviting him to keep me bound, tease me, fuck me and use me any way he desired, along with a dozen condoms.  Part of me hoped he would take away the key and not let me go for days! 

All I could do was fantasize and gently rub my pussy against the rope.  I was hot and wet and willing.  After about an hour, I started to cry because I was so desperate to be found and fucked - I wanted it so badly.  I couldn't cum or do anything to pleasure myself, yet my pussy was leaking!  The poolman didn't show up that morning, and, at about noon, the key fell to my hand.  I released myself, gathered all my materials and ran back to my house, emotionally exhausted and sexually frustrated.  I decided then and there not to allow myself an orgasm until I was found.  Do you see how nervous I was about getting what I desired? How I had to play this game to tease myself and make myself horny enough to succumb to my desires?  I took a shower and put on my bikini, ate some lunch, grabbed some work, and went back to the pool. 

I was in the middle of reading an extensive and un-sexy marketing memo when the pool man finally showed up.  This time he was much friendlier, and I did see him spend a few minutes gazing in my direction as he brushed the pool.  I introduced myself with a fake name, and learned his name. He was pretty cute, and young.  He said he was going into his sophmore year at the local community college.  I asked about his busy pool schedule, and he indicated that some of the guys had gone back to school early, so he was much busier than usual.  I asked him if he would be back the next Thursday afternoon, and he said yes, probably in the afternoon.  As he was leaving, I spontaneously yelled out that if he made this his last stop of day, I'd have a couple beers for him - but I wasn't sure he heard me!

As soon as he left, I wanted to rip off my bikini and rub myself to a furious climax.  How was I going to keep my hands off for the next week? How was I going to work?  On Friday, I wore a skirt to work without panties and fantasized about sex all day long.  That weekend, I did two shows on my webcam - both times fucking myself in the pussy and ass with a dildo while a series of men watched me - but I faked my orgasms.  On Monday afternoon, I went back to the pool, but this time I laid out nude and rubbed tanning oil all over my body.  By Tuesday, I thought I would scream if I couldnt cum, but in the evening I watched my one porno DVD straight through TWICE!  Wednesday, I again went to work without panties, then got invited out for beers with some co-workers.  In the bar, I started to get tipsy and started talking about sex with my co-workers.  I knew that was bad, so I went into the ladies room, into a stall, shut the door, and stripped off all my clothes.  I touched myself all over and spread my legs wide.  My pussy was actually dripping on the floor.

When Thursday arrived, I was scared.  This time I had frozen a large bag of ice with the twine snaking through it and planned to bind myself for the whole afternoon.  I had no idea how long it would take for the ice to melt or how long I would be in bondage.  I drank nothing in the morning, but lounged around the house naked.  I ate a light lunch and headed over to the pool at noon.  I brought a cooler with a couple beers.  I went for a quick skinny dip.  I covered myself in tanning oil.  My bondage set up was virtually the same, even though I had a really hard time getting the heavy ice bag hung up on the branch.  This time I placed a medium, non-vibrating dildo in my pussy instead of clothespins on it, added a pair of earplugs, and placed a blindfold over my eyes.  When I was handcuffed at last, with the keys dangling just out of reach, I found that I could rock my hips enough to make the dildo slide slightly in and out of my pussy.  The butt plug was buried deep in my bottom, but I was able to slowly fuck myself with the dildo.  As I laid the envelope between my legs, brought my hands over my head, and clicked the handcuffs shut, I just knew something would happen this time. 

Slowly, I rocked my hips and fucked myself, wondering how fast the ice would melt.  The water dribbled down onto my hands.  There was a cool breeze.  A sinking feeling of ultimate frustration came over me.  In my mind, I was begging - please fuck me, fuck me hard, please.  I could feel the sun lowering in the sky.  Somehow, the dildo slipped off the rope and slid out of my wet pussy.  Then I realized the rope was no longer pressed tight against me.  What had happened, who did it?

I was shaking and I realized how completely I had given myself over to my desires.  Then a hand touched my pussy, streching and pulling gently on my lips. I had been found!  One finger slid into my pussy, then two, then three - filling my pussy and stretching me wide open.  "Please use me, fuck me", I whispered.  The fingers fucked me harder, while a second hand grasped the clothespins on my nipples and yanked them off, causing excuisite shock and pain.  The fingers withdrew, and a moment later they brushed my lips. I licked my juices off the fingers ravenously. 

Soon they were replaced with something else - at last, a cock, long and hard and soft on my lips.  I stuck out my tongue and licked it, until the man straddled my chest, in a 69 position, and stuck his cock right in my mouth.  I sucked it and did my best to take him down my throat while his fingers again prodded and poked my pussy.  I moaned into his cock and begged him to fuck me.  He got up and I was afraid he had left me, but then felt the weight of this man laying down on top of me and his long cock slide deep into my pussy. 

"Ohhh fuck me, yes," I moaned loudly.  He slammed his cock deeply into me and ground down on my pelvis.  My long-awaited orgasm neared, as his pelvis crushed my clit and his long cock, combined with the plug in my bottom, filled me completely.  When at last I came, it was with a huge groan that must have lasted a minute - my whole body trembled and I just wanted more.  Soon after, however, the man pulled out and straddled my stomach.  Then I felt his cum shooting all over my breasts.  But that didn't stop him.  His fingers went back to my pussy and started fucking me again - this time forcing 4 fingers into me, while he pulled the plug from my bottom.  I lifted my hips and he sat beneath me, pressing his still-hard cock against my ass.  "Fuck my ass, fuck it," I moaned. 

He was having a hard time fucking me in my reclined position, however, and pulled out after a minute.  He climbed back on top of me in a 69 position, shoved his cock back in my mouth and went down on my pussy, licking me and biting my clitoris, while his stomach smeared his cum all over my breasts. Before long I came again, and so did he, shooting his cum down my throat.  He got up,  then, and disappeared for a few minutes.  When he returned, he placed the key in my hand, and by the time I unlocked myself and uncovered my eyes, he was gone.  The beers were gone.  And my letter was gone. 

There was a note on the envelope:  "If you want a repeat, be here next week, same time.  I may bring a friend." Oh, and there were a couple empty condom wrappers on the ground.  I was exhausted and need to pee.  I jumped in the pool to clean off, gathered my things, went home, ate some fruit and drank a bunch of water and went right to sleep. 

I know you want to hear what happened the next week, but I have to admit that nothing happened.  I had to go out of town and could not be there on Thursday and then the neighbors came home from their vacation.  I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to be there in any event.  Part of me wants to do it again, and part thinks I got lucky.  Still, I do tie myself up from time to time, read the stories here, and who know? Maybe I will get inspired to try again.



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