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Poor Planning Leads To... One Hell Of An Adventure

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2017 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; naked; handcuffs; woods; toys; thorns; denial; true; cons; X

(This story is mostly true and told with only slight embellishments to make it a better read. Above all, please play safe...)

It was to be an unseasonably warm two days before the upcoming winter, and between hunting seasons in my part of the world, and therefore a tempting opportunity for a last outdoor adventure before winter set in. I had played outside in the dead of winter as well when the conditions were right on the weekends, but this was to be a mid work week after my shift ordeal...

The area was familiar as I had hiked many times in this special place of mine, the only downside being I had to park my little hatchback in a pull off just a few yards from the shoulder of a sometimes busy two lane road, there being no defined trail, and therefore no trail head parking. This was to be a "light" adventure done on the quick, I leaving my well stocked bondage bag with my collection of toys behind and opting for simplicity; S&W handcuffs and a pair of cut up old wool socks to prevent the cuffs from leaving their telltale ligature marks about my wrists the following day.

As a practical matter I used my hands in my career, and a too tight or struggled against pair of steel cuffs locked behind my back for an extended time could damage the nerve bundles in either carpal tunnel area, something I just couldn't have, and why I didn't play with handcuffs as often as I might have liked to. They were perfectly and intentionally designed however for quickly making one's arms nearly useless, and also easy to conceal in my small handbag along with the socks, and entirely safe if one were to make sure they were locked and not able to tighten themselves accidentally.

Both had been hidden in my small bag for the duration of my shift right under the noses of the other girls in the unit, and it was their silent beckoning call that made me tingle until it was time to go. This was like extended foreplay to a bondage enthusiast like myself, taking the cuffs and socks into work instead of leaving them safely hidden in my car my own personal risky taunt to myself.

What would happen if I accidentally spilled the contents of my small pocketbook while the girls looked on, or even if another innocently picked it up to move it from under my desk and discovered it's disproportional weight? Questions would be asked, and at the very least a blushing explanation might be in order, or possibly even one of them might be knowing enough to deduce what I intended and then wish to use this intimate knowledge for their own nefarious purposes.

None of those things happened though, despite my daydreams to the contrary, and running just a little late I made my beeline for the door and the kinky adventure that awaited. Once outside the building I discovered that it was just as unseasonably warm as the weatherman had predicted, but also misty and foggy because of that odd weather.

With my weighted handbag in hand I walked with purpose to the parking garage, a sea of brake lights waiting for me through the fog, getting out even ten minutes late screwing up my evening commute disproportionally. I wasn't going home though, but had to go almost the same general direction in the traffic, and by the time I was backing into my little spot the sun would have been low over the mountain I intended to hike on my ordeal had I been able to see it, daylight savings time both a blessing and a curse.

It was impossibly damp out and no more than sixty degrees, (although this was pretty nice for nearly winter), but my erotic excitement was more than enough to keep me warm, I speed stripping down to nothing but a pair of old sneakers and two rubber bands in my hair to form a ponytail so as to keep it out of my eyes, my little handbag and clothes hastily tossed into my open hatch. There would be no annoying bugs and flies that hands restrained behind ones back can't swat away this time of year, always a plus when playing outdoors.

Standing nude out in the open close behind my little hatchback offered some protection from the thankfully empty road just a few yards away, but I also knew that once the cuffs were on this would be my point of maximum vulnerability, as would be my return to my car when the deed was done. I therefore couldn't loiter here like this, (nor did I want to), the sooner I was safely into the tree line the better, despite the mostly missing foliage. This was part of the thrill for me though, not to get caught, but to flirt as closely as one dared with the possibility.

My cuffs had came with two keys, one of them double checked to be safely inside my pocketbook, (now inside my hatch) and the other locked inside an old ammo can with several others and chained closed and to a tree at the summit of the mountain I intended to scale.

Hidden in that can as well were two bottles of water and an old tank dress should I become thirsty or need to make myself less than nude for any reason on one of my ordeals, a large box of lubricated condoms, and an uncomfortably large strapon toy that easily mounted to a convenient fallen tree and was used in my captured and taken against my will fantasies. In those, once I rolled a sterile condom over my intimidating toy (pulled taunt by it's dimensions), I would be mercilessly used and passed around by my fabricated bunch of well hung and rough dream villains while in some state of bondage until too sore to go on, but I digress...

My hike would be about six hundred feet vertical over the course of a mile and a half or so depending on which route I took over the two smaller hills to my destination on the higher third, in my part of the world a mountain, but in others I realized no more than a small hill.

I had done it in a good hour or so while uncuffed, working up a good sweat hiking to that spot where I had hidden my ammo can in the summer, but without my hands to help (and the potential injury should I fall) I had to choose a more cautious assent to my waiting ammo when properly restrained. I would often use one of several convenient game trails where deer and bear had traveled over the centuries, their well worn trails like little highways through the heavier underbrush to ease their naked passage, just as they would ease mine.

I always had the option to half my ordeal and unlock my cuffs with the key hidden inside my ammo can and hike back while holding them, or even to slip on my old tank dress and come back down covered enough to avoid arrest should a park ranger or cop be waiting for me at my car, (or if I heard another human in the woods with me as had happened before), but in my mind if I did so without proper justification there would be some punishing ordeal I would assign myself for my lack of courage...

With the key to my car stashed atop the rear tire I closed my hatch, trapping my clothes and bag inside my locked car as intended. I then checked again to make sure I hadn't knocked the key from the tire with my actions as recovering it was exponentially easier while still uncuffed, wondering to myself why I hadn't just reversed the order of my actions. Then a line of cars heard in the distance forced me to either duck as low as possible behind my bumper, or run for the wood line and cuff myself up there, the excitement of either coursing through my veins and what I came to experience.

I opted to stay in place, I not knowing how fast the cars were driving, and the human eye drawn to motion peripherally, my naked running form possibly catching some motorists attention and they turning around to see what they thought they couldn't have possibly seen.

Once the cars were past I slipped one each of my old cut up wool socks over my wrists in doubled up fashion as I knelt behind my car, the left cuff next and locked on tight enough not to slip off with the cushion of the socks slightly compressed.

My right was next and done behind my back, not awkwardly thought as I had pretty good manual dexterity and a fair bit of practice, I ensuring both key holes were facing the proper way. Still I could have easily backed out, unlocked my hatch and made my way out of the cuffs and slipped into the woods just far enough to have some quality time with myself, but I decided that It would feel all the more better to do such things once my self imposed ordeal was completed.

I had to first listen for any cars again, and once there was enough silence I made a beeline for the woods, most of the concealing leaves already on the ground and I potentially visible for far longer than I might have cared for. This was not a time to be timid and careful, and I plowed into the naked scrub growth with my own naked flesh, my pinned arms forcing me to use the more tender parts of the front of my body as a battering ram.

These were minor torments in the big scheme of things, I only slowing my pace when a car passing behind me could be heard, but not seen, and therefore I deduced it's driver not able to see me with sufficient clarity to realize who or what I was. From that point on the thrill of my running escape waned, and the new thrill of being cuffed and helpless in the woods set in. I then made my way to one of the game trails that started up the first hill in switchback fashion, the wet leaves on the ground occulting the well worn game trail while at the same time making it slippery. A fall and tumble while cuffed was to be avoided, and here I took my time while savoring my naked helplessness. This is what I had came for, what I had been thinking about all day long, and so far I wasn't disappointed.

The second hill was next, and here I had to work my way away from my destination as the easiest game trail faced that way instead. At the top of that one and just off the trail waited a familiar fallen tree, a sweet birch of about five inches in diameter, it's smooth bark and caught upper branches suspending it conveniently from the ground at an angle. I had stopped here more than once both restrained and not to straddle it's suspended trunk and grind on it like a lover, my uncuffed self able to shimmy up it's trunk until I was several feet from the ground, the pressure and grinding on my neither regions sometimes enough all by itself to pop me off.

This time being cuffed I had to settle for some minor grinding foreplay on it's slick wet trunk, but that was still a delicious torment to apply to oneself, and a prelude to what I had in mind at the conclusion to my almost winter bound hike. The third hill was next, and the brightest part of the sky in front of me, I making my way to my ammo can, but not with the intention of finding the key to it hidden on a hook on a nearby oak tree so as to unlock my cuffs and half my ordeal. To do such would half my fun, and I was having far too good a time on this adventure to do that.

I walked along the cliff on that third mountain summit that poked through the trees as I made my way toward my ammo can, this relatively open ground as the plants here didn't have to struggle for low sunlight like the ones in the shadow of the mountain did, especially in the winter or early spring months with the sun's shorter arc through the sky.

The sun was finally out, I realized, as I looked off of the cliff I was walking along toward my destination, the valley below darkly shrouded in heavy fog though, and the shadows cast by the trees long. Could another on the complimentary mountain across the way see me if he or she were looking? I was back lit, but the distance great. Perhaps if someone were looking with powerful binoculars I theorized, but all they would see is possibly a nude human with her hands behind her back, I doubt they could tell even my gender, let alone identify me.

It was an interesting fantasy thought to ponder as I made my way toward my destination, I in no hurry as I wished this day could last forever.


I never made it all the way to my ammo can late that day, I ducking low when I thought I saw a black bear crouching in the distance. They weren't aggressive for the most part, but this was very late fall and they driven by nature to fatten up before their winter hibernation. I didn't necessarily want one of them to fatten up on me though!

I knew that I couldn't outrun one, and cuffed as I was I had a serious disadvantage in scaring one off with a waved stick like spear, so crouching and assessing the danger seemed like a wise course of action... I noticed that it didn't move a muscle, either because it was stalking me, (not that I thought that black bears stalked their prey), or because this one was already hibernating.

It was with some chagrin that I eventually realized that I was looking at a fallen tree's stump uprooted from the earth, it's black shadow making my mind jump to several conclusions. It was good for a laugh, and after I did at my own foolishness I realized how quiet the woods had become.

Had this silence tripped some primitive response designed into my body eons ago? I had seen bears before on my hikes before so no big deal, but I knew there were also rumored to be mountain lions in the area, although no official had confirmed their presence, nor had I ever seen any large cat tracks on any of my hikes.

Cat's both big and small I knew were stealth hunters though, and the coming darkness forced me to ponder the remote likelihood of their presence. I wasn't afraid of the dark, nor had I ever been, but cats thrived in the darkness, and hunted in it. In that scenario I was the proverbial babe in the woods, an especially helpless babe being naked and cuffed up as I was, and therefore an easy meal.

...It was happening just a little faster than I had thought it would, (the coming darkness), and as irrational as my thoughts seem to me now that I am writing about this little adventure in the safety of my home, I wanted out of there. "Trust your instincts", that little voice in my head advised, "there will be other days to play".

Getting back down to the safety my car seemed a priority, I would have to do the whole trip while still cuffed, but I had planned on that anyway. I started down by dead reckoning my way toward the general direction of the road, it was three hills downward, but impossible to get lost if one went down. With a path found I made my way downwards, and with the fear I had experienced behind me I realized the setting sun was as well. My eyes had been adjusting all along without my realization, but once off of that top hill it got darker for me rather suddenly, I now in a race to get to my car before total darkness.

I knew I had to go down, but seeing my footing became a problem, I sliding on a combination of feet and butt to maintain a stable platform and not tumble headfirst down the hill. It was a little rough on me, but still an adventure, just not the one I had anticipated.

Down the second hill brought me into the heavy wet fog I had temporarily forgotten about, the leaves on the ground downright treacherous with my well worn sneakers. Here I had to be careful as there were some very steep grades one could stumble upon, they difficult with proper light and all of my appendages unencumbered, let alone my present state. In the light I could have easily avoided them and found a game trail in the general direction I needed to go, but my situation was getting to be more one of survival rather than simple navigation, and it was getting darker by the moment.

I stopped and listened, the fog shrouding the other sounds about me, I feeling very alone despite being no more than a quarter mile from the road. Do I stay put and not risk a serious fall, my significant other becoming worried enough to come looking for me? Or would he do all that, and then call the authorities thinking the worst had happened once my car was found, they mounting a major rescue operation and likely discovering me cuffed and naked by my own hand several hours later, the questions afterward too painful to ponder?

Neither was an attractive option, and as I wondered what to do I heard a truck drive down the road I was near, it's bright headlights illuminating the fog enough for me to see a possible way down before it passed and all was dark again. I then made my way towards the road, butt sliding all the way towards it while mindful of not being able to hike back up and out of the hole I was potentially sliding into, dirt and gravel going places nature never intended. There was a deep drop off to a stream to my left, I had seen that, but this was unfamiliar ground to me, as was what was to my right.

I could finally see the clearing of the roadway in front of me, just, but it was far too dark to see what lay between myself and it other than I was relatively confident that I was at the same elevation as the roadway. One thing for sure was that my car wasn't in front of me, I coming down either before it, or after it, (I assuming the latter), although earlier I had thought I had seen a bear as well. I was at best unsure and hoped the roadway would be recognizable once I was out on it, but getting to the road seemed the first problem.

I felt the first thorn sink into my tender flesh, and then several others as I tried to retreat, their nasty hooked points feeling like a rose bush to me in the dark. It was poetic justice as I had always liked roses, but that might obviously change.

Was there one, or fifty feet of them I wondered? I had few options in any event not being able to see, I stepping high so as to trample down as many of them as possible under my covered feet, using my cuffed hands behind me to keep the ones I had missed from my most tender flesh. It took forever, but this was no time to rush and inflict serious damage to everything below my shoulders.

Then a car happened by, it's headlights slowly building, I realizing I was now mere feet from the roadway. I wondered how the driver didn't see me even in the fog as I followed the cars taillights up the road past me while expecting him or her to turn around and investigate what might have been seen. There was no crouching low in this situation, at least without serious consequences, my legs so far sustaining most of the abuse despite my careful advance through the rosebush patch.

I found myself at a long straightaway part of the road, not near where I had parked my car, this being both a blessing and a curse though. Had I been in a turn the car's headlights would have illuminated my body and my predicament, the driver surely getting an eyeful at least, and almost certainly turning around to investigate.

The road at least sounded quiet for the moment, but I knew that the fog was dampening the noise of the cars, and occulting their headlights as well. This worked both ways thought, or so I had hoped.

Through the last of the thorns I made my way out onto the road proper, standing on the center line while looking both ways while trying to decide which way my car was. It was a very brazen thing to do, but I had little choice, my best guess leaving me a good quarter mile or more down the road from my car, that a very long way to walk on the side of a dark country road under any circumstances.

To delay was foolish, I breaking into a high stepping run in the direction I thought was right, I'm sure while looking ridiculous doing so. It was the ultimate thrill, I getting to my car without another car in sight, I fortunately running the correct direction. I then recovered my key and opened the hatch, fishing out my pocketbook with some difficulty, although bathed in the light of my hatchback's interior lights.

With the key to my cuffs found and the cuffs unlocked, (on the second try as the first keyhole was stuffed with dirt from my last slide down), I first checked my phone and saw two missed calls and one text of concern from my significant other, I texting a simple "on my way" to let him know everything was OK.

The getting the other cuff off and dressing, (after brushing all manner of foreign material from and out of my body), seemed anticlimactic as compared to the adventure I just had experienced, I never feeling more alive than when running down that dark road naked in a pair of cuffs...

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