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A Post Christmas Walk

by DMW

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Storycodes: Sbm; chastity; cuffs; gag; outdoors; public; strip; naked; true; cons; X

So Christmas has been and gone for another year and so I thought I’d share my post Christmas story with you.

The day after Christmas, my wife took the kids to her sister’s. I don’t get on with my brother-in-law so am excused this “pleasure” and was happy because I’d already concocted other plans.

Before I left, I locked myself in my cb-3000 chastity device and left the key on the side. Being locked in it is exciting enough but knowing I couldn’t get out until I’d completed my adventure made it more so.

Grabbing my pre-packed bag, I drove a couple of miles to my starting point; a set of stairs down to a railway line used by a company for sight seeing trips. It had a path running along side it favoured by dog walkers and the occasional cyclist.

Still in the car, I put the ball gag in my mouth, buckled it, wrapped a scarf around my head so it just covered my nose and fastened it with a safety pin. Next, I hooked some handcuffs through the back belt loop of my jeans before I stepped out of the car and done my coat up.

Putting the car keys in the bag, I put it inside the vehicle. It’s a 1997 model so still has physical door locks so I used them but did not close the door until I put my wrists in the cuffs and put the safety catches on. Satisfied they couldn’t close any more, I used my shoulder to close the car door, locking my freedom inside it.

Turning to look down the path, I couldn’t see anyone coming. It didn’t matter if there was; I knew I’d have to walk that way if I wanted to get out so I started walking in that direction.

The walk itself was fairly uneventful; just a couple of dog walkers passed me. They did say hello but I managed to get by with a nod. I don’t think they suspected anything. The only thing I did think was I should have worn more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The last week of December is cold!

Eventually, I reached a second set of stairs; these would lead me to my first proper destination. Some friends of mine rent some land for growing crops. I knew they would only come down once a day at most to feed their chickens so figured I’d be fairly safe for the next part of my plan.

Crossing the road, I wandered down the muddy path towards the caravan they use as a site office. Underneath one of the wheels I had placed my spare car and handcuff keys which I used to release myself.

Despite the cold, I knew what I wanted to do next and stripped naked, throwing my clothes in the caravan. I kept my trainers on though as I wandered around the land pretending I’d been captured and forced to work naked and exposed to the elements. As I neared the bottom part I saw what looked like gallows; three posts in the ground with wood across the top and various pieces of rope hanging down. I didn’t know what it was for but guess something to do with chickens; not that I was thinking anything like that at the time. A rush of blood (causing some pain) to my groin and I was soon setting up ropes with slip knots to go around my ankles and one wrist. The final rope was just something to curl around my wrist for the feel as I stood, overlooking the river wishing someone else had tied me. It’s just not the same when you can get out whenever you like.

A noise caught my attention to my right as heard someone shouting “stroke,” over and over in rhythm. I knew people used the river for rowing but didn’t they’d be doing it the day after Christmas. Panicking, I un-looped my wrist but in my haste, couldn’t undo the slip knot on my other wrist. Luckily, the river is down on low ground so all I saw was some heads go past me. With the danger gone, I was able to calm myself enough to get out of my bonds and, deciding that was enough for the day, took the gag out, put my clothes back on and started the walk back to the car.

And that was my little adventure. A touch more exciting (or scary) that I might have liked it but it’s the rushes why I keep doing it I suppose.


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