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Power Outage

by Steff

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© Copyright 2007 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; MF/f; latex; bond; susp; toys; cons; X

The fan came back on and the computer beeped as it began to reboot. I just sat were I was and waited. That's really not a surprise since I was tightly strapped into the chair and had no choice but to wait. How did that happen you ask? Well let me tell you the whole story.

Since I was a little girl I've like to build things. I took wood and metal shop in high school and then when I graduated I opened my own machining/wielding company. I was the only machinists within 100 miles so business was really good and I hired more people and within 2 years the company had already paid for itself and I was bring in 6 figures annually and I was only 3 years out of high school.

One year I went to Las Vegas for one of my best friends wedding were I was going to be the Maid of Honor. Before the wedding Amanda, the friend that was getting married and I went out. She wanted to go to the convention center for something. I was really shocked when we walked into the middle of a major bondage convention. The whole convention center was full of displays, devices and models in various forms of restraint. In addition to the models several of the people that were looking were also wearing fetish outfits and were tied up.

I had only read about this in passing but never gave it any thought. After the initial shock wore off I realized that I was getting a little excited see all the people dressed in sexy outfits bound tightly knowing they were helpless. "What are we doing here?" I asked Amanda.

"We are here to get your wedding outfit," she replied.


She stopped and looked at me for a minute and the asked, "You did get the wedding invitation I mailed to you…right?"

"No. I got the e-mail you sent and told you I was coming when I talked to you. What did I miss in the invitation?" I replied.

She took me to the snack bar, got us some soda and then sat at a table. "This is a fetish wedding. The entire guests are going to wear fetish outfits, leather, latex and things like that. I'm wearing a transparent corseted hobble dress. I will also be bound hand and feet plus wearing a chastity belt."

"What's my outfit going to be?" I cautiously asked.

Amanda grinned replying "Knowing what I'm wearing I don't suppose I could get you to trust me… like the way I trusted you with Bobby Drake."

I had set her up with the biggest nerd in the shop class. I felt sorry for him and that's why I did it. Well let's just say the date didn't go well at all and leave it at that. "I cannot believe you're still holding a grudge about that."

"It's not a grudge I just want it to be a surprise. I mean you surprised me with him… by the way did you know he's gay?" she said. "Look if you don't want to that's fine I understand. This kind of stuff isn't for everyone."

"I agreed to be in your wedding, so if you guarantee that nothing is going to happen to me against my will you can surprise me with my outfit," I said.

"That's the spirit," she said as she hopped up pulled me out of my chair. We went to a large booth that had many latex and leather outfits on display. We went into the back and there I was measured and then we left with a couple of boxes. Amanda wouldn't tell me anything about what was in them.

Two day later was the wedding day. All the brides' maids gathered at the groom's house to get ready. When I saw the house I knew were all the money came from. All the outfits were waiting in one room. The outfits were all the same except for the color. My suit was green and the other bride's maid's were blue. Each of us had our own assistant to help us get ready. I was told to strip, put my hair up and get into the shower. I was told to use the soap provided, it was for hair removal. Once done with the shower my assistant handed me the first part of my outfit.

I was given a small package of lube and pair of transparent latex panties. Inside the panties were 2 dildos I spread the lube throughout the inside of the panties and really good over the dildos. I slid the panties up and the filled both my holes with the dildos. They were large enough that I was surprisingly comfortably full. At the base of the one in my pussy there was a bump that rested directly on my clit, but it too wasn't uncomfortable. Next I was told to lube up my breasts.

Once my breasts were lubed my assistant helped my put on a transparent latex bra. The cups were small and had to stretch allot but with a little work my breast slid into them. Each nipple fell into a slightly hard cap at the end. The assistant squeezed each tip and that sucked my nipples out the end of the cup. She just shrugged when I asked her what those were for.

After my "panties and bra" were on I was covered from the neck down with a different kind of lube. Once done, I was helped into my green latex catsuit. It looked way too small but it stretched and after about 30 minutes of pulling and stretching we were able to get it zipped up. Once zipped all the way up a flap was glued over the zipper. The suit was made from heavy green latex that covered me from the neck down to my toes. There were openings for each breast. The opening lifted and squeezed my breasts into nice globes. Next was a corset that matched my suit in color. My assistant had me raise my arms as she wrapped the corset around my waist. Once it was in place it began to tighten up. The tightening continued at a steady pace until my waist was at least 4 inches thinner. Once the tightening stopped I heard a click and the assistant told me to relax for a few minutes.

I turned to a mirror and looked at myself. The green suit was smooth all over and looked like a second skin. The corset gave me figure that I know all the men at the wedding were going to love, a nice narrow waist. My breasts stuck out like white headlight and my hard nipples stuck out beyond them. Over all I thought I looked sexy. As I walked over to a chair to sit down something in the dildos rolled around. The rolling caused vibrations that were quickly making me horny. As I sat down I realized that the corset prevent me from bending at all. I sat and waited for everyone else to get finished.

As soon as everyone was dressed we were escorted into another room. This room was just a plan room with a table and a couple of people. I was the first to be taken up to the table. Once there each person picked up a small, round, cone shaped object and firmly placed them over each of my nipples. I could feel that there was some kind of adhesive on them and I had a feeling they wouldn't be coming off any time soon. When I was done all the remaining women had the same thing happen to them. A man in a white tux came into the room as the last woman was finishing up "Ok ladies now it's time to finish up. Please follow me."

We all followed him down a hall and into a large room. The room had a wall covered with mirrors and another wall was glass and faced outside. Through the window I could see the wedding guests sitting down getting ready. Most of them were wearing latex, leather, and other fetish clothes. Some of them were even restrained. Inside the room was a table for each bride's maids and one for Amanda. Each table was set up the same. One then were various bondage items all matched the colors of our outfits. There also a few items I didn't recognize.

Amanda walked in from a different door. She was wearing a transparent corseted latex catsuit that looked like mine. I was able to see that there was something inside her pussy. "You look good," she said to me.

"Thanks," I replied. "You don't look bad yourself. My corset is so heavily boned I cannot bend at the waist at all."

She laughed and said "I'm glad you like it. I think it's time for use to finish getting ready."

The man in the white tux walked into the middle of the room and said, "Will all of you extremely well dressed ladies find your tables so you can finish getting ready you we can get this show on the road."

I walked over to my table and waited for my helper to show up. My helper was a blonde woman about my size wearing a red latex dress and a black corset. As I was told I spread my legs and she plugged some kind of electronic device into the dildo in my pussy. Next I sat down on the table and I was put into a skirt that went all the way down to my ankles. It was really tight from my waist to my knees. My head was then put into a green latex hood. The hood had holes for my eyes, mouth and one in the back for my hair. I held my hair up as my helper put a neck corset tightly around my neck. When she'd done with it I was stuck looking straight ahead. I was told to turn around and put my hand behind my back palms together. My helper slid my hands into a latex single sleeve armbinder. It was pulled up over my elbows then straps were routed over and under my shoulders and tightly buckled. After the straps were buckled my helper zipped the armbinder up. Once it was zipped my elbows touched and my forearms were plastered together. The last thing was a green ball gag. The ball was shoved in my mouth then it was strapped tightly into place.

My helper told me to look and see what I thought. I looked in the mirror and was really surprised at what I saw. I was transformed into a latex bondage sex doll. I was covered from head to toe in green latex. My breast stuck out through holes in the suit but they were covered in transparent latex. My nipples had a little green slightly coned shape “thing” stuck to them. Looking at the hood, skirt, and armbinder I was impressed with the fit and look. They were the exact same shade of green as my catsuit and they weren’t wrinkled at all. Finally I sat down on the table and my helper slipped a pair of 3” heels on my feet.

Once everyone was done we all lined up for the procession. Our escorts came out from another room and lined up next to us and they were all wearing matching black latex tuxes. All of the sudden the vibrator is my ass began to vibrate gently. One of the helpers told us that the groom had a remote control that controlled the dildos, and the nipple cones. They were all tuned in the same so we were all feeling the same thing. He was only told that he controlled Amanda’s suit and not all of ours. We were also told that the glue used to seal the latex over the suit’s zipper would take 5 hours to devolve so we were stuck in them until then but we could keep all the stuff we were wearing after the wedding. Once that was said my escort knelt down zipped my skirt all the way down hobbling me so I could only take about 12” steps and then the procession began.

At start of the wedding vows the panties really came to life. The dildo in my pussy started to vibrate and wiggle. The one in my ass began to vibrate even more and my clit was also getting vibrated. The cones on my nipples began to suck and gently squeeze too. I tried really hard not to move or show any kind of response but it didn’t take long before I had my first orgasm. I felt it building and though I could control it but then my clit was hit with an electric shock right as the groom said “I DO.”

The orgasm just hit me like a wall of pure ecstasy and continued for what seemed like forever. I convulsed and twisted but I was unable to stop the waves of pleasure rolling over me. Finally the shocks stopped and the vibration diminished a little and I was able to come down and recover. Looking around I could see that I wasn’t the only one that had a really good orgasm. All the brides’ maids and Amanda were being helped up from the ground by our escorts.

“So that’s what that button does,” the groom said and all the guests laughed.

Through the wedding and the reception I had 5 more orgasms. The whole time I was there I was tortured by my outfit and there was nothing I could do about it. I was given a remote control for my outfit and a computer program so I could program my own automatic torture if I wanted to.

The wedding was my introduction into bondage and latex, but I was hooked. Amanda and her husband Pete moved into town a few months later and Amanda and I had some bondage adventures together and she even let Pete join us a few times. Business was great, I moved my whole company into a building that was 10 times the size when I picked up a ¾ of a billon dollar contract from the government. I was really surprised when Pete offered me 100 million for my business. Needless to say I jumped on it. I was 25 and worth millions already, not bad for just a high school diploma.

I moved to a new house on 40 acres of wooded land just outside town. I had the barn rebuild and set up so I could use it for a machine and wood shop. I began to do odd jobs for people to keep busy and played lots of self bondage games. My latex collection was large too. I went to England and had several items made. I keep in touch with the company so if I want something new they make it for me.

One day after Amanda and I got done playing, she’s become dominate in our games since Pete always plays dom with her, I decided that I wanted more from my self bondage experiences. I looked at the internet and got some ideas. Since I had all the tools I would make something to restrain me good and tight but release me after certain conditions were met (time, orgasms, things like that).

I decided to go with a chair for my first device. I built a slightly tilted straight back chair. It was metal framed, well padded and had holes in the seat to allow access to my crotch. There were 2 leather straps on each of the outside of the front chair legs, 2 on the side of the chair’s arms for my thighs, a 6” wide heavy guage latex band at waist level, a padded metal collar and 2 leather straps for each arm. The straps on the legs of the chairs buckled, but all the other straps and the collar tightened automatically and were released but the computer. There was a backup unlock mechanism hooked to a timer, just in case the computer failed.

When the chair was done I gave it a test. I wore the panties I got from Amanda’s wedding and put on the nipple cones. I had found a time release glue used that I use for the cones and cover most of the inside of the panties. I was stuck in them for 6 hours. I used the computer in the house to run the panties and locked the house with a time lock for 6 hours. That way I couldn’t stop the panties and nipple cones even it I want to.

I set the chair’s computer tightness and timer and began to get strapped in. I buckled my legs into the straps on the legs of the chair. Bending over to my reach my ankles was and interesting task since both my ass and pussy were filled with good sized dildos. Once my lower legs were secure I pulled the straps up around my thighs and slide them into there respective slots in the side of the chair’s arms. The straps tightened up automatically just as planed. Next I pulled the latex band around my waist and when I slide the end into the back of the chair the latex too tightened up. I leaned back into the chair and rotated the collar around my neck. The collar was measured to fit snuggly but not constrict my breathing. Once it was rotated it locked into place. I then slide my arms into the straps on the back and pulled out. The strap automatically spooled in pulling my upper arms back tightening up so I couldn’t pull my arms away from the chair. Lastly I slide my wrists into straps on the arms of the chair and gave them a sharp upwards pull. They too were pulled down and locked to the arm of the chair.

I sat in the chair for a several seconds just getting the feel for things then I began so pull wiggle and squirm. I tried every trick I knew but wasn’t able to get loose. I was pleased with the job I had done. I was tightly secured in a comfortable chair waiting to be tormented by the panties and nipple cones I was wearing. After about 5 minutes my panties came to life both dildos began to vibrate and wiggle around. The cones on my nipples started to massage me and my clit was being vibrated too. After a few minutes I had my first orgasm. It was a small quick one but since the activity didn’t even slow down I had another one soon after. This one was really intense and long. I was bucking wildly against the chair’s straps but still they held me in my place. After what felt like forever the activity stopped and so did my orgasm. I recovered thinking “I think I’m going to like this chair.”

After a few hours and several orgasms the batteries died in the panties and I just had to wait for the chair to release me. I slept for part of the time but was still kind of bored until the computer released me. As planed after 5 hours the chair’s straps and collar unlocked and I was free. After unbuckling my legs I decided to write down a few note since I still had about 30 minutes before I could remove the panties. There were a few minor adjustments to the chair I wanted to make plus I wanted to come up with some kind of torment that wouldn’t run out of power.

Once the chair’s adjustments were done I had to come up with ways to torment myself when I was locked in the chair. I attached a pump with breast suction cups to the back of the chair. Online I had seen pictures of automatic fucking machine so I mounted one to the underside of the chair and routed the dildo through the hole in the seat. I permanently attached a vibrator to the seat so it would go into my ass when I sat down. The final addition was a clit vibrator that was spring loaded so it would continue to vibrate the clit even if I was moving around.

Just when I was finishing up Amanda dropped by for a surprise visit. She heard the music from the barn and walked in. “What is that you’re working on,” she asked. She walked around the chair looked at me and said, “That looks like is would be fun.”

I grinned, “I’m finishing up some modification now but I’ve tried it with the toys from your wedding and I had a good time.”

“When will it be ready?”

“In an hour or two” I replied. “Why do you want to watch?”

“You read my mind. Let me go home and get some stuff. I will be back in a few hours,” she said and ran to her car.

As she drove of I got back to finishing my work. I finished about 30 minutes later and went to the house to shower and get some things for Amanda. I put on a blue latex catsuit that had an opened crotch and holes for my breasts. I grabbed the rest of the stuff I wanted and returned to the shop. I had everything set by the time Amanda returned.

She came in wearing her wedding outfit. “I made it. By the way Pete asked if you want to visit the city tomorrow. There’s a fetish bar that he wants to check out,” she asked.

“I don’t see why not,” I replied. “I’m glad you’re dress to play. I have an idea. Since I’m going to be tied up on a timer I’m going to tie you up so you have to wait for me to get loose before you do, but you are going to have the key to my ultimate release so I have to let you out before I’m all the way free.”

“That sounds fun. I don’t know what you had in mind but I’m game.”

The first thing I did was set up the computer to run her outfit; the program I got controls all the wedding suits. Next I zipped her hobble skirt all the way down and guided her under a rafter that had two cuffs hanging from it. I gave her a key to one of my locks then I put ball mittens over her hands. Before I zipped then I put time release glue inside them. Now they weren’t coming off for about 6 hours. I attached cuff to her wrists and the activated the pulley that pulled her wrists up and out. I stopped then just before her heels left the ground. I then went behind her and glued her suit closed. I told her what I’d done and that her key would unlock my hood, and she would have to guide me to the pulley controls because I wouldn’t be able to see because hood had no eye openings. I also told her that the chair would release me after 4 hours but the computer would continue with her until the program was turned off and after 4 ½ hours all activities would increase to the maximum settings and be on continuously. She would have to tell me how to do it.

“It’s going to be a long day,” she said.

I hit the enter button on the computer and that began the timer. I sat in the chair and carefully guided the mounted dildo into my ass. Once it was in place I put my legs into the lower straps and pulled sharply. The straps tightened up pulling my legs to the chair’s legs and locking them. Next I secured my legs with the other two straps and made sure they weren’t going anywhere. The waist strap was next and it tightened up. I had it set tighter then the first time and it pulled my waist tighter them most corsets I’ve worn.

Between the waist strap and the dildo in my ass I knew I couldn’t prevent what was going to happen next. By locking the waist strap was the signal for the computer to raise the dildo that I added to the underside of the chair. The dildo was raised and slide easily into my pussy. It was programmed to extend 5 inches beyond the top of the chair cushion then stop. Once stopped I used a remote control to raise it to the maximum depth it would fuck me. The control I had was set up so once the dildo was set I pushed a red button that locked out the control thus I lost all control of the dildo. When I locked the remote the dildo reseeded a couple of inches and stopped. I reached up and grabbed one of the breast suction tubes and slid it onto one of my breasts. It was a tight fit and I couldn’t get much of my breast in. I decided to turn on the suction anyway. When I did my whole breast was sucked into the tube. I yelped in surprise and Amanda just laughed. My second breast was soon in its respective tube and then I picked up the latex hood.

“Here goes the hood that will gag and blind me,”

Amanda told me to go for it so I did. After turning the hood inside out I shoved the attached rubber cock into my mouth. Then I carefully pulled the hood up and around my face and head. Once all the wrinkles were smoothed out of the front I zipped the back of it. The hood was a dream; I was blind since it had no holes for my eyes. The cock gag prevented me from talking but had a hole in it so I could breathe and drool (I like the drooling aspect of it). In addition I liked the tightness of it. Before the zipper was all the way tight I picked up the time release glue I had propositioned and applied some to the bottom inch of so of the neck portion of the mask then I zipped the mask the rest of the way closed and attached the lock that Amanda had the key to. Finally I applied glue to the attached zipper flap and smoothed it out covering the zipper. Now I couldn’t even get to the zipper until the glue released.

With the hood in place I did the last few things that were left I rotated the collar around my neck locking it into place. Next I slid my arms into the straps for the upper portion and pulled. Just like the straps around my ankles the straps tightened up pulling my arms to the chair. The last thing was putting my wrists through there straps and pulling up on them. They too were pulled down to the chair completing my bondage.

“Are you as secure as you look,” Amanda asked.

I nodded the best I could and “mmmph” was all I could get out from the gag. A minute later the dildo in my pussy began to move and the clit vibrator attached to the chair came to life. The dildo was fucking me slowly but deeply. It pulled almost all the way out then it slide all the way in until it reached the programmed stop point. After several minutes the dildo’s speed increased and so did the intensity of the vibrator. Before long I had my first orgasm. As the waves of pleasure receded the dildo stopped with only the tip inside me, the clit vibrator stopped but the dildo in my ass began to vibrate. For about three hours similar cycles happened I had about 5 really intense orgasms and several small ones. I could tell by the moans that Amanda was having a good time too.

I was in the middle of a really good cycle, my pussy was getting fucked with long fast strokes, and my clit and ass were getting vibrated when all of the sudden it all stopped and the suction on my breast stopped. I heard Amanda groan at the same time. “All the power is out,” she said.

I was actually relieved because I was really tired from all the orgasms and this would give me a rest. The fan came back on and the computer beeped as it began to reboot after about an hour. My breast suction tubes came back to life and since the tube hadn’t fallen off, my breasts were once again getting sucked on. I knew I only had about an hour before the chairs back-up would release me. Once the computer rebooted it must have reloaded the software that it was running because both vibrators came to life and the dildo began to fuck me again. This time was different, the dildo was going deeper and the vibrators were at the maximum setting. It only took a few minutes before I came again. This orgasm was the most intense yet and since the devices continued the orgasm did too. I was drowning in pure ecstasy. The pleasure just wouldn’t stop. Finally after what felt like forever the orgasm finally stopped, but the activity didn’t and in a few minutes I was again riding another orgasm.

After one of the orgasms ended and I came down I realized that the chair had unlocked. I had a really tough time getting out since I was still getting fuck by the dildo and my breasts were still firmly sucked into there tubes. After several minutes and another orgasm I was out of the chair and I’d managed to turn off the pump so I could free my breasts. I could tell that Amanda was having the same problem with her panty vibrator and nipple cones were also going. It took her a few minutes to talk me through turning off everything. I walked over to her and released her from the rafters. We only had to wait a few minutes for the glue to release before we could free each other fully. We got cleaned up and washed down everything we used.

Amanda insisted that she try out the chair the next time she comes over… but that’s another story.



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