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Practise makes Perfect

by GaggedUtopia

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Practice Makes Perfect

A while ago my girlfriend made a shocking discovery.  Natalya decided that it would be nice to surprise me and take me out to dinner, but she wanted it to be a special event wanted the whole evening planned out and do something nice for me.  Natalya opened the door (having the key) and walked though the door.  There before me I saw my beautiful girlfriend in a stunning black dress, long blond hair flowing down her back and calling my name in the wonderful Russian accent of her.

Myself on the other hand was laying on the floor, legs tied together at the ankles and knees, a belt wrapped around my waist and hands locked behind my back.  To top it all off, I had a ball gag in my mouth.  Natalya fumbled around a bit in the dark lighting, but soon found a light switch and also found me.  She had a shocked expression on her face for a few seconds, “You did this to yourself didn’t you?” she asked.  I just shook my head yes, while trying not to make eye contact.  “So why did you do this to yourself?  Do you not have fun with me?” she asked.  I just looked at her and then she realized that I still had the gag in my mouth.

After removing the gag she looked at me again, “Well?”  I knew what she was thinking, you see, she knows that I am into bondage and we have played little games in the past.  She never really seemed that interested in it, not that she disliked it or did it only for me, but I could tell that she didn’t get the same thrill that I got from it.  Right now she was thinking that I was trying to find other ways to satisfy myself because she was not doing what I wanted well enough.  I was completely happy in every way with Natalya, she was perfect.

“To tell you the truth, I have been doing this for many, many years and even the past couple I have been with you.  The only caveat to that is I only do it when I can’t be with you; I have NEVER tied myself up to make up for something that is missing.  If something were missing, I would tell you.  You said that you were going out with your friends tonight and tomorrow and would see me in a couple days.  Now that I think about it, why aren’t you with them and why do you look like a million bucks?” I responded. 

“Well that good to hear hon, you had me worried that I was not good enough.  I am dressed up because I wanted to surprise you and take you out tonight for some fun.  You are the one who surprised me though!” she said.

“Your lucky that I’m all tied up right now, with the way you look I doubt that I would let you out of this room… God you look good.”  With that she reached up and grabbed the keys and walked over to the phone.  She called the restaurant and canceled the reservations, turned around and said, “I think I am the one in luck.”

I couldn’t believe that she took advantage of me in my helpless situation, I tried to resist… ok, maybe I didn’t.  After a few hours, she released me and both went to bed.  It was the of the most amazing experience I have ever had.  I looked over at her sleeping next to me and wondered if she was starting to see what I saw in bondage.

The next morning we were talking about the night before and she asked what it was like to be tied up like that and why I liked it.  I explained that it is called self-bondage and it was the thrill of trying to escape that kept me hooked.  “It’s just something that you would have to try in order to understand.” I said.  “Well, show me how you do it” she said with a smirk on her face.  I spent the next hour showing her all the toys (most of which she has seen or worn before), explained what order is best to start tying yourself up and different types of release methods.  I told her that if she wanted to try it out sometime, let me know and I would leave her alone for a while.  Natalya just shrugged her shoulders and said she would think about it but was not sure she really wanted to do it.  To me, the prospect of her tying herself up was quite appeasing to me.

After that wonderful night, a few weeks had passed and everything was going well.  I really liked the fact she was asking to be tied instead of me trying to talk her into it now.  I was looking forward to tonight for some more fun, however I had not heard from her since yesterday.  We were suppose to be going out to a movie tonight, so I got ready and went over to her apartment anyway.  I knocked on the door, but she didn’t answer.  Well, I am sure you can guess what I found inside. 

I opened the door and walked around and found her lying on the floor in the bedroom.  She didn’t even look up at me when I turned on the light, so I assumed that she was probably sleeping.  I walked over to her and looked as her sweaty, gagged face and saw that her eyes were still open.  I reached behind her and undid the ball gag and asked her if she was ok.  “Water” she gasped.  She really looked like she had been to hell and back so I went to the kitchen and got a couple glasses of water and brought them to her.  I sat her up and leaned her up against the bed and helped her drink the water.  After she finished the second glass, I asked her what happened.

Here is her story as told to me…

After we made love other night, I decided that I wanted to try out the self-bondage that you told me about.  I didn’t want to tell you because I thought that you would interfere or if I knew you would be coming to save me I wouldn’t experience it the way you explained.  You made it sound so wonderful, but a big part of it was not knowing if you will get out.

Once you fell asleep, I gathered all the toys that I wanted to use and put them in a bag.  I put everything away and hoped that you wouldn’t notice that your stuff was missing.  I figured that I would have a whole day to play around and get used to the idea.  After putting the handcuffs on and leaning how to unlock them behind my back, I tried it blindfolded.  I mastered that pretty easy, so I decided that I was ready, but didn’t have any ideas on what to do.  I started looking on the Internet and found a number of sites that was only for self-bondage.  Once I had some ideas I started to get to work.

The impression I got from a lot of the stories I read was the tighter the bondage, the better the experience.  Since this would be my first, I wanted it to be great and get the most out of it.  I put the keys to the handcuffs in the living room and came into the bedroom.  I took out a vibrator and put it in me with new batteries.  I also put one of the plugs in my ass like I read in some of the stories.  I then put on a pair of panties and used rope to make a harness to keep them inside me.  (She had a very tight crotch rope in place, and she was obviously soaked down there).  I then took some more of the white rope and tied my ankles and knees together.  I was starting to see why you liked this so much, and I had not even turned on the vibrator yet.

I made the ropes even tighter by getting onto my knees and tying them together.  Next was the thick belt that I borrowed from you and locked it on and also locked the handcuffs to the back of the belt as well, just like I found you that time.  After doing that I put on the thick collar (posture collar) and the nipple clamps.  I attached them to the collar.  I picked up the ball gag and strapped it in my mouth and locked it on with one of your small locks. 

While I was reading the stories I read of one person tying their elbows together.  Well, since I wanted to make everything tight, I decided to tie mind together.  I made many loops with the rope and slid them up my arms.  It was already tight, but wanted even more.  I tossed the rest of the rope up and pulled it tightly down pulling my arms together a little more and it felt very secure and I knew I couldn’t just slide it off.

Almost there I thought to myself.  I reached down and turned on the vibrator from the remote attached to my belt.  It felt so good to be bound and feel that kind of pleasure.  The final step was to lock the cuffs on, which I did after a few minutes of catching my breath.  I eased my way down to the floor and just laid there enjoying every minute of it and fighting against my restraints.  I think a couple hours went by (and many orgasms later) and I decided that I wanted to get free.  I found that it was much harder then expected to move around, but I was still making progress.  It seemed to take forever, I tits hurt from sliding on my side and from the clamps pulling on them.  I was drenched in sweat and the pleasure that I was feeling a little while ago started to go away and the pain and reality of what I had done was starting to sink in.

I decided that instead of waiting for the pleasure to come back and waste any time, I would continue on to the keys.  It took quite a bit, but I made it to the living room.  I grabbed the keys, which took quite a bit of effort itself, and started to unlock the cuffs.  For some reason I couldn’t find the keyhole, and then I realized that I had locked the cuffs on the wrong way and I couldn’t reach the keyhole.  I started to panic and thrash around.  I was really scared.  It took about 15 minutes before I calmed down and tried to think on how I could escape.  I knew I couldn’t reach any of the knives and maybe free my legs, so I decide to go to my bedroom and get some sleep on the bed.  After a good nap I was hoping to think of a plan to get out.  However, when I got there, I couldn’t get onto the bed. 

I decided to sleep anyway, and after about an hour of trying to get comfortable, I finally did.  I woke up and it was dark everywhere, my arms were numb, my jaw ached, my legs were cramped, my nipples were super sensitive now, the handcuffs were biting into my wrists, the vibrator was dead and I was starting to get stomach cramps.  I was also dying of thirst and quite hungry.  Above all this, the urge to go to the bathroom is pretty high as well, probably the cause of my cramps.  I was sure that I was going to die like this.  Nobody knew I was here; my only hope was that you would be worried and come over.  I didn’t want to give up yet, so I decided to make my way to the bathroom where I could try and pee.

Since I didn’t want to waste a lot of water by sweating, I took it very slow.  After 15 minutes, I made it to the doorway and went out into the living room towards the bathroom.  Everything was going so well, but the chain to the nipple clamps go caught on a nail that was sticking up a little bit inside the doorway entrance.  After stopping dead in my tracks from the pain, I knew what happened and started to back up.  With all the bad luck I was having so far, I didn’t need any more.  Somehow I and moved the chain in a way that the head of the nail was sticking though the chain.  I tried and tried to get it off, but couldn’t get enough leverage or force to pop it off the chain.

I rested up a bit, but knew that if I was ever going to make it to the bathroom I would have to get myself free of the nail.  I started to move backwards until the chain was pretty tight.  I lunged back as far as I could from there (about a half inch), but instead of the clamp popping off; it just pulled tighter and wouldn’t let go.  The pain was intense, and I started to cry.  Fear was starting to take over again and I started getting that sinking feeling that I never was going to get free.  I gave it another try, but this time one of the clamps popped off.  The pain was unbearable.  My nipple felt like it was on fire.  I moved back until the other nipple was tight and lunged myself back again.  I got lucky this time and the clamp popped off.  I couldn’t believe the pain I felt.  I was screaming into my gag at this point.

Getting the clamps to thread back out the ring on my collar was pretty easy, and I started the adventure back to the bathroom.  This time I didn’t get snagged on anything and made it on to the very cold tile floor.  I decided that I was to come to the bathroom because if I did get out, I knew that cleaning up urine from a tile floor is easier then carpet.  I couldn’t believe that I was lying on my side, trying to pee while all tied up.  The really strange part was it was starting to excite me.  I got a thrill out of almost being forced to pee in this demeaning manner.  All I could think about was how embarrassed I would be if somebody caught me going to the bathroom like this.  I was noticing that the vibrator made it very difficult to pee with it in there.  Very slowly I could feel the warm liquid soak in my panties and start to drip onto the floor.  I felt a lot better, but at the same time, felt so very bad for what I did.

I moved out the pool of urine onto one of the little bathroom rugs and laid there for a while to try and dry off a bit.  I must have fallen asleep again, because it seemed lighter in the room.  Sure enough the sun was starting to come up, and I was almost dry at this point.  I wiggled my way into the living room again.  I noticed that the TV remote was on the floor.  Since I knew I was going to be stuck here until at least tonight, I moved my way to the remote and turned on the TV.   It was around 4am, so there was not much on.  I watched TV for the next 10 hours.  During that time however, I was able to make my way on to the couch, which made it a little more comfortable to watch.

One of those commercials came on asking you to order some CD set when I realized that I could probably reach the phone in the bedroom!  I set out on a mission to make it to that phone.  Getting off the couch was another matter.  I moved myself so I could fall onto my side, and with a THUMP, I was down on the floor again.  I took my time again getting to the bedroom.  I couldn’t feel the ropes or handcuffs and I was starting to get worried that I couldn’t dial the phone.  I still pressed on and made it to the bedroom.  I started to tug on the phone cord and heard a creaking sound, which I assumed, was the phone moving off the stand.  I suppose I should have just knocked the table over and got to the phone, but instead I kept pulling on the phone cord until the wire was pulled out of the socket.  I knew it was hopeless now.  I rolled over next to the bed and tried to go to sleep and hope that somebody would come rescue me. 

It was not until a couple hours later that you got here.  I was totally exhausted at this point and couldn’t move.  I heard you inside and wanted to move to the doorway.  I was hoping that you would come into the bedroom… it was my only hope.  When I heard you at the doorway, I knew I was saved.

“There you go hon, all untied.  Why don’t you lay on the bed and I will give you a massage and make you feel better… you look like hell, in a beautiful way” I said with a smile.  She smile back, gave me a quick kiss and laid on the bed.  It took everything within me not to ravage her right on the spot; her story had me so turned on.  As I was giving the massage she felt the bugle in my shorts brush by her leg and with that she looked back at me and said “Thank you for rescuing me Master, I’m yours to do with as you wish and command.”  I don’t think she’s going to be resting much this weekend.  I grabbed the ropes and gag and turned off the light.

The End

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