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Praying For Daylight

by Phoebe

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© Copyright 2008 - Phoebe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; bond; Sbf; chast; toys; stuck; cons; X

Selene’s arm slides off Tephra’s taut stomach, the motion awakening both of them from their post-coital snooze. Selene then tries to untangle herself from Tephra and the sheets, only to be gently pulled back into Tephra’s handcuffed arms.

“Teph, I gotta get going. The taxi’ll be here in an hour.”

Tephra looks up with pouting deep green eyes and Selene is tempted to take another spin with her on the now soggy sheets.

Sighing, “I’ll miss my plane… and besides, that big wet spot you’re laying in… well… come join me in the shower instead!”

“That’s ok Selene, I’m going out for a little run and I’ll clean up when I get back.”

Tephra never has liked Selene’s business trips but they give her the chance to invent new solo bondage adventures. Unlocking the handcuffs, she slips into her running clothes and is quickly out the door.

Running along the forest trails in the late afternoon is always exhilarating and she thinks renting their cabin in the Pacific Northwest foothills is just the best with all of the privacy that it affords for their outdoor bondage games.

Returning to the cabin with time to spare, Tephra helps Selene drag her suitcase to the porch and then catching the light scent of her perfume, she moves in close and starts to kiss her.

“Just don’t get too close, Teph. Between wrecking the bed and the run, you’re lucky you don’t have bears all sniffing after you.”

“I don’t want bears, I want you…”

Feeling Selene’s tongue exploring hers, Tephra begins to pull out Selene’s blouse and runs her hand underneath a full C-cup, gently working between her fingers one very excited nipple. Selene only has to brush slowly up and down on Tephra’s jogbra to feel what has to be in her mind the most animated of ringed nipples to ever spring to her touch!

The taxi slowly approaches; The driver in no hurry to interrupt this scene.
Reluctantly breaking away Selene reminds Tephra,

“I’ll call you tomorrow morning.”

“Not too early… ok?”

“Why? You’re always up at dawn…”

“Um, because… it’ll be Saturday and I want to sleep in!” 

Selene sighs, brushes Tephra’s curly chestnut hair away from her face, and in the same motion continues combing through her hair, reaching to the back where she tightens up her hand.

“Listen, I’ll call at nine, and you better pick up or my next call will be to the fire department…”


Tephra replies with another long kiss, partly for the leering cabbie but mostly for Selene.


Tossing the wet sheets and her running clothes into the washer, Tephra begins preparations for this night’s bondage adventure by starting with the shaving of her legs and pubic area. The Venus Vibrance razor does its vibrating magic on both hair and clit. She wants to be kept on edge and this is a good place to again rev up her libido.

Drying off and fixing her hair into a loose ponytail, Tephra begins prepping for tonight’s adventure. Out comes her contact lenses and on with her eyeglasses. She’s quite nearsighted and would later have need of this ability. On with the satin bed sheets. She loves their silky smoothness and will accentuate this sensualness with a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings. Out of a dresser drawer comes a black studded leather bra. This bra has large nipple openings and fits rather tightly so that when she buckles it on, her nipples and their attached rings will be nicely displayed.

Tephra looks over the bed and admires its heavy pine construction. She locks a length of chain that runs from the middle of the headboard down and locks it also to the footboard. Throwing open the curtains and sheers she takes in the bucolic vista of meadows and pine trees that descend eastward to the valley floor below.

Toys! She smiles at the arousal planned for herself. First in would be a pink vibrator, lubed and placed with care and attention. Next, a small vibrating anal plug, the timing for these two will be varied and out of reach, one control tucked inside of each stocking top. Holding these teasers in place is a steel chastity belt. Locking it on almost sends her over the edge and for a moment she allows the feelings to rise in her. No, time enough for that later when she will be properly chained.

Heels! Not normally something she wears to bed but for this night a pair of black five-inch ankle-strap dress sandals will do. Straightening out the toe seams in her stockings, she straps them on, marveling at how confidant they always make her feel.

Chains! First, a pair of shackles for her slender ankles, linked together with barely six inches of stout chain that is then locked with a combination lock to the bed’s center chain. Next, her steel neck collar is locked on, and then combi-locked with a similarly short length to the center bed chain. She massages her ringed nipples until the pulsing wetness below almost overcomes her senses. Quickly, before regretting this action she locks onto each nipple a combi-lock.

Breathing heavily in the evening twilight she only has to lock on her fitted wrist shackles and then reaching above her head, slide both shackles through the last combi-lock. Looking up she could just make out the dial in the dimness. Shuddering as she runs home the combi-lock’s shackle, she gives in completely to a rocking orgasm.

Twisting and squirming all the night long she is teased by the vibrators’ and satin sheets only to be tormented by the heels and nipple locks. On the night goes in a constant aroused state, set off with shuddering orgasms whenever the vibrators activate together!

A shuddering tremor that isn’t sexually related rips through the house and Tephra starts awake in fear as the house grows even more silent and dark now with the electricity apparently out!

Squeezing her thighs together for another orgasm, she cares not, having been clever enough to be using the sun itself for her release.

On and on the orgasms come and yet the darkness continues. Her internal clock is wide-awake but still darkness rules. True it’s a bit lighter, and peering up at the combination lock dial tells her that she’s going to need just a little more light…

This oddly dark morning also seems now a little warmer than usual, and so, cozy in her satin sheets, she drifts off to sleep.


Startled and pulling wildly at her shackles, momentarily not remembering her predicament, she clearly hears Selene’s panicked voice,

“…Thank God you’re out of the house Teph! They show on the news that Mount St. Helens blew itself all to hell again! The whole area is going to be covered in volcanic ash for weeks!”



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