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Precious Cargo 2

by SelfBoundOR

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continued from part one

Part Two

She tugged at the bottom of the shirt, trying to will it longer, but it just wouldn't go past the top of her rib cage; she thought she might be more dressed, or at least feel more dressed in her rope bikini tie, but only just.  She looked down at her bare feet slipped into her damp flip-flops and estimated that from toes to tits she had maybe three or four inches of cover, the pale skin of her bare mid-riff and long legs shining in the glow of the parking lot lamps.  Sarah reconsidered going to get food and just taking them home, but the idea of parading into a brightly lit restaurant in front of God and everyone in the skimpiest outfit she had ever worn just got her tingly; a near naked run through a public place sans the bondage gear, and definitely caught.  Besides, she wanted to do this to rile up the ladies one last time; and she was hungry. 

Sarah knocked on the wall of the van and walked toward the building; it wasn't five seconds before one of the rowdy guys hanging out caught sight of her and let out a serious wolf whistle that the others immediately homed in on.  Most of the guys just gave the kind of rude offers that construction worker might throw to a woman walking by; suggestive and impolite, but expected and easily sloughed off.  But two guys walked up to Sarah and definitely broke the border of her personal space, and she could feel hands brushing against her exposed stomach and back. 

"Get your hands off of me!" she turned to face them and the wanton look on their faces made her feel as vulnerable as she imagined the women in the back of the van must have felt listening to voices so close to their precarious situation. 

One of the guys seemed cockier than the other, and a sneer curled into his lips as he growled hungrily at her, “Ooh Chica, you’re wearing just what I like… nothing.”  The other aggressor cackled like a hyena at his friend’s compliment, and he took a sniveling back seat to the obvious leader.  “You should come with me, I know what you need…”

Sarah looked at him sideways, trying to avoid full on eye contact, “I just want to get something to eat.” 

The young buck retorted, “I know… I can see that.  I got something that will fill you up all night long…” More cackles followed and Sarah felt a swirl of anxiety run through her and thought for a second that maybe she had gone too far and put the whole group in jeopardy. 

He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her close, but she twisted out of it and could feel her shirt ride up with the hard turn.  She moved quick to make sure her limited cover stayed in place and she caught his steady glare boring into her, memorizing every inch of her curves.  Sarah could feel the situation spinning out of her control and this guy seemed ready to do as he pleased unless she made some gesture to throw him off.  She knew she couldn't let anyone get to the girls, and she pulled up some courage from down deep, "A girl needs something to eat when lousy fucks like you don't satisfy her.  Fuck off!" 

She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her own mouth, like someone else was saying them and she blushed at the thought of her challenge.  The crowd of guys hanging back gave off impressed cat calls and hoots, a big chorus of "OH!” and Sarah turned from the two spurned guys and headed toward the door. 

The leader retorted angrily, "Listen bitch, you don't roll up on me butt naked and tell me to fuck off.  I'll smack you around and tear you up, you little slut!" 

Sarah flushed with anger and a little arousal at the thought of the very inappropriate invitation, but got her game face on and replied, "You wanna know why you don't want to mess with me?  I’ll show you.  You think you’re tough?  You’re a pussy compared to me. I'm gonna walk in there, get food, and then I'll show you why." 

The gang gave off surprised and excited noises as she stormed off into the restaurant.  She got some surprised looks from the people behind the counter and more than her share of stares and ogles from the various patrons there for various reasons; lust and disgust tied for first.  As she stood in line, the conflicting thoughts of what she was doing here and the danger she was putting the club's members in was making her nauseous, and it took all of her energy to will away the urge to vomit right there and then.  If this guy waiting for her outside decided he was going to have her no matter what, how could she protect the others?  The group was doomed should she end up a gang-bang victim in the trunk of his car.  Should she ask the manager to call the police?  They were sure to discover the women within minutes of a crime scene investigation, and explanation or not, her cuffs would be real. 

Her arms were defensively crossed over her chest, but it did little to stem the humbling wave of mortification or her sense of nakedness, and her stomach pumped a little harder with her nervousness.  Being naked would have been a statement, but these barely-there clothes were sending other unwanted signals, and the attention was overwhelming.  The male cashier gave her a silent look as he handed her her meal and with bags in hand, she walked outside and right back into the path of the Lothario who wouldn't back down, shooting dagger at him, "I’ll show you why you don’t fuck with me.  Let’s go!" 

The guys gave off a huge cheer as the unsuspecting thug followed the hottest girl in the hottest outfit he had seen in ages to a white van parked in back of the restaurant.  Sarah opened the driver's door and put the bags down on the floor, and turned to her tormentor, "Nobody fucks with me.  Look in the van.  Go ahead." 

She could hear the gasping protests of the hidden occupants, but she did not relent.  The young guy, a handsome Latino with short hair and nice build gave a sly smile, "All right baby, you want to me check out your rolling boom-boom room.  I'm for that." 

He leaned in to see the four women, trembling with fear at their discovery, barely visible in the dark shadows of the van, naked, chained and hooded like Al Qaeda prisoners in Gitmo and his smile actually faded.  He leaned back from the door and looked at Sarah with wide eyes, “Wha… who are… what the fuck is that?" 

She put on the best "murder in her eyes" face she could muster, "You wanna end up like them?" 

The young man felt a pang of fear and uncertainty he never could have expected, and he suddenly changed his tune, "No... no.. uh, ma'am?" 

"Then get lost and leave me alone.  And tell you friends to back off, too." 

His mouth dropped open and he took a few steps back from the smoking hot kidnapper with the van full of victims and stammered, "Ss-s...sorry, have a nice night..." 

Sarah stepped into the van and closed the door, the sobs and tiny squeals of the women behind her painful and pleasant all at once.  She ruminated for a moment on her display and relished the sensations of helplessness and empowerment she experienced all at once.  The intensity of her exposure and her defiance in that highly vulnerable situation made her flush and she wiped a tear from her cheek as the emotions swelled up inside her, "OK, let's get out of here..."

She started the van and pulled out the back entrance of the lot away from the bustling crowd getting an incredulous story from one of their own.  The whole party was silent as the vehicle made a few extra turns and got back on track to Anita's apartment.  Sarah's food sat on the floor untouched, her appetite waning in the past minutes while the situation escalated.  Her adrenalin was rushing through her and she was pissed at that asshole for being so presumptuous and herself for being so foolish.  The others could only listen as her fear and excitement continued to charge her up and the sound of her sniffling made it obvious she was on the verge of tears.  Sarah wiped her eyes as she turned a corner, the entrance to Anita's underground parking garage in sight.  The last half block of the trip was under her subconscious control as Sarah's mind wandered to all the awful places she could have ended up this night.  She pulled into the garage and slowly maneuvered the van to a resting place in a spot at the back, far from the elevators, but more secluded. 

The engine went silent and Sarah sat unmoving for a few minutes, her arms wrapped around her, the skin of her stomach trembling against the soft undersides of her forearms.  She thought back to her first night in the shower, trapped and alone, and the incident with Matt, left helpless until his return, and her session with Kate that brought all of these women together, and none of them had met the intensity of this night.  The idea of the risks she had taken made her stomach roll over and she breathed deeply to calm the cramps coming on.  A few gentle sobs made her twitch and she climbed out of the seat to the back of the van in front of Anita.  Sarah felt the urge to beg for forgiveness for this evening's insanity, and she slipped the cinch free on her hood and pulled it off. Anita's eyes were red from her own tears, but calm and steady now.  Sarah unbuckled her gag and slipped the ball out and Anita stretched her jaw out, taking a deep breath. 

Anita looked into Sarah's wide eyes, getting watery, and she spoke to her very sweetly, "Hon, don't punish yourself.  You gave this little trick of mine the kick it needed.  I'm not going to say I wasn't scared, and I'm still not sure how I feel about you showing us off to your ‘friend’.  But you kept your cool and got us through the wild ride.  No one could ask for a better partner.  C'mere..." 

Anita presented an over-accentuated pucker and Sarah leaned in, wrapping her arms around Anita's exposed torso and returned the affection with a gentle kiss, "Thanks.  I was afraid I lost you all.  Maybe I still have...” 

Anita comforted her, "I don't think anyone here is going to want to leave someone who gave them such an intense experience.   It wasn't as much fun without the excitement of torment, and you brought that in spades." 

Sarah smiled in appreciation and turned to Kate, loosening her hood and releasing her gag.  Kate took a deep breath, and flashed a big smile; she too leaned out for a kiss and Sarah gave her a sensuous hug and slightly longer kiss, her affection for her clearly visible.  If she had been crying earlier, it was hard to tell now.  Kate beamed, "OK... there was no way that could've been any more intense.  You're crazy...” 

Sarah dropped her gaze and smiled, a little embarrassed her friend was so enthusiastic about what she thought was such a nightmare, "Well, I aim to please." 

Kate cut her off, "Did you know you were going to do this... did Anita spill her plan to you...?  That was amazing!"  Sarah started to shake her head and explain but the other two women grunted from their hoods, and Anita chimed in, "I think they want out too."

Sarah slid to the back of the van and started untying the women, hoods off and gags out quickly with a little practice under her belt.  Erica's blue eyes shown with irritated red circles around them, clearly displaying the intensity of her session that evening.  She coughed as the gag popped out and caught her breath, "Hi... I'm Erica... we haven't met, but clearly I now know your work." 

Sarah's smile faded, "I hope this isn't the last time we get together..." 

Erica smiled confidently, "Are you kidding?  I owe you now.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to return the favor." 

Sarah gave a nervous laugh and she leaned into Erica's face, "May I?" 

Erica silently leaned her head back to offer her lips and Sarah gave them a gentle peck, an intimate sign of their new relationship.  Sarah swung around on her knees to Annabelle and freed her; her exotic eyes looking ravishing despite the red skin signaling earlier tears, "Don't let Erica and I get you alone in the same room.  I can't guarantee you'll ever want to leave, or be allowed to..." 

Sarah smiled as Annabelle leaned in herself and sealed the deal with a sweet, Sapphic kiss.  Anita watched the proceedings and smiled at her new coven of bondagettes.  She took a deep breath and got out the words, "Sarah, I don't want to cut your intros and kudos short, but I have had these clamps on for the entire game.  Can you please take them off?" 

Sarah looked at her sheepishly, "Sorry, dear, but I've already broken enough rules this evening.  You'll have to remove those yourself." 

With that, Anita threw her head back with a look of pleasure and agony as the thought of her prolonged nipple torment sent her into her space. Sarah rifled through her still damp pockets and pulled out a wad of paper that hours ago was the instruction sheet, the form of paper long gone, ink bleeding through.  Peeling back the layers, the key to Anita's apartment dropped into her hand.  She looked at the squirming leader of the group with a new naughty smile, ready with the classic line, "Now don't go anywhere..." 

The four women groaned quite clearly now, free of the head gear, "I'll be back in a flash..." 

Kate was just about to ask her if she wanted to change again, but changed her mind at the last moment and watched the bouncy Sarah hop from the van.  As her flip-flopped footsteps vanished, Kate turned to Annabelle, "If it's all the same, can she keep that top?  I'm gonna make her wear it again and take lots of pictures."  The four of them laughed out loud for the first time in ages it seemed, but quickly realized their still precarious situation, and resorted to whispers and chuckles until Sarah's return.

Sarah crossed the parking garage unseen and boarded the very convenient elevator that Anita's luxury apartment afforded her.  She pressed the floor and as the door closed, she could see the full effect of her unfortunate outfit in their mirrored surface.  With her arms at her side, she could just make out the curve of the bottom of her breasts under the edge of the shirt, her full large tits jiggling erotically as she moved.  Her nipples seemed to forget how to soften and were standing out very prominently, the hint of their brown hue showing through the thin aqua material.  Her entire rib cage and stomach were bare down to the waistband of the dark blue skimpy shorts that seemed to stop just as soon as they started.  She spread her fingers out to measure the width of the band of cloth that tried to cover her hips and she looked in astonishment at the three to four inches it indeed was, and far less she realized over the hips.  She turned to look at her profile in the polished doors and was surprised to see how much of her ass poked out from the bottom of the shorts; she reached her hands behind her and gave the little protruding bulges a squeeze, "My god, I run in these?"

She felt months of retroactive embarrassment wash over her as he pictured herself at the gym and running home in these shorts she normally would have thought twice about wearing to bed.  From head to toe, she looked like a porn actress playing a sorority sister getting ready for the big pillow fight scene; of course her tits would pop out when she raised her feathery weapon over her head to hit the equally hot chick in front of her.  She recalled the hoots and howls at the restaurant and actually started to feel a little guilty; she more than looked the part for trouble that night.  Her four friends may have been naked and tied up in the van, but she suffered more than her share of humiliation and degradation that evening, and it was wearing her out faster than any tight constriction she ever applied to herself.  Sarah crossed her arms over chest again and waited impatiently for her floor, sure the security guards were touching themselves as they stared at her video screen.

A few minutes later, Sarah returned to the van with the keys and a bundle of blankets in her arms, left there for whoever was to release the others to bring down, and found the four of them quietly chatting and giggling in hushed whispers.  The sight of keys made Annabelle exhale with a sense of relief, and Kate groaned that the game was finally over.  Sarah squatted in the middle of the group and passed a key to each pair of waiting hands, then slid out of the way to give them some room.  As if practiced, hands fell out of cuffs and landed hard in front of each woman as they all went on all fours, able to bend at the waist for the first time in up to two days.  Anita was particularly groaning and took a little longer to catch up to the rest.  Hands reached up in concert and nipple clamps clattered to the floor; stuttered gasps trying to be screams were swallowed or stuffed back into their mouths with quick hands as blood flowed back to their nipples. 

Anita let out a series of pants like she was having sex as she rolled her now free nipples between her fingers.  Her hands then slid down and in front of all the women, she took control of her pleasure and started to masturbate right there; her long slender fingers running their knowing patterns over her red, wet clit.  The others watched for a minute or so as the pleasure built within her, and then desperate for their own release, followed suit.  Sarah watched as the women fell into the writing throes of their libidos and worked themselves into frenzies, forgetting the silence that kept them safe from prying ears and eyes.  Minutes passed as hands wandered to aching breasts to apply new pressure to pert nipples and disappear deep between legs. 

Sarah could sense her own wetness swell while watching the bizarre orgy unfold before her, all four women still chained by their ankles to the van walls vigorously pleasuring themselves with abandon.  She soon couldn't stand the waiting and slid her shorts off and flicked them and her flip-flops to the floor.  Sarah crawled over the Kate, who had spread her legs wide at the knees, and slid her wet sex against Kate's thigh, sliding up and down on her leg like a horny dog.  She pressed her left leg into Kate's crotch and she started to do the same thing, reaching up and pulling Sarah tiny shirt off of her heaving breasts and scooping them up as they fell out.  The two women embraced and pulled each other closer, pressing their legs hard into each other's nethers and rubbing as hard as they could; gasping in concert with their thrusts; oblivious to the rocking of the van they set in motion. 

Time stopped as their passions smoldered, and Anita dissolved into an orgasmic mess, her hands buried in her crotch, she dropped her head to the floor, panting and twitching in sheer bliss.  Erica pinched her already agonizing nipples and hit just the right spot and fell back against the wall, gasping through her sexual release.  As her eyes slid open slowly, chest heaving with deep breaths, she watched Annabelle pinching both of her nipples, seeming to struggle to get "over the hill" and climax.  Erica dropped to her stomach and stretched out across the floor of the van until she could feel the tug of the cuffs on her ankles, but it was enough to reach her mouth to Annabelle's dripping pussy and she took hold of her labia with her lips and let her tongue lash and tease her clit.  Annabelle spread her knees wide and thrust her pelvis forward as far as her cuffs would let her and willingly accepted her friend's help, throwing her head back as Erica hungrily lapped at her loins.  A minute later, Annabelle's climax sent warm cum running down Erica's face and she dropped down on all fours, panting as the warm flush washed through her. 

Erica rolled onto her side, and Annabelle took her into her arms, the two lay on the floor in fuzzy happiness curled against each other, listening to Kate and Sarah in the depths of their lust.  The two were now body-to-body; Kate's stomach pressed firmly against Sarah's, their breasts spread flat against one another.  They embraced each other tightly and let their heads fall on each other’s shoulders, their love apparent.  Within another few minutes, the two suddenly held their breath and gave one hard push in unison; their moans of ecstasy trailing into deep huffing exhales.  Warm little streams of cum ran down their legs, commingling under their calves; spidery threads of slick fluid connecting them in their consummating act.  They rolled their heads against one another, their hot breath blowing each others hair about, and indulged in a long romantic kiss that the others watched with surprise; Sarah's hands running up and weaving her finger into Kate's hair, forcing her just a little closer.  The spent lover's collapsed on the floor with the rest of their audience and the five women stretched into the middle of the van, their ankles still chained to the walls, and curled into a naked mass of kisses and embraces. 

Anita turned onto her side, legs coiled, and watched the two couples linger in their devotion to one another, "And I thought this was a bondage club.  Did I find four lesbians looking for the spark of love?" 

Sarah propped up to see the satisfied and sarcastic look on Anita's face, "No... I like men fine.  It's just... well I'm with the four people who know me better than anyone, at least, in terms of what I find pleasurable.  Personally, before a few months ago, I never thought I'd find anyone to whom I could completely expose myself emotionally and feel this level of intimacy.  Besides, Kate's gorgeous, and seeing her tied up... well I just want to take advantage of her..." 

Erica broke in, “I’ll second that.  As for the ‘lesbian’ issue…” she flashed bedroom eyes at her sultry Asian partner, “We’ll just have to see…”

Sarah laughed as she said this and Kate flashed an embarrassed smile, casting her eyes to the floor.  Annabelle spoke up, "Well, you're in luck, Kate has plans for you." 

Sarah looked down at the suddenly shy girl and questioned her, giving her ass a slap, "Oh really?"  Kate let out a squeal, "Maybe... everyone's gunning for you now, you slut!" 

Sarah gave off a disingenuous gasp of horror and a look of lust disguised as shock, and the women gave a laugh at the sarcasm.  Anita gave her cuffs a test, "Wow, I thought we would have at least made it into my apartment before devolving into an orgy.  I guess I underestimated you...” 

Sarah reached over and squeezed her hand between Anita's legs, "Don't tell me you're not interested." 

She gave her a little rub and Anita smiled coyly, pulling Sarah's hand out, "Fresh! And yes, when I'm ready, you'll know... don't worry."

The women laid back down, twisted in their knot of entwined bodies and metal restraints, seeking to be as close as possible.  They lay there for over half an hour when Erica finally relented and tapped around the floor of the van looking for her key.  Within a few minutes, feet slipped free of the remaining shackles and the women huddled together for warmth, rubbing each others sore limbs and quietly appreciating what they were to each other.  Sarah grabbed the blankets and passed them around, finding there were only four, "Oh... how come I don't get one?" 

Anita bit her lip, feeling a little guilty of the oversight, "Sorry, I guess I didn't think the driver was going to be soaking wet and wearing undersized clothes after picking us up.  You really did this to yourself.  Here you can have mine; I bet can make it upstairs without being seen...”

Sarah gave a sigh, "No... you keep it.  I spent the whole evening in public dressed like this.  I can wear it a little longer." 

Anita turned to the women as they climbed out of the van, "Leave the gear, I'll get it later.  Just grab your clothes."  They scooped up whatever garb was left in the corners of the truck and made for the elevators, wrapping their blankets around themselves and a now very self-conscious Sarah.

Over the next couple of hours, the girls took turns in a hot shower, wrapped themselves in blankets and robes in Anita's bedroom, sprawled across her king bed like a harem, debriefing the evening's events with a gossip circle's carefree style.  Drinks and food were enjoyed like never before, a new appreciation for freedom and the company of close friends to share it with.  Erica pointed a faux-angry finger at Sarah, "YOU... You revealed us to some guy... what was that about?" 

Sarah blushed at the memory of the nameless man she managed to freak out with the hostages in the back of her van, "I know... sorry... I just... I didn't know what to do.  I had nothing to scare this guy with.  My clothes said 'Come fuck me' and I needed to put a little shock in him...” 

Anita spoke up, "That was a real gamble.  I guess we should be grateful he probably had a good guilty Catholic upbringing with a tough mom at home.  He could just as easily brought the rest of his friends over and used us as party favors.  I think that's the riskiest thing I've ever been involved with, and I've been naked in the White House...” Jaws dropped open and faces were set to stun as the circle reacted to that little confession.  Anita headed off the questions, "THAT is another story for another time...” 

The women laughed, but Annabelle got a concerned look on her face, opening her robe to show the group, "Your little car wash stunt is gonna leave bruises... look at this mark the scrubby fingers made." 

Erica pulled her blanket off and revealed red traces where the water pelted her hard.  Anita again stepped in, "Those are medals of honor for a session well endured, little cry-babies.  I've seen you with worse by your own hand." 

Erica gave a humbled look, "Maybe...” 

Annabelle smiled a knowing look at her partner, "Uh... your fan whip.  That left your entire ass bright red last time you used it." 

Sarah looked quizzical, "Fan whip?" 

Annabelle said, "A little torment devised by little miss perv here.  We'll explain later." 

Sarah shook it off and asked Anita, "So how long was everyone there before I arrived?" 

Anita replied, "Well... I started the session Thursday morning, around 10, and had Erica came about twelve hours later.  Of course she joined me, and I lost track of time after that...” 

Annabelle stepped in, "Erica had me come about twelve hours after she started, and I called Kate to come about six hours later for me.  I thought I was being clever with the short time, but Kate showed and probably added another twelve hours for herself before you came, Sarah." 

Sarah's face swept with shock at the math, "Oh my god, Anita, you were locked in that kneeling stress position for almost two full days?  How could you have stood that?" 

Anita had a pleased look on her face, "What can I say?  Being tied up is so pleasurable to me; I don't feel the strain after a while.  Probably just numb...” 

The women laughed and Erica cut them off, "Hey I was in there a day and half.  What did I do to deserve to be punished for so long?" 

Anita soothed her, "My dear, it wasn't punishment.  You deserved the ecstasy of lingering in the tight bondage I provided for you.  I think you’re more appreciative than you let on." 

Erica gave a sheepish look, "Yeah...” The women laughed and Erica leaned against Annabelle who gave her a reassuring hug.

"Besides..." Anita continued, "My head was too wrapped up in my story to think I should try to escape or beg for help.  When you're an American traitor, caught secretly working for Al Qaeda and being transported under extraordinary rendition to be tortured for secrets in some hidden CIA base, escape seems the least likely possibility." 

The women oohed and ahhed at the fantasy Anita revealed and Erica offered her vision, "Mine was similar except I was an American contractor in Pakistan, taken while working at an embassy, and my terrorist captors were transporting me to a hidden lair where they were going to use me to train other operatives in the best methods for inducing pain on captives to bend them to their will." 

Annabelle followed, "I was taken into custody under the cover of dark by Chinese Secret Police looking to instill fear into Falun Gong members and force me to recant and reveal others to them." 

"How very traditional of you..." Erica chided; Annabelle blushed at the remark.  She turned to Kate, "What about you?" 

Kate looked thoughtful, "Well, since I got the full view of the three of you before I set myself up, I was reminded of those movies where women are taken to eastern European countries to be sold for as sex toys for whatever purpose the buyers want, and we were the fresh load being taking to a gruesome end."  A few pleased gasps certified the others' pleasure at the nasty scenario. 

Sarah gave an unimpressed huff, "Nice fantasies, really.  I just wound up having to live mine out...” 

Kate shot her a look, "You've fantasized about being paraded about in nearly nothing in a fast food parking lot?"  The women laughed, but Sarah looked serious for a moment, "No... but I was forced to extend myself beyond my comfort zone... way beyond.  I'm sure a few of you played the hide-and-seek-while-naked-and-handcuffed game in the woods or a park once or twice, but you knew where you could hide; a ditch or a big drain pipe while the nosy skateboarders got bored and ran off.  This was like nothing I've ever experienced; flying blind with nowhere to hide.  I couldn't run because of you and I couldn't get caught because of you, plus I didn't need to be raped tonight.  It really felt out of my control and I had to think fast and act out of my element.  The thought of the real unknowns I faced this night still makes me anxious."

Kate turned to Sarah, "Were you disappointed when you read the note?" 

Sarah answered immediately, "Yes, very.  I was hurt that I was the designated driver in your 'drinking' game.  So I followed Kate's advice and 'Made it interesting'." 

The women gasped and looked at Kate with a little awe, surprised at the unknown instigator.  Kate waffled, "Well... what's twelve hours in cuffs and clamps?  I've done that standing on my head.  I knew Sarah would take my advice to heart and give us a wild ride." 

Sarah chimed in, "Did you know I was faking the first gas station stop?" 

Anita and Kate gave knowing looks, but Erica said, "No!  No I did not know.  I had no idea what sinister things you had in store or how much I could trust you.  I seem to recall a lot yanking on my clamps, too!" 

Sarah laughed, "Everyone got theirs." 

Kate snapped back, "Don't worry, hon, yours is coming too."  Sarah gave a concerned look and a pained little gasp of fear and the women chuckled and enjoyed some more of the wine Anita provided them. 

Sarah ruminated a minute, then, "I don't know... I was hoping there was a pair of cuffs or shackles waiting for me.  I was very bummed when I saw the empty toy box."  She thought a moment more, "If there was a pair of shackles for me, I never would've taken the risks I did tonight.  I never would have stopped at a gas station, real or fake, or stopped and walked around in a public place in cuffs.  You left me no choice but to make my own fun, and I certainly buried myself in it." 

The others laughed at this admission, and Kate gave a sad sigh and hugged her dear friend, "Poor thing, no bondage for you." 

Sarah grumped, "That's OK.  I had plenty on my plate yesterday...” 

The women gave a surprised cheer, "Oh really... do tell...” 

Sarah looked embarrassed, "It was terrific, and you gave me the idea Anita."  Sarah blushed as she thought twice about revealing her intimate gag to the previous wearer, and Anita raised an eyebrow at the mention. 

"I had no idea the game even started.  And I nearly got stuck myself.  I mean… I really thought I was trapped; I was tied up quite nicely overnight, my longest session ever.  I was a little to eager to try out…” She hesitated as the image of the yellow thong appeared in her head, “…to try out a new technique.  I hadn't looked at my Blackberry before I started, otherwise I never would've played out my own scenario." 

The women all went silent at the admission, projecting back to the memory of their incarceration and the idea of horror that their one "out" could have, herself, been helpless and in need of their assistance.  Annabelle broke the quiet, "OK... I know we're all all right... but I am a little freaked out now." 

Erica’s face went pale, “How long were you in your session?  Was Kate already in the van?” 

Her happy spark died and Sarah's face grew grave, "Oh my god, I am so sorry.  I should've told someone I was playing and kept it safe.  I... I just wanted a little naughty playtime to myself.  You know I would never want to hurt any of you or endanger you." 

She wrapped her arms around her stomach, cramping with anxiety; her memory of her frantic barefoot search for her key coming fresh to her mind, mingled with the thoughts of the women already in the midst of their game.  Sarah curled into a ball, her eyes getting watery, "Sorry... I just figured I could go solo once in a while." 

Kate leaned in and hugged Sarah hard; wiping her tears, "And deprive me of the pleasure of catching you in the act?  I thought we were supposed to be there for each other.  I want to be the first one you see after you struggle free, and of course tease you while you do it.  Please...” 

Sarah buried her face in her knees; more ashamed now in the close embrace of loved ones than she had felt all night in the grip of strangers. She sobbed softly and the women came around her in support; Anita spoke, "Sweetie, don't cry.  We're all here and we've all been in your spot."  The women all concurred with a sure "Mm-hmm". 

"I going to tell you what I have said to each of the others gathered around you right now: there is no more solo.  You have to let us know when you play so we can all stay safe, and be prepared.  We don't want to know how hard it was to find your key, don't tell us.  But we need to know to come to you, that's why we're here.  We protect each other in this dangerous hobby, and that's how it has to stay.  Promise me you'll never play without notifying a partner again." 

Sarah lifted her head to Anita, her eyes red and cheeks wet; and she nodded her agreement.  The group converged on Sarah and squeezed her hard, landing soft kisses on her face and head. 

Kate spoke up, "We love you Sarah.  And now you've saved all of us from our horrible fate, even though part of that fate was your doing...” 

The women all laughed and Sarah leaned her head against Kate's shoulder, "I'm going to make it up to you all, I swear... one at a time if necessary." 

They hugged again and then flopped back on the bed, going on about the evening's events, recalling in vivid detail their emotions and thoughts at each stage of Sarah's adventure, laughing and gasping as opposing view points came to light.  Another hour passed and the laughs turned to yawns as soon they all realized that they had been awake for at least a day or more.  Anita pulled out some old shorts and shirts; suitable enough for quick cab rides home, the skimpy play clothes dropped into bags.  Kate asked Anita, "Do you need help with the van?" 

Anita shook her head, "I'll gather the toys in the morning.  I'm fairly certain it's clean enough inside now."  Tired chuckles escaped as the ladies made their way to the door and good nights' sleep in their own beds.

Morning came and Anita awoke slowly, stretching her aching body from head to toe, the strain of her session making her pay on the back end.  She hopped into the shower and threw some Sunday clothes on, jeans and a t-shirt, and headed out the door and down to the van to get it ready to return.  She opened the driver door and climbed in, thinking about how she looked over Sarah's shoulder as she drove through town last night.  She smiled to herself and then froze in her seat.  On the seat next to her was a pair of her shorts and a shirt, neatly folded, a small plastic bag with Sarah's tiny aqua t-shirt, blue running shorts and her flip-flops.  She ran her fingers through the bag, curious as to why they were here when she heard a small moan from the back of the van, completely dark in the shadows of the parking garage.  She froze again, only speaking, "Hello?" 

Her greeting was met with another little moaning grunt from the darkness and her concern turned to playful curiosity.  Anita climbed out of the driver's seat and crawled to the back of the cargo hold, reaching up to the ceiling and fumbled for the light switch.  The lamp came on and revealed a very naked Sarah, chained by her wrists and ankles to the support strut of the van.  Her sumptuous breasts jiggled as she squirmed on her knees, making the gleaming clover clamps on her nipples sway back and forth.  One of the thick hoods was pulled over her head, cinched tight at the throat, and Anita ran her hands over the mask to feel a large ball gag in her mouth.  Around the clamp chain was wrapped a small piece of paper; and on it a note scrawled: "YOU FIRST, MISTRESS". 

Anita broke into a smile she only wished Sarah could see, and she cupped her hands under the slave's full tits, "Couldn't resist not getting a turn in the 'hostage' pose, hm?" 

Sarah shook her head gently, a no. 

Anita leaned in closer to the hood, "This is also you offering yourself to me as penance for your... transgression, isn't it?" 

Sarah nodded her assent. 

Anita took a forceful tone, "You do realize this is the second time this weekend you decided to play without telling anyone else, right?" 

Sarah nodded slightly, and a little whimper escaped. 

"You're lucky I came down here.  Did you know the rental company I used has PICK UP service?  I was going to call them to just come and get the van; wouldn't that have been interesting?" 

Sarah's breathing broke into a series of whimpers as the severity of that news sank in and she began to tremble a little. 

"Nobody ever rents these vans.  I found papers in the glove compartment from the last time I rented it over a year ago.  Imagine your peril now if I had just called them up." 

Sarah's trembles grew into a nervous shaking and Anita was sure she could start to hear sobs.  She smiled as she watched Sarah experience first hand how strict the ankle binding was; the short chain keeping her feet pinned against the wall with her toes curled under and her ass resting on her heels.  Her hands slid up from the bottoms of Sarah's breasts to her nipples and Anita looked at the milk crate with the other toys neatly wrapped up in it, "Still... I'm very pleased you decided to stay.  And thank you for cleaning up; you may be a naughty, disobedient slave, but at least you're respectful; that's very important to me." 

Sarah gave a satisfied, quivering sigh through the tears. 

Anita pressed her face against Sarah's, whispering into her ear, "I do have one question for you, my love.  One I didn't want to ask you in front of the others..." 

Sarah settled down a little as she waited for the shoe to drop. 

"We weren't the only precious cargo you carried around this weekend, were we?" 

Sarah was silent, caught in her adoration of the woman in front of her.

Anita let her linger in suspense a few extra beats, "You know I left it there on purpose, didn't you?  You know I showed you how I wanted you to use it that day we met, right?  Maybe you didn’t realize that I wanted the taste of my pussy trapped in your mouth and your memory.  So tell me, how did my panties taste?  Does the sweetness of my pussy… please you?" 

As she asked the question, she gave Sarah's clamps a firm twist and the pain and humiliation of her revelation made Sarah throw her head back and howl into her gag. 

Sarah ached to know how Anita figured it out, and she explained, "It was your eyes last night.  Right when you confessed your solo game, you looked at me and I knew.  I hope they were sweet.  I hope you thought of me while you tongued the patch my juices soaked through.  I wanted you from the minute I saw you.  And I knew once you tasted me, you'd be mine." 

Sarah lifted her head, her whole body riding the wave of her intense breathing, and her stomach twisted in a knot as the truth came out, humiliating in its lurid details. 

Anita continued, "I knew this moment would come, it was only a matter of time before you'd present yourself to me, and I was right." 

She slipped the cinch loose from her hood and pulled the cover off; Sarah's eyes were wide with uncertainty as she listened to her captor. 

"I have so many wonderful plans for your gorgeous body, I just needed to wait for you to give it to me... and here it is." 

Tears flooded from Sarah's eyes as she watched the matronly wisdom in Anita's eyes be replaced by lust and a hint of cruelty, the cruelty she imagined when she donned her tight stocking mask that night.  Anita's hands slipped all the way down Sarah's stomach and mound and stroked her labia gently, "I promise, before I am done with you, you'll be glad you did this.  But right now, the fear is perfect.  And that anxiety you felt last night about the 'unknown' and testing your limits... I hope you have that right now." 

More whimpers escaped Sarah's gag as manicured fingernails dragged slowly up from her mound and back over her unguarded stomach, and Anita slipped off her clamps and gave her nipples a revitalizing squeeze that sent a scream to Sarah's throat.  Then she leaned down and took Sarah's right nipple between her lips and let her tongue swing little circle over the tip; Sarah's eyes slid shut as the silky lapping made her skin tingle.  Anita gave her other nipple a long wet kiss and then looked her in the eyes, "I have this city hooked up, waiting to play with a goddess like you.  It's going to be a real treat... for both of us."  Anita smile was sinister and Sarah could only just make it out through her curtain of tears.  The worst kind of images popped in her head, and she twisted her wrists in their cuffs, desperate now to turn back time.

Sarah cringed as Anita uttered that awful pun she herself regretted from hours ago, "Now don't go anywhere while I run back to my place.  I'm going to change and make a few calls, and then we'll be ready to go.  And look... you've made yourself nice and mobile. All the hard work is done."  She gestured at the interior of the van with glee.  Anita grasped Sarah's breasts and slipped the clamps back on in a business like manner, "I'm trying to decide just what I can reveal to you now... but I don't want to spoil the surprises." 

The hood was slid back over Sarah's eyes and before the cinch was pulled tight around her throat, Anita drew her tongue across the ball between Sarah's lips with a slow wet sensuous slide.  Then she pulled the hood down, returning Sarah to the darkness she reveled in earlier in her game, but which now only added to her complete horror and sense of helplessness.  Anita leaned into Sarah once more, speaking in a whisper as she gently flicked her clamps, sending fresh electric shocks through her tits, "I have your Blackberry, and I'll send a message to your job that you've had an emergency back home and will need a few days off.  That way we'll have plenty of time to play with no distractions.  And if it's any consolation, once we get where we're going, I'm going to be naked and helpless right next to you.  Mmmm... the thought of us side by side while we're getting... well... I'm wet just thinking about it.  And consider this… the only person who cares about you and knows what horrible things are happening to you will be as helpless as you…” 

Sarah gave off a series of whimpers as she shuddered at the thoughts that were running through Anita's head, and she gave her wrists another few twists in the cuffs she had snugly self-applied in her earlier naiveté.  Anita crawled back to the front of the van and slipped out of the driver's side door.  Sarah strained to listen for anyone or anything that could save her, but all she could hear was the muffled, labored breathing within her hood.

Several lonely minutes went by, and the ache in her shoulders and her knees throbbed as her bondage grew less pleasurable and more frightening.  She tried not to imagine the torments a practiced hand like Anita might design and force upon an innocent friend, never mind herself.  Sarah knew Anita was far more adventurous and probably willing to leave herself in the clutches of others who would trade her sacrifice for her pleasure.  The memory of her fantasy in the shower, trapped with Kate, of being left chained to a forgotten wall only the worst of humanity could find and hung like a sex toy for others seemed overwhelmingly real right now. 

An hour past, but this meant nothing to Sarah as she lingered naked and helpless, wondering if she was living the last few moments of quiet before the horrific storm of her days of slavery ahead that she would likely endure.  The sound of the occasional car starting and pulling away or rolling past the van with its illicit passenger would make her ears perk up in the hope she could hear someone, but the ensuing silence taunted her and her stomach lurched from the sobs only she could hear.  She wondered where Anita was, off calling who knows who, preparing them to receive the precious gift of Sarah's servitude, volunteered in the form of an apology for her little mistake, a piece of bad timing she regretted more with each minute she thought about it.  The memory of her earlier adventure, blindly searching in vain for her key under her bed with hobbled feet, seemed like a million years ago, despite the fact she had basically been awake since her narrow escape. She imagined the emotion of the four women trapped in the van, remote and abandoned on the edge of town, enraptured in their self-satisfying scheme, but willing to face the danger with the knowledge that Sarah would be there, and how close that was to going horribly wrong.  She pictured herself writhing on the floor of her bedroom the entire weekend desperately searching for her release, and how her friends would have been on days three and four of their game, quickly becoming a real prison sentence, or worse. 

Sarah's stomach ached from the knot she was tying with her mental self-flagellation, and soon she convinced herself that whatever degradation she met at the hands of Anita's underworld, she deserved it. Anita had told Sarah she was keeping her for a few days; she imagined being passed from one drooling perv to another, but that was more than enough time for her antagonizers to spirit her away and make her, and maybe even unsuspecting Anita, permanent residents in their bondage hell.  The idea that they would mark her as their property kept popping into her head and she squirmed at the idea of her body being subjected to a tattoo or a brand.  She caught herself, "No... no way... stop it!" she silently ordered herself, her breathing trembling.  "Anita may be taking this too far, but you're not cattle for them to trade and mark; they can't do that, she wouldn't let them..." 

But Anita's words came to her, and the understanding of her passions escaped Sarah, she seemed so willing to punish herself; maybe this was the last step on her road to her most desired life, constantly tied up and pleasured, and she found the woman she wanted for company.  Sarah thought about Anita's seemingly endless access to money and time; if she needed for nothing, perhaps she was ready to delve into her ultimate hedonism, "She's obviously a rich woman, and she could buy whatever luxuries she wished.  Am I some bonus to guarantee her comfort and safety as the queen of our stable?  Oh my god..." 

Frightening images of her future appeared in the dark of the hood, incoherent fantasies mixed with brutality of her being locked in a small room with others, naked and bound, plucked from the dungeon by paying guests, raped, beaten, tortured; a life of endless torment. "These are fantasies..." she thought, trying to comfort herself and get control, "these aren't supposed to happen... this isn't supposed to... happen.  Not like this... oh god...." 

Her mind clung to the desperate hope that this was not what it seemed, but the grip of her cuffs and the bite of the clamps made it very real indeed.  Her life as Sarah, a person in the real world, with family and friends, a job, hopes and dreams, would soon come to an end at the hands of one she learned to trust too quickly.  Her nameless body would be kept harnessed and bound for her new owners' needs, one of many likely victims of her mentor's siren song.  Her mind went blank as she quietly shed anguished tears.

A long stretch of time passed, measured by pain her aching limbs and dampness of her hood, when the driver's side door opened again.  Sarah had slumped in her position and the sound made her jump with a start, kneeling upright and turning her covered head to the door.  She waited to hear the words that would sever her old life from her new, a dark threshold she was to be forced over.  Anita looked at the silent prisoner in the corner of the van obscured by shadows, her stomach pumping steadily, "I can't see your face, but I bet your head is in a terrible place right now, and I'm sure I'm in the middle of it." 

Sarah sat silent and unmoving, already impossibly numb to her captor's ambivalence to her fate. 

She heard Anita climb into the van and start the engine, "If you think some reprieve is coming, forget it.  Everyone is in play, and they're all waiting for you.  Whatever you've imagined in your little tomb here.... well... I'm sure you couldn't have thought of every deplorable act my friends will thrust upon you.  Maybe later, if you're still talking to me and we're capable of talking at all, we can compare notes. " 

Sarah turned her head to the back of the van in the only defiant gesture she was capable of, a sob shaking her, and Anita gave a laugh, "Oh good, you haven't completely fallen apart.  There will be something left to torture out of you.  Pride is one of the prettiest jewels."  Anita's cold cruelty welled up as terror in Sarah and it sent a quiver through her that could be heard as a stuttered exhale through her nose. 

Anita cracked a smile at the show of weakness and announced the plans; "For our first stop, we're going to a very exclusive Japanese restaurant uptown.  Normally reservations take months, but for you, they were ready today." 

Sarah knew which restaurant Anita was talking about; she had been there a few times herself with clients and co-workers.  It was a four star place with the spartan modest decor that food critics love and the bills for dinner were always over a thousand dollars.  She never could afford to go on her own, and the few times she did go, she was dressed to the nines in her best suit and sharpest heels to give the guys a little thrill.  The thought of returning there as something other than a customer set the butterflies off, as if somehow people she had eaten with there would be privy to her current predicament; she really panicked when she thought that someone she knew might see her there. 

She shook her head 'no' toward Anita's voice, which continued cooly, "I've entertained many of my Asian clients there, and I've never been disappointed.  Some of them, familiar with my... proclivities, have invited me to take part in 'Nyotaimori', the fetish of eating from the platter of a nude female body.  I've considered it, but always wanted to keep my relationships with them professional.  Now I have a perfect dish to offer them.  Normally, these men would pay a thousand dollar a head for the privilege.  When I told them that the platter was a Westerner who was going to be bound and gagged and strapped to the table, they offered me double for the honor of joining us.  See my love, you're quite valuable." 

Sarah just let out a single whine as Anita's spilled the details of the first debasing leg of the journey.  "We need to get going.  You'll need to be washed and secured for the evening’s pleasure.  By the way, I know the chef there, and he's going to hide something very special between your quivering pussy lips just for me, and then later, he'll get to hide something for his own pleasure, if you get my meaning..."

Sarah twitched in her cuffs and gave off a dissatisfied whimper as the van began to move and pull out of the parking garage.  It took over a half hour to get where they were going, and Sarah regretted every second of what she did to her friends the night before as she could feel every turn strain against her wrists and ankles, every bump slam into her knees.  The van rocked as it mounted a curb and Sarah slid on her knees in her limited space, pulled hard from the bulkhead by inertia.  The pain was exquisite and she cried gently into her hood, lamenting the burning in her raw, pinioned limbs.  But she stopped caring about her fate; what good did it do to fight anymore?  She was exhausted to point of madness, terrified of the events to come and perhaps, worst of all, resigned to her purgatory.  She didn't care what happened to her anymore; she just hoped the others would know how she felt and why she was going to let this happen. 

The engine stopped and Anita climbed into the back once more and pressed herself tightly against Sarah's body, wrapping her arms around her.  Without a word, she slipped her fingers to Sarah's pussy, hot and wet despite of, or maybe because of, her trepidation.  Anita started to run long strokes over the lips, and Sarah recoiled at first, but let herself indulge in one last private pleasure before casting off her humanity; sliding her pelvis forward and responding with gentle thrusts.  She could hear the smile in Anita's breathing and she continued her tethered dance, sliding her labia over Anita's playing fingers.  Anita's other hand grabbed the clamp chain and Sarah pulled back as far as she could go, stinging herself with the bite of the clovers, and she could begin to feel her pulse in her throbbing nipples.  Restricted as she was, it took her several minutes of grinding before the wave of pleasure washed over her; she wondered if her tormentors would even let her feel another climax ever again, and her eyes welled up under the gag. 

She telegraphed her pleasure and sadness in a long shaky moan and Anita knew exactly what she was thinking, "You think this is your last orgasm, my love; at least one of your choosing?  God... I love you.  You are the best toy."  These words took Sarah aback and she turned her head toward the voice directly in front of her.  Anita cooed, "You're such a doofus.  Did you think I was really going to sell you into slavery and servitude to strangers around the city? Uh-uh... you belong to me, and the club.  I would never do anything so callous as to trade off your trust for my personal gain." 

Sarah shook from head to toe, awash in a million thoughts at once; she was angry at Anita for leading her on, she was overwhelmingly relieved at her reprieve and yet ever-so slightly disappointed, though she wasn't sure why.  But most of all, Sarah felt guilty for letting herself believe her friends would do this to her; she felt like she had a whole new set of issues to apologize for.   She broke into big heaving sobs as she collapsed into Anita's arms, "I know I made it seem pretty real back there... I just didn't think you were going to take it so seriously. It's OK..." 

Anita rubbed her hand over the hood, then leaned back and loosened the cinch, pulling it off and revealing Sarah's wide eyes, unsure just what to express emotionally, but wet and raw.  She took Sarah back into her arms, "I only wanted to impress upon you how vulnerable we all are, and I think a little taste of your own medicine was appropriate.  In this humbling position, your mind goes to crazy places, and you don’t know what to believe."  Sarah leaned hard into her tormentor turned savior, her arms bending hard over and behind her head in a long stretch, unconcerned with how much it hurt; she only wanted to be closer to her now than ever before. 

Anita reached behind Sarah's head and unbuckled the gag; it slipped from her mouth, which hung open for several seconds while the movement returned.  Sarah raised her eyes to Anita's and leaned in and kissed her, long and lovingly, showing her indefinable appreciation for her expert handling.  Anita pulled from the kiss, "No matter how tight the bonds and the clamps get, the psychological torments sting the most.  I just thought you'd want to experience what we did last night; you got yourself ready for it after all.  I hope it was just right.  I know the others will appreciate it." 

Sarah leaned in and kissed Anita again, as passionately as the first time for several seconds, then dropped her head on her shoulder and simply whispered, "Yes." 

Anita lifted her head and looked into her eyes, "I only made one call while I was gone, and that was to Kate, who is standing right outside this door, waiting to take us home." 

Sarah gave a sheepish smile as Anita continued, "As much as I feel for you, I want you two to be happy and strong as friends, and who knows... maybe even lovers." 

Sarah blushed and Anita lowered her gaze back to hers, "Right now, we're in the parking lot of the rental agency; the van is due back. Here..." 

Sarah felt Anita push something into her hand and she looked up to see it was a key to her cuffs. 

"I know you're pretty spaced out right now, but I'm going to make you stick to the club rules.  Your clothes are on the seat where you left them, and please try to cover the toy box when you carry it out.  And you better hurry, because the rental agent is walking over right now to check us in..." 

Sarah's eyes widened as she gasped a little, "What?" as Anita gave her another quick peck on her lips, then turned with a wink and a smile, slid to the front seats and out of the driver's door.



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