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Private Dreams

by Mikel

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Madison had been into bondage her whole adult life, her entire body had been sculpted by the things she forced it into. The tiny waist she had was due to her passion for corsets, she had not been without one since she was eighteen, wow, eighteen she thought just over ten years ago and look at me know. Madison stood looking at the body that had gotten her everything she had ever wanted enjoying herself as she stroked her muscular legs admiring the tall heels she always wore locked on and how they forced her legs and ass to look so good. The corset she currently wore hadn’t been removed in six months and kept her waist at a svelte sixteen inches with its half cups supporting her large breasts that had been kept firm and perfectly shaped by the “bras” she was never without.

nipple lock.jpgMadison had not been able to touch her breasts due to the steel cups she had locked on with small padlocks since she had put on the corset. She really enjoyed the strange sensation of running her hands across the steel cups and feeling nothing from inside them. The only feeling she would get was when she would flip one of the padlocks she had threaded through the small holes in the tips of the steel cups and her large nipples under the steel forcing them firmly into the steel shaped nipples of the cups. The pinching sensation was very erotic for her and she only played with them on special occasions.

Madison had worn the steel “slave” collar for years and was not even sure if she knew where the key for it was anymore and didn’t care. She no longer had to work and when she did she was still being paid really good money to pose in various forms of bondage and fetish gear. Madison often spent days bound and gagged at the hands of her best friend and more often her lover Janice. The duo had known each other in high school and Janice had taken the first pictures of her beautiful friend and it had been those pictures that had started her modeling career. Madison also had a deep seated desire to be gagged, not with just a simple ball or cleave gag, she had outgrown those simple implements years ago. She longed to be gagged to the point of not being able to utter a sound or move her jaw at all. Her current favorite way to gag herself was to wrap a posture collar with attached leather hood around her head and neck but only after she had filled her mouth with a custom made mouth piece. The mouth piece held her mouth open very wide and filled it completely blocking her throat and pinning her tongue to the bottom of her mouth.

bb07-gla03.jpgMadison would wrestle the posture collar under the steel of the slave collar then lace it and the hood before closing the straps. Madison pulled each strap tight then locked them leaving the two lower ones until last and locking them to the slave collar making the hood and collar impossible to remove. There was a small hole through the center of the gag that allowed Madison to force liquids down her throat when she needed to but other than that the plug remained locked tightly in the opening. Janice hated when Madison would lock herself into such severe gags always afraid something would happen and she wouldn’t be able to remove it since Madison always either hid the keys or sent them away.

Madison relished the truly helpless feelings that being firmly gagged gave her and when she locked the hood and gag on two weeks ago she had inserted ear plugs deep into each ear before covering her head with the thick leather. Now she was not only mute she was deaf, much more so then she had thought she would be, and it was arousing her even more. The leather hugged her entire head leaving only pin hole openings for her eyes and a hole in the top for her long red hair. Janice used the hoods attaching points to clip on the blindfold after binding Madison’s hands tightly behind her. Lately it had been the newest armsleeve Janice had ordered for Madison. Knowing how she liked everything tight Janice had the armsleeve made to Madison’s measurements and could leave her arms crushed together for days without worrying about damaging them.

Janice had left Madison blind with her arms held firmly by the arm sleeve for days. She had also locked a pair of six inch heeled shoes onto her friend’s feet before cuffing her ankles together leaving Madison only a few inches of slack between them this morning. Madison was left to roam the large house searching for the items Janice had left lying around the house. If she found them all Janice would free her and if not the game would continue restarting each morning until she did. Madison had spent an entire week bound thoroughly enjoying the first few days then regretting the last few. The bondage was wonderful and Janice made sure Madison was always aroused but never satisfied all while Madison had to quench her captor’s sexual desires anyway she could. By the end of the week Madison’s body was sore and she was so exhausted she could no longer stand.

Janice finally had mercy and freed her friend both agreeing that the game would continue after a week of recuperation for the exhausted woman. Madison loved the fact that once the rules had been set Janice wouldn’t give in until she knew Madison had been broken or if there was any danger to her friend. Madison wandered the house wondering what shoes Janice had picked for her since she couldn’t look down but knew they were different than any she had worn before and smiled under the thick leather at her surprise.

chastity (5).jpgJanice had found the shoes one day online, the steel spiked heels forcing the wearers to stand and walk almost on her toes making her feet look incredibly small. The steel soles and straps were all covered in leather each having its own small lock built in them. Madison was learning how to walk in the new heels while she struggled against her bonds. The aroma of her arousal seeped into her nose from her naked wet pussy, like always arousing her even more. Madison spent three days bound helplessly by her friend only being released when she agreed to let Janice lock the very heavy and uncomfortable chastity belt on her for at least a week. Madison had several chastity belts but hated the heavy belt, it had been made to look like one from medieval times being very rough and wide causing her to have to walk with her legs spread slightly and making it uncomfortable to sit or lay down.

Madison knew with the shoes and belt she would have trouble finding a comfortable position to relax in but the thought of being locked up excited her more so she agreed. Now Madison was wearing more steel than ever and could do or say nothing to end her punishment. Since she had her arms and legs free she spent the days shopping on line searching for the next items she could use to test her commitment to being forever bound. Janice would have been very upset if she knew her friend had been thinking about permanent bondage but Madison’s desires for permanence had been increasing daily and now she searched for ways to make it happen.

2906827126_2d59cf8a65_z.jpgMadison had already found steel shoes that looked like ankle boots, the maker had reluctantly agreed to make the latches without keys. She had already placed the order for them and now searched for a gag that once locked couldn’t be removed. The boots were wonderful with fake laces and could even be ordered painted to look like normal shoes. Madison had ordered hers in the polished steel not wanting to hide the fact that she was wearing steel shoes. She also ordered them with six and half inch heels. She had learned how to walk in the ones Janice had gotten her and knew she could only go higher if she started wearing ballet boots, and stopped to think about if they were made in steel also?

Madison continued her search and testing different ideas finding no matter how much she wanted to be locked into a full metal hood she just didn’t think she could live any kind of life with her eyes, ears and mouth sealed away. Madison had been testing that when she would lock her full hood on and found she had to rely on Janice for her very survival so instead she started looking for a permanent gag finding one that excited her. The gag had a large steel panel with a phallus that could be ordered in any size or shape she wanted. It was attached to a collar that again could be ordered in different thicknesses and widths. The gag had stems of steel that wrapped the wearers face attaching to the collar almost behind the head to keep her from tilting her head away from the stifling panel and if sized correctly would be extremely difficult to remove without the key. After multiple emails Madison was hoping she had measured correctly and ordered her new gag even though the manufacturer had refused to make it without a key.

steel gag (3).jpgMadison spent the next few weeks with her arms bound behind her in her new arm sleeve. Madison had been surprised by Janice agreeing to lace it tightly then had no choice but to do as Janice demanded. Madison was now serving her friend and lover while Janice continued to bind her in different positions teasing Madison by denying her any stimulation. Madison was still bound and gagged when her new steel collar and gag arrived and couldn’t stop Janice from signing for it. Janice studied it even commenting on the extra large phallus with the small hole in the center before removing Madison’s current gag and collar which she had been holding the key to. Janice snapped the wide steel collar around madison’s neck making sure it was locked before she forced the steel gag into Madison’s mouth twisting and pushing until the stems slipped in their holes. Madison had ordered the collar wide enough to be considered tall even for a posture collar and with the panel covering her mouth much tighter than she thought it would it forced her head back slightly. Madison choked at first on the long plug as it tickled the back of her throat but quickly adapted and knew this would be perfect for her plans. Thinking she could destroy the key and fill the key hole with a liquid steel she had found.

Luckily Madison had been alone when her steel boots were delivered, Janice had found Madison’s search for ballet boots and had promptly ordered her a pair receiving them towards the end of her first week bound. Janice had laced them tightly onto Madison locking them with Madison’s leg shackles forcing Madison to learn how to walk in the extreme heels. Madison had been able to kick the box with her new steel shoes in it inside the front door and move it to a hiding place she hoped Janice wouldn’t find until she was ready to commit and had all the other pieces to her desires ready.

After six weeks of continual bondage Janice finally freed Madison leaving her with a more comfortable chastity belt locked around her waist and the ballet boots still shackled together allowing Madison to continue her search. Madison didn’t argue with Janice about the belt or boots even though she was extremely horny since she had been thinking it was as good a time as any to get control of her libido. Madison found a company that would create a chastity belt for her that was made of thick steel, each strap was very wide but Madison knew she could adapt from her extended time in her own wide chastity belt. The design was exquisite in its simplicity, two straps with only one opening forcing the wearer to almost have to pry it open to get in it. It would have two steel phalluses both with access holes for empting herself and each would be able to slide slightly in internal grooves to allow her to bend. The company would not make it without keys but like the collar she was told if it was sized correctly it would be very difficult to remove without the key.

Madison measured herself taking off three inches around her waist and two between her legs and ordered it with the smallest phalluses she could get. Madison began her search for the final item to complete her ensemble, something to cover her ample breasts. During her search Madison was left locked in her chastity belt and ballet boots, Janice had not been seen or heard from in two weeks but Madison was too enrapt in her planning to care. Madison was staring at her new collar and gag one morning stroking it noticing how solid it had been built and how smooth the steel was. She quickly wrapped the collar around her neck, carefully feeding the large gag into her mouth, squeezing slightly she closed her eyes until she heard the clicks that told her it was locked. Madison struggled with the long phallus in her mouth and the tight collar for a few minutes before calming herself and continued her search for her steel bra.

During the following days that Madison searched for her final item she moved around in her toe boots and chains like she had been born in them, even the gag no longer gave her any difficulties. During her search for the bra she decided she would need wrist and ankle cuffs to finish her outfit and quickly ordered some from the same company that made her belt since she had really liked the craftsmanship of the belt. After another week Madison had found someone to make her the steel bra she had been looking for and the man agreed to make it without a key. Madison had to make castings of her breasts and sign a contract stating she had ordered it irremovable and completed the casts quickly sending the signed contract with the casts. Madison was ecstatic at her accomplishments and when the new belt arrived she wanted to slip into it right away only realizing then she didn’t have the key to her current belt or the legs irons Janice had locked her into. Madison searched for her keys finding Janice had taken all her keys including the set for the collar and gag she now wore.

Madison emailed and texted Janice for three days getting more desperate as she stared at her new belt. Her desires to have it locked tightly around her and wondering what had happened to her friend making her wish she hadn’t locked the collar/gag on so she could call and ask about Janice. The growing desperation to find Janice fueled Madison’s desires and the helpless feelings were making her want to be locked up forever. Madison could still walk and move around freely but with the collar/gag and the toe boots still locked on she was forced to stay inside since covering the gag would be inconvenient with the current weather. Two more weeks passed without hearing from Janice making Madison assume the worst and accept she would be forever locked in her current chastity belt, collar/gag with the boots and shackles and set her plan of self preservation in action.

steel bra.jpgWhen the cuffs arrived Madison locked each around her wrists relishing the loud clicks of the latches and sat staring at the ankle cuffs lying next to her belt and steel boots none of which she could use. When the bra arrived Madison was so excited she almost forgot it was irremovable as she wiggled her way into it. The cups were a perfect fit compressing her breasts slightly but it was the nipple indentions that really got her fired up. Madison had asked for them to be made much like the cups where they were slightly smaller at the bases so her breasts and nipples would be pinched slightly and stay engorged during their incarceration. Madison wriggled out of the bra and studied the outer surface admiring the details he had made into it including the detailed nipples that actually came to a point and the wide breast plate. Staring at the latches she could see no key holes near them shuddering at the permanence the heavy steel implied and had to talk herself out of clamping the heavy bra on right then.

Madison wanted to wait until she knew where Janice was or what had happened before she sealed anything else on her body and since she couldn’t wear everything she wanted she decided to wait. During Madison's last incarceration under Janice's control Janice had also found her searches for “permanent” equipment. Janice quickly figured out that if Madison went through with her plan she would effectively be useless to Janice other than as a bondage slave. Janice figured since every part of Madison's firm body and her wonderfully talented mouth would be sealed off forever Madison would be unable to service Janice at all making Janice begin to seek another for her own pleasure while she taught Madison a lesson about being alone and locked in steel.

Madison spent the next month alone, locked in her steel implements still trying to find out where Janice was and if she was ok. Madison struggled often with the steel over her mouth pulling on it accomplishing nothing but making her mouth hurt. It was during these times Madison regretted locking anything on and just wanted Janice to show up and free her body. Deep into the third month alone Madison was in a deep depression sleeping most of the day and night waking only to struggle with her bonds weeping and falling back to sleep. Madison’s mind finally adjusted to her situation and began dreaming about having someone to serve and started looking online for a new mistress. Janice had reconnected with a previous lover and the two had discussed in great detail Madison’s plight both deciding it would be fun to have a permanent slave to play with and torture.

Madison was sleeping when she felt her body being moved and feeling that her steel torments had been removed and lay moaning into the steel panel over her mouth. When Madison woke she felt something different and tried to bring her hands around in front finding that she couldn’t yanking on her cuffs hearing the chain between them rattle each time. Madison originally thought she had bound herself again and rolled over to see the table where she would have normally left the key but saw nothing. Struggling to her feet she immediately noticed her feet were different when the pain rushed through her and tried to look down forgetting the tall steel collar would not let her.

IMG_6957.jpgMadison staggered to the long mirror across the room and gasped when she could see herself noticing first the incredibly tight waist belt of her new chastity belt drawing her waist in forcing her skin above and below it to bulge out around the tight belt. Madison stood staring at her new waist line, her hands tugging instinctively behind her back for several minutes. Madison could feel the pressure of the crotch strap against her damp pussy wiggling her hips while she twisted and turned feeling the phalluses wedged deep inside her. It was several turns later before she noticed the steel bra covering her breasts. She smiled weakly under the panel at how the steel breasts looked perfect and since it couldn’t be removed they would look that way until she died. Madison continued inspecting herself moving her eyes downward finally seeing why her feet felt so much different.

Madison gasped behind the gag as she saw the steel shoes on her feet topped off by the ankle cuffs she had ordered. Madison turned her feet as far as the connecting chain would allow admiring the steep angle her feet were now permanently held in. Madison’s mind was still foggy as she desperately tried to figure out how she had put these items on herself when she heard noises from the other room. Madison eased herself around the corner of the door frame trying to see who was there before showing herself and spotting Janice putting things in large boxes. Gasping a sigh of relief she whined loudly as she shuffled towards her friend. Janice saw her moving into the room and said “There she is, no more sleeping late for you slave!” Madison stopped when she heard this turning to see another woman also putting things in boxes.

Janice pulled Madison’s hands back towards the support pole in the living room and quickly locked another chain around her wrist chain and the pole. Leaving Madison bound to the pole while Janice and Holly continued packing while she watched helplessly. Madison watched the two women pack her life into boxes chatting about which things to keep and what to get rid of ignoring Madison’s attempts to get their attention completely. Madison stood in the steel boots gasping around the gag thrashing and yanking on the chain holding her to the pole gag talking to her friend desperately trying to understand what was happening. The chastity belt was already pinching and chafing her soft skin, the bra was making her breasts feel like they were swelling inside the steel arousing her further as her nipples began to be pinched under the thick metal.

When the two women moved into her bedroom Madison could only try to listen to them as they talked about adding more restraints to her already chained body and how cute Madison will look fighting her bounds when they got her home. Holly came bouncing out of Madison’s bedroom wearing Madison’s favorite corset and her thigh high ballet boots carrying another corset in her hands. Holly forced Madison to lift her feet while she slipped the long corset up her body until it settled under her arm pits. Holly was talking loudly about how the corset she was wearing made bending too hard. Janice was suddenly behind Holly saying “Then I guess it needs to be tightened all the way”. Madison could tell Holly was much bigger then she was and watched Holly’s face as Janice grunted and yanked the laces making Holly wince and her face turn red. Janice tied off the laces and walked away leaving Holly gasping as she whispered “I forgot how serious she can be sometimes, but its fun isn’t it?”

Madison felt Holly pulling on the laces for her own corset only realizing as the leather tightened around her shins that Holly had picked her corset dress. Madison could only hope the wide band of steel would keep Holly from being able to crush her waist as far as the corset was able to. Holly tugged and yanked on the corset laces while Madison felt the leather tighten all over her body making her smile under the steel panel covering her mouth. When the corset started pressing on the steel over her breasts Madison started struggling from the pain of her breasts being squeezed even harder into the steel cups squealing loudly when her skin was pinched under the steel and leather. Holly ignored her struggles using the pole to gain leverage to pull even harder on the laces.

Madison continued twisting and thrashing only calming when she had managed to twist enough to get her skin out from between the steel cups and corset. Holly took many breaks to catch her breath finally tying off the laces for Madison’s upper body and quickly began lacing the lower half as tight as she could crushing Madison’s legs together from her crotch to her ankles. Madison was shocked, she could feel the added pressure of the corset all most as strongly as she could without the belt and moaned from the added restriction it placed on her. Holly finished lacing Madison’s corset and sat back on the chair in front of her captive panting and began to explain Madison’s new situation. Madison listened to her explain that she would now be the full time servant for Janice and Holly cleaning the house and serving them and their friends. Holly continued saying since Madison had locked herself away from any contact making herself no use to them sexually then she would be used as a servant and for entertainment, Holly finished with a grin.

Madison listened to her new tormentor watching her bulging breasts heave as she tried to breathe and thought “You just wait bitch, the first time Janice frees my mouth I’ll show her she can’t live without me”.

“I heard about how much Janice liked your talented oral skills so I want to assure you that you will not have to worry about servicing her again”. As Holly spoke she pulled a small key out of Janice’s purse Madison recognized it immediately as the one and only key to her collar/gag. Madison whined loudly as she watched Holly twist it in between the frame of the arm rest of the chair then bend it back and forth until it snapped. Holly placed the broken key in Janice’s purse then stood up and said “Once the furniture is picked up by goodwill the remaining key will be lost forever and you will spend the rest of your life just as you dreamed of locked tightly away from everyone”.

Madison stood gasping as she let the idea of being locked in steel and serving two mistresses until she dies sink in. The moans and grunts were so loud and violent Holly stepped away from her bound and panting servant and could only watch as the huge climax slammed in Madison’s compressed and chained body. When Madison calmed Holly leaned in close whispering “I hope you enjoyed it because I going to try my best to make it your last”. Madison spent the rest of the night being moved and secured in different locations in her house as her life was packed away. The two women were drinking a glass of wine watching their new slave hobble around her home. Holly was still gasping in the corset and now wearing a tall posture collar and long leather gloves that had the fingers sewn together. Janice had slipped into a tight leather dress that went to her ankles and had put on a pair of high heels from Madison’s closet and sat discussing how well Madison had already adapted to her restraints.

Madison was staring at herself in the tall mirror admiring how the long corset had shaped itself around her belt and bra. The steel boots were becoming more comfortable and the high heels made taking the tiny steps the dress allowed easier. Hearing her new mistress calling her she shuffled to the living room to see that the women had laid a large rug out and knew it was for her. Janice moved Madison towards one corner explaining what had happened and that she had all the proof that Madison had done this to herself. Janice wasn’t happy about the permanent cuffs but was sure she could have an arm binder made that would fit over them. Janice told Madison she should get used to the idea of spending all her time just as she was, totally helpless and having to rely on the good will of her two mistresses to be taken care of.

Janice continued explaining Madison’s new role adding “You’ll even have your own room!” Madison didn’t know yet that her “room” was a small closet that she would be chained in during her “off duty” times. The two women laid a helpless Madison on the corner of the carpet and began to roll her encased body up. As the heavy rug was wrapped around her Madison could hear Holly complain about the corset and boots giggling to herself when she heard Janice say “Well then I guess you’ll have to wear them until they are comfortable then wont you?”

Madison thought as the light was cut off “Now you’ll learn how well I have taught her to dominate bitch”.

Janice and Holly carried the “rug” out to their car and stuffed it into the trunk. Holly was nervous about being outside dressed only in her corset and thong and wriggled on her pointed toes to the passenger door and stood waiting for Janice to open it for her. Janice made a call to the movers telling them the boxes were ready and to leave everything else before sliding in the car and reaching over and opening the door. Madison struggled to breath in her cramped hot space knowing she would learn to love her new life and would be well cared for until she died smiling again behind the gag as she dreamed about the torments ahead and hoped Holly had a good imagination.

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