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The Pub Guy and Selfbound Fun

by Laura

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© Copyright 2017 - Laura - Used by permission

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Hi my name is Laura I am a sub and have been instructed to send some of my reports that incorporate self bondage.

I had spent quite some time chatting to another fetlifer Thanatos_s regarding what I could expect if I manage to get to Portland next year. I was getting so turned on by all the possibilities that he can arrange for my trip that by the end of the afternoon I was as horny as hell. I needed to be fucked good and proper. I was getting desperate for it. Hubby was away once again with work and not sure whether he was coming home soon. I know I have a couple of dildos and vibrators but it just doesn’t substitute the real thing.

Where I live there is quite a few hotels or pubs and usually on a Saturday night at least one of them will have a band playing. There is always a large crowd at these. So I picked the hotel that had a group playing 80’s classics and decided I would go and see that.

My online Master had set me a new task involving finding a guy to come into my house whilst I was self-bound. Have him use me with toys or in any way he desired but the issue was finding a suitable candidate at this time of year, someone who has the time to do this. I find that the best sex is with someone you know or build up a rapport with but the kinkiest sex, the hottest sex is with a stranger. I suppose my Masters task may have to wait till I can find the right person. Given the fact that I am self-bound and helpless as soon as he sets foot in our house I also have to trust him as well.

I got ready to go out showered and makeup on shaved where required, I picked out a long dress, my favourite summer one with a low cut back and split up the leg. It’s the one that I used and wrote about in an earlier report. It had been a heat wave here in the last few days with each day over 42 degrees Celsius. So most women were at the pub would be wearing probably not much more than I was. It was obvious to anyone paying attention that I was not wearing any underwear under my dress by the fact that the split was high up my right hip and my boobs were only covered by the thin black fabric. This dress is really sexy because it is easy for a hand to slip in and explore the bare skin beneath. The final accessory to wear was my black leather collar, the 25mm one, padlocked on. This would advertise the fact that something kinky may hide beneath.

Off to the hotel or pub I walked, as I got nearer I could hear the 80’s tunes beating out loudly, I really love 80’s music and it brings back so many memories in one form or another. I opened the door and went inside, the place was really packed full and eyes watched me closely as I came through the door. I looked around and I think there would have been at least twice if not three times more men than women in the place. I walked up to the bar and waited to be served it took less than 30 seconds for the first guy to approach me and start conversation. First question from everyone was am I here alone? As soon as I said yes I could hear the level of eagerness ramp up in their voices. I was really turned on by the attention, not having anything on under my dress made me feel quite vulnerable, basically naked. Other than me slapping someone on the wrist if I wanted to there was nothing really anyone from slipping their hands inside the sides or split in my dress.

As the night progressed I was chatting and drinking with a group of guys, everyone was really tightly packed, every now and again a hand would find its way under the fabric to explore my body, I was so turned on I gave no resistance to the touching. My nipples were hard and someone’s hand slipped in the side of my dress and squeezed my nipples. I had hands around my waist, hands exploring my exposed thigh and finding its way to my bald pussy lips. They slid a finger into my wet self lubed pussy, I flinched and split my drink, their hand quickly retreated.

I got talking to this younger, muscular, handsome and tall guy called Jake. He was about 6’6” tall and strong. We were seriously flirting with each other and made sure my hands spent time touching his body. As he got more confidence he began touching me more and more of course I didn’t resist at all. He was a tradie worked in the building industry had recently broken up with his girlfriend so was out to let his hair down and have some fun. I thought to myself that tonight he was in for a surprise and if things go well in for another one tomorrow.

He was holding me close in the pub his hand slid under the fabric to gently massage my breast, I pressed backwards into him indicating that I wanted more. His right hand was on my waist and moved down towards the split, his hand soon found its way under the fabric to feel my naked body. He gently stroked me as would brush over my pussy lips, each time I responded by moving slightly toward the hand. His hand moved back and three of his fingers cupped my vagina. He kept them there and I pushed slightly down into them. I was so fucking horny by this stage especially when he bent down and kissed me on the neck and whispered in my ear, “How would you like me to fuck you senseless for hours?”. I just nodded I was turning into jelly at least that’s what it felt like. He grabbed me by the hand and took me outside to the carpark. We stopped and kissed passionately, whilst my hands felt his hard cock through his jeans.

He drove me to his house and as soon as the front door closed behind us I stated to pull his clothes off, crazily undoing the buttons on his shirt, unbuckled the belt of his jeans pulling them down to the floor, quickly pulled his undies down to his knees. His long cock sprang to attention, I grabbed it with two hands and started sucking the head. My lips working the head and rim whilst both my hands worked the shaft. His cock was getting harder and harder especially as I squeezed and held the base whilst I sucked madly on it. I worked at it until he let out a moan and he cummed in my mouth, shooting his load into my throat whilst I sucked eagerly swallowing every drop.

We moved to his bedroom, we were both naked by this stage and laid me on my back, moved up the bed between my legs. He had a hand on each ankle and forced my legs wide apart. Starting at the side of the knee he started licking up my inside thighs taking it turns on each leg. Each time getting closer and closer to my pussy. My legs were wide apart, his tongue started to lick my labia exploring each fold then plunging in deep. My milky white juices were covering my pussy and he lapped at it soon to bring me to my first orgasm. My whole body quivered as the orgasm flooded through my body. Using two fingers on one hand he spread my pussy lips wide and flicked his tongue just on the clit. My hips were thrusting and I was moaning at this pleasure, it didn’t take long till the orgasm came again.

His cock was rock hard again he climbed up and started to fuck me while I was on my back. Long deep strokes he was doing varying the speed and the depth. Eventually he grabbed both my wrists and held them down on the bed above my head. That immediate feeling of helplessness bought me to a huge orgasm which I bucked madly beneath him. He knew I liked this and continued to hold me and I continued to buck fiercely against his thrusts. It didn’t take long till my rolling orgasms to arrive one after another. He rolled me over at some point and fucked me from behind, we fucked doggy style, spooned position, missionary position, standing, sitting, just about each and every way we could. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised he had fucked me nonstop for around 2 ½ hours.

Wow, can’t understand why his girlfriend left.

The next day I had now planned to do the task my Master had set out for me to do. I had invited him to come around after lunch when he had finished his half day of work. We had organised a time of 12.30pm. My instructions were to put myself in bondage face down on the bed, spreadeagle and have a vibrator giving me orgasms before the chosen candidate arrived and let them do whatever they wanted. I began my preparation earlier in the day.

Into the shower I leaped, making sure I was lovely and clean for when Jake arrived. After drying myself I put on my makeup ensuring I smelt clean and sexy for my task. I went into the bedroom and took the sports bag I keep in the wardrobe containing various assortments of cuffs, ropes and straps. I picked out the 4 cargo adjustable straps that have a D clips one end and a fixed loop the other. They are adjustable with a spring release close to the end loop. I can operate them with one hand providing I can reach this spring release. It takes some working to free the strap, releasing it an 1/8 inch at a time. If I can't reach this release then I can’t get out of it. In preparation I placed the end loop of each strap over each of the wrought iron bed posts at the corners this means the spring releases are within 12inches of each corner. I undid each of the spring releases and pull free a long length of spare strap from each corner this is to enable me to get into position prior to pulling them tight. As the straps are pulled the spring release locks the strap into a shorter position.

At about 11.30am I locked our dog in the shed much to his disgust and returned inside just closing the back door behind me but not locking it. I secured ankle and wrist cuffs tightly to each of my limbs, the smell and feel of leather makes me get excited. The feel of wearing just them around the house whilst totally naked also makes me horny. I made a pile of pillows in the centre of the bed so I had something to lay face down over. I got out my large silicone cock shaped dildo and placed on the bed, and put on my silicone cock insertable butterfly vibrator. This vibrator looks like a butterfly vibe with attaching harness but also has a small cock which penetrates as well. This vibe, don’t ask me where my hubby bought it for me is 100% guaranteed to give you multiple orgasms. It has strong powerful vibrations which work directly on the clit and surrounding area as well as the sensitive pussy area in the first 3inches inside of you. I strapped on the vibrator making sure the remote control would be reachable.

When I was happy that everything was place as well as putting a tube of lubricant on the bedside table in case it was required I climbed onto the bed. Kneeling in the centre of the bed I put on my ball gag with harness and secured it tightly in position testing it to ensure I couldn't speak. I then slipped the blindfold over my head not yet into position. I reached back and clipped the slack cargo straps onto my ankle cuffs; the cargo straps at the top of the bed were really loose so i could get them onto my wrist cuffs.

I laid down on the bed in the centre with my pelvis over the top of piled up pillows. I reached back down my sides and pulled up the spare ends of the cargo straps attached to my ankle cuffs. Each time I pulled the ends my legs were getting stretched towards the corners of the bed each my ankles spread further apart until the spring release locked into the new position, I pulled them several times until my legs were spread as far part I could possibly get them exposing my parted shaved pussy lips and arse which had the butterfly vibe strapped into position. When I was happy that I was stretched wide apart I flicked the strap ends away so there was no way i could get to them, no way could I reach the spring release to loosen the strap.

Next I secured the straps at the top of the bed to the D clips on my wrist cuffs, with my right hand I pulled the loose end of the cargo strap attached to my left wrist cuff so it was tight so my left arm was fully stretched outwards. Next with my right hand I pulled the thick lambs’ skin blindfold down over my eyes ensuring I was unable to see anything. I turned on the butterfly vibrator to maximum, immediately the powerful vibrations flooded through my sensitive parts. With my right hand bit by bit I pulled the loose end of the remaining cargo strap, slowly bit by bit my right arm reached the fully outstretched position each time the spring release locking into a new position. When I was sure I couldn't get the strap any tighter I flicked the loose tail away so I was unable to reach it, I was now totally helpless, totally exposed, totally vulnerable with the butterfly vibe buzzing flatout. In that instant the orgasm flooded through me, making me squirm against the binds.

I still had maybe a half hour before Jake turns up and the orgasms were started to roll, each time getting bigger and bigger. I couldn’t resist against them nor could I stop the vibrator. I was squirming more and more, moaning through the gag louder each time. I could feel juices trickling from my pussy most probably forming a wet spot below me. I heard the back door open and close, hopefully it was Jake arriving. I didn’t take long for him to find me thanks to the moaning and smell of sexed up pussy in the air. I felt his weight on the bed behind me and next his tongue rimmed me. I squirmed at this in pleasure, his tongue curling and squirming at the entrance of my anus. I orgasmed straight away. He kept the vibrator going and next I felt the hard smack of his hand against my arse cheeks. He smacked me 10 times very hard I could feel the warmth of the blood flow to that area rise and the stinging lingered for some time.

Finally he turned off the vibrator and started to undo the straps holding it into position. When if pulled away from my pussy I let out a little sigh of relief through the gag. I was already into double digit orgasms by this stage. With it stopped gave me some recuperation time. He picked up the dildo from the bed and squirted some lube onto it, then slid it in deep. This dildo is reasonably fat so spread my pussy lips apart. Slowly at first he fucked me with this dildo, then getting faster and faster. I was moaning so loud that I am sure the neighbours next door would be hearing. As he fucked me hard with the dildo he plunged a finger into my arse. I squirmed wildly against the binds.

Suddenly I felt his cock slide into my pussy, long and hard, I knew that this was Jake for sure after spending so much time yesterday with it buried inside of me. He fucked me long and hard every now and again plunge his thumb into my arsehole making me squirm even harder.

He fucked me like this for around an hour, until he unclipped me from the straps. He flipped me over so I was face up leaving my gag and blindfold in place, then reclipped my cuffs to each of the respective four corners. He climbed between my legs and fucked me this way. I was strapped tightly to the four corners so I was stretched to the maximum, helpless against everything he was doing to me I was quickly having another orgasm. My pussy was so sensitive from all of the orgasms it just meant that it was even easier to have another.

Jake fucked me in this position for hour until I heard his moans get louder and louder which he pulled out and squirted his hot cum over my stomach, spurt after spurt covered me with a streak of it almost up to my breasts. Oh boy this guy took a long time to cum but when he did he produced heaps. With one of his hands he smeared the cum all over my stomach and up over my breasts. I now smelt of cum.

Before he went, he kissed me on the gag and loosened off the two wrist straps enough for me to work myself free. He didn’t speak through this whole encounter which made it even seem more erotic. He left

I wondered whether I would see him again

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