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Public Stretching

by Jaffa

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© Copyright 2015 - Jaffa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; belts; toys; buttplug; insert; locked; public; pain; climax; true; cons; X

So, here’s a little bit about me. I’m 29, male and have a real fascination with risky outdoor self bondage. I love being in public places with lots of people around and being in inescapable, discreet self bondage. The below actually happened to me last week….

That was it, I ordered this HUGE butt plug, it was short (it is 5 inches insertable length) but the diameter is 10 inches (or 3.5 inch circumference). This thing was absolutely huge! I had tried on several occasions to get it inside of me but didn’t manage it, I didn’t want to push myself too much…

Anyway, a few weeks after buying it I was working away and staying in a hotel. Next to the hotel was a large shopping centre, it’s quite big (100+ shops) and I fancied some public self bondage. I quite often walk around in lingerie under my clothing and sometimes an uncomfortable tie here or there but on this particular day I was feeling really brave.

I put a belt around my waist and fastened it as tight as it would go, then fed a padlock through one of the holes and back through the buckle so that there was no way to get the belt off without first undoing the padlock. I then fed another belt from the front, inbetween my legs, hooped it around the back of my waist belt and then back around the front. I lubed up the plug and inserted what I could, then tightened the belt between my legs. On the first notch I could feel the pressure of the plug in my ass, being pushed slowly in but not too much and not painful at all.

I put another padlock into my pocket, put my normal clothes on and walked over to the shopping centre. The plug moving around was heavenly, it was stretching me slightly and I was so excited on the walk that I felt like I had to sit down at one point. I got to the shopping centre and walked past all the busy shoppers right to the end of the place where the furthest away toilets were. I got into a cubicle and locked the door.

Without second-guessing myself or doubting what I was going to do, I pulled the belt that went between my legs as tight as I could and got it onto the fourth notch. As I was sat down, I felt it pull tighter and the pressure increase but it was still a nice pressure and not painful. I took the padlock out of my pocket and fed it through the next notch and then padlocked it to the buckle. That was it, CLICK, no getting out of this now until I get back to my hotel room and get the padlock keys.

I stood up…. And felt my ass literally explode with pain. The belt around my waist had moved down slightly when I had been sitting, but as I stood up my hips lifted the belt between my legs and forced the huge plug deep into my ass. I had only stood up, I hadn’t even taken a step. Oh my word… the pain was excruciating. And just like that, I came in my pants. Not able to remove the belt I thought it better to get moving right now and get back to the key. I unlocked the door to the toilet cubicle and took one step.

As my hips moved they lifted the belt around my waist even higher, thus pulling the belt between my legs tighter. I felt the plug go deeper, I felt dizzy! I gathered some resolve as somebody else walked into the toilets and took another step, only this one pushed the plug past the point of no return and my ass closed shut around the taper of the plug. My ass was on fire, I was sure that I had destroyed my asshole and was worried that I had done real damage…. And now I had a 15 minute walk back to the hotel with this huge plug stuck in my ass and no way of getting it out.

That was one of the longest walks of my life. I was in pain…. But it turned me on so much too. I came again on the walk back. My room was on the 3rd floor of the hotel and as I arrived in the reception area the lift was propped open and somebody was doing maintenance to it. I looked towards the stairs, I wasn’t sure if I would manage. As I took the first step I felt the plug move to the side under the pressure of the belt. I was just going to have to grin and bear it….

I got to the 3rd floor, the plug had actually stopped hurting now and felt quite nice but I was aware that what goes in must come out…. I got into the room, undid the belts then got the plug straight out. I collapsed straight onto the bed (my self bondage friends will know that utterly exhausted feeling) and barely remember closing my eyes before I was asleep.

No damage was done, and I am planning on something similar again soon…..

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