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Pumped up or Spanked

by ComfortablyBound

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I've been thinking about creating self bondage session that would leave me completely immobile for an hour and force me to maintain some type of discomfort or slight agony the whole time, or else face some type of severe punishment. And in the last couple of weeks the pieces all started coming together.

I've been into self bondage for over a decade, I'm an addict. I also have an absolute morbid fear that someone will find out about it. All my sessions happen without any kind of safe person, so I plan everything out and use a check list beforehand to be safe. All my release mechanisms are either based on a frozen water release, or some type of electromechanical lock that would release if the power were to go out or a timer shuts off. I've also created a hidden room in my basement and turned it into my own personal dungeon. Anybody going into my basement wouldn't even know the room existed. It's a fully furnished dungeon, has it's own temperature control, and is completely soundproof. This is where all the fun happens.

For this session I am going to lock myself to my bondage pony. This is a recent addition to my dungeon, and it's actually quite comfortable. It's low to the floor so I don't have to worry about it falling over when I get crazy, and all it's surfaces are covered in padded black vinyl. I call it my bondage pony because it almost looks like a small pony. The top of it is nice and rounded so I can either straddle it or lay down on top of it. The rear has a place to kneel on and lock my legs into, the front legs have electric locks for my arms, and the “head” has an opening where I can lock my head into if I lay face down. There are loops for straps all over it so I can completely lock myself onto it.

The electric locks used on the front legs are greatest thing for a self bondage enthusiast. The cuffs I use on my elbows and wrists have a metal tab sticking out, much like a seat belt tab, and click into the locks on the front legs. All 4 locks go to a timer in front of the pony, and I can set the timer anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours. Even though the cuffs click into the locks I can pull them back out again, that is until all four are clicked in, then they lock and won't release until the timer ends or the power goes out.

The pony will leave me completely immobilized, the discomfort or sight agony will come from an inflatable gag locked into my leather hood and an inflatable butt plug locked in my rear with a chain link chastity belt. I thought I would try something different and connect the hoses to a “T” fitting and use one bulb to pump them both up. The gag I can take for a little while, the plug drive me absolutely nuts after 10 or 15 minutes. These are also connected to a small pressure sensor, I have to keep them pumped up to some level to prevent the severe punishment. I've also introduced a very small air leak to slowly deflate the plug and gag, and force me to keep pumping them up every few minutes or so.

The severe punishment is a motorized spanker. I've had this for a while but hardly use it since I'm not that much into spanking. It can administer a spank every 3 to 5 seconds, and is controlled by a push button, or timer. The paddle is wooden, about 2 feet long and 4 inches wide with holes in it. The strength of the spanks is controlled by a knob on the back, the more you tighten it the harder the spank. In addition to the button to activate it I also have it connected to the pressure switch that will be connected to the gag and plug. When the pressure drops too low, I'll get a spank.

Now that the session is planned out it's time to make sure everything will go off without a hitch. I grab my checklist and lock down the house, check the lights, and turn everything else off. I head down to my secret dungeon and lock the door behind me. Every time I lock that door I get giddy with excitement. I turn the temperature up to 85 degrees, setup the video camera, and start moving stuff around. The pony goes in the middle of the room, and the spanker behind the pony. I plug in the pony and spanker, set the timer on the pony for 1 hour, and setup the spanker. The spanker is very heavy so it won't move around, but I want to position it just right, so I hop on my pony and give it a test run. THWACK, ouch! OK, move it back a bit and back off the strength knob. One more try. Thwack, yikes! I'll turn it up just a bit, it is supposed to be a severe punishment. Now that the spanker is set up I unplug it from the wall and plug it into the pony, it won't get any power until the lock mechanism is activated, and will shut down when the timer runs out.

The pony and spanker are ready, now to get me ready. I completely strip, and get my gear ready. First thing it the inflatable butt plug and chain link chastity belt to lock it in. I pump up the plug to give it a bit of firmness, lube it up and insert it. Next is the belt to lock it in. Now come my leather chaps, and a tight vest. Next things to put on are my locking elbow and wrist cuffs. I put the hood and gag on the pony's “head” and straddle the pony, first thing is to lock my ankles and knees to the pony, then my thighs. I lay down on the pony and throw some straps over my back and strap myself down tight.

Crap, first mess up, I can barely reach the bulb for the butt plug. That was supposed to get connected to the “T” and pressure sensor before I strapped myself in. After a bit of struggling and moving around the bulb starts swinging just enough for me to grab it. I unplug the bulb from the hose and connect the hose to the pressure sensor and “T” pipe. The bulb gets connected to the hose hanging from the left leg of the pony, so it'll stay in reach during the whole session. Now comes the gag and leather hood, I thread the gags hose through the hood and connect it to the “T”. Put the gag in my mouth and pump it up just a bit to get it in right. On goes the hood, and I lace it down tight, it has a fairly large opening for my nose, no eye holes and just a small hole over the mouth for the gags hose to go through.

OK, time to think things over. The house it locked up, I did that with the check list. Video camera is recording. The spanker is set up, the timer is set, the hoses are connected, I'm almost locked down. Am I missing anything.?

Now my heart is pounding, the temperature in the room is rising and I'm starting to sweat. After reviewing everything in my head a couple of times, everything is in place. I lay my face down onto the opening of my pony's “head” and strap down my neck and head. I adjust my elbow and wrist cuffs so the locking tabs are pointing inward and start clicking them in one at a time. First my left elbow, then my left wrist. The bulb right where it is supposed to be, I give it a couple of pumps and feel the plug and gag inflate. What a weird sensation, when I tighten up my butt, I feel the gag swell in my mouth, and when I move my jaw I feel the plug grow in my butt.

My heart is really racing now. Without thinking I reach down and give the timer an additional twist, is it two, three, or four hours? I don't know. Will I regret it? I don't know. Only 2 clicks left before I'm locked in. I click my right elbow in, and slowly move my right wrist to the lock. Slowly I press it in, my heart is pounding, and pounding, I'm starting to sweat all over. One more click and I'm locked in for who knows how long. One more click to start the system. Am I doing the right thing? Why did I turn up the time? What am I thinking? I must go forward.

Click, my right wrist is in. I hear the tell tale sound of the locks all locking. I'm locked in now. THWACK, ahhhh! What! THWACK, ahhhh! What is going on! THWACK, ahhhh. The bulb, I have to pump it up! THWACH, ahhhh. I'm pumping the the bulb as fast as I can. THWACK, Ahhhh. Pump more, pump more. Then seconds go by, and nothing. Crap, crap, crap. I wasn't expecting the spankings right away, I was supposed to pump up the gag and plug all the way before the final click. Also I was wearing jeans when I set up the spanker. It really stings on my naked butt, but I wanted a severe punishment for failing to keep my plug and gag pumped up, so I got what I wanted.

Now that everything is under control, or is it me that is controlled, I start to experiment with my bonds. I can hardly move anywhere. I'm wrapped in leather, blinded by the hood, silenced by the gag, stuffed by the plug, and locked to my pony. Wow, I did a good job this time, I can barely wiggle. I absolutely love being restrained, I wonder how long I'll be like this. Just as I was getting into my restrained bliss, then THWAT, Ahhh. Pump, pump, pump. I gotta keep these things pumped up, that really stings.

Now to experiment with the new sensations on my butt and mouth. When I start moving my jaw around I can feel the plug grow and shrink in my rear end, what an interesting sensation. And when I clench my butt the gag grows. I'm defiantly doing this again. I give the bulb a couple more squeezes to avoid any more spanks, and explore my situation a bit more. It doesn't take too long before the plug starts to feel really big and uncomfortable. Now I'm wondering why I did this, and why did I crank up the time?

I have no idea how much time has gone by, I just have to remember to keep pumping up the plug and gag every so often to keep the spanker at bay. I've been so occupied by the feeling of the plug in my butt, I forgot about the gag, now that is starting to ache. They're both feeling like I pumped them up way too much, maybe I did, maybe I should let them slowly deflate until I get one spank, and then just pump them up once. As I'm waiting for the plug and gag to deflate just a bit, the anticipation of the spank starts building. It stings, I don't want it, I'm sweating like crazy, I don't want it. I give the bulb two pumps. No relief, but that's what I wanted when I started this. How much longer can I take this?

I give the bulb another squeeze, the plug is really driving me nuts now, and my jaw is starting to ache. I start to struggle to get out of my trap. I can't move my arms or legs, I can't escape the spanker, I can't even lift my head. I've outdone myself this time. THWACH, AHHH! Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. Oh, that's bad, it feels like my butt is going to explode, and my jaw rip off if my head wasn't wrapped tightly in a leather hood. I've way over pumped the thing. My colon is spasming against the plug, and it's forcing my gag to grow even more. What am I doing?!?! This is torture! I have to bleed off the air and deflate these things. I start to turn the knob on the bulb and let some air out.

Oh sweet relief, they're getting smaller, it feels so good. THWACK, AHHH! Pump it up, pump it up! THWACH, AHHH! One more pump. THWACH, AHHH! I let way too much air out, one more pump! THWACH, AHHH! Pump, pump, pump. I'm over inflated again, and my butt stings like crazy. Oh, why, why, why would I do this to myself? Why did I turn up the timer? One hour was way too long, how long am I going to be like this? How much time has passed? THWACH, AHHH! Pump, pump, pump. There is no relief, the plug feels bigger than ever, and I can't take it any more. I struggle for a minute or so to try and get free. I pump it up a bit to keep the spanker off. My mouth and my butt are driving me crazy. I've given up struggling, it no use, I know I can't get free. I wait again, I don't want to squeeze the bulb again, but the spanking is worse. Or is it. I need relief. I don't know what is worse anymore, the constant pressure in my butt and mouth, or the spanking. I pump it up again. The ache, the burning fire in my rear. I have to get this plug out. I try to squeeze it out, all I'm doing is making the gag bigger and magnifying the ache in my jaw.

I can't take it any more. The plug and gag are worse! The spanking not as bad as the plug and gag, I can take the spankings, but not the plug and gag! I open the valve on the bulb and completely deflate the plug and gag. Oh, sweet relief. THWACH, it feels so good. THWACK, relief, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, it feels so good. THWACK, I'm cumming. THWACH, I'M CUMMING! THWACK, my whole body is having an orgasm! THWACK, oh. THWACK, ouch. THWACK, AHHH! I have to stop it! THWACK, AHHH! It stings! Pump, pump, pump, pump, THWACK, AHHH!, pump, pump, pump, pump. Relief.

My butt is stinging like never before, and the ache in my butt and jaw return quickly. I'm in a new zone now, the ache feels familiar, almost good. I gather myself over the next couple minutes, and try to figure out what happened. I've never in my life had an orgasm brought on like this before. This is all new. THWACK, AHHH! Pump, pump. I have to remember to keep pumping. The ache from the gag and plug are bad, but the spank is worse, or is it? I can't take it any more, I must get out! I'm going to snap if I don't get out! I've completely outdone myself this time, I can't budge, I can't move an inch. Pump, pump, I must remember to pump, no more spankings, must remember to pump.

I don't know how long I've been struggling, but the gag and plug are way over inflated again, the dull ache is starting to scream with every heart beat. I need relief from them again. I'm desperate for relief! I'll let just a little air out. There is no relief, but no spankings either. Little more air, little more. THWACH, Yikes! Pump, pump. No relief, but the spank wasn't that bad this time, it actually felt good. I'll let some more air out, THWACK, Ooooh. THWACK, Ahhh. THWACK, Ohhhh. Pump, pump. No it stopped, I need to let out some air again. THWACK, oh yah. THWACK, THWACK, Ohhhh. THWACH, I'm cumming again, THWACH, I'M CUMMING! THWACK, CUMMING, THWACK CUUUMMM, THWACH, INNNGGG! THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, Ahhh, THWACK, AHHH! THWACK, AHHHH! Pump, pump, pump. What happened? I can't believe it, I've had the orgasm of my life! Pump, pump. I have to get free! I have to get off of this thing! I can't. I'm stuck! Why did I do this!

I'm now completely broken and defeated, my spirit has given up. I was able to keep the spanker off for the rest of my time on the pony. The ache in my butt and jaw was starting to change, my whole body is numb to the feeling. I don't know how long I've been locked up after the last orgasm, I just kept pumping the bulb to keep the spanker from running. I am broken. I am totally defeated. Keeping these things pumped up doesn't bother me anymore. I feel them every time my heart beats, and they still ache, but they don't bother me. I'm comfortable with the feeling. I'm scared to death of the spanker. I'll keep these things over inflated to keep that thing off. I don't know how long I've been in this zone, two hours, three hours. I'll find out after I watch my video.

Finally the timer clicked, I'm free. I lay still for a few more minutes, unable to move a muscle. I'm free, but I don't want to leave, I don't want to move. After gathering myself for a few more minutes I deflate the gag and plug, this time no relief, I feel my butt and jaw relax, but there is no relief. It just doesn't feel right without the plug and gag being inflated. There is still the dull ache, but I feel empty. I free my arms and unstrap my head. I'm sore all over. I can barely move my arms to unstrap my torso. After several minutes of fiddling around I finally freed my torso. I barely manage to sit up, but I finally do it. What a ride my little pony gave me. I give it a few pats on the back. You've taken me somewhere I've never been before. Just thinking about what just happened got me heated up again. I laid down to grab the bulb, and sat back up again. I gave it a few squeezes and my heart started pounding. I start rubbing myself, rubbing, pumping, rubbing, pumping, I must have the full feeling, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, pumping, I rub myself into another orgasm. Relief, but it's not the same.

I deflate the bulb again, and free myself from my pony. I can barely walk, I sit on the floor and undo my hood and remove it with the gag. Next comes the chain belt holding the plug in, I sit up and the plug just limply drops from my rear end. Wow, will I ever be the same again? That was the most amazing ride I've ever had, thank you my little pony. My whole body is aching now, strangely my mouth and rear just feel empty. It's going to take a few days to recover from this trip. Can I do it again? Will my regular sessions ever be the same? Have I moved to a new level with my self bondage experiences? Do I have to push myself into torture to experience an orgasm like that again? I don't think a regular self bondage session will ever compare to the ride I just took, only time will tell. I need to collect myself and recuperate. How will the next time be? Can I do this to myself again? I must, I'm addicted.


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