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Punished by my Sister-In-Law

by Steven

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© Copyright 2014 - Steven - Used by permission

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Last week an opportunity came up to get away to a weekend-house & ranch that my parents own. During the weekdays, no one is ever there, and only on some weekends. My wife & I had had a bad fight, and I had to get away for a day or two to clear my mind.  I imagined that my darling wife in her anger, attached my chastity tube, and sent me off to her sister to be punished (that SIL hates my guts). 

With a heavy bag full of BSDM toys, and a stainless chastity locked in place, I had to drive almost two hours to get to the ranch. On the way there, my thoughts turned to self bondage.

The “Ranch” is a western split-level on a hillside, with 4 decks on both sides. Set in the middle of a couple acres of avocado grove.

Once there I wasted little time, and was in additional bondage in minutes…

First I took a Cialis pill that normally would guarantee 30 hrs of instant reaction as soon as a kinky thought crossed my mind. But with my cock locked in it’s curved steel chastity tube, was torture as I try to get a stiffy.

Naked with leather cuffs locked on wrists & ankles, I put the keys in an upstairs closet, and came down to my room 2 floors below, and locked a short chain between ankles, attached a mean pair of metal alligator clips (that are weighted by some heavy lead fishing weights) to my nipples, and locked my wrists behind my back. (A penis gag was buckled tight first). Those weights were unpleasant, and the 4-5 min was torture  for me to gently walk upstairs to find the keys & release myself. Once I had recovered the keys, I dropped them back down the two flights of stairs, before unlocking.

Upon release I gave myself the first of several enemas to clean myself out (for a activity later tonight).  As the afternoon was very pretty, and those decks have a great view, I set a table with a cold beer, and a nice fattie. Steel leg cuffs (handcuff-style) were attached, and run thru a part of the table base. Sitting down with a great view.  After a while I had a pretty good buzz, and I attached another pair of clover clamps to my nips, and put my hands behind my back, and thumb-cuffed them. My legs were stretched out to the table base. That damm chastity tube would not let my cock out of a curve, so hard-ons were pain-full, and to be avoided if possible.

Even though in self bondage, I imagined one of my Sister-In-Laws (who hates me) was tormenting me & leaving me tied as a punishment for fighting with my wife.

After a hour or so as a restrained slave, locked up, I actually dozed off, later awake soon I managed to lift the dining table (heavy steel & glass) and freed the chain from my leg-cuffs so I could make my way inside off the deck, and downstairs to find the keys for release.

Another full bag enema was administered at this time. Over the next hour, a third bag was administered and flushed.

Knowing that this evening after dark, at least a couple of out-door scenes were in order, I set up a the second scene on my bedrooms deck, hidden in the tree branches. Straps to hold me standing, attached to beams above, and nipps to an eyelet attached to a verticle beam in front of my neck. My plan was to secure myself standing with a harness gag with a top D-ring. After attaching cuffs, clips, and locks first of course. This would be my bound rest after the first outdoor scene;

Out in the grove (avocado) there was a low saddle of a tree with a thick trunk going up, with another thick trunk coming off at 45 degrees. An enema bag was filled 2/3’s full with wine, and hung from the trunk, over my head. After a half hour, getting my nerve up, I walked away from the house, and 40 feet or so into the tree grove. A pump-up enema tube was inserted & lightly pumped to hold it’s place, then attached to the enema bag of wine, once I was seated in my (tree) saddle. The leather cuffs were all locked to wrists & ankles, with snap-links connected (for self release once able).

My ankle cuffs were connected, leaving me embracing the angled trunk, I positioned the penis gag on the tree trunk right where my mouth lined up. After releasing the flow, I pumped the bulb a couple more times (5 pumps now) knowing that 8 or 9 pumps would seal in the wine enema, until bulb was deflated. I settled into my tree-hugging, connecting my wrist cuffs, and opening my mouth to rest on the pre-positioned penis gag. The wine flowed steadly into my colon. The buzz from that wine was pretty quick, and I relaxed in my bondage, as more & more wine flowed. Another quick pump, stopped a minor leak. Whew.

After the bag emptied, I closed the valves, & disconnected the e-bag. Pumping the enema tube another couple times sealed off the ¾ bag (added a little water to the wine. As I got more & more drunk from my enema, I collapsed onto my tree trunk, attaching my cuffs back together. No way to fall off! While I could lift my mouth off the gag (attached to tree), was just easier to go with the flow, with a penis gag to rest my face on, I relaxed in my helplessness. Wondering how long my Sister in Law would leave me there. 

About an hour or so later, I roused, pretty drunk, and in no condition to leave my perch, enjoying my helplessness, I struggled, as much as I could. After a bit more then 2 hours, I unhooked my cuffs from each other, and climbed off my perch, barefoot on the groves soil & leaves. The enema was still well sealed inside me, as I made my way gingerly inside to the bathroom for evacuation & cleaning…

After emptying out, & rinsing down, I was still in a bit of a stupor, lucky I had pre positioned the straps I needed to tie myself into a vertical position, on a small back deck off of my room. My harness gag was clipped to a strap attached above me to a beam, holding me upright. Ankle cuffs locked together. A medimum sized butt plug was popped into place, and nylon strapping was tied around my waist, and between my legs holding the plug in place.

Hanging from the harness gag, my cuffed ankles on the deck, I attached the alligator clips, (which were connected to the vertical beam thanks to an eyelet & lock) to my nipples, and quickly attached the locked wrist cuffs, with a snap-link behind my back. My cock tried to stiffen in it’s steel curved tube, Ouch! Careful not to struggle too much, those clips on my nips kept me still also…

After about a half hour I dozed off, and woke as the sky started to lighten (2-3hrs) . Unclipping the harness let me fall to the deck, and I crawled inside. The keys were several rooms away and the butt plug was hurting me. But my ankles were still locked, so after removing the gag, I attached some clover clamps to my (sore) nips, and put on thumb-cuffs behind my back. Still very tired from the nights ordeal I lay on the carpeted floor, trying to get the energy to get to the room at the end of the hall where I’d stashed the keys. It took me almost an hour to get to the keys, free…

A shower, felt mighty good, and I relaxed until just after lunch. But after smoking a joint, and reading some more selfbound stories, I was ready for my next bondage/punishment…

The chastity was finally released & removed (on for 48hrs) and a couple bags of frozen vegis were applied to shrink any swelling. Soon my cock was at it’s smallest, and a harness was fit and locked around them securely. Before my cock could swell, a rubber cock ring from PES (provides an electrical contact) as well as a “helmet” (2nd contact) were fitted. My PES box had a set of leads that were attacked to shaft & head connectors. I taped the contacts in place so struggling would not knock them loose. Then a plastic bag was fit over entire harness & connected C&B, and taped around the base to seal off any leaks. Then I tested the PES box, and the tingle/throb/pain came thru correctly. Now to my bondage:

Already setup was my release of a pair of icecubes in a nylon sock, which after melting would release a key ring to fall where my hands would be secured. Those 2 cubes should release the keys in 2.5-3 hrs or less. (These keys were for thumb/ankle cuffs, and a small padlock key)

 Medium butt-plug inserted, and tied in place with nylon strapping. A set of steel ankle cuffs were attached on one cuff to a bed-frame leg. This would attach to my ankle cuffs to keep me stretched full length (ankles to wrists) for my bondage & shock treatment.            

Leather cuffs for ankle & knees were locked with a single lock for each area. Wrist cuffs were locked with separate locks.( All these cuff-lock’s keys were half a house away in another closet, hanging)   

An eyelet had been attached to a window-frame about 10 feet away from the bed-frame leg, and I attached a medium chain to it with a lock thru a link halfway down it’s length. The two free ends stretched towards my arms, and were locked with another small padlock to form a loop that my wrist cuffs could reach (but would keep me stretched out ankles to wrist)

The PES Box was placed barely in reach of where my locked hands would be, away from the ice drips. My head harness ball gag was strapped tight, as the first tingles came thru from the PES.

(my imagination at this point had my evil sister-in-law holding me captive)

With my ankle cuffs now connected by a steel cuff to the bed, I attached some nipple clips, and reached over head with my cuffed wrists. Each had a separate D-ring , one with a pair of thumbcuffs attached to the ring. Slipping the thumbcuffs through the chain loop that would secure me, I clipped the open end of those cuffs onto the other wrist’s d-ring, and locked it. I only had about 3” slack, perfect.

Dialing up the power setting on PES box, it was set for painfull shocking, (as opposed to orgasm inducing) on & off every 2-3 secs. I groaned into my gag, pulling on my wrists locked above my head, rolled side to side, as much as a few inches of slack would allow. I could barely reach my harness gag’s latch, in case my mouth needed release, but my body was locked, laying down stretched out for a couple hours.

For almost an hour the power was increased, and then I played a little game. The box had a pause button for a quick on-off, so while holding down that button with my pinky, cutting the shocks that my shaft and cockhead were receiving. As I was enjoying a break in the shocks (thanking my evil SIL) I dialed up the power setting a bit, and rolled away from the box as much as my bondage would allow, but enough to pull my pinky off the pause button, and suddenly a higher level of shocks would hit my groin. Screaming into the gag, I doubt I could be heard in the entry of the house. (I begged my SIL to have mercy) Totally locked down, could do nothing but thrust/swell in time with the shocks onnnn – offfff –onnnn.  This went on for at least a half an hour, exquisite torture. Drip, drip went the ice-cubes…

Knowing my bodies past reaction to certain PES settings, I knew that a twist of the frequency dial (4 dials on box) would cause an orgasm within a couple min. As I spun the dial to orgasm, it took my breath away, such good shocks. But I dialed back to punish-shock as usual. Both at the same power level, only the way it would shock me with pain or pleasure. Back & forth I teased with the “O” setting for a couple of seconds, then minutes of the pain shocks.

Finally I did the game holding the pause button down with my pinky, but this time I not only increased the power level a bit, but dialed the freq. to “O” and tried to hold that button as long as I could, so after I’d held it for more then a minute, I reached over & dialed the power even higher. Still holding the pause button was not hard, but during a shift in position, Zap. I could barely breath, the orgasim came in less then a minute and rolled on & on. OMG how much of this can I take?

Drained I lowered the current to about 50% of this high setting. Still a nice tingle to the Cock electrodes, I dozed off in my bondage.

Whew it had been a long 36hrs of bondage & pain, I must have dozed for 2 hours all locked up, my SIL would not release me. She teased me again with some voltage before release came from those ice cubes melting. But the cubes only had a couple of the keys for the locks that kept me in place with arms overhead. A very long crawl for the rest of the keys, (2 floors above) with ankles & knees still locked, as well as my hands attached in front now.

Nipples & cock very tender, as I showered and touched myself, but I used cold water to shrink my cock down to be re-inserted into the steel chastity tube, the lock was snapped closed . My body ached from the past day & a half of my SIL’s games. So tired, I just wanted to doze off in the afternoon sunlight. As I went outside on the deck, I took the set of keys (for the chastity, thumbcuffs and some other padlocks), attached them to a small plastic putty-knife, and tossed it over the edge of the deck to the ground below the house 40-50 feet below.

Right now I was only locked into the steel tube, but I had spent last night (the night before?) on this very deck chained up, the sunrise was pretty after a night of bondage. But my tormenter was going to go easy on me for my last night with her. My bed awaited if I freed myself after a nap. Only some thumbcuffs behind my back, and I could have my rest. The fact that I would have to walk thru the house and down 4 sets of stairs, outside, to the path below the house to find keys for cuffs & chastity. But for now I could doze off, dressed, with my thumbs finally attached behind me, I was asleep in a few min.

It was now dark outside, my cock throbbed in it’s steel curve, I had to pee badly, my cuffed thumbs did little to help. I walked thru the house in the dark, so tired, so far to the keys outside, just want to sleep, turned to my bedroom instead of outside, remembering an extra key for the thumbcuffs in my bag, so tired & sore…

I unlocked my thumbcuffs, but my Sister-in law caught me with the extra key that I was not supposed to have, that key went over edge of my deck, and she brought out some hand & leg cuffs whose only key was outside 3 stories below. After inserting a smallish ball gag, and strapping it in tight,a small lock secured the buckle, the cuffs ratcheted down on my ankles and then my wrists (in front, as my arms were sore) I crawled under the covers a chained & locked slave, so tired, can’t even make it to the toilet to pee, dozed off to the warmth of the electric blanket, ahhh.

Several hours later I woke in the dark from my bound slumber, my bladder & cock screaming for relief. Well at least I could sit down to pee, I shuffled to the toilet, sat down (hands locked in front) and did my biz as well as I could. Must have dozed off sitting there, glad I’d only used the smaller ballgag, ‘cause after several hours locked in place, felt plenty big.

Decided to try to get to those keys outside before the sun came up, and I struggled outside, and down several flights of stairs to the rear of the house to look for the keys. In the dark I imagined that my SIL had picked them up and was waiting there to laugh at me. Hand & ankle cuffs, and a chastity tube, all locked up, outside in the dark, where is that key?

Finally I found the keys, unlocked everything, and my Sister-In-Laws torment came to an end, I had promised her that I would behave better in the future to avoid these treatments, she reminded me that the chastity tube will be locked on, immediately, the next time my wife complains to her about me…



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