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Punishment Routine

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2019 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chastity; punish; gag; pool; toys; insert; leather; legbinder; metal; bra; tens; electro; mittens; public; hum; stuck; shock; climax; discovery; M/f; bond; oral; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Unnngh! The only sound she can make as she raises her head out of the water again gasping around the huge ball gag she strapped tightly into her mouth. Annabelle questions herself as to why she did these things to herself wondering if this would be the last time she did anything. Her submissive side reminds her about how she flirted so blatantly with the cute guy at the grocery store even though she was never supposed to speak during her time locked up. She knew the rules when the chastity belt was locked she was only allowed to speak when spoken to and was never to look a man in the eye. Annabelle couldn’t help herself with the phalluses she had locked inside her two days before keeping her aroused reminding her with each step of her predicament making it so she couldn’t resist speaking to the large gorgeous man in front of her in the line.

It had taken her two days to get her keys but while she waited she had planned her punishment for the infraction deciding to use the swimming pool in her building. When her key arrived she removed the phalluses that had been her constant distraction and relocked the belt tightly around her waist sealing off her pussy and ass. Annabelle was determined to make this the most severe punishment she had ever endured not allowing herself to enjoy any stimulation until she completed the punishment. For another week she watched the swimming pool finding that after ten pm no one ever went down to it leaving her the rest of the night to play. The pool area was supposed to be closed with the door automatically locking at eleven o’clock only allowing someone to exit but was easy enough to jam open so she could visit it later.

Annabelle would have to use the corner of the pool closest to the door so she could utilize the steel railing worrying about being able to be seen through the glass door deciding she didn’t have a choice actually enjoying the idea of possible exposure. The restraints would be complicated but the punishment would be the tens unit that was capable of rendering her unconscious if it was turned up high enough. It took a few weeks for Annabelle to figure out how to make her ideas into reality buying what she would need never removing the chastity belt sending the key away after the first week because she had been so tempted to remove it. The friend she mailed it to knew of her passions and often would hold the key much longer than she originally asked him to making Annabelle suffer while enjoying the unknown.

Annabelle began receiving her new gear testing each making sure they fit and would hold her as she needed them too. The first item was a leather leg sleeve that welded her legs together encasing them from just below her pussy down over her feet with multiple lockable straps with one around her waist to keep it from sliding down. The metal bra she had ordered was made to work with the tens unit she would be using and compressed her breasts at the bases squeezing them outwards into the steel cones so her erect nipples protruded from the small coils mounted on the tips. The coils could be adjusted to press harder on the bases of her nipples with the cups having multiple hook ups for the tens unit so it could pulse her breasts in several places making them feel like they are being massaged or torn off. The tens unit had been advertised as the strongest available with connections for ten sets of pads arriving with multiple warnings about its strength.

Annabelle was getting close to completing her plans testing her leg binder and the thick rubber straps attaching them to the steel rails leading into the pool. Annabelle worked out regularly keeping her small body fit so she decided to lean out over the water to see just how hard it would be to hold herself up. She had positioned herself so when she laid flat her waist would be lined up with the edge of the pool. She had placed the straps across her welded together legs just below her knees and around her ankles to give her an anchor point to hold herself out of the water. Annabelle slowly lowered her head out over the water keeping her hands behind her head as she had planned to restrain them. It only took a minute before she couldn’t support herself and watched the water get close to her face then suddenly her whole head was under water.

Annabelle panicked reaching down with her hands trying to find something to lift herself with splashing and thrashing as her hands found nothing but water to push up on. With her legs restrained so securely to the floor Annabelle couldn’t roll over or move forwards or backwards and struggled as she began to run out of air. Annabelle calmed herself slightly twisting her upper body while she reached back grabbing the rail using it to lift her head out of the water. Annabelle was gasping and choking on the water she had taken in feeling the strain on her arm from holding herself up realizing she didn’t have long before she would be back under the water. Fighting back the building panic she looked around thinking about what to do. Before her strength gave out Annabelle let go of the rail taking a deep breath before lowering her head into the water and trying to use her stomach muscles to raise herself up again. This time she was able to just get her head out of the water before she tried to bring herself back up to her knees using her hands like she was swimming to help raise herself up.

As soon as she tightened her leg muscles her head was forced under the water deeper than before making her panic again as she started thrashing and pulling on the leg binder harder. In her panic Annabelle drug her head over the top step before her flailing hands found it and pushed her up out of the water allowing her to sit back on her encased legs gasping more water out of her mouth. Annabelle sat gasping and even though she had been close to drowning her only thoughts were how aroused she was from being so helpless and the feelings of desperation. Annabelle removed the straps thinking “Well at least they worked” before unlacing herself dragging the binder behind her as she slowly walked back to her apartment the thin top and shorts soaked through showing her naked body underneath. Annabelle had to rethink her challenge knowing there was no way she could use only her stomach muscles to hold her up.

Annabelle spent the next few weeks rethinking her challenge still locked tightly in the chastity belt desperately trying to contact her friend who was either ignoring her calls or had gone out of town again leaving her trapped and alone in her desperation. All of her equipment had arrived having been tested including the tight rubber gloves with mitten hands. Annabelle had been doubling her exercise routine often wearing her bondage gear especially enjoying the leg binder and gloves. The gloves made freeing herself much harder since she only had her thumbs and bound fingers to use inside the thick rubber when one night as she fought to unlock her hands from around the bed post she had an idea giggling behind the huge gag she had strapped into her mouth. After looking for hours on the internet learning what she would need Annabelle went to the hardware store purchasing what she needed returning home to begin her tests immediately. Her idea had been to attach her wrists to her ankles with something stretchy to help hold her above the water also the strap would pull her hands further backwards the closer to the water she hung.

It had been two months since she had locked herself into the tight steel belt and still hadn’t heard from her friend and was getting more desperate to cum than she had ever been and totally helpless to do anything about it. Annabelle used her frustrated state to keep testing her set up wanting to be ready when she finally got her key back adjusting the support straps several times before getting it to where she thought it would be perfect. After another week Annabelle decided to try her restraints again wanting to make sure she wouldn’t drown before she was totally helpless. With her arousal peaking she snuck down to the pool again lacing herself into the leg binder feeling her climax getting nearer as she strapped her legs to the rails again. Once her legs were restrained Annabelle attached the three thick bungee cords to the strap across her ankles then wrestled the thick rubber gloves up her arms locking the leather cuffs around her wrists feeling her pussy tingle knowing the keys to the cuffs were in her apartment.

With her hands encased and the gloves locked on she reached back attaching the cords to one wrist then twisted it up over her shoulder letting it pull her hand backwards and down towards her ankles. The next part was the hard part reaching back and attaching her free wrist to the other. She had practiced this many times even doing it leaning over the edge of her bed having learned exactly how to attach the cuffs together. As soon as she heard the click of the clasp Annabelle stretched her arm over her head letting it get pulled back with the other relishing how it pulled her into a tight arch. Annabelle looked between her elbows at the blue water wondering if she should do this or not unsure if she was anxious from her memories of the last time or if she was just excited to be bound again.

Annabelle started leaning forwards stretching the cords behind her reaching the tip point and felt her body falling towards the water. Annabelle squealed and took a deep breath as she fell forward opening her eyes when she felt herself bouncing and could see she was about ten inches from the surface of the water. Annabelle laughed, the sound echoing around the swimming pool as she relaxed letting her arms slip further behind her and lowering her face closer to the water. Annabelle began yanking and twisting in her bonds finding if she struggled hard enough she could make herself bounce enough to dunk her face and could quickly pull on her wrists to raise it back out of the water. After testing her restraints for almost an hour Annabelle was convinced that between her stomach muscles and bound wrists she could pull herself back anytime she wanted and laid across the edge for another hour figuring out if the added weight of the other equipment she would be using would change it enough to worry about.

Annabelle had been hanging over the edge for three hours watching the water under her face practicing lowering and raising herself trying to bring herself to an orgasm and finding no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t climax and hung cursing her friend for leaving her like this. Annabelle struggled to free wrists from the chords having to fight the rubber mittens to unclip them then struggle even more with the tight buckles of the leg sleeve. With her legs free from the railings she slipped her feet into the five inch heels she had worn down. She had only worn her smallest bikini leaving the steel shining under it and now was trapped in black long rubber gloves with thick leather cuffs that had locks dangling from each. She giggled as she looked at herself in the reflection in one of the windows hoping no one would see her but secretly hoping for the opposite to happen.

Walking up the stairs was uneventful only having to stop once to pick up one of the chords she had dropped listening closely for any movement as she clipped clopped her way up the stairs her high heels making a lot of noise as she climbed. Reaching her floor she carefully opened the door looking through seeing no one she slipped through and shuffled to her door. Now came a problem she had not thought of her door key was tied to the string holding her bikini bottoms on her, with her rubber mittens she could not untie and hold them up. Shit, she mumbled as she pulled the string letting the bottoms fall away from her quickly fumbling with the key dropping it and struggling to pick it up off the hard floor of the hallway. Annabelle had started laughing as she thought how she must look bent over in her steel bikini standing in high heels with chord and a large black piece of leather over her arm while she fumbled for the key in her shiny black long gloves.

Annabelle fought the rubber gloves for several minutes getting more panicky the longer it took making it even harder to pick up the key and then insert it into the lock. As soon as she turned the knob she heard voices and a door being opened pushing her way into her apartment and slamming the door laughing as she leaned panting against the door listening to the sounds of at least three men walking by laughing and talking in the hall. Her test had been a success and she now knew how hard it was but she was confident she could survive the challenge and couldn’t wait to try. She had been locked up for another month ordering a set of plugs that would not only vibrate but could be used with her tens unit relieved when she finally got  text from her friend telling her he would be back in town soon and then maybe he might send her key to her, adding “If you deserve it”. Annabelle sent him a descriptive text about how much she thought he was an asshole deciding she wouldn’t wait for him to give her the key back before she tried her new training routine.

Annabelle had her gear ready she had even practiced with the tortuous nipple clamps learning if she added a drop of superglue to the pads they could be pulled on much harder. The clamps were clover style inside small towers that had rods leading through the top with springs that would pull clamps upwards stretching her nipples. At the top of each rod were small holes so she could attach weights or chains to them and that each time they would be pulled the clamps would tighten and pull her nipples further. Annabelle had found two small metal pails that held about a quart each and drilled two small holes in the bottoms of each hoping they would fill with water when she would lower herself then pull her nipples hard while the water drained out. The pails would give her another reason to keep herself out of the water. With the collar her friend had made for her she would be able to relax her neck but would also have her head forced under the water quicker because she wouldn’t be able to tilt her head back.

 The collar was different than any other she had, he had made it from thick metal pipe so it was straight cut not form fitting and pressed on the bottom and top of her neck firmly. She was able to turn her head slightly but could not look down at all but what she liked best it was very heavy and would make it even more difficult to stay above the water. The gag she had chosen to use was a double steel O-ring gag that would keep her mouth open with the outer ring and press her tongue firmly to the bottom of her mouth with the other. The leather head harness would surround her head in leather straps partially blocking her vision while compressing her head firmly keeping her from closing her mouth but allowing her to breathe and blow water out if needed. Now it was time to figure out her release, the heavy duty ice timer made of aluminum would be secured to her ankle strap letting the pin slide free once it melted. Her dilemma was how long, if she filled it she would be held for three to four hours but reducing the amount of water made it difficult to determine the time so she being as aroused as she was decided to fill it feeling the familiar tingle as she thought about being trapped over the water being tortured for that long.

Annabelle squealed when she felt her key inside the envelope from her friend, inside she found a note telling her she was to free herself only to clean and shave then return it with a picture of her locked into the belt again. Annabelle knew he was serious but needed to wait until the weekend so she could place her new vibrators inside her before using the pool to punish herself. Afterwards she would be able to remove the phalluses then return the key for however long he wished to punish her for waiting too long. Annabelle had met the handsome man for coffee and once for dinner during her long wait and had hoped she would be without the belt for their next date but her submissiveness would make her return the key promptly when she was finished. Each time she met him she had been forced to wear the long pencil skirts with her high heels exciting him with how tight the skirts were. Now Annabelle was considering adding the keys to her steel bra to the envelope that he would hold with her chastity key hoping he would be merciful since she would be trapped in both.

Annabelle looked at the calendar thinking about four more days until she could prove to herself she could make through her challenge. Locking the bra onto herself Annabelle adjusted the coils so they only pressed lightly on her nipples smiling as she dropped the keys into the envelope setting it aside wanting to see if the bra was comfortable enough to wear daily. Each night during the next four days Annabelle was forced to restrain herself to keep from removing the belt and bra and masturbating until she had a screaming orgasm. One evening she met her new friend wearing a very tight short leather skirt with a thin silk shirt tucked neatly into it. She had been forced to wear thick bras each day at work smashing her nipples under it forcing her to remove it as soon as she got into her car. Meeting him she wore just the steel bra under her blouse allowing her perky firm nipples to be clearly shown and even the hard rings of the cups when she took a deep breath. During their dinner he couldn’t take his eyes off her protruding nipples finally asking her what the circles around each were. Annabelle told him point blank what she was wearing under the leather and silk and why watching him closely to see his reaction. He thought about it for a moment then smiled and said “OK” and the two finished their meal chatting about her past time with him asking many questions.

After the meal he took her home asking if he could make a request of her, Annabelle agreed “Can I see what you are wearing under your clothes?” “You don’t believe me?” she asked toying with him. “Oh it’s not that” he stammered “I just have never seen someone actually wearing a chastity belt before”. Annabelle invited him in saying “Just a quick peek, OK?” they both laughed and agreed. She left him alone in the living room quickly removing her skirt and blouse leaving the stockings and high heels on and pranced back into the living room. He studied it carefully even tapping on the steel encasing her asking more questions before saying thank you and kissing her. As he was leaving he suggested maybe she should call him when she had the keys to the steel so they could have some fun adding “But don’t unlock it, I would like to have that honor”. Annabelle giggled agreeing she would call him as soon as she could deciding right then she would not be sending the keys to her friend no matter how mad it would make him.

Friday night Annabelle couldn’t wait to do her atonement so she could start a new relationship with someone whom seemed to understand her. Annabelle stripped the belt off quickly inserting her phalluses having to force herself to lock the belt back on before she stimulated herself to much. With the belt locked on she turned to her clamps gluing them in place using a little more than normal since she didn’t want the buckets to pull them off. With her nipples clamped she adjusted the springs to push her nipples deeper into the cones hissing as it increased the pain from the clamps. Annabelle already had planned what she would put on in her apartment and what she would carry, the toe boots had been a last minute addition and she looked at them licking her lips knowing she would be forced to climb the stairs in them after her ordeal and wondered if she should lock them on or not. The leg sleeve, and all her gear was in a bag waiting by the door she dropped the boots in the bag seeing the head harness deciding since she wasn’t going to wear the boots down she would wear the gag instead.

Annabelle strapped the harness tightly onto her head going to her room and taking several locks and slipping them into the buckles dropping the keys on her dresser. Feeling the drool run onto her nipples and chest she grabbed the ice timer dropping it into the bag before slipping on her high heels and carefully opening her door. It was close to one o’clock in the morning he hoped all the “partiers” were inside for the night as she locked her door and shuffled to the stairs as quickly as she could only wearing her steel bikini, clamps and gag. As she neared the pool area she could hear music and carefully looked through one of the windows and watched as several people both men and women splashed and played in the pool. Annabelle groaned through her gapping mouth knowing she would now have to go back upstairs and wait until tomorrow night unsure if she could resist another night. Annabelle was leaning against the wall thinking about what to do when several of the people came running out dashing to the elevators. Within a few minutes everyone had left the pool area none noticing the strange figure cowering in the corner shuffling quickly forward to catch the door after the last two had run out.

Annabelle was surprised the tape she had used to keep the door unlocked was still there so she peeled it off making sure she wouldn’t be interrupted. Annabelle walked around the pool noticing the mess the group had left shaking her head deciding to sit down and wait for a little while to see if anyone tried to come back to get the stuff she found lying around. While she sat Annabelle put her boots on lacing them tightly taking the wide strap over the laces and buckling it tightly setting the locks on the small table next to her. Each breath was now making her nipples hurt and she knew it was now or never so she stood on her pointed toes grabbing the locks as she stood. Annabelle took her extension cord and plugged it in laying it on the floor near the railing. Reaching the railings for the pool she felt really confident in the toe boots thinking they weren’t too bad locking the straps as she lowered herself to the floor wincing as the clamps shifted position.

Annabelle had practiced securing her legs to the rails enough to only take a few minutes until her legs were laced tightly in the thick leather and the straps were holding her legs firmly to the rails. Annabelle secured the ice timer to her ankles and tied the ends of the chords to it laying them beside her. Taking the power cords for the tens unit she set the unit on the floor doubling up the bag so it would not get wet and plugged each connector in where she had marked. Twisting the timer to ten minutes she hooked the small pails to her nipples clamps whining as she slowly released them then took the heavy steel collar and snapped it closed around her neck. Annabelle was almost ready looking around as much as she could eager to get started and wrestled the rubber gloves up her arms. As soon as the gloves were in place she locked the leather cuffs around her wrists hooking the chords to one before leaning forwards and stretching her arm behind her. Annabelle was now forced to look straight across the pool as she stopped for a moment going through her checklist before reaching back and snapping the lock closed around the D-ring of the remaining cuff.

Annabelle was bowed sharply gasping as her nipples screamed with pain and her mind was asking what do you think you’re doing as she leaned forwards feeling her body pass the tipping point and took a deep breath as she fell surprising slow forwards. Annabelle watched the water getting close closing her eyes as she hit the water feeling her head go completely under it making her panic since it hadn’t happened in her tests. The fall had yanked her hands further down her back and the extra weight of the collar and gear had stretched the chords further pulling harder on her wrists as well. Annabelle felt like she had been under water for minutes before her head was pulled back out of the water and she was able to scream as the buckets pulled hard on her nipples. After a few bounces Annabelle was able to keep her eyes open and could see the buckets stretching her nipples as the water ran out of the holes making her whine loudly. “That was not what I expected” she mumbled around the gag as she tried to pull herself up yanking even harder on her nipples as the partially filled buckets came out of the water completely.

Easing the tension Annabelle lowered herself down until she was at the comfortable level she had practiced and hung peacefully enjoying her fruitless struggles. Annabelle was listening to her gasps echo off the water when she screamed loudly as the tens unit turned on sending massive shocks through all the pads and phalluses at once then quickly shut off. Annabelle was thrashing in her bonds making herself bounce again dipping her face into the water a few times before she could feel the shocks pulsating in her pussy and ass. She was now moaning as her climax grew quickly wishing her breasts would be messaged hoping it would ease the pain from the draining buckets. When her breasts pulsed the first time she froze then started screaming and twisting in her bonds as they felt like they were being ripped off. Annabelle could still feel the pleasurable shocks in her ass and pussy and couldn’t understand why her breasts were not getting the same treatment only realizing then with the bra being dipped in the water it was shocking her entire chest.

Annabelle could do nothing to ease the pain the shorted bra was causing and could only hope she wasn’t being burned or anything and concentrated on keeping them out of the water. As her rubber covered arms pressed on the sides of her head she could only look at the slowly settling water and concentrated on it trying to calm herself as the tens unit went through its programs getting more intense every cycle. By the third cycle Annabelle was moaning and whimpering as her whole body twitched and jerked from the shocks desperately trying not to make herself bounce on the cords. When the cycle ended Annabelle was left gasping and opened her eyes to see the buckets were now completely in the water and her breasts and face was only an inch or two away from it. Tightening her arms she was able to lift herself slightly but when she relaxed again she was pulled back to the water and hung unable to lift herself again.

For the next two hours Annabelle fought her bonds and the tens unit that had increased its punishments and had now left her exhausted and unable to fight anymore. Now with each bounce her face touched the water leaving her gasping for air unable to raise her head due to the thick collar. Annabelle had lost count of the cycles having no idea how many were left or if it had restarted its programming but waited for the final program that should stimulate her to a massive orgasm. As she hung gasping she struggled to look down seeing the buckets submerged and her breasts an inch or two under the water and knew even if she made it too the pleasure cycle with her breasts shorted by the water she was going to be in too much pain to climax. The exhausted woman was hanging limply, her arms stretched back further than she thought possible when she heard someone banging on the door behind her! She was mumbling and gag talking as she listened to the door open and someone walk behind her picking things up finally noticing the figure hovering above the water.

“Oh sorry” the obviously inebriated voice said as he walked around the pool picking up the things people had left behind. Annabelle couldn’t see him until he was straight across from her and she strained to rise her head and saw it was the property maintenance man, she had talked with him a few times before and watched him walk out of her eye line relaxing herself and watching the water grow close to her face feeling her nose touch the surface. Annabelle had stopped struggling or trying to get his attention knowing by the sound of his voice and how he was staggering around he was useless to her. The door slamming shut surprised her making her jump in her bonds dipping her face into the water and making the buckets yank on her screaming nipples causing her to struggle again increasing the pain. While she twisted and flailed the tens unit came on starting in her pussy and ass and she knew it was the pleasure cycle and desperately pulled on her arms raising her breasts out of the water and began shaking them frantically wanting to try anything to keep from getting the shocks she had received before.

Annabelle was thrashing in her bonds swinging her wet hair around her face grunting and screaming as she twisted and pulled on the straps and chords that were holding her in place when her body stiffened and a loud guttural scream could be heard as her breasts were shocked violently. Annabelle couldn’t stop screaming as her body tensed with each pulse making her rise and fall with each pulse until her head was being forced under the water with each rebound. As Annabelle’s bound body bounced water was forced into her gapping mouth making her choke and gasp for air increasing her struggling as the pulses increased. After a few minutes of being forced to endure the harsh punishment of her breasts being shocked and fighting just to be able to breathe Annabelle felt the shocks stop and her exhausted body to relax in the tight leather. Annabelle opened her eyes finding her head was now completely underwater and tried to pull herself up feeling her cramped arms flop over her head realizing the ice timer had released her.

Annabelle was stunned seeing her hands in front of her face and quickly curled backwards reaching for the rail finding with her hands locked together she couldn’t reach it. As her head dropped below the water again she cursed herself for not thinking about having her hands locked together and how that would limit her reach. Once again she was starting to panic flailing and thrashing pulling her legs while she bent her torso until her hands found the steps under her and she was able to lift her face out of the water. Holding herself up gasping while her nipples were being pulled savagely by the buckets she coughed up the water she had inhaled. Wanting desperately to remove the buckets Annabelle tried to figure out  way to reach them knowing if she raised her hands she would be dunked again and started twisting and flexing her body until her hands slipped off the edge of the step and she was underwater again. This time she knew where the step was so she reached back and pushed her head out of the water raising her head above it again.

Her struggles were getting desperate as her arms started shaking from the strain and she accepted she was totally helpless to free herself and screamed when the massive orgasm slammed into her body. Annabelle was still climaxing as her head went under the surface again sending her hands flailing while her legs kicked in the leather sleeve and her ass twitched from the convulsions the climax was causing. Annabelle was getting desperate again as her air was running out and she reached for the step and pushed herself out of the water. The gasping woman stood on her arms for several minutes gasping and choking smiling at herself for feeling very satisfied after the orgasm wondering how she could be happy and still be stuck in her situation. After collecting herself Annabelle took a deep breath and lowered herself into the water quickly reaching up and removing the buckets from the clamps and trying to open the clamps feeling them pull even harder so she stopped and lifted herself up again.

It took a great deal of effort but Annabelle was finally able to force herself around almost twisting her legs in the tight sleeve before grabbing the rail and pulling herself up onto her knees. Annabelle fell backwards onto her folded legs gasping and laughing as she felt thankful for being out of the water and for the massive orgasm. It took her an hour to release herself from the tight leg sleeve having issues with the dangling cords still locked to her cuffs and the rubber mittens. As she struggled to free herself she began to worry about the Saturday morning swimming class that started a seven o’clock. She had no way to tell the time but knew she had been there much longer than she had planned and didn’t want to be found bound and gagged by a bunch of children and struggled to a nearby chair to finish unlacing the sleeve. Annabelle wanted to lie down and get some rest but she forced herself to stuff her gear into the bag and began wobbling towards the door. She had just made it to the staircase door when she heard several children yelling as they ran to the pool. Even though she was relieved she also was scared because she knew it was much later than she had planned and her chances of running into someone naked except for the steel covering her with her nipples clamped her mouth being forced open by two steel rings while wide leather straps encircled her head tottering on her pointed toes with her long rubber mittens cuffed together in front of her.

Annabelle had no choice she continued slowly climbing the stairs stopping to gasp for air after every flight and even sitting to rub her aching feet. With the mittens she couldn’t grip the clamps well enough to force them to open each attempt made her yelp with pain. Each flight she climbed she could hear more noises around her letting her know the building tenants where awaking and her time was running out to make it to her apartment unseen. Annabelle started forcing herself to continue to walk up the steps until she reached her floor and stood gasping behind it afraid to open it and seeing someone in the hallway. While she wrestled with her fears Annabelle dug her key from the bag deciding to stash the bag in the corner so it wouldn’t be in her way and slowly opened the door looking around it. Seeing no one she moved as quickly as her pointed toes could carry her feeling her saliva dripping on her chest as she gasped through the metal rings holding her mouth open. Annabelle reached her door almost falling when she stopped too quickly and started fighting the key and door knob finally hearing it click and pushed her way passed it slamming it behind her.

Annabelle stood gasping grateful to be safe in her apartment and started walking towards her bedroom on her pointed toes when the weight of her exertions and physical exhaustion hit her making her stumble to her bed collapsing onto it falling asleep immediately. Annabelle was awakened later that evening by someone knocking on her door the aches and pains she was feeling making her moan as she rolled over and sat up realizing she was still wearing her steel bikini, collar, rubber gloves and wrist cuffs but it was her aching jaw that made her moan loudest. She was rubbing her aching jaw when she looked up and her new boyfriend was standing in her bedroom doorway. She squealed from being startled and tried to cover herself before she realized who it was then waved at him mumbling for him to get out. With the double o-ring gag holding her tongue down making her only able to mumble completely unintelligible he just smiled and came into the room.

Annabelle was trying to get him to understand she wanted him to leave but all she could do was wave at him with her bound mitten hands. He came in straddling her legs seeing the chords locked to her cuffs taking them and pulling them over her head dragging her backwards and wrapping them around the center post of the head board and tying them off. He was thinking she had done this for him since she had insisted he come over tonight after explaining her interests to him. Annabelle tried to roll away from him but he stopped her using her pre-tied leg restraints lying on the bed to tie her legs spread eagle stopping to admire her boots noticing they were locked on and commenting about how he would expect her to wear them out with him, later. He knocked on the steel covering her pussy before finding the clamps giving each a tug laughing as she squealed into the gag. As he sat teasing her she struggled to free herself listening to him as he took her face in his hand and said “I have heard these were designed for giving head, did you wear it for me? Annabelle being the bondage whore she was nodded her head yes giggling behind the gag.

After the two figured out that wearing the double gag was not the best way for her to give him head he ended up face fucking her finally exploding in her gapping mouth. He sat next to her listening to her giggling as she pulled at the chords holding her hands over her head. He teased her for a few minutes before loosening the chords laughing as she shuffled to the bathroom fighting the chords and the high heels. When she came out she looked for her keys and they were gone wandering out into the living room finding him drinking a beer walking up to him holding her mitten hand out. He teased her for a while before finally handing her one of the keys and watched her struggle to find out which lock it fit. She opened one of the locks on the head harness then held her hands out again. He continued with the game stopping her when she reached for the locks on the boots telling her “Those stay on” Annabelle stomped her foot but really wanted the gag off so she handed him the key back taking another.

It took an hour for her to get the keys to everything but her boots and she wrestled the gloves off after rubbing her jaw for a few minutes then ran to the bathroom. After a few minutes he knocked on the door after hearing some whimpering and asked if she was ok getting a “UH HUH” laughing he returned to the living room. When she returned she was wearing a short robe and strutted by him taking the envelope from the top of the fridge being stopped by him asking what she had. She mumbled “Nothing” but her submissive side wouldn’t let her lie when he pushed it and told him it was the keys to her chastity belt and bra. He jumped up holding his hand out taking the envelope from her and telling her to get dressed even telling her what to wear. She found she couldn’t resist his order and went and got dressed. Annabelle wanted to remove the phalluses but didn’t want to tell him about them so she straightened her hair out and applied her makeup and greeted him in the living room. He smiled at her wiggling on her toe boots and said “Ready?” still unaware what she had gone through or what she was going through with her sore nipples and large phalluses locked inside her. As she walked in the toe boots feeling the inserts shifting inside her she wondered how long he would keep her locked in the belt and bra realizing this was her real punishment being unable to free herself with him so near.                                 

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