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Puppy Love

by Turbo Bruin

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My life has been an almost perfect life. I’ve been an A, B student my whole life and graduated college as a physical therapist. My boyfriend of two years asked me to marry him a few months back and we planned a spring wedding. I wanted an April wedding and of course he agreed. Come to find out he has been saving up his money from when he was a child to pay for college and had ten thousand left over. My family owned a farm and was rich and between them we were planning a perfect wedding. Today is the two year anniversary of when we started dating and one month before the wedding, lets plan something special.

I have been into self bondage for a couple years now. One of my best friends introduced me into it when I found her tied up my senior year. So I tried it out had some fun and went on from there. Since I am a physical therapist I know how necessary it is to remain in top physical shape and stay flexible. I work out twice a week and go to yoga twice a week. I love running and letting my dark brown hair flow in the wind. The only bad thing about being a fitness girl is having my c-cup breast bouncing to much, it just gets annoying. By the way my name is Allison.

I was sitting in my apartment watching TV until about an hour before my boyfriend got off work. I walked around naked in the kitchen and prepared my emergency release. Just the old ice release, with a note for my boyfriend attached. Then I went into our room and set it up on the ceiling. I went into the other room were I kept my box of toys I collected over this last year. I decided to go simple, just a spread eagle on the bed. I got wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, four lengths of chain, and my pink ball gag. I went and sat everything on my bed. I locked each of the chains around a bed post. I lied down on the bed and locked my ankles in place. I grabbed my gag and forced it in my mouth and tightened it as much as possible. Then I stretched up barely getting the first one locked. I left more slack on the other one but it was still hard to get locked.

I purposely didn’t use a vibrator in order to let my emotions build until my boyfriend got home. This would make this the best sex I have had in a long time. Of course I couldn’t help but fantasize about what he would do to me. Knowing him he would probably toy with me and leave me on the edge for hours then finally release my built up emotions in one intense orgasm.

I was already on the edge of an orgasm just thinking about it. I looked over at the clock, five o’clock. He should be on his way home now and will arrive in a few minutes. I couldn’t take my mind off what he would do to me. I was to the point were I would have been begging to have sex, I wouldn’t have cared who it was. Then I hear the door open, he was home and on his cell phone. I never told him that I was into bondage I wonder what his reaction would be.

He got close enough that I could hear him talk. "Yeah, you think she’ll love it?" love what, my interest was peaked. "Well she doesn’t get off for an hour I’ll be right there I had to drop it off at home." wait, crap I forgot to tell him I had today off. "See you in a minute but only for a half hour, then I have to get back here to surprise her." then I heard the door close and he left.

My interest was really peaked what could he have gotten me? Maybe it was something for the wedding, then I heard a small noise out in out TV room.. It almost sounded like a bell, or something small and metal. Then I thought a pet cat or dog. I left the door open and after a few seconds I saw this fluffy little golden retriever puppy. It was so cute I just wanted to hold it and also wanted to reward my boyfriend even more.

The puppy looked up at me and gave a little bark. It walked around my room and every so often scratch itself. Then it walked over to my desk which had a couple of boxes next to it. It jumped onto a box, then on the chair making it spin a little. Finally once it turned facing the bed it jumped onto the bed. Its fur tickled as it walked next to me and licking me where ever it liked. Then walked up to my face and stared me in the eyes. It looked so cute with a pink collar on, guessing a girl. Then she started to sniff my body until she reached my soaking wet crotch. She just kept sniffing and sniffing for almost a minute while still standing on my stomach. She walked off and went in between my legs. Her whiskers tickled so much a couldn’t help but twitch to try to relieve myself. Then I hit my breaking point and had my climax. She tilted her head in confusion, and had a little bit of my juices on her nose.

Then she began to lick her lips and lick mine at the same time. She couldn’t control herself and would not stop. I watched time go by and had another orgasm. She just kept going and I was almost to another orgasm when I heard the front door open again.

"Here puppy, puppy lets get you ready for mommy... man were is that dog?"

Then my boyfriend walks in my bedroom and I have my third climax right in front of him. Then he starts freaking out, and grabs the puppy. "What happened, are you okay?" then he comes and removes my gag.

"I’m fine I wanted to give you a present" then my emergency release fell from the ceiling, hitting my boyfriend in the head.

"Wow this is a great present, I wish I would have known, or I would not have freaked out and almost had a heart attack." Then he grabs the key and the note. "Well then what are you doing here I thought you had to work until six today?"

"I had off, oh and I love your present for me she just loves to lick too much."

"Well then what going to be her name?"

"How about lesbian dog?"

"I mean a real name, I should just gag you for saying that."

"Why don’t you, my master?" I said with a snobby attitude.

He shook his head and shoved the gag back in my mouth. "You know you asked for this, right?" I just nodded and tried to smile. He undressed and sat next to me. Slowly rubbing up and down my body with his hands. Putting one hand under my back and on my shoulder, the other went over my waist and between my legs. I looked at his face and he began to smile, right then he thrust two fingers in my pussy. "Man, you are as wet as the ocean down there. Would you like me to try to plug it up." I was still on a sex high and nodded to an extent that was begging for sex.

He moved from my side to between my legs. Without me noticing he had a tube of lube in his hand. He greased up his shaft and drove it deep inside of me, pulling my crotch into the air. My restraints were pulled to there extent, and my arms began to cramp. He just kept driving and driving, harder, and deeper, I met my limits again and he kept going. I was panting through my nose as hard I could, I was able to calm down when he finally had his climax. He got off the bed and with a smirk on his face said, "That hard work better get me a child. Just incase I’ll let you stay there to make sure they have a chance to take and you don’t clean yourself."

He walked out of the room leaving the keys down by my feet. Then I noticed the puppy sitting by my desk starring at the keys. She finally got on the bed and picked them up. She was getting ready to jump down when I snapped my fingers. She turned around and walked towards my hand. She slowly walked up, until I could grab the keys. Once I had then she tried to hold onto them but couldn’t since she had no grip. As I released myself she kept trying to get the keys back. I got one wrist when she jumped on my stomach, making me drop the keys off the side of the bed. "Ckrmmph" I tried cussing out at the dog as she jumped down and grabbed the keys and ran.

I began to bang on the headboard of the bed trying to get my boyfriend to release me. He comes into our room, "what is it Allison." Then notices my hand was free, "How’d you get free? Where are the keys at?" so he removed my gag again to get some answers.

"The puppy ran off with the keys, can you please go find them and let me go?"

"Okay you’ve been a good girl, so I’ll let you out."

He walks out and searches the house. I hear crashes, thuds, and maybe a lamp break. I hear him going all over the house. I yell out to him "please be careful not to break anything." He goes all over for ten minutes before returning to our room.

"The puppy hid them and I can’t find them anywhere. I did however find a wooden box in the other room with a lot of nice objects in it." then he pulls a vibrator from behind him, and holds a crotch belt in the other.

He comes back over to the bed and lubes up my vibe. He pushes it in and right before the end went in he turned it on high. I began to thrash around, giving him a small problem with the crotch belt. He finally gets sick of it and pins my arm and locks it back to the chain and pushes my gag in my mouth. Then tries again with the belt and I can no longer put up a fight.

"I don’t see why you don’t want to play with your own toy. Women, I’ll never fully understand them."

He leaves the room again, sounding like a demolition team tearing down a house. As he crashes through the house I see the puppy come back in with the keys in her mouth. I try to call out to my boyfriend, but he couldn’t have heard an elephant if it walked right past him. I try again to get the puppy to come up to one of my hands, but no luck. She eventually hides under the bed. I try to keep my head clear, but I am about to have another climax. This one put me too far over my limits and I blacked out.

I wake up to my boyfriend shacking my body. "Oh, thank you, you're okay. I still can’t find the key." I was a little disoriented and took me a moment to get my brain working.

I tried to talk, but was still gagged. He removed my gag, "the keys are under the bed, and can you please shut off my vibrator, you set it too high."

He apologizes and looks under the bed. He unlocks all of my restraints.. The second I was loose I pulled off the belt and removed my vibe.

"We need to talk about what you can and cannot do. If you set things wrong it could be dangerous."

"Sorry. While I was looking around I thought of something we could try.."

"What would that be?"

He pulls out a little egg vibrator. "Just an idea, do you want to be bound for this one?"

"Sure, why not?"

He binds my wrist behind my back and puts my gag in my mouth. He pushes the egg into my pussy. The next part I didn’t expect, he pulls out his dick, I was really confused at this point. "Lets get it a little deeper," then drives his shaft all the way in, pushing the egg as deep as he could. Then continued to drive, going until we both met our limits.

Now we are married and he has so many weird ideas. Things I could not think of on my own. Also its great to have him bind me, he gets everything a lot tighter than I could have alone. Life is great him, our puppy, and me.. We finally found a good name for her, Elexa, named after the girl who got me into bondage. One last thing, Elexa likes to steal the keys every time we play a game, so she got the nick name ‘rotten little thief.’


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