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I Pushed My Luck and Got Stuck

by Tigon

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A true story.

My family was away for a week so I had the house to myself. Of course I was going to get up to no good. For reference I am a tall male.

I spent a good amount of my time at home that week in bondage or various kinks. I had the house to myself, what else would I do? For this night’s fun I went all out and wore the following:

Once I slipped my wrists in and closed the latches a deep shudder went through my body, the vibrator didn’t help at all. All I wanted was to stay like this all night, while also immediately getting free to relieve myself. I chose the former. These shackles needed a special key that screwed in, I had one of them with a bright red ribbon tied on.

I had no specific plans for my night at this point, beyond just having a blast. After a while I walked out on my back deck, it overlooked my backyard. Technically the neighbors could have easily seen me, but all the houses were dark, and it was about 2 in the morning. I enjoyed the cool night air, and let the vibrator and my imagination fuel my excitement. I did not have to imagine much as I was already bound and gagged, locked in a diaper and dressed as I was. All I was missing was the feeling of true helplessness. As I was, I could easily unlock the cuffs and release myself. Going on that thought, a devious idea occurred to me, one which would lead to a very long, stressful, and exhausting night.

I went inside and grabbed the key in my gloved hand. I walked to the railing of the deck, turned around, and felt the thick iron key slip from my hand as I purposefully dropped it over the railing. The key clanged as it hit the driveway below. Until I went down to get the key, I was now truly stuck. The rush of helplessness in me would have driven me over the edge should the vibrator not been on low. I had two options to retrieve the key. I could walk down the basement steps and out the back door; unsafe with steep stairs, a bad idea. Option 2 involved going out the front door, walking as I was around the house, and retrieving the key. I chose option 2 to be safe, and the added benefit of having to go outside and walk around as I was.

I had to bend over to get my hands in the right position to open the front door, and then looked out into the dark knight. There were few street lights there, and no sign of any activity. I took a deep breath, feeling my heart race, and stepped out into the night, bound and helpless, a proper bondage slut. I will not lie, I walked very briskly around the house the first time, trying to stick to the shadows. I kept looking around but saw no signs of anybody. I awkwardly squatted down to get the key, and ran back around and inside the safety of my own house. I laid down on the couch, bound and helpless, just enjoying the high of subspace and the risk I took going outside. I did not unlock myself right then, of course. I went back out and tossed the key back over the rail, further out this time, in the cut grass on the edge of the concrete.

I did this maybe 10 times, taking longer each time to get the key, going around the other side of the house, walking in the light, and generally just pushing myself further into the humiliated feeling that I loved. I would set a timer as to when I was allowed to get the key. Nobody saw me, there were no issues, and It was turning out to be an incredible night, unstoppable. The last time I tossed the key, I wanted to go further, and tossed it into the tall grass on the hill behind my house, it was a common area between 3 houses. After making myself sit through two episodes of a tv show, resting on the couch and feeling the vibration, I allowed myself to go to retrieve the key. As I had earlier, I strolled down, a bondage slut, off to get my key. I walked to where I threw it and it was not there. It must have rolled downhill, so I looked around there, nothing. I was starting to panic, but knew it must be there. I spent about half an hour, looking around and bending down awkwardly to find it, and came up empty handed. I was really in a panic now, sweaty, sore, and ready to just be free, get a shower, and get in bed. After searching for a while longer, I still had no idea where the key was. It should have been right there, and I looked all over, but nothing. I had to think of a different solution.

Like I had said, that was the only key to these shackles, which left me with some limited choices, luckily I had many tools in the basement and was fairly good with them. I went back inside, near panic, save for willingness to get free, and carefully made my way down the steep stairs to my workshop in the basement. Getting the pull chain light on over the workbench was interesting, and involved using a broom in my bound hands behind my back to wrap the cord around the handle. I took stock of my options now, which included either a hacksaw, which would take a long time at such a bad angle, or a rotary tool, which would hopefully be faster, but using a high speed cutting blade near my wrists did not sound appealing. I started off with the saw, and found that to be mostly useless, 15 minutes holding a saw awkwardly behind my back with bound hands did not work well. I gave in and decided to use the rotary tool, with a thin, metal-cutting, blade. I had installed a handy outlet on the back of the workbench, but try as I might, with my bound hands I could not get anywhere near reaching it. I ended up having to use an outlet across the room with an extension cord. I am sure the sight of me setting that all up as a tied up and gagged lolita in a diaper was amazing to see. At that point it was in no way fun anymore, my arms hurt, my ass hurt, my jaw hurt, and I was dripping with sweat. I had used the restroom a couple of times in the diaper by this point, so good call on my part to wear it, otherwise I would have had to deal with wet panties, and liquid running down my legs.

I spent the next hour, and a few rotary blades to get through the chain link, and then another 10 minutes pliers and pressure on my wrists to bend the link. It was that or cut through the other side and I did not have it in me to spend another hour on that. Eventually I was able to get my wrist free of it and pull them around my body. The pain of that was agony, and I took a little time to stretch my arms and get some movement back. Before continuing I removed the gag and stretched my jaw. I removed the dress, gloves, and butt plug, leaving the rest until I got free and made it upstairs. I was now in boots, garter belt, diaper, collar, and corset. Now that I had my arms free I had to figure out how to get thick iron cuffs off my wrists. I tried the hacksaw again, but barely made a dent, and there was no way I could easily get through with the rotary tool. I considered giving up for the night and just looking something up in the morning, but I had work the next morning and could not afford to call in. After a lot of trial and error, and a bit of swearing, I found out that if I hit the lock portion of the cuff with a hammer it eventually opens. Seems like a design flaw, but I was glad it worked.

I made my way upstairs, got undressed, and took a steamy hot shower. I no longer had energy to do anything else besides drink water and climb in bed. The next day I searched all over the grass in the daytime but I never did find the key. Eventually I threw the cuffs away.

As stressful and panicky as the night ended up, I did have an amazing time for most of it. The lesson to take away from this is to always have a spare key, and for some reason if you do not, it is a really bad idea to throw the key in tall grass. Next time I did a session like that, I had a spare, which I placed down the street in a secure and safe location.


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