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Sitting in her kitchen chair twisting her wrists inside the steel circles that hold them behind her back June hoped the craving would pass quicker this time as she sat and dreamed of having just one more. June had been trying to quit for months always giving in and lighting up. She knew it would be difficult to quit since she had been smoking for most of her life and knew her inability to quit anything once it had become a habit but never dreamed it would be this difficult.

While she was at work she was ok, staying busy and being unable to just leave to go buy some but as soon as she left work the cravings would hit her hard. She had on several occasions stopped and bought a pack only to throw them away when she got home. June had also worried about gaining weight, she had kept her body toned and fit and did not want to ruin it now so to aid her in this her first idea was to wear a corset

Nothing too extreme but something firm to hold her waist slightly under her normal twenty two inches. June ordered a 16 to 19 inch corset that would go just under her rib cage down to her hips. After a few days of wearing it she found she could lace it almost closed and really liked the added restriction. June also found it was too easy to loosen the laces after she had eaten so she felt defeated and tried to find a new way of keeping it laced tight.

The next idea was a steel chastity belt, she was already used to wearing a tight crotch rope that would hold her plugs in helping to keep her mind distracted. She felt this was a logical next step so she found one that had become too small for its former owner and bought it straight away. During previous attempts at quitting she had used cuffs to hold her hands behind her back until the cravings had passed so she had started to practice this again.

During the days she waited for the belt to arrive she started to feel the need to cuff her hands behind her back, especially after arriving home and eating a quick meal for the night. June always kept a few ice cubes with strings in them in the freezer so it was easy to put the keys out of reach for several hours, only dropping into reach after she had gone to bed. The first few nights sleeping in the cuffs were difficult but she had always wanted to learn to sleep bound so she thought this was a good time to force herself to do it. Now she had no problems sleeping soundly through the night while cuffed and corseted. Once the belt arrived she thoroughly cleaned it making sure all the keys worked and sent them off to a service that would hold the keys for her for whatever time she requested.

Before even trying the belt on she had boxed up and sent the keys off but when she attempted to but the belt on she found out it was too small even with her corset laced all the way closed. Dejected she sat back trying to figure out a way around it then remembered a small fetish store downtown. Dressing herself in her smallest vinyl skirt with stockings and high heeled knee boots she pulled a thin leather blouse over her corseted waist and quickly drove to the store.

After trying on several corsets she found a rubber corset that held her waist just under 15 inches outside the corset. The corset went up to her arm pits covering her ample breasts holding them snugly in preformed cups that caused her to have huge cleavage. June could barely breathe but she loved the idea of the full corset. She loved the look it gave her figure with the added benefit of it being totally water proof. During her shopping session she had gotten very horny, the salesgirl helping her into and out of several corsets tightening each perfectly. June was asked to model them for her under different latex dresses June had picked out. By the time June was able to get laced down to 15 inches she was so horny she decided to lock the long corset on. June had the salesgirl lace it closed before purchasing it and two latex dresses that she really couldn’t afford but in her lust she didn’t care.

Arriving home June pulled the belt around her waist, it now seemed a little loose so she adjusted it and soon had it locked tightly around her narrow waist and over the new corset and its laces. The rubber of the corset was bulging slightly from the top and bottom of the wide band of tight steel. June inserted her life like cock into her pussy leaving the balls just outside her damp lips and pulled the center plate up settling it quickly against her pussy and sphincter and locked it to the belt.

June leaned back and rubbed her tightly covered chest and pussy loving the way everything fit so tight rubbing her hands all over her corset and the steel that was now holding it on. It dawned on her that she had requested one month with no exceptions other than medical before they would release the keys to her. June, suddenly clear headed, realized that she was now trapped not only in the corset but with the rubber cock and balls jammed into her pussy as well.

She knew she could pee around it from past experiences but it was very messy. With the corset so tight it pushed her tits up so far she didn’t know if she could stand it or not for an entire month. June also wasn’t sure if she had clothes that would cover her bulging neck line or even stay up around her tiny waist. As she searched for clothes she squealed every time she bent over from the balls being shoved into her pussy and the small steel strap that bisected her ass checks pressing hard on her sphincter. This new sensation made her stress even more when she realized she would have to perform enemas every day until the belt was released another fact she had not thought through.

June sat on her closet floor panting from the tight corset as she thought about how badly she had just screwed up but at the same time how turned on she was at the fact that she was not in control of her own body anymore. June slept uneasy in her cuffs for the next few days, her waist and chest throbbed from the tension on them. June’s pussy and ass hurt more each day as she had to learn how to walk and sit all over again.

The people at work contributed her new attitude and messy appearance as a result of quitting smoking and tried to be supportive of the girl whose clothes no longer fit and had an ashen appearance to her face and constantly shifted in her chair during meetings. June on the other hand was going insane inside her rubber and steel prison, each move sent waves of pleasure and pain through her body. She was left gasping at the slightest exertion, she wasn’t sleeping soundly and worst of all could not get herself off and relieve her sexual frustration.

June arrived home on the Friday on the second week feeling extremely horny and wanting not only a cigarette but good fucking as well. Her body was adapting to her confines and hurt less but still made her breathless just walking to and from her car and the pain from her pussy and ass was also easing a little. After eating a small meal she decided on some bondage to see if she could take the edge off.

After making sure her back up bucket of goo was ready she took her Irish eight cuffs and locked them around her thin ankles, this was more difficult than she thought it would be with the corset and belt on but she managed to get them locked on. June then slipped into the long latex hobble dress pressing her thighs and ankles tightly together. Checking the ice block dripping in the kitchen she wriggled her way into the living room and forced her large ball gag into her mouth and strapped it tight. She really liked the feeling of being gagged but her jaw would start to hurt quickly and never allowed her to wear it long. Once the gag was in place she dropped the Hitachi wand down her dress, working it past her bugling breasts until it snugged up against the metal plate covering her damp and filled pussy.

With the vibrator held in place by the tight latex she cuffed one wrist and rolled over onto her stomach before turning the vibrator on and quickly cuffing her other wrist behind her back. The strong vibrations were felt all over her body, she had turned it on high hoping it would be enough with the added bondage to drive her to an orgasm. June struggled on the plush couch gasping for air around the pillows as she tried to get her latex covered body to roll over only succeeding in scooting the seat cushions away from the back of the couch. Her motions wedged her body in between the cushions and the couch back essentially trapping her in the couch. As she struggled to free herself from the pillows the latex making it impossible for her body to get enough traction to be able to do anything but roll in place she could feel the orgasm building as she gasped and rolled in the deep cushions. As she was beginning to feel the climax nearing suddenly she felt the vibrations stop.

June was now jammed deep in between the cushions, her hands cuffed behind her back her chest heaving under the tight corset and latex dress holding her thighs tightly together. Her ankles cuffed closely together and the ball strapped in her mouth now starting to make her jaw hurt and could feel the orgasm slipping away. June struggled to right herself but could not sit up due to the tight corset, she tried to fling her legs over the cushions but could not get a grip long enough to pull herself out from behind them.

June lay resting and started to laugh about her situation and drifted off to sleep, the exertions of the previous week and her bout with the couch wearing her out and she slept deeply until the next morning. Waking the next morning from her jaw aching she started struggling again until she finally raised her knees under her and rolled over landing roughly on the floor in front of the couch. Now able to see in the bright sunlight she could see the chord from the vibrator wrapped around her body and the plug dangling free at her feet and knew she had rolled it around herself until she pulled the plug from the wall.

While she rested and caught her breath she tested her bonds and found they were all still on her and just as tight as the night before and wiggled her way back onto her knees before using the couch to stand up again, really glad she hadn’t worn any of her extreme heels during this adventure. Walking carefully to her hanging key she quickly released her wrists and pulled the gag from her mouth whining loudly as it popped out from behind her teeth.

She massaged her aching jaw muscles and got something to drink before making the long trip to her bedroom to unlock her ankles, passing the bathroom she slipped the tight latex off her sweaty body and relieved herself. One wrist still having the cuffs dangling from it she smiled again then cleaned herself and dried her sweat covered body then made her way to the bedroom. Lying down on her comfortable bed she cuffed her hands behind her again and went to sleep. June slept for another six hours before waking feeling much better than she had in weeks.

Freeing herself June decided to go and get some new clothes that actually fit, after showering and fixing her hair and makeup for the first time in weeks. She went to the mall and bought several new outfits that fit her new waist and chest much better before heading to the fetish shop wanting to see if they had anything that might help her get off tonight.

Arriving at the shop she could see it was very busy but decided to go in and look around, she was feeling very self conscious because she was wearing her new work clothes and didn’t like being looked at like a prude. As she wondered the shop she saw a leather skirt that looked beautiful and wanted to try it on but knew the chastity belt would show through it and decided to wait until she could remove it before purchasing the long skirt. She found a new gag and was studying it when the salesgirl walked up and said “I guarantee it will keep you quiet”.

June jumped at being startled and asked how it worked, the salesgirl walked quickly behind the counter. June watched her walk away in her six inch heels and knee length pencil skirt noticing some lines under it that made her think she was wearing a chastity belt as well. June also noticed her strides seem to be restricted but could not make out by what before she was behind the counter pulling a gag similar to the one June still had in her hand and waved June to the counter.

She showed June what each strap did and how effective it was before slipping the ball into her mouth and wrapping the straps around her head pulling each one tight. When she was finished she moved around in front of the counter and motioned for June to pull the two straps behind her head tighter. June was slightly stunned but complied and pulled each three more notches tighter, the girl moaned as she handed June two locks and let June lock the straps in place.

The girl turned towards June taking June’s hand and let her feel how tight the leather had been pulled over her mouth, June rubbed the leather feeling the girls parted lips and even the ball that was trapped under the wide panel and became instantly horny again. The girl showed her several different styles before June picked out one that was made of clear vinyl with a much larger red ball. The salesgirl, still gagged, opened the package and wiped the ball and panel with an alcohol wipe and dried it by swinging it in the air before loosening all the straps and moving it towards June’s mouth.

June stopped her and said “I think I’ll try it at home” the girl made a pouty face then turned and grabbed some keys and handed them to June and pushed the gag towards Junes mouth again. June knew the keys were for the girls gag and understood she was saying June could keep them until she removed June’s gag. June opened wide and soon had the ball shoved deep into her mouth and the giggling salesgirl tightening the straps one by one.

June had forgotten the other people in the store and closed her eyes as the gag got tighter and tighter. When she felt the straps under her chin tighten up clamping her teeth on the ball she felt the climax suddenly get very close. June was panting through her nose as the salesgirl pulled the last two straps very tight and slipped locks through each and clicked them closed. June hadn’t heard the locks close since she was concentrating on her building orgasm and breathing. June felt herself being pulled forwards she opened her eyes and saw several people that had been standing behind her.

June had been ignoring everything else as her orgasm washed over her and she stood moaning and panting, blushing when they all clapped for her and her friends show. June was still being pulled towards the mirror by the salesgirl when the girl turned and ran back to the counter to check out the waiting customers. June watched her check each one out writing down questions and nodding a lot as she totaled up their bills. One woman came by and said “That gag looks fantastic on you, I have to get one for my boy” and walked off.

June found the mirror and almost came again when she saw how the gag showed her teeth parted by the large red ball and how her lips were smashed against her teeth and the thick panel. June turned her head looking at the straps when she noticed the locks dangling from two of the straps and quickly reached up and pulled at them realizing she had been locked into the gag just like her new friend.

June turned around and saw no one at the counter and panicked slightly as she searched the store for the salesgirl spinning around until she saw her towards the back and that she was still gagged as before. Relaxing some she wandered around the store humming slightly as she picked up a steel collar and slipped it around her throat. The collar fit snuggly but when June looked in the mirror she knew she had to have it. The salesgirl popped up behind her and motioned for June to give her the collar and she slid the key ring off of it and snapped it back around June’s neck turning the key quickly before handing the key to June. The girl then dashed back to the dressing rooms. June adjusted the collar and liked the way it shined and how tightly it fit her neck and decided to buy it and the gag.

June wandered around for another half hour still gagged and locked into the collar before the salesgirl checked out the lady she had been helping and waved her to the front of the store. June laid the keys to the collar on the counter and held out her hand for the keys to her gag. The sales girl pouted again but turned June around and unlocked the gag handing the keys to June before turning around and jingling the locks on her own gag. June just smiled as she pulled the ball from between her teeth and said “I want to ask you something first”. The salesgirl looked slightly nervous and nodded ok. “Are you wearing a chastity belt?” The girl nodded she was, “Can I see it?” the girl nodded again and led June to the changing rooms.

June watched as the girl pulled her tight skirt down to reveal her secret, her waist was cinched in tightly by a wide steel belt. The center strap was twice as wide as June’s and not only covered her pussy completely but covered her ass like a pair of steel panties. June could only see two small holes in the shining steel one in the front and one in the back. The thing June was most surprised by was the wide bands of steel around the girl’s thin thighs that were attached to each other and then held by small chains to her belt.

June stared at the girl’s belt finally reaching out and touching the wide band and running her hand over the steel covering her firm ass. The girl moaned a little as she felt the warmth of June’s hand on her ass before June said “How long?” the girl held up three fingers. “Days?” June asked the girl shook her head no “Weeks?” June asked the girl nodded yes. “How much longer?” the girl shrugged her shoulders as she pulled her dress back up. June followed the girl to the front counter and unlocked her gag and watched the girl remove the gag wiping it off before putting it away again. “I could wear that all the time if I could get away with it” the young girl said smiling at June.

“Why don’t you know how long till you get the belt off?” June asked “I’ve been wearing a chastity belt off and on for years and send my keys off and pick a minimum and a maximum time so I don’t ever really know how long it will be” the girl answered. “What’s the time frame this time?” June asked “Minimum three months maximum eight months” the girl answered. “Wow! Eight months, I couldn’t stand it for that long” June said. “How do you mean that you couldn’t stand it?” June unbuttoned and lowered her skirt a little showing the girl the tight belt around her waist.

The girl squealed again and said “You have to show it to me” June buttoned her skirt up shaking her head but soon the girl had pulled her back into the dressing room and was “helping” her lower her skirt. The girl saw the tight belt pulling in the corset and asked “Have you been wearing that since you left here that night?” June lowered her head and said “Yes, I got excited when I got home and locked the belt over the corset”. “Where’s the key?” the girl asked still running her hands all over June’s corseted body.

“At the same service, for at least another two weeks” June answered. The girl smiled as she felt June’s ass and said “You’re brave, to wear one of these types for so long, most people can’t, they tend to chafe after awhile”. “Oh it does but like I said I don’t really have a choice in the matter, and didn’t know there were ones as beautiful as yours out there”. The girl answered by saying “It took me a long time to save up for this one but it was worth it, it has fit me perfect since I first put it on and now I feel weird when I don’t wear it”. The girls chatted about their belts for another hour before the shop got busy again and June left still wearing her collar carrying her new gag glad to have met her new friend and have someone to talk to about her belt.

After starting the car June wanted to climax badly so she quickly buckled her new gag back on locking it before getting back out and putting the bag with the keys in it in the trunk and slamming it closed. June dashed back to the driver’s seat and headed home knowing she couldn’t unlock the gag without getting out of the car.

Her drive home took longer than normal, she hadn’t figured on the extra weekend traffic as her jaw started to ache and she sat hoping nobody noticed her gapping mouth while she sat in the traffic jam. An hour later she pulled up to her house and noticed her neighbors where out front with their kids and didn’t want to get out with her gag and collar on but had no choice. Her sexual frustration had built to the point that she knew if she could just get to her vibrator she could get off and parked the car and quickly climbed out and waved at the family as she walked to her door.

Once inside she quickly hung her release key up by the ice block, shedding her clothes as she headed towards the bedroom and locked her ankles together again then strapped her thighs together with two wide belts trapping her vibrator under them. The new gag was keeping her silent and making her lust increase driving her to grab her thick leather blindfold and cinch it tightly over her eyes before locking one wrist and turning on the vibrator and quickly locking the other behind her back.

The vibrations felt wonderful as she flopped backwards on her bed and rolled onto her stomach, as the climax neared she fought her restraints pulling on the cuffs and wiggling while she gasped for air over the tight gag. The more she struggled the harder it was for her to breathe in the tight corset and before she could climax she blacked out. June was left bound and gagged on her bed while the vibrator hummed loudly.

Waking sometime later she was still aroused but the gag was starting to hurt badly and she felt the urge to pee building so she forced herself to get to her feet and begin the long trek to the kitchen to release herself. Standing in her high heels and ankle cuffs was much more difficult and walking was even harder. The vibrator was still working as she felt another climax building as she struggled to creep away from the bed wishing she hadn’t used the blindfold. Reaching the end of the power chord she stopped trying to decide if she could stand the gag a little longer, opting to continue to the kitchen for fear she would pee on herself and wiggled forward another step pulling the plug out of the socket and stopping the vibrations.

It took almost an hour for her to reach the kitchen, being blind with the straps holding her thighs together mixed with the heels and cuffs around her ankles made progress slow. June was gasping for air as she neared the kitchen and rested against the wall before struggling to where the key should be hanging. Twisting and reaching out with her trapped hands she blindly searched for the keys to her release.

After ten minutes of searching she needed to sit down to rest and found a nearby chair and slowly slid down into it. Gasping she sat trying to get comfortable stretching her legs out and leaning back in the chair. After a few minutes she felt better and could feel the backrest against her head and started rubbing her head against it slowly working the blindfold up until it slid off onto the floor. June had to let her eyes adjust before looking for her dangling key, grunting loudly when she finally spotted it still hanging high out of reach. The ice was gone but the key had only dropped a few inches before becoming entangled with itself and now hung to high for her to reach.

June sat stunned staring at the key trying to figure out what had happened, it had never failed before and as she followed the line she saw the problem. In her hurry she had accidently looped the string for the key over the hook instead of just through the ice block loop and the key was not heavy enough to pull the weight of the string down. She was stuck her only hope was her emergency backup.

She had made sure it would have to be an emergency to use it by mixing at concoction of fluids guaranteed to ruin her carpet as well as staining her body while she lay in the puddle it would cause. All while unlocking the small metal box bolted to the bottom of the book shelf that her spare keys in it. She continued to stare at the key as the sun light faded, she had long ago released her bladder and felt more comfortable in her restraints than she ever had before.

Now sitting almost straight up she had taken her cuffed arms and slid them over the back of the chair making her more comfortable and keeping her from falling off the chair if she dozed off. June sat staring at the key trying to figure out how to get it unstuck. She had sat staring at the key many times before waiting for the cravings to pass but now she sat desperately not wanting to ruin her carpet or explain the strange stains on any part of her exposed body to her coworkers.

After dozing off several times June could now see the light from the rising sun and was working up the courage to waddle back to her bedroom and pull the string to her emergency release when a thought struck her. I could just knock it down, she mumbled to herself under the tight gag.

June stood on wobbly legs sliding her cuffed and numb hands over the chair back and made her way to the small closet in the kitchen and grabbed a broom and went back to where the key hung. Working the broom up in her hands until the handle rested on her head she moved it under the key. The new steel collar felt like it was choking her while she was looking up but she continued to move the broom upwards until it would touch the key.

June stood batting at the key with the small handle for another hour only managing to hit it once and only making it swing some before losing her grip and dropping the broom on the tile floor. Grunting loudly, her frustration over the whole situation caused her to begin to cry as she slowly slid down the wall until she was sitting.

June scooted over to the broom and stood it up leaning it against the counter. June was gasping for air and trying to breathe through her partially blocked nose as she began to panic, the collar making her feel like she was being strangled and she rolled over onto her stomach and wrestled with her bonds.

Still on the floor June calmed herself and caught her breath then carefully worked herself onto her feet again. Grabbing the broom but this time using the bristles to swat the key she began hitting it and could see through her watery eyes that it was moving. With renewed hope she continued to twist and bend her body trying to find the right combination of movements to bring the key down. Finally just before giving up again the broom caught the key and pulled it down as June lowered the broom bringing the key with it into her waiting hands.

June was squealing with joy as she unlocked her hands and removed the straps from her thighs but needed to go back to the bedroom for the keys to the cuffs around her ankles and made the long journey back. Once her ankles were free she slipped her feet out of her high heels and groaned as she rubbed her sore feet before remembering the keys to the collar and gag were still in the trunk of her car parked in front of the house.

Shit! June jumped up and went to the front door only to stop and look outside when she heard kids playing. Looking out the window and seeing that there must have been thirty kids running around June remembered that it was her neighbor’s kid’s birthday today and they were having a large party for her.

June stood staring at the gift she had gotten the child knowing she could not go outside with her gag and collar showing until the kids had left. She rubbed her face noticing that her jaw hurt much less and decided to wait them out not wanting to ruin her new gag by cutting it off. June showered then put on some more sensible heels and slipped into her long latex dress, cleaning up her house while she waited for the party to end was her only distraction so she set about doing it Cleaning up her mess in the kitchen and hanging up her clothes all made more difficult by the dress and her constant tugging on the tight collar.

While she cleaned and put away her remaining restraints she thought about trying again to make herself come but decided against it afraid something would happen again. Besides she was getting very thirsty and just wanted to be rid of the gag so she could eat and drink then sleep the rest of the day. Lying back on her couch she realized she had been wearing the gag for well over twelve hours and thought to herself, maybe all I needed to do was tough it out and I could have been wearing it all along.

Soon June had fallen asleep not waking until long after dark, waking in cuffs was nothing new to her but waking with her mouth full and wrapped in tight latex was something different. June jumped up and looked outside and quickly grabbed her keys and headed to her car not realizing she was still wearing only her latex dress until she stepped out and had to move carefully down the steps. The tight latex making walking down steps difficult but she continued to move forward.

June opened the trunk snatching the shopping bag and headed back towards the house as quickly as possible. Once inside June unlocked the gag and peeled the panel over her mouth off before popping the ball out from behind her teeth, groaning as she worked her sore jaw muscles and rubbed her face.

June continued to work her jaw as she fixed herself a small dinner and drank several bottles of water before settling down to watch a movie and eat her meal. Her body was still encased by the tight latex when she fell asleep. Waking the next morning on the couch June panicked when she realized she was late for work and quickly called in and told her boss she would be in by lunch.

She and her boss chatted for a little while before her boss said “We don’t have anything that has to be done today why don’t you take the day off and get caught up on your sleep” June thanked her and said she really did need it and said good bye. June was eating a snack when the cravings kicked in hard and she quickly retrieved her gag and cuffs.

After carefully hanging her key June strapped the gag on tightly then sat down in the chair. Cuffing her ankles first then cuffing her hands behind the chair leaving her struggling against the steel encircling her wrists and to wonder was she now craving a cigarette or the handcuffs. Knowing she was not good at quitting anything and probably could never stop the cravings for her new habit anyway. June decided she would remove the rubber cock and balls from her pussy when she did get the keys back but would relock the belt and send the keys away for two months this time and maybe even order a new chastity belt like her friends.

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