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Quitting Smoking the Sybian Way

by Techie & Techster

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Although my husband successfully quit smoking about ten years ago I have not been able to. Over the years I’ve spent about 3 thousand dollars on everything from chewing gum, prescription medicines, doctors, counseling and most recently hypnotherapy all to no avail. Yes, I quit for about a week, but the moment any kind of stress happened, I had to go back to smoking again.

The other day I was reading a book by a well-known author in which one of the characters, a retired “HO” named Lulu quit smoking using a vibrator. Every time she was tempted to light up a cigarette she simply gave herself an orgasm with a vibrator.

After reading that I took a look at the Sybian ride-on vibrator with the four-inch dildo and clitoral stimulating pad that I “bought” by lending my husband, Techster, out as a slave for a day and thought, “Why the hell not? I’ll bet after a quick Sybian ride I would forget about smoking.”

The next day I was about to light a cigarette and decided, “Now’s the time!” I hopped on the Sybian, turned it up to about half speed on both vibration and rotation of the dildo, and in just a few short minutes I had temporarily forgotten about the urge to smoke.

However when I got close to an orgasm I felt satisfied so I “chickened out” and shut everything down. I saw the video of a woman who had a screaming orgasm - or two, or three - while locked in neck and wrist stocks on a Sybian and thought, “that would be a challenge! I wonder just how much I could take?”

As long as I could escape I would never find out. So I hooked up the digital timer to the strip outlet that the Sybian was plugged into. Next I went to my husband, Techster, who was in his workshop and told him what I wanted to do.

His reaction was, “Now that sounds like something I would enjoy watching! Bring the Sybian here so I can take some measurements.”

I returned with the Sybian and sat on it so he could measure for the stocks. He laid out dimensions and a crude drawing on some drafting paper on his drafting table and said, “Give me about an hour and I’ll design magnetically locking stocks for your neck and wrists.”

I went to get some groceries and when I returned he had completed a mounting pad for the Sybian with a magnetically latched neck and wrist stock installed. It was mounted on a three foot wide by four foot long plywood panel, with eye bolts and a strap on the edge of each side.

I stripped, sat on the Sybian and noted that there were a pair of leather straps and buckles that were positioned so the straps would go over my thighs. I plugged the power cord to the stocks on the same timer strip as the Sybian and set the timer to 15 minutes.

Techster advised me, “The stocks and vibrator are switched on by your weight. Once it engages you cannot touch the control for the Sybian, so set it on a comfortable setting before you start. It is a two-stage switch. First the magnetic lock on the stocks engages and one minute later when wrist and neck stocks are fully latched the Sybian will turn on.”

When I sat on the Sybian, the pressure switch turned on the power and the stocks closed and latched around my wrists and neck. The inside, where the wrists and neck were clamped, was tight but comfortable and lined with a soft carpet material. I realized that even without the straps on my thighs there was no escape from the Sybian.

“OK this is a great rig, now how do I start it?”

Techster laughed and said, “The timer is started by the same pressure switch that is turned on by your weight and the locking switch on the stocks. Now I will lock this ball gag in your mouth and put a blindfold on you, to enhance your feeling of helplessness. It should make the Sybian ride feel more intense. One minute after the stocks are locked the Sybian will start.”

I sat on the Sybian, positioned my neck and wrists and the electromagnets on the stock locked, one minute later the Sybian started. Restrained, gagged and with the blindfold the Sybian felt more intense, the vibrator was teasing my clitoris and at the same time the dildo was rotating inside me.

After about five minutes I had an orgasm and wanted to stop the Sybian. But there was no stopping it. I was a captive for another ten minutes at least. I started bucking as the orgasms hit one after another then I felt a flow, it felt like I was peeing, and I realized that I had “squirted”. I started to scream but the large soft ball gag kept me quiet.

Techster pulled up a chair, put on a pair of noise-reducing earmuffs and just smiled and watched me. I could feel the beads of sweat rolling down my back and thought. “I am really enjoying this torture entirely too much!”

Finally the timer shut the Sybian down, the stocks released and I fell forward off the Sybian. It took a while for me to gather my strength so I could stand, I was exhausted. AND I DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT A CIGARETTE for the rest of the day! Success!

Now every time I think about smoking I sit on the Sybian, and it’s off to Pleasure Town I go! I wonder if there has ever been a case of “Sybian addiction”? It really helps us long-married couples to be married to an engineer. He (Techster) can design whatever piece of equipment I want to keep my life interesting!


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