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Rachel’s Weekly Web Show

by Kinky Writer

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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF+/f; leather; corset; boots; electroplay; sybian; armbinder; program; video; voy; audience; submission; tease; denial; cons; X

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Rachel reviewed the final votes for that night’s show while she calmly sipped her tea and watched the clock on the wall slowly creep towards 9pm.

The results seemed intriguing this week, though she was trying to contain her excitement in order to save her salacious enthusiasm for the show…

For the past two years, the young woman in her early 30s had lived a life about which she certainly could never complain. She lived alone in a beautiful waterfront home in Northern California with a playful dog and nearly all of the free time of a trophy wife but without the pesky, overcompensating husband, and it was all afforded to her by a simple commitment of a few hours of unadulterated access to the heart of her sexuality each week … something that she had become quite in tune with that eventually led her to her current career choice.

Sure, lots of women had discovered the secret to making money online by flirting with kinky men and giving them a little personalized taste on screen of what seemed all but unattainable in their real lives, but two years ago Rachel had decided to take the concept a step further by actually giving those men (and women) control … even if only for a short while each week…

Her plan had started off small with a simple vibrator that she had connected to her computer and a pair of handcuffs, but as her audience grew after that fateful late night when she allowed 14 random strangers to get her off while she sat in front of her webcam with her hands cuffed behind her back, Rachel took quick note that her desire to play with the finer toys in life was shared even more so by her fans, and as she proceeded to reinvest nearly all of the donations that she had received into more sophisticated toys and a more alluring wardrobe for her to wear on air, her audience reciprocated ten-fold and quickly she found herself with more than she knew what to do with as her closet became filled with latex and leather, and the spare bedroom in her apartment was converted into a makeshift dungeon studio.

Eventually as her bank account grew larger and she began to run out of space for all of the new ideas that she was devising to feature on her up and coming show, Rachel decided that it was time to accept that her business concept wasn’t just a fluke after all and began shopping around until she found the perfect house that both blew her away with every possible feature that she could ever want in a home and also boasted a variety of architectural nuances and free space which she could use to further expand on her kinky wardrobe and also build out the play space that she felt would be more fitting for charging her fans $59.95/month to catch a glimpse into each week…

If there was one thing that Rachel constantly pushed herself to never take for granted, it was the people who supported her and had made this sexual fantasy that had erupted around her entirely possible, and so the other six days a week when she wasn’t in front of the cameras, her mind was constantly reeling to find new ways to deliver what her fans wanted to see. When a majority expressed an interest in leather, she sought out some of the most experienced seamstresses in the world to begin crafting her designs on a regular basis, the fan favorites of which would then be funded and placed into circulation in her wardrobe. When electroplay was suggested for one of her weekly tortures, she spent days upon days pouring over books to learn everything there was to learn about running electric current through the human body for pain and for pleasure.

Very few things were off-limits to Rachel and she did her best to be open-minded and try just about anything once. Her only main rules were that the show would always remain a solo act, meaning she wouldn’t be playing with anyone else on camera – fans or otherwise, and that ultimately she made the final call for anything that was to happen with her own body, though she only ever had to enact her second rule once when voting had gotten out of hand and an item had been hacked into the set list that she wasn’t comfortable with…

Rachel loved her life and couldn’t ask for more. She was young, and successful, and she felt more sexually alive than ever, despite not having been in a relationship since she’d started her business venture. At this stage in her life she felt as if she didn’t need a boyfriend … instead, she had 65,000 boyfriends (and girlfriends!), and in between lazy afternoons spent reading out by the water and erotically-charged nights developing her show, she was very happy with how her life had turned out thus far.

Glancing up again and seeing how far the hands had moved since her last check, Rachel decided that it was probably time for her to start getting ready for the main event.  After placing her tea cup into the sink, she proceeded to the master bathroom where she took a long and luxuriously hot shower as she worked to clear her palate for the night’s festivities. That night’s show was scheduled to be 3 hours long – a bit longer than most, but she was experimenting with something new and she wanted to make sure that she didn’t shortchange herself or anyone on the other side of the camera by not allowing enough time to properly explore…

As she stepped out of the shower, she took her time drying her hair and savored the last few moments she had before stepping in front of the first cameras to dress for the evening. Though most of her audience only tuned in for her main show each week, a surprising portion actually seemed interested in her pre-show activities that included her lacing herself into the various fetishwear that would be seen later that evening, so always flattered that people enjoyed looking at her body, Rachel eventually built out a special dressing room with Behind the Scenes cameras to capture that portion of her exhibition, too.

The highlight of her attire that evening was to be the latest model of a specially designed leather corset that had electrodes built into the cups. Rachel had grown particularly fond of breast and nipple play over the years, so when she had posted to her fans that she would be interested in new ways to incorporate more advanced forms of nipple torture into her show, one of the most popular suggestions had been to incorporate electroplay that could then be controlled by her fans during the show…

Knowing the dangers involved yet nonetheless intrigued by the possibilities, Rachel had reached out to a number of medical professionals as well as experienced dominants to not only find the safest methods to achieve this devious suggestion, but also the limits to which she could reasonably push herself in order to get the most out of the experience herself. At the end of it all, a custom pair of electrodes was created for each nipple that she was then able to have built into several of her corsets, thus creating an easy way for the connectors to be held tightly in place while also taking certain safeguards to help protect herself from any real danger.

The corset that she would wear that evening was a traditional black leather overbust corset with heavy boning and a halter that made its way into a collar that laced snugly around her neck. She found that the halter added an extra layer of pressure to help keep the electrodes centered firmly on her nipples, and as an added bonus the entire garment featured an intricate design of pink stitching that added a quiet air of femininity to the otherwise daunting black leather that would cover her from her torso up to her neck…

Before the corset itself, Rachel took a brief detour to don her footwear for the evening – an intimidating pair of leather thigh-high ballet boots in a rich, black leather with the same pink stitching up the outsides to match her corset. Despite her best efforts, she still wasn’t able to walk very well in the enforced pointes, however she welcomed them for this week’s show anyways because she couldn’t deny just how sexy they looked and it wasn’t like she was going to be on her feet for very long once they were on, anyways.

Returning to the menacing corset once the soft, but firm ballet boots were in place, she made her way over to a machine that had been mounted to one of the dressing room walls that had been specially designed to assist in the lacing of a woman’s corsets in the absence of another person. After some careful tweaking, the machine had been calibrated to cinch Rachel’s corsets to their maximum tightness – something that she wouldn’t have any other way – and as she stood there looking off into space with her hands on the lacing bar in front of her as the gears slowly brought the leather in tight around her, that was the moment when she began to slip into the subspace that allowed her to savor each and every week that she subjected herself to this wonderful treatment for a living…

What they would do to her, she could only imagine, for she knew of all the toys to be made available and the settings that were offered up for their control, but their actual use was nonetheless entirely up to the majority vote of her audience in real-time as she sat before them looking into the cameras. They could be cruel, or they could be kind … she had both experienced and loved each in their own special ways. To put herself out there in such a raw and exposed form for their own entertainment … she knew that if she were at the controls of someone like her, she would want to see her put through an entire range of sensations from both the wonderfully orgasmic up to and especially also including the erotically painful.

A part of her kind of wanted to be punished that night, and as she released her hands from the lacing bar and brought them up to touch her chest through the heavy, leather breast cups, an intoxicating chill ran down her spine as she knew that her wish was a very real possibility whether she truly wanted it or not…

Making one last touch up to her makeup, Rachel then left the dressing room and carefully walked across the hall to the main studio where her gear had been setup for the night’s performance. Taking center stage stood a raised platform where she had earlier installed her custom-designed Sybian – a favorite amongst her most expensive of sex toys. The device featured a couple of new options that made it stand apart from those normally purchased at retail – first, the unit itself had been built into a horseback riding saddle that she had picked out to improve its comfort level and riding longevity; second, as with all of her toys, the controls had been modified to interface with the sophisticated computers that directed her show, allowing her audience to collectively control the rotation and vibrations of the machine from all over the world; and finally, an added extra that she didn’t often use but was learning to love to hate … a series of electrodes similar to the ones in her corset had been built into both the base that her full weight rested against as well as even into some special attachments to be inserted inside of her … thus making the now even more sinister device capable of both intense shocks and vibrations throughout her nether regions all at the same time!

Walking past the saddle to the control panel that sat along the back wall of the room, Rachel punched a few buttons and pulled up the configuration for that night’s show to give it one last review…

Show Name / Number: Rachel Rides Again!  (show #137)

Description: Dressed in her finest leathers, Rachel mounts her Sybian for a follow-up ride that’s sure to leave her begging for release!

Duration: 3 hours

Special Requests:

nipple torture via electroplay, advanced - ACCEPTED tease and denial – ACCEPTED overtime - 1 hour with Orgasm Denial waived if no orgasms achieved within original duration; all maxes increased by 20% – ACCEPTED

Device Limits:

Sybian / Vibration Max. – 8 of 10, with graduated acceleration Sybian / Rotation Speed – 7 of 10, with graduated acceleration Electro / Nipples Max. – 85 of 100, with graduated acceleration Electro / Sybian Surface – Max – 25 of 100, enabled only for vocal control Electro / Sybian Internal – Max – 15 of 100, disabled with fellatio gag use Arm Restraint Tension – strict Leg Restraint Tension – high Vocal Control Sensitivity - moderate Orgasm Denial Threshold – 90% Orgasm Denial Threshold Caveat – lowered to 25% if maxes sustained

She’d forgotten all about the tease and denial that she’d offered up for that show after lusting over the nipple torture, but despite her impending frustration, the denial aspect also turned her on as well … just in a different way. Nonetheless the overtime proposal made tolerance of the initial tease and denial much more appealing, as she noted that the cards were somewhat stacked against her for the first 3 hours … the prospect of orgasmic overload made the first few hours of torture a bit easier to bear, despite how ridiculously exhausted she knew that she’d be by the end of it all…

Everything seemed to be in order for her limits – the graduated acceleration notes indicating that although she could handle the higher values, the system would prevent the audience from rapidly shooting her from zero all the way to the maximum … a lesson that she learned the hard way the first time she brought her first electroplay insert online! She admittedly cringed once again when she noted the Vocal Control settings being combined with such a high Orgasm Denial Threshold, as she knew that her best chance of cumming would require extended durations being subjected to everything that the system could unleash and her chances of staying even moderately quiet during that type of intensity was pretty much impossible!

Hitting the final accept and then entering her password twice to submit her program into the system before she could make any more second-guesses, Rachel quickly made her way over to where her gag had been left before returning to the Sybian in the center to make her final preparations…

The gag itself was a half-mask that covered her lips and buckled behind her head, with its plug in the shape of a small dildo, as referenced by the fellatio gag note tied to the electrodes on the Sybian’s internal probe that would be going inside of her. Essentially the gag worked by having sensors inside that could detect movements within Rachel’s mouth that resembled cock sucking – something that she actually rather enjoyed – so that when the electrodes began to tingle inside of her, she had the option to disable them by sucking on the gag in her mouth.

Rachel used this gag quite often, with or without the electrode sensors, simply because she felt like it encouraged her submissive tendencies to have her mouth thoroughly gagged with such a sexually overt device, and was somewhat eager to buckle the straps tightly at the base of her neck just above her corset’s collar before proceeding with the rest of her bondage.

The remainder of her restraints she knew were a bit tricky, as she needed to secure both her arms and her legs while also balancing herself on top of the Sybian in her saddle. Her arms were to be secured inside of a leather armbinder tightly behind her back – a device overhead hung the binder above the saddle, waiting to automatically tighten around her arms once she had moved into position. Her ankles were a bit “easier,” as they simply needed to find their way into a pair of steel ankle cuffs that hung like stirrups off the sides of the saddle and would also move themselves into place once she was ready.

First attempting to mount the saddle itself, Rachel applied a generous amount of lubricant to both the attachment as well as herself before drying her hands and then lifting herself up with a bar that hung above the saddle, then slowly down onto the phallus that eagerly slipped inside of her until her pussy and thighs came to rest on the base of the saddle. Taking a moment to center herself and ensure that she was comfortable, she then looked down and aimed one ankle, then the other at the steel cuffs that hung near the floor which reacted and locked around her booted ankles once they came in contact.

Next, a simple connector that extended out the bottom of the back of her corset was clipped to a similar set of wires that would power the electrodes that were nestled tightly against her ever-sensitive nipples.

And finally for her last piece of bondage - the armbinder itself, Rachel stretched her body upward and flexed her arms first over the safety strap that would help to keep her upright once she was fully bound, and then brought them together down into the confines of the partially laced armbinder behind her. Taking one last look around her to ensure that all was in place and noting that the large, LED clock on the wall displayed 8:58pm – just two minutes before show time – Rachel found with her fingers the two tiny buttons that had been embedded inside the armbinder as controls to begin her bondage, and pressed and held both buttons together for the next 15 seconds to signal the program’s start…

After the seemingly endless delay that had been designed as a failsafe to ensure that she was for certain ready to proceed, the machines around her began to whir to life – first the one overhead holding her armbinder, which slowly drew the custom laces of the binder together until her arms were tightly melded into one by the soft, but strong leather before straightening forward to hold her rigidly upright; and then the first of many in the saddle itself, these ones simply pulling her booted legs up until they were parallel with the floor, thus balancing all of Rachel’s weight solely on her groin and thighs.

Lastly, she felt the test pattern engage and the motors beneath and inside of her fired one by one, followed with a similarly shocking test of the electrodes embedded in her corset as well as down below. As she took a deep breath through her gag, noting that all seemed to be in order, her eyes drifted to the second set of numbers on the wall – 57,063 – representing the number of her fans that were currently logged in and waiting for her show to begin.

Gazing at herself in the mirror directly across from her current predicament, she felt her juices begin to flow as she imagined what they were going to do to the leather-clad woman that had bound herself so tightly and was now awaiting anything and everything that they had to give her. As the theme of the night’s show implied, she didn’t deserve to cum tonight … instead she would be made to suffer as the hopelessly horny slut that she was…

Finding the tiny buttons in the tip of the now stringently tight armbinder with her fingers once again, she pressed and held them once more until the room went dark around her. The clock, the monitors, the viewer count all seemed to disappear, instead now only she was the single focus in the entire room as cameras gazed upon her latest predicament from a variety of angles.

Her mind momentarily fluttered to earlier that day when she had taken a leisurely walk through a nearby park while most others in the world were busy at work … and then as the not-so-subtle grinding began to grow between her thighs, a similar tingling began to dance around each of her nipples. With the creaking of leather mixed with her soft moan all that filled the room, she looked again into the mirror and watched the woman across from her give in and relinquish control once again – even if only for a brief few hours - to thousands of complete strangers who were eagerly waiting her arrival.

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