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The Rain Coat

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2011 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

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The raincoat was perfect it hung on a manikin in the window of a charity shop, with a price tag and the immortal and essential words ‘Double Sided.’ Jenny who had little money being an out of work student, reached into her handbag and removed her purse, a glance inside told her that ‘yes’ she did have enough money to purchase the coat, but not enough to catch the bus home if she did. Opportunities like this one did not come along everyday, double sided coats were a rarity these days, and this one was also a nice colour. She went inside and asked to see the coat.

The woman looked a little put out at having to fetch it from the window display, and for a second Jenny thought that she might refuse. She did not and soon the coat was being held out to her. Jenny hooked it onto a rail and studied the design. It even had button down epilates at the shoulders, which made it just that little more perfect for Jenny. She had to have it, despite knowing that if she purchased it, she faced a three-mile walk in the rain to get home, but at least she would have a rain coat to cover her flimsy blouse and skirt; so she would at least be warm and dry within as she walked.

Not so her feet, Jenny had never intended to walk far outside of the shopping center so her footwear was not exactly what she would have chosen, had she known how her day out was going to end. The walk home was exactly how she expected, long wet and tedious but she had her coat and with it the opportunity to fulfil a fantasy that had plagued her mind recently.

Jenny was twenty-two, slim verging on scrawny, single and frustrated and most of all turned on by being bound up, hence she was single, not having found a man that both liked her anorexic look and her kinks as well. Jenny found that if she decided not to use her vibrator or fingers for a week or two she became very aroused, which always led to much more powerful orgasms, unfortunately it also led her to desire to do more outrageous exhibitions, and to take bigger risks than she would normally consider.

It was now nearly a month since she had allowed her fingers to entertain her, and the effect was nearly overwhelming. For the last few days, she had been desiring to try a public bondage walk, one with real feeling risks of being caught and humiliated and also one that she had little or no choice in, once she started her game.

Three days later, Saturday morning arrived and she was ready to commence. Now that she had the coat, she had everything she needed, the coat stopped just above her knees, which was perfect for what she intended.

She had cut out the pocket linings so that her hands could join within the coat. Saturday late morning she fetched her home made waist restraint belt, which she buckled around her middle and padlocked shut. Step one she thought as she looked again at the coat. Next she selected her footwear and added hold up stockings to her growing pile, then she added a pair of butterfly nipple clamps, she loved how they made her tiny almost non-existent breasts hurt. These joined the pile.

A thin-strapped handbag joined the rest, though why she added that she didn’t know as she would not be able to open it. Perhaps for camouflage she decided, a woman in the shops without a handbag would stand out, she would be obvious enough wearing a long coat done up in the air conditioned temperature controlled shopping center.

Last, she had a butt plug, it had cost her little as she had found it amazingly at a car boot sale. She had braved the look of interest on the man behind the tables face and ignored his wife’s glare of disgust as she purchased the item, but once bought she had scurried hastily into the crowd and disappeared clutching her prize. A long soak in disinfectant later and she had a device designed to make her very aware of its presence, and because it was large and she was slight, she would be very aware of it, especially with what she intended to do this afternoon.

Last she fetched out a wooden box in which she kept her prized handcuffs, these she had saved madly for (whilst she was a student) and they would provide the irresistible force to drive her forward. The day she had bought the coat she had been in the shopping center for a very different reason, she had in fact been hiding a single very important key, the key to the cuffs laid out before her.

She knew exactly where that single key was to be found, but to get it she would have to stroll the full length of the mall, then once she had recovered it, she would have to walk most of the way back to the ladies toilets. Then struggle inside, find a cubical, which on a Saturday afternoon would be difficult, and might well entail a long wait surrounded by other women, before she could remove her cuffs, and free her arms. Then with that task completed, she could browse a little before returning home for a well-deserved orgasm or two.

Jenny sucked in a deep breath before she removed her clothes; standing naked, except for the locked belt, she looked at herself. She did not look bad in a skinny sort of way, she was not anorexic, but she knew that people often looked at her and wondered. Her fingers reached up to pluck at her flat poached egg breasts, pulling a nipple out firmly and rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. Watching her reflection with fascination as her nipple engorged. She reached down for the first butterfly clamp, she squeezed it open and seated it firmly on her now erect nipple, the other followed shortly, both forced her to take a sharp breath as the pain and pressure took hold.

Moving on she sat down on a chair and pulled the hold-up stockings up her legs taking care to smooth them out and to warm the adhesive top, to make certain that they would each stay where she had placed them. Having one or both falling to her ankles in the center when she could do nothing about it was a terrifying thought. Next, she picked up the high-heeled red shoes, not exactly what a young woman might decide to wear if she was only going shopping, but Jenny was not going shopping at all, she was only going to a shopping center. She had some hard dry grains of rice in a little bowl, little innocent looking things, that would, once added in to her shoes, make walking potentially very uncomfortable.

The grains went in after the shoes were fitted, pushed between her ankles and the leather; in time they would either work their way down or out. Only time would tell if they were going to be another torment, or a nothing. Jenny liked the idea of them deciding her fate, not her; it was her version of Russian roulette, but without being fatal.

Jenny would love to have been gagged as she made her walk, but that was just impossible, as there was no way a gag could be hidden. Well, not that she had discovered so far; but she did have a round hard rubber ball, which would fit inside of her mouth and restrict her ability to talk and without the risk of choking on it. This she placed in her handbag for later.

The handcuffs had a short chain with a large ring fitted through it centrally, which fixed with a padlock to her belt (the key she placed on the mantelpiece shelf for later). She locked the cuffs in place, letting then dangle down over her naked clean shaven sex, the metal felt cold as it touched her sensitised skin, adding to her feeling of impending doom.

The butt plug waited innocently on the table ready to fulfil its function. Jenny picked up the device and also opened a tube of lube, with which she covered the tip of the plug and then added yet more lube to her anus, before pushing the device into place. To seat it properly she had to sit down, and push down, whilst relaxing; not the easiest thing in the world to do, but she did it. She fed a thin piece of rope around her waist belt from back to front through her parted thighs, pulling it tight so that it not only held the plug snugly, but it seperated her sex lips, and would rub as she walked, adding yet another twist to her game.

With everything Jenny needed firmly in place she pulled on the coat, zipped it up tight to her neck, and looked at herself in the mirror; liking what she saw, loving what she knew could not be seen. She put her handbag on to her shoulder, buttoning its thin strap into place with one of the epaulets; that would stay put she thought. Inside of the handbag was cash for the bus rides to and from the shopping center, a tissue for the toilets, her phone just in case, and of course the rubber ball. Jenny was ready to step out into the world and face the consequences of her actions.

Her spare front door key she hid in the little front garden beneath an old can; as for everything else she might want, she could forget it, she had nothing, and very soon the little she did have would be beyond her reach.

The bus pulled up at the stop perfectly, she stepped onboard perfectly, she paid with the right coinage perfectly and chose a seat nearer to the back than the front; so far everything had gone perfectly.

Jenny felt nervous, the point of no return had arrived and her doubts taunted at her, she slipped her left hand into the coat pocket and through the cut out material, reaching with hesitant fingers for the first handcuff. She flipped it around her wrist and slowly (so as not to create too much noise and attract attention) she clicked it tight around her wrist.

She looked along the length of the bus seeing that none of the few other riders had reacted to the little sounds she had made whilst securing her hand. She pushed her right hand into the right pocket, again reaching through to locate the last cuff and part of her bondage. Just before she locked her wrist, she remembered the rubber ball. She withdrew her hand, clumsily opened her purse, and removed the inch in diameter hard rubber ball, which would act as her gag.

With a quick shy glance around she popped the rubber into her mouth, it tasted horrible but she could close her mouth around it so that it was invisible, and then she returned her hand to her pocket, she found the cuff and ratcheted it shut around her wrist. Her bondage shopping trip was underway, and she had no option but to complete it if she wanted to get free of her imprisonment.

The key to her cuffs was waiting for her, hidden in the shopping center beneath a small stone in a flower display. The only key to her front door was hidden beneath a rusted can in her tiny front garden, which she shared access through with the other tenants. Her hands were locked firmly in place in front of her sex, which was reacting much as she would have expected of it. She could feel the damp moist swelling of her sex lips (cut in two by the cord), and she was tempted to rub at herself.

Her butt plug felt enormous as she bounced up and down with the sway and roll of the bus, as it passed over the poorly maintained roads. All in all, she was ready fully prepared, and her torturous self imposed trial was underway. She felt quite proud of herself, she had devised every step of this torment and she had instigated it fully, all she had to do was to complete it and return home, safe and horny to collect her well-deserved orgasms. Who needed a man to sate them she thought, with a smile on her face.

The ball pushed forward in her mouth held in place by her teeth and closed jaws. Reminding her of both its presence, and her predicament; as if she needed reminding…

The bus pulled up at her stop, Jenny stood, rocked slightly, and would normally have reached out for one of the support rails; but secured as she was she had to rely on her balance to retain her feet. She managed; she walked down the length of the bus joining the four other passengers departing at this stop. She could not help but wonder, what they would think if they knew that the slim girl behind them, was gagged and bound naked and penetrated beneath her coat.

The mental wave of pleasure at having this hidden knowledge, and keeping it to herself, filled her with a rush of hormones, most of which raced towards her sex. Her nipples rubbed against the material of her coat as she stepped down the three steps, pulling her nubbins harshly as the clamps caught on the inner material. If it had not been for the ball in her mouth she might have given herself away, as the pain struck home, but the gag suppressed her yowl of pain, and she clamped down hard with her jaws on the ball and clenched her fingers into fists under her coat, to control the sensations.

She managed to step off the bus despite her agony, and swiftly she walked towards the centre’s main entrance, and away from her milling travelling companions. The grains of rice were already moving within her shoes as she walked, down not up as she had slightly hoped that they might. She could feel them dropping and shifting forward towards her toes and beneath the balls of her feet. Her shoes would soon be adding to her agony, and all because of a few grains of uncooked rice.

Jenny approached the open and wide doorway, leading into the complex of shops. Crowds of people entered before her, others struggled to exit. Jenny entered into the throng, passing beneath the high doorway into her destination. Someone, a man she thought, bumped into her and tried to push past her, and without apologising! She turned her head slightly, used her elbows as a leaver and looked at him, he saw her look, glanced down, and departed. Jenny would have been pleased with herself for facing him down and showing her annoyance at being shoved. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had caused her left nipple clamp to drag sideways with his contact; yanking her nipple, and firing an explosive charge of pain through her small breast, causing her to gasp in shock, despite the ball.

Jenny entered into the shopping complex, her mind still fixed on the man that had tortured her, all though clearly without intent, but still he had inflicted pain on her and she could not make up her mind if she was pleased or annoyed. Two young scruffy men leant against the nearside wall, looking slightly out of place, but at the same time normal for the shopping center. They were watching the crowds enter and leave, looking much as though they spent their day doing nothing else. Jenny did not see them, did not note their interest as she passed.

They turned to face each other, without words being spoken, and in such a way as to not attract attention, the pair entered into the throng; five people behind Jenny and to either side of her.

She had been selected, and she knew nothing off her selection, least of all why…

Part Two

Jenny walked into the shopping complex, feeling very scared and unsure. Her hands chained within the pockets of her raincoat, her handbag gently slapping at her hip as she walked, trying to avoid being bottled in by the crowds surrounding her. She did not want to be touched, as there was the possibility (in her mind only) she believed, that someone might detect her metal handcuffs, or her nakedness beneath the raincoat she wore.

She rode the escalator to the ground floor, and glancing around she stepped onto the shopping centres main causeway. Riding down an escalator without being able to place your obligatory hand on the rail for support, felt odd; but only added to the sensations Jenny felt at her daring secret. People thronged around her, each trapped in their own little world of shopping, whilst she walked forever forward, trapped by her sexuality and arousal, and her own steel locks and chains.

Jenny knew exactly where she was heading and what she intended to do once she arrived. She would move a small stone and pick up the key hidden beneath it. It sounded so simple to do when she had been here hiding the key, but now she realised that she could not reach out to gather her key because she had her hands secured beneath her raincoat. She nearly panicked as the realisation of how helpless she really was dawned on her.

Twenty-feet behind Jenny the two following young men had halted as she halted, they had so far paced her exactly, always looking for the opportunity they sensed that she presented. They watched Jenny as she looked about her, they saw her fear as her face reacted to her thoughts and wondered at the cause; though not enough for them to depart and leave her to face her situation. Jenny, unknowingly, had been selected and if she was scarred and unsure; perhaps confused within the store, that would suit them perfectly. They followed cautiously as she moved once more, always they noted heading towards the far end of the public mall, a place that suited their purpose perfectly.

The flower display with its neat little pond and waterfall came into Jennies view, as the crowd parted before her. She walked with clear purpose toward the display, as she approached she could see the white steak of quartz running through the small stone she sought, beneath which, she had placed the key to her cuffs. He mouth watered as her excitement at being so close bloomed.

Between her thighs, her juices ran rivulets down her legs, dripping slowly to the floor. She hoped that no one had noticed the slight damp trail that must, she believed, indicted her overexcitement. It might glisten (giving her away) beneath the powerful lights of the shopping center; fear filled her as she realised that any of the hundreds of shoppers she have weaved through, might have glanced down and seen her sex juice as it flowed towards the floor. She glanced around, fearful of having attracted attention; she strode forward until her hips hit the barrier edge of the raised water display.

There, just beyond the lip was the stone, near and shining white beneath the lights, but at the same time so far away. She could not reach out and flip the stone, remove her key, and be off as she had originally intended. She instead would have to turn the stone some other way, and the only way she could think of, was with her nose. She would then have to pick the key up with her teeth, from there carry the key in her mouth to the ladies toilets. She would need to find an empty cubical, and then very carefully work her raincoat up until she could catch the key; she would have to drop and catch perfectly, only then would she be able to unlock herself and leave, with her challenge over.

People passed continuously by, she looked down, looked around, leant forward as though studying something tiny and spat the ball from her mouth. Quickly without appearing to, she nudged the stone aside and there was her key, resting in the soil, slightly coated, but waiting for her. She stretched her neck and opened her now empty mouth, the key moved slightly, she re-adjusted her angle and her teeth made contact. She bit down feeling the metal gripped tight between her teeth. She raised her head allowing the key to fall backward into her mouth. She had exchanged one gag for another, but this one tasted not of rubber, but of soil mixed with heavy compost. She had the key at last, and against all odds she seemed to have remained un-noticed by the milling crowd of shoppers.

Jenny turned away from the display with her mouth clamped tight shut, she looked about her, intending to head towards the distant ladies toilets as fast as she could. It was then and much to her surprise that she felt strong fingers grip her right arm. A deep male voice whispered into her ear, for her to be quiet or else, she felt something sharp and pointed resting firmly against her side. ‘A knife,’ screamed the words in her mind, this man had a knife and wanted her. She could do nothing, say little unless she risked losing the key, but comply. She froze like a rabbit in a cars headlights. She waited terrified of what might be about to happen, helpless, surrounded by people but alone with this nutter. Another hand gripped her other arm, a younger more squeaky voice added to her fear, by saying ‘got her mate’, then they between them pulled her around, walking her back towards the water display and from there behind it into the quieter section of the shopping center.

The knife was removed from her waist, the first hand vanished as well and then she felt a tug, followed by a sawing action as her handbag strap was cut through. As one the men pushed her forward, she hit the rear of the water feature doubled over the surrounding rail and felt her face fall forward. She could do little as she tumbled forward, her face ploughed a furrow in the soil, her cheek felt contact with a small sharp stone, cutting her skin. Her mouth opened as the rail knocked the wind out of her, and the key, her precious key, tumbled forward onto the soil beneath her. She gasped in air, apparently unnoticed by anyone around her in her desperation to breath.

She opened her mouth, poked out her tongue, searching for the lost key, desperate to discover its whereabouts and recover it. Finally metal and soil tingled against her tongue, she lunged down, pushing her face into the soil; scooping the key and its surroundings back into her mouth. She had it, she could escape, though she had lost everything else she possessed and the men had vanished into the crowed like a pair of wraiths. Her handbag with them, containing her phone and change, her bus fair home lost to her by their theft. She would be walking home and with the grains of rice having made their presence known within her shoes, she would be suffering with the agony of blisters all the way.

The toilets were almost empty except for a large woman scrubbing at the face of a child, when she entered the room. The first cubical was vacant; its door swung open inviting her inside. The door lock was beyond her at that point, she could not reach up high enough with her chained hands, nor could she feel the catch well enough, had she been able to reach through the material of her raincoat. She turned her back to the door and leant against it, not perfect she thought, but for now, it would have to do.

Jenny had given some thought to how she would be able to transfer the key from her mouth to her hands. She wriggled, sliding down the door, forcing her raincoat to ruck up revealing her nakedness beneath, but eventually her hands as well. The key she would have to drop, working it out of her mouth, aiming carefully for her upturned palms and hoping desperately to catch it before it fell beyond reach. If she got this part wrong, she might loose the key and then what would she do. She would have to walk all the way home, bound cuffed and with the rice driven into her soles.

The key fell landed on her palm its saliva coating adhering it in place, Jenny clamped her fingers tight, felt the metal, twisted it around until the key faced the first waiting handcuff lock. Carefully she inserted it, easing it into the barrel, turning it with difficulty; she was rewarded by the instant loosening of the mechanism, she was free, well one hand was free, but soon the other would follow.

Once the cuffs were off her wrists, the first thing Jenny did was to remove her high heels and shake and brush all of the grains of rice from within, before returning the shoes to her feet. She turned, locked the door and sat down on the toilet to think. The thoughts that flowed through her mind drove her to a level of fear that she felt she could not control. Her desperation overrode everything, she just wanted to be at home safe and relaxed and alone, not sat in this cubical wondering how she was going to cope, whilst a pair of thieves made of with everything she had brought with her.

Jenny felt like crying, but dare not; she had no means to clean her face up, nor was she certain that she would be quiet enough not to draw attention to herself. She could not, would not report the mugging, as that would lead to questions, and she might be revealed as indulging in sexual deviancy in a public place. Something she thought might be illegal and certainly humiliating for her to endure. The crooks had selected well, they had prospered this time, though they did not know the reason why.

Jenny decided to return home as fast as she could and to put this disaster behind her, little knowing at that point, that she would not be allowed to. That her life was about to take a major turn, and very soon Jenny would look back on this, her adventure, in a new and very different way.

Part 3: Consequences.

Jenny thanked god that the rice was not still in her shoes, the weather outside of the shopping center had improved, somewhat, as she passed once more through the last barrier between herself and the center and outside. Her mind buzzed with the thought of the long walk home she had to make. Her handbag was gone, her cash was gone, her phone was gone, and she was stuck faced with a nightmare walk of nearly three long miles in self-inflicted bondage; at least the sun had put in appearance and that made her feel slightly better.

She passed shops as she walked through the public walkways, strolled along roads then turned into and walked through the park. Stopping only to watch the thighs of the young men playing football, for a few minutes. She liked thighs and tight bottoms and shorts, but she had a ways to walk until she could free herself of her remaining restraints. With each step the rope wrapped tightly between her thighs chaffed her swollen and dripping sex whilst making it sore but somehow driving her insane as well, but not quite enough to achieve an orgasm but bloody close all the same.

Her nipples rubbed on the inside of her raincoat, pulling at the clamps with every stride she took, adding to her arousal and torment. All in all, she was exhausted, desperate to be home, and wishing she had never entered into this self-imposed challenge in the first place.

Despite everything, she found that she was still very much looking forward to being free of her bondage and climbing into a hot bath, and fingering her sore pussy to her hearts content. The weather changed, the rain returned and she sloshed onward, her high-heels filled and drained alternately with cold icy rainwater. Her back felt pelted as the droplets became heavier, and her despair grew until she turned into her own street; the one on which she lived and in which she had first designed this torment.

Finally she was inside, her raincoat now hung from a clothes peg, dripping its final few droplets onto the tile of her hallway. The bathroom waited, the water heater had been switched on, and that was when the telephone rang.

Jenny reached out to pick up the handset, she glanced first at the clock, which told her it was two-thirty pm and then lifted the receiver and said ‘hello.’ The voice she heard reply, sounded deep and male and unfamiliar to her, when it said ‘hello’ back. The voice continued quickly not giving her time to think, almost gabbling.

“Don’t hang up, I mean you no harm, I just want to…” There was a hesitation as the voice tried to form exactly what it wanted to say. “I followed you home, I got your number from your phone and I’m sorry I took it, but at the same time wow, you are something else girl!”

The voice returned, still gabbling, still trying to hold her attention desperately. Jenny realised exactly who she was talking to, she had known instantly he had mentioned her phone, and felt terror as he claimed to have followed her home. Was he lurking out there now, looking at her somehow, perhaps through binoculars. Jenny realised that she was stupid, she was standing in her hall and there were no windows.

“I really am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you and… Well I felt the chain and the rope beneath your coat and I just wondered if you would get home ok; so I followed you. That was some match the lads were playing in the park, don’t you think?” He seemed to be trying to make this very unusual phone call turn into a normal conversation; Jenny was having none of that.

“You mugged me you bastard, you and your friend mugged me! I don’t have much and you took everything, how dare you ring me up and try to…” He interrupted her tirade.

“I’m sorry, I really am, you looked so well… I know I’m a thief, I know I stole from you and I realise that you must hate me; but please give me a chance to make it up to you. I just wanted…” He said hesitantly.

“You just want to scare me, to show me how tough you are, the big macho mugger, tormenting his victim!”

“No honestly it’s not like that! I just want to show you that I am not just the bastard who mugged you; I wanted to try to, well make amends, and, and, I sort of hoped that you might forgive me and we could maybe start from scratch, somehow! Sort of like we had met some other way?”

“I don’t like thieves and you are one, what the hell would make you think that I might. Do you ring up all of your victims?”

“No I’ve never done so before.”

“What rang them up, or do you mean tried to pick them up!”

“No, I mean have any victims! I got dragged along by, well his name doesn’t mean anything, I sort of went along, I didn’t know exactly what he intended, I certainly didn’t think he would push you like he did, and, and; well now I just want to say sorry, and to give you your stuff back if you will let me”.

Jenny stopped talking for a second and thought, this man, this mugger wanted to make amends, and he knew about her bondage, and did not seem to think it was too odd.

Jenny had not had a boyfriend or companion or real sex for, well years; and as she thought about him she liked what she remembered, except for the fact that he was mugging her, that was. He seemed to be quite nice really, and sounded genuine, and she might get her phone back as well.

Her little voice filled her mind saying things she knew might well be true, things like rape and murder and psycho; and don’t be stupid. Then she realised that he had her address and her phone number, and probably other information as well. Her phone doubled up as her diary and address book as well as being her phone, and she could not afford to loose it.

Jenny softened her tone slightly, lost her aggression and quickly found herself talking to the man as though he were some distant friend. They arranged to meet at four that day in the same park where the footballers had been playing. On a very public bench though, in sight of everyone. Jenny had not completely cracked up, she had used her intelligence and tried to be safe, but still she knew there was quite a risk to herself involved in this meeting. ‘But he sounded so genuine on the phone.’ Only time would tell, besides for the next hour or so her bath and her fingers were waiting for her naked body. She would lie in the hot water and think about him and the coming meeting, and see what developed…

Part 4: Life and its wicked ways.

I arrived at the park bench exactly as we had discussed on the phone and five minutes early, feeling quite nervous; after all I was here to meet with the man that had mugged me and had stolen my phone. The football match I had watched briefly earlier today had finished, but the players and their fans had gathered in and around a tent, enjoying a barbeque and drinks, as an after match treat.

There were a few passers by, but no man looking at me directly, and none approaching me or even looked like my attacker had. Ten minutes passed and still there was no sign of him, I began to feel quite stupid. I had been lured by his call from my home to this park, in the hope of recovering my phone and perhaps meeting with a kindred spirit, and he apparently had stood me up! My temper began to grow, and I thought about leaving; I say ‘thought about’ because deep down I really wanted to see him, he had sounded as though he might be genuine, let alone interesting in a kinky sort of way.

Across the distant grass a tall quite handsome young man walked away from the barbeque, heading towards the path on which my bench was placed. He looked quite nice, such a pity I did not know him I mused, he could have been fun. He carried a sports bag on his shoulders, probably his football kit I decided. He stepped onto the tarmac of the pathway and to my pleasure turned towards me, strolling along as though he had all the time in the world and not a single care either. I expected to receive a nice view as he walked past me, judging from the front view he presented. Instead he swung towards my bench, left the pathway and sat down next to me, placing his bag on the floor between his parted thighs. In his hand he held a mobile phone, my mobile phone! I recognised it by a pink sticker I had slapped on its cover for a laugh.

“Thank you for not calling the police, I half expected to see them charging around looking for me, but you didn’t call them did you?”

“No I didn’t, I should have I suppose, but I never thought of it!”

“Well thanks anyway Jenny.”

He knew my name, I should have realised that he would because there had been I.d. in my handbag and also on my phone, and I knew that he had that number which meant that he had looked. I reached out to take the phone, I had my house-keys gripped in my other hand, though what I thought I could do with them to defend myself if he leapt on me I didn’t know. He wouldn’t of course I realised, leap on me that is, too many witnesses for that sort of thing. He smiled as I took the phone, he had a nice smile, one I quite liked as it lit up his rugged face; perhaps I could forgive him as he had asked me to. After all, no real harm had been done to me, I had my phone back as well and I had enjoyed the aftermath of my adventure considerably, and part of that excitement was down to his actions.

“I think you like bondage and risk taking don’t you?” He said, sitting back away from me so as to not be overly threatening, which seemed nice of him considering the situation.

“I, I mean, I , well!” How do you answer such a blatant intrusive question from a stranger like him? I wanted to deny it, to tell him he was wrong, but lying is not really me.

“Its all right, I understand and I know I am right because I felt the belt and ropes through your raincoat, and I suspect your hands were secured inside of your pockets, am I right or am I just a desperate delusional fool?”

“You're right!” The words tumbled from my mouth unbidden but revealing, he wasn’t delusional that was for sure.

“Good, do you think you could forgive me, and we could start again?”


“Only perhaps?”

“Well yes I mean.” My words overtook my thoughts and besides I liked what I saw.

My pussy reacted to his presence and words in a way I could not miss-understand, heat built, damp filtered between my sex lips as they engorged, he was turning me on, and I quite liked the fact that he could.

“Would you like to play bondage games with me?” He asked.

What could a horny girl say but ‘yes,’ though my tongue failed to form the words, my nod encouraged him efficiently and said it all.

“I have always had a dream about walking through a store, much like earlier, but with a girl I have bound up walking next to me. You know, enjoying the sort of excitement that knowing something that no one else knows and of having the girl as my captive slave, but without visible restraints, and because she wants to be. Would that interest you in anyway?”

I smiled at him, reached out to take his hand and squeezed it saying, “You have already done that, well most of it, but if that is what you would like then I think it sounds wonderful”.

That was how the following weekend I found myself sitting opposite to him, in an ice-cream parlour, located within our local shopping center. With no underwear on, in fact I was as naked as the day I was born, other than I was wearing ropes; a vibrator; anal plug and nipple clamps beneath my raincoat, whilst wondering what he intended to order me do to myself next… And knowing that whatever it was, no matter how perverse, I would do it because it would please him and turn me on, in a way that my previous self-bondage games had not ever done.

I had a boyfriend at last and one that knew exactly what buttons to press to illuminate my sexual appetites and to sate his desires. The future looked rosy for us both. Thank God for bondage and subjection, slavery and lust, they make my life spin crazily and feel so wonderful, and so does he, my new unexpected boyfriend.

The End.


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