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Rain Gauge

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2016 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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Tiffany was a genius at predicting things. Although she made her money, lots of it, forecasting financial trends, she was good at predicting nearly anything, from the outcomes of sporting events to the winners of political contests.

Tiffany was a petite woman, but her small stature belied her power. Roomfuls of people in conservative business attire hung on her every word. At only 25, the dark-haired woman was used to being the center of attention even though her audience was typically at least twice her age. Her words translated into large sums of cash.

When she dispensed her valuable advice, her own apparel varied with her mood. Sometimes she wore expensive conservative garb herself, so despite her youth she at least partly fit in with the other attendees. Sometimes, though, she felt like getting another type of attention. Then she'd wear something which emphasized her beauty - her slim frame, her firm breasts, and her rear end with its cute upward curvature where it joined her thighs. She found she could get all the attention she could ever want simply by wearing a low cut top and tight pants. She'd laugh to herself at the way she could wind men up. She sometimes put an extra wiggle in her walk just to taunt the older male attendees.

People sometimes accused Tiffany of being arrogant. Such viewpoints didn't bother her in the least. After all, it wasn't her fault she was so much smarter than everyone else!

She lived on a large property whose location she did not disclose. The main reason she kept her address secret was because she did not want ex-lovers coming around and bothering her. There were a fair number of these. She usually didn't stay interested in a guy for more than a month or two; either she'd get bored with him or he'd start with some annoying commitment crap. She just wanted guys for some temporary fun, not to keep around permanently!

Her method of severing ties was trouble-free. She only ever gave out the number to a disposable phone and she never gave a partner her real surname. She was careful not to get involved with anyone in her business world, since they knew her actual name. When she was done with a guy, she simply discarded the phone. She used to send a goodbye text, but then realized that that was just a waste of time, so she discontinued the practice. Since her unfortunate partner had no idea who she really was or where she lived, he had no way of ever contacting her again. She sometimes wondered about the communications that people would receive who were assigned her old phone numbers. Oh well, not her problem. She was no more concerned about the people who were stuck with her old phone numbers than she was about the trail of broken hearts she mercilessly left behind her.

Tiffany's unfeeling handling of her boyfriends wasn't the worst of it, however. She could be pretty mean to people of either gender. For example, there had been a young blond woman, Cassie, who was attracted to Tiffany. Tiffany had played along just for kicks and pretended she was interested in return. They had gone to a luxury hotel and rented a room. Tiffany promised Cassie ecstasy beyond anything she had ever experienced.

Tiffany had told Cassie she wanted a few drinks first, so she ordered a substantial quantity of a suitable beverage from the hotel. What Tiffany purchased was an ale which had a low alcohol content. It was necessary to drink quite a bit of it in order to get a decent buzz.

After the pair had drunk several bottles of the ale, Tiffany instructed Cassie to undress and lie face up on the bed, implying that she was going to pleasure the pretty blond in ways she had never even dreamed of. The woman obliged, stripping naked and climbing onto the bed. Tiffany then lightly touched Cassie between her legs, getting her in the proper mood for what she was about to experience!

Tiffany then asked Cassie to spread her legs wide. After Cassie had done so, Tiffany slowly moved her head into position, her mouth just a fraction of an inch from Cassie's most delicate areas. Tiffany blew gently on her clit.

But then Tiffany pulled back, seemingly deep in thought. Cassie, all ready for her promised pleasure, asked what was wrong. Tiffany replied that she had an idea which would enhance Cassie's experience. She then asked Cassie if she could tie her to the bed.

Cassie was hesitant; she didn't like the idea of being tied up. Tiffany seemed to shrug Cassie's reply off, saying it was OK if Cassie didn't trust her, that she understood.

Cassie, not wanting Tiffany to feel that she didn't trust her, then agreed to Tiffany's request. Using some cuffs and sturdy rope that she had brought with her in a cloth bag, Tiffany proceeded to tie Cassie to the bed, naked and spread-eagled. For added effect, she gently fastened a ball gag into Cassie's mouth, telling her it would add even more to her pleasure.

Cassie, although a little nervous, was literally dripping with excitement. Tiffany started lightly fondling her, occasionally letting one of her fingers brush against her clit. She continued this until Cassie was nearly insane with desire. Then Tiffany stood up.

"Well, time for me to get going," Tiffany said. "It's been a wonderful evening."

Cassie had no idea what was going on. She tried to talk to Tiffany through her gag, but her attempts were heavily garbled.

"I can't believe you thought I was interested in you!" Tiffany cruelly told the young woman.

This was the last thing Cassie expected to hear. She was crestfallen, but she was also quite apprehensive, as she was still tied face up on the bed, stark naked and spread wide. She tried to beg Tiffany to release her.

"Oh, right," Tiffany replied, apparently understanding Cassie's garbled speech well enough to get what she was asking. "Yes, I certainly can't just leave you like that! That would be terrible! You'd be found that way when housekeeping comes into the room tomorrow morning. Wow, that would be incredibly embarrassing."

Cassie looked pleadingly at Tiffany.

"I don't know though," Tiffany taunted. "Maybe I should just leave you there exactly as you are. It would serve you right. Imagine, deluding yourself into thinking I'd actually like someone like you."

Cassie begged as well as she was able through her gag.

"Well, let me think about it," Tiffany continued taunting. "I think I'll have one more ale while I decide." She then opened another bottle and took a few sips.

Over the next quarter hour, Tiffany occasionally took sips from her bottle, ignoring Cassie.

But then Cassie realized she had a problem. She tried to relay that to Tiffany.

"ave oo ee!!" Cassie exclaimed.

"What? Speak up please," Tiffany replied.

"AVE OO EE!!" Cassie emphasized.

"Oh, I understand! You have to pee, right?"

Cassie nodded vigorously.

"Yes, that's understandable. All that ale! Yeah, I'll bet you have to go really bad!"

A relieved Cassie awaited her release.

"Now that you mention it, though, I have to pee too! I'll be right back!"

Tiffany walked over to the bathroom. Leaving the door open, she relieved herself of the large quantities of liquid which had built up in her bladder. With the door open, Cassie could clearly hear the proceedings, making her have to go even more urgently.

Tiffany flushed the toilet and walked back over to Cassie. Rubbing her stomach, she said, "Ahhhh, much better. I REALLY had to go!!!"

But rather than releasing Cassie, Tiffany walked to the room's exit. Cassie pleaded as loudly as she possibly could.

Just in front of the door, Tiffany said, "Have a good night! Oh, don't worry, you won't have to hold it that long." She looked at her watch. "Yup, not long at all. Housekeeping will be here in seven hours. Nighty night!"

Tiffany then left the room and closed the door.


Tiffany didn't know how Cassie had fared, but she laughed to herself whenever she thought about it. Tiffany did, however, avoid returning to the nightclub where she had met Cassie. She really didn't want to run into her again!

Her interpersonal dealings aside, Tiffany did have some other interests. One such interest was a recent hobby of hers - weather forecasting. It came as no surprise to her that she was successful at it. After all, it was just another type of prediction, and that's what she was good at! As long as she had plenty of data to analyze, she was all set.

But the satisfaction she got from successfully predicting the weather just wasn't enough for her. Thus for excitement she decided to work her new hobby into another type of activity she enjoyed: self-bondage.

Tiffany's goal was straightforward enough. She wanted to create a mechanism which would reward her if she successfully forecast the weather, but would punish her if she missed the forecast.

After thinking about the problem at some length, she decided she'd use rainfall to drive her setup. She would predict the amount of rainfall one day in advance. If her prediction closely matched the actual amount of rain which came down, then she'd get her reward. On the other hand, if the rainfall amount differed significantly from her forecast, then she'd be punished. That would motivate her to be more accurate in the future.

Her main concern was that there would be no real chance of her forecast not being accurate - she was simply that good. Still, she'd give it a try. If, as she fully expected, her prediction was right on the money, then next time she'd make it harder, perhaps by making her prediction two days in advance rather than only one. She'd have to give it a few tries, but she knew she could eventually make her forecasting problem difficult enough so it would be a challenge even to her!

But for this first attempt she'd stick to a one day forecast. She worked out all the details about how everything should be set up. Then she gathered all the equipment she needed and got to work.


It was time for Tiffany to get ready. Yesterday she had predicted a light afternoon rain, starting at around 2:00 PM. It was now 1:45 PM. She had been in this room most of the day. It was a windowless room on the second floor of her house. It could be used as a darkroom for photography, but she was going to use it for an entirely different purpose.

The room was sparsely furnished. There was a heavy wooden chair in the center, bolted firmly to the floor. The chair was facing the outside wall, on the other side of which was a tall tree.

There were five monitors positioned toward the front of the chair, where she could easily see them when seated. They were currently off. Connected to the monitors was a controlling device which fed them the signals from five different sources. There was a camera attached to the top of the center monitor, pointing right at the chair. Like the monitors, it would not be active until 2:00 PM.

She had loud music playing. Its purpose was to help mask any sounds that could be coming from the outside - rain in particular. Tiffany didn't want any information about the current weather conditions. She didn't want any forewarning concerning the accuracy of the forecast she had made the day before. That's also the reason she had stayed in that room most of the day; with no windows, it kept her from seeing what the sky looked like.

Tiffany took all of her clothes off and approached the chair. There were numerous ropes on it, as well as one pair of metal handcuffs and a wiffled ball gag. One of the ropes passed through the upper part of the wall to the outside. It went through a hole in the wall which was just slightly larger than the rope, allowing the rope to slide easily through it.

Standing directly in front of the chair and facing the outside wall, Tiffany picked up a rope. This rope was different than the others, for it was coarse and fibrous. She wrapped this rope several times snuggly around her waist. Then she ran the free end between her legs. Next, Tiffany sat in the chair and tied the end of her newly formed crotch rope to the rope which passed through the wall to the outside. She made sure the fibrous rope was positioned directly between her lips. There was just enough tension on the rope to ensure that it stayed in place.

For the next few minutes, Tiffany tied her legs, waist, and chest to the heavy wooden chair. She used numerous ropes to ensure there was no possible way she could escape. She tied herself so her legs were spread wide and would remain that way until she could free herself.

It was now 1:55, just five minutes before her session would begin. Tiffany placed the wiffled ball gag in her mouth and fastened it securely in place. Just one more action now and there'd be no turning back. She paused, took one last look around to make sure everything was as it should be, then clicked one cuff of the metal handcuffs onto her left wrist. Putting her arms behind the chair, she then clicked the other cuff to her right wrist. She was now helpless; she would not be released until a timer lowered the handcuff key into her hands.

Her session was going to last for three hours. Three hours, naked and completely helpless with a coarse rope against her most tender regions. If she had gotten her weather forecast right, it would be a pleasant experience. If, however, the unthinkable happened, then her experience would be a little more intense - more intense than she would be comfortable with. That was inconceivable, though, as it would mean she had made a mistake in her prediction. The odds of that happening were so small she felt she could discount them. Anyway, she told herself, if by chance she had screwed up then she deserved everything she'd get.

Finally it was 2:00 PM. A number of things happened all at once, just as planned. The loud music that had been playing stopped. All five monitors in front of her turned on. Outside the house, a thin cord was cut. That cord had been holding a bucket upside down; now that it was cut the bucket flipped over and became upright. The bucket was attached to the rope which passed through the wall and was tied to her crotch rope.

The bucket played a key role in her self-bondage session. The rope it was attached to was draped over a tree branch near the house. The bucket was positioned so it would catch rain which ran off the roof (there was a gap in the spouting which allowed this). The bucket was fairly large and was marked with measuring lines which indicated how full it was, using a scale of 0 to 100.

Based on Tiffany's forecast, there would be light rain from 2:00 to 4:00, enough to fill the bucket to the '10' mark... 10% full. That would add tension to her crotch rope - just enough to give her a pleasurable experience. Based on her tests, if the bucket was less than 10% full the experience would be too mild. On the other hand, amounts over 10% could get uncomfortable. Potentially very uncomfortable.

Although Tiffany was supremely confident in her abilities, she had nevertheless added a safety measure. At the 35% mark she had drilled several holes into the bucket. This would prevent it from filling any further than that level. She knew that if the bucket filled up to 35%, it would be extremely uncomfortable for her, especially because the rope she had running through her lips was so rough. She simply wasn't willing to take even a small risk of having to experience anything harsher than that.

But there was another alternative Tiffany had to consider. Suppose she blew her forecast in the other direction? She had the case for too MUCH rain covered, but suppose it didn't rain at all? If that happened she should definitely be punished, but an empty bucket would hardly do that.

For that eventuality Tiffany had positioned a small sonar device a few feet above the bucket, aimed downward. Once per minute during her session, the device would send out a pulse of sound. Based on the amount of time it took for the sound's echo to return, the device would know the depth of the water in the bucket. If the bucket was empty, the device would send a signal which would activate a powerful motor attached to the bucket's rope where it entered the room from the outside. This would create strong vibrations which would travel right into Tiffany's crotch rope. Those vibrations would be too powerful to be pleasant; in fact, they would get quite uncomfortable after a while. Thus if it turned out that it didn't rain at all, the experience Tiffany would undergo would be every bit as unpleasant as if there were heavy downpours.

Since the first sonic pulse would occur right at the start of her session, Tiffany would experience the strong vibrations for at least a short period of time. But as soon as there was even a little water in the bucket, the sonar device would turn the motor back off again. This was important - as uncomfortable as the vibrations were when the bucket was empty, if there was any significant weight on the crotch rope the vibrations would be simply unbearable.

Tiffany took a look at the five monitors, now all active. The one in the center displayed an image of her bound in the chair. That monitor was showing what the camera pointed directly at her was picking up. She had her system set up to record the entire three hour session from that point of view - the point of view someone standing directly in front of her would have.

The monitor to the left of that one showed a close-up view of the inside of the bucket. The bucket was currently empty.

The monitor just to the right of center showed the current weather radar.

The monitors at the extreme left and right showed views outside the house, including the sky. The left monitor's view included the bucket, but from a distance. The right one displayed a view from the opposite direction.

The monitor which currently held all of Tiffany's interest was the one showing the weather radar. It was so interesting, in fact, that Tiffany mentally commented on it:

"What the FUCK!?!?!?!?!"


Just off the coast, 24 hours ago, swirling clouds descended to the surface of the water and formed a vortex. This low pressure system was small and very compact. Its formation surprised weather forecasters, as no such development had been expected.

The storm, as if it had a mind of its own, tracked steadily toward the shoreline, heading toward the mouth of a large river. It wasn't very strong yet, but its strength was building. In its travels, it passed near several boats. Fortunately it was not powerful enough to harm them, although it did generate some fairly strong winds.

On one of these boats, a fishing vessel, a man was all set to open another cold beer. The first one had been refreshing, but one beer simply wasn't enough. As he reached for the pull tab he heard the wind from the storm. The man put the beer back into the refrigerator, unopened. There had been something about the sound of the wind that had disturbed him... it had sounded almost like a deep, bellowing laughter.

The tiny but powerful storm continued inland. It followed a river, then passed over a large lake. Then it turned and followed another river. Despite the fact that the conditions in the upper atmosphere were not favorable for the storm, the waters it passed over helped it maintain its strength.

The way its path twisted and turned, the storm almost acted as if it had some particular destination in mind. Defying all odds, the tiny system continued to hold itself together.

Finally, the storm stopped moving and just rotated in place. Had it been able to peer inside the building it was hovering over it would have seen a naked young woman bound to a chair. The woman was extraordinarily arrogant and not very nice to other people. In the position she was in, she could potentially be receiving some rather severe punishment. As fate would have it, the storm itself actually had the ability to deliver that punishment. It did not know this, of course, being only a storm.


Tiffany knew she was in trouble, but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it! The weather radar showed an area of heavy precipitation right at her location; this was easily confirmed by a glance at some of the other monitors which showed rain coming down in torrents. At the rate it was coming down, the rain would be adding a lot of weight to her bucket very quickly!

Since her session had just started, Tiffany was feeling the strong vibrations from the motor which was attached to the rope coming into the room from the outside. This was a result of the sonar device which had emitted a pulse of sound right at 2:00, while the bucket was still empty. Tiffany had expected to feel the vibrations for maybe five or ten minutes, as that's how long it would have taken light rain to put enough water in the bucket for the sonar device to detect. That would have been fine - short periods of the powerful vibes weren't so bad, as there was minimal weight on the crotch rope.

But the heavy rain was filling the bucket up rapidly. Already at 2:01, Tiffany felt the vibrations cease. After just one minute there was apparently already enough water in the bucket to register with the sonar.

Over the next few minutes, she could feel the pressure increase against her womanly regions. While it was most fortunate that she had drilled holes at the 35% mark of the bucket, at the rate the rain was coming down it would fill to that point in no time! Then she'd have to sit there for nearly three hours, naked, legs spread wide, with a fibrous rope pressing hard against her. She was going to be punished, and punished most severely, for missing the forecast!

Tiffany groaned as the pressure steadily got worse and worse. She could see from the one monitor that the water level in the bucket was at 25%. That meant it was going to get even worse! She found herself really, really wishing she hadn't gotten herself into this situation!

The downpour continued. She saw from the weather radar that the storm was tiny and appeared to be centered directly over her house! That was crazy, but that's exactly what it looked like!

The water level climbed to 30%. The rope was introducing itself to her in a manner she found most objectionable - overly familiar and inexcusably brusque!

Helplessly she watched as the level rose still further, until it reached the 35% point. Tiffany gave a few hard tugs against her bonds, but she knew she wasn't going anywhere. Her futile efforts did nothing other than to increase her discomfort. She soon gave up and remained completely still. That helped just a little, but it wasn't nearly enough. Tiffany couldn't believe she was going to have to endure this torment for 2 hours and 45 minutes, for that's what remained in her session. Nothing could be any worse than this!


It had been the most humiliating experience in Cassie's life. She had to spend the entire night in a huge self-made puddle, knowing she'd be found that way when the hotel staff came in to clean the room. It was the longest, most unpleasant night she had ever spent.

The next morning, four members of the hotel housekeeping staff - two men and two women - found her just as Tiffany had left her. To make matters worse, they had just stood there looking at her, and left her as she was until one of the staff brought a manager to the scene. Only after the manager took a good long look at her, making a number of comments about the puddle on the bed, did they release her.

The manager threatened to call the police unless she paid for a new mattress, set of sheets, blanket, and bed spread. Cassie had to agree to the considerable expense. She also had to pay for a new set of clothes, as Tiffany had apparently taken hers along with her when she left!

Nothing further would have happened except that, a few months later, Cassie spotted Tiffany at another nightclub. It was the merest luck that Cassie saw her there, as it was not a nightclub that Cassie normally frequented. It was even luckier that Tiffany didn't see Cassie looking at her.

Cassie, wanting some payback, went to her car and waited for Tiffany to leave. Then she carefully followed her, trying to keep enough distance from her car to avoid alerting Tiffany to her presence. Tiffany, oblivious to the fact that she was being followed, drove home. Cassie now knew where the woman who had so cruelly wronged her lived.

A few days later, Cassie drove to Tiffany's house. Cassie nearly turned back, as she had to drive through a heavy rainstorm. Her goal was simply to scout the area; at this point Cassie hadn't decided how she'd get even with Tiffany.

By the time she got to Tiffany's house, the rain had stopped. When Cassie got out of her car, she looked at the sky. She could see the small storm moving away. There was something odd about its appearance; she couldn't put her finger on it, but whatever it was made her feel uneasy. Then she spotted a bucket attached to a rope which fed into the house. She looked at it curiously, trying to figure out what it was for.

Distracted by the sight of both the strange-looking storm and the inexplicable bucket, Cassie wasn't thinking too clearly. She tried the door to the house and discovered it was unlocked. Still not thinking, she went inside.

Cassie had no plan at all, and had Tiffany been standing there Cassie would have had no idea of what to do or say. But now that she was inside, Cassie felt oddly emboldened. She thought she heard a noise coming from upstairs, and went to investigate. Shortly thereafter, Cassie came upon a sight even stranger than the storm and the bucket combined.


It didn't take Cassie long to figure out what Tiffany was up to. She couldn't help but to notice that Tiffany seemed extremely uncomfortable. That pleased Cassie to no end. She also noticed Tiffany's release timer counting down; it indicated that Tiffany would remain bound to her chair for another two hours!

"My, my, you seem to be in quite a predicament!" Cassie declared.

Tiffany tried her best to ask for release. She was somewhat in shock that, of all people, Cassie was in her house! Cassie... the woman she had royally dicked over. Tiffany was understandably concerned.

Even had Tiffany not had a gag in her mouth, Cassie would certainly not have granted her request for release. In fact, of all the thoughts racing through Cassie's mind, none of them involved helping Tiffany in any way. The nature of Cassie's thoughts was quite the opposite.

After studying the images on the monitors, Cassie decided to head outside. There she found a ladder which Tiffany had used just recently to position the bucket over a tree branch. Cassie climbed the ladder, looked in the bucket, and noticed the drain holes. She smiled.

Cassie went to her car and grabbed a plastic container and a stick of chewing gum. She climbed back up the ladder and carefully plugged the drain holes with the gum. Then she went back in the house, filled her container up with water, and went back outside. Cassie then poured the water into the bucket. It was now at the 50% mark.

Cassie considered filling the bucket up to the very top, but she was a little hesitant to do that. She wanted Tiffany to be extremely uncomfortable, but she didn't want to go overboard. She thought she'd better check on the woman before she added any more water.

Tiffany, who had observed Cassie's actions with dismay on the one monitor, was in complete misery. Each individual fiber of the rope was digging into her, continuously and painfully announcing its presence. Tiffany had to stay as still as a statue; even the slightest movement added to her considerable discomfort.

When Cassie came back into the room, she immediately saw just how uncomfortable Tiffany was. She decided she'd hold off on adding more water to the bucket... for the time being at least.

"Wow, I'll bet that doesn't feel very good!" Cassie exclaimed.

Tiffany considered Cassie a master of understatement.

Cassie explained her actions. "I saw that your bucket had holes in it, which let some of the rain escape. I partially corrected that situation for you, although I really should add some more water."

Desperate noises came from the bound woman.

"Well, we'll see. It's half full for now; let's just leave it be for the moment."

Cassie then studied the monitors again and took notice of the camera pointing at Tiffany. She saw that Tiffany was recording from that camera. That gave Cassie an idea.

Cassie moved the camera, positioning it just in front of Tiffany's chair and pointing it forward. Cassie reset the recording and prepared to start a recording of her own.

Tiffany watched in disbelief as Cassie stripped naked and then positioned herself on the floor right in front of the camera. Cassie's naked body appeared on the center monitor. Cassie then started recording.

Tiffany's disbelief grew as the woman lying on the floor in front of her spread her legs and began to masturbate. Tiffany turned her head and looked away.

"HEY!!!" Cassie exclaimed. "Don't turn away from me! I want you to watch this!"

Tiffany was reluctant. She turned her head back toward Cassie, but wasn't really watching her.

"If you don't watch me, you'll make me mad. If I get mad, do you know what I'll do?"

Tiffany looked at Cassie with alarm.

"I'll go outside and fill that bucket to the brim. If you think you're uncomfortable now, guess how you'll feel then!"

Cassie had Tiffany's full attention.

"Then, with the bucket completely full, I'll set your release timer to 24 hours. Then I'll leave."

Tiffany didn't make a sound.

"Do you understand?"

Tiffany slowly nodded.

"Good. Now remember - DON'T look away!!!"

Cassie reset her recording and began to masturbate again.

Tiffany had no choice but to focus on Cassie's self-gratification activities. She couldn't risk turning her head or even averting her eyes, as Cassie might notice.

Cassie was vigorously pleasuring herself with her fingers. The woman was obviously feeling immense pleasure, in complete contrast to what Tiffany was feeling! Having to witness Cassie's pleasure through her own discomfort made Tiffany feel even worse.

Cassie continued going to town between her legs. Forcing her anguished nemesis to watch her indulge herself fed a sadistic streak that Cassie never even knew she had. Powerful feelings of sexual lust grew rapidly.

Cassie began to moan. As her fingers dipped into her nethers, busily fondling and massaging the regions within, her juices began to flow. Her moans intensified as her desires climbed right off the charts.

Loud sounds of carnal delight mixed with desperate need reverberated off the walls. Tiffany, not daring to do otherwise, continued to watch closely.

After only ten minutes, Cassie climaxed, her moans ascending into shouts of ecstasy. Shout after shout crashed into Tiffany, bound helplessly to the chair with the rough crotch rope deep inside her, mercilessly pressing down hard.

Totally fulfilled, Cassie's shouts gradually diminished. She gave herself a few moments to come back down to earth, then she stopped the recording.

"Wow, that was FANTASTIC!!! I hope YOU enjoyed it as much as I did!!!"

Cassie's taunts made Tiffany feel her own discomfort even more acutely.

"I need to take a breather. Please don't go anywhere!"

Still naked, Cassie left the room.


When she returned a quarter hour later, Cassie was holding Tiffany's favorite vibrator. She had apparently gone into Tiffany's bedroom!

"I hope you don't mind my borrowing this," Cassie said. "I figured you enjoyed that last show so much you'd like to see another!"

Tiffany, feeling way beyond miserable, remained silent.

Cassie positioned herself in front of Tiffany, turned the recording back on, and then began using the vibrator between her legs.

Cassie started out slowly, using a low setting to allow her pleasure to build gradually. After about ten minutes, she turned it up a little and used the tool more frantically. As before, she began to moan.

Tiffany couldn't believe she had to watch another round of Cassie pleasuring herself. She dared not look away, though. The ropes digging into her were more punishing than she would ever have believed possible. Tiffany only hoped that once Cassie was satisfied, she'd release her!

Cassie's moans slowly increased right along with her desires. She knew her pleasure was greatly bothering the anguished woman in front of her. After a while, she turned the vibrator up to an even higher setting.

Cassie felt so dirty, so utterly bad, for doing what she was doing. She had never done anything even remotely like this before! Then, all of a sudden, a monster wave of pleasure engulfed her. She literally screamed as she received sexual gratification that was almost too powerful for her to handle. Her screams lasted a full 30 seconds and left her gasping for breath. When she calmed down enough to function again, she turned the recording off and slowly stood up.

"Thank you for sharing that with me!" Cassie said mockingly.

Then Cassie put her clothes back on and turned to face Tiffany.

"Well, what should I do with you now?" Cassie asked.

Tiffany pleaded to the best of her ability.

"I'll bet you'd like me to release you..."

Tiffany frantically shook her head in the affirmative.

"... just like I wanted YOU to release ME not so long ago."

Tiffany was desperate. She was sure Cassie had no idea of what she was going through with the coarse rope digging into her. Tiffany had no way of relaying that information to Cassie, unfortunately.

Tiffany tried to plead for all she was worth.

"Well, guess what? I'm NOT going to release you! No way!!"

Cassie set Tiffany's release timer back to three hours.

"I think you need three more hours of 'treatment,'" Cassie said.

"Now if it should happen to rain during that time, then, WOW, you'd be totally, totally fucked! Let's look at the forecast."

Both Cassie and Tiffany could see that the storm had moved off and that it would be clear for the foreseeable future.

"Well, it looks like you're in luck." Cassie sounded disappointed.

"Of course I could always just fill the bucket up myself. I'll bet after three hours of that you'd learn not to treat people so badly!"

Tiffany's pleas reached a fevered pitch.

"OK, OK, just calm down. Unfortunately I simply can't bring myself to do that, no matter how much you deserve it."

"How about if we compromise? You remember what you said just before you left me? You know - when you left me tied to the bed?"

Tiffany, although relieved that Cassie was apparently not going to fill the bucket up, didn't like where Cassie's conversation was headed.

"I'll refresh your memory. You said, 'Housekeeping will be here in seven hours. Nighty night!' You remember that?"

Unfortunately, Tiffany did remember. It was obvious to her what the implications were, no matter how unthinkable they might be.

"Yup, you guessed it! You're going to stay just as you are for SEVEN hours instead of only three."

Tiffany groaned.

Cassie reset Tiffany's release timer to seven hours. Then she again addressed the bound woman.

"That's kind of a long time though, so I'll try to help keep you from getting bored."

Cassie went over to the recording device and entered some commands. Soon the recording of Cassie's first masturbation session began to play. Cassie turned the volume way up.

"There! I've set my two recordings to play in a continuous loop. The first one is about 10 minutes long. The second one is twice that. A half hour in total - that means you'll be able to watch the entire recording 14 times while you're stuck in that chair! Hope you enjoy it!"

On her way out, Cassie smiled at Tiffany and said, "Nighty night!"


Tiffany, her torment nearly unbearable, had to also endure the loud sounds of Cassie's pleasure for a full half hour. At one point Tiffany thought Cassie's screams of pleasure might actually break the monitor screens! They didn't however, and, just as promised, when the recording had finished it started right back at the very beginning again.

Tiffany tried to avoid watching the center screen, not wanting to have to see Cassie as well as hear her, but with the screen positioned directly in front of her she couldn't help but to watch it from time to time.

Six hours and thirty minutes to go. How could she possibly endure this? She had to though - she simply had no choice whatsoever in the matter.

Tiffany looked at the other monitors, anything to avoid watching Cassie. Her eyes lit upon the weather radar. It took her a few moments to process what she was seeing. Then, despite the added discomfort, Tiffany struggled against her bonds just as hard as she possibly could. She also pushed hard against the chair back, hoping maybe to break it. All her actions were futile of course, as she had designed her setup so there'd be no way out. Her design was completely successful. She was going to remain exactly as she was... no matter what.

Tiffany looked at the radar again, just to confirm her worst fears. Yes, as impossible as it seemed, her nightmare was confirmed. The storm was headed back in her direction.


With 6 hours and 15 minutes left in Tiffany's updated session, the storm hit. Torrential rains descended from the skies. The water level in Tiffany's bucket again began to rise. With the drain holes plugged, it no longer had an escape route available.

As the weight of the bucket grew and grew, Tiffany discovered that what she had previously thought was the most uncomfortable experience imaginable actually wasn't that uncomfortable at all, at least not in comparison to what she was feeling now!

Tiffany, being punished to an extent she had never even dreamed of, remained bound to the heavy chair, her legs spread wide as if in acceptance of her fate. Up and up the level of the water rose, until it finally reached the very top of the bucket... 100%.

Her torment was now truly indescribable. A glance at the release timer showed six hours remaining in her sentence. She would have done or given anything, anything at all, to escape. But that simply wasn't going to happen. She was going to have to endure the unendurable. Her only available action was to remain completely still, as the slightest movement added even more misery to her situation.

She saw from the weather radar that the storm had now almost completely dissipated. Not that it really mattered, since her bucket was filled to the brim. She looked at the monitor showing a close-up view of the bucket. Yes, it was filled right to the very top. She turned and looked at the monitor which showed an outside view. The picture included the bucket, but it was from a distance.

The storm, however, had one last gust in it. It was a powerful gust, picking up a heavy piece of wood and hurling it through the air. Although Tiffany couldn't hear it, the gust made a sound like roaring laughter.

While Tiffany couldn't hear the gust, she could still see its effects. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the heavy piece of wood fly through the air. It was headed right toward her bucket! If that thing landed in the bucket it would put tremendous pressure on the rope holding it. That pressure would all be sent right to her most delicate regions!

But she could do nothing; she could only watch. Closer and closer the debris got to the bucket.

Finally, it was there. But it missed!!

As miserable as Tiffany felt, she still breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness the heavy piece of wood had missed the bucket!

The storm had drawn its last breath. The debris had missed the bucket, flying right over it. Instead of hitting the bucket, it hit the sonar device positioned above it. Just as the debris was hitting the device, the sonar sent its minutely sound pulse. Since the sonar was no longer aimed at the bucket, the echo was not returned in a timely manner. The device thus sent a 'bucket empty' signal. That would be the very last action the device would ever take, as it then fell to pieces from the impact of the wooden debris.

The powerful motor attached to the rope sprang to life. Strong vibrations travelled through the rope and right into Tiffany's anguished regions. The effect on those regions was not at all pleasant. Previously, Tiffany had been able to reduce her discomfort just a little by staying completely motionless. That was no longer the case - staying still no longer helped in the least.

It was unfortunate that since the sonar device was now broken, the motor would receive no further commands. It would continue vigorously vibrating the rope for the remainder of Tiffany's long session.


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