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Rainsuit Selfbondage

by Luckynleather

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© Copyright 2002 - Luckynleather - Used by permission

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I've been 'lurking' here for several years; so much so that I created this e-mail account just to post this. I am a forty something female flight attendant, divorced, living in CT about 2 hours from NYC. I guess I have been 'into' leather, latex, rubber raincoats and rainwear for as long as I can remember. I have spent a lot of money pursueing these interests, and I have a great collection to show for it. I try not to wear too much out in public, because I think I act too distracted.

I guess my strongest fetish has been for raincoats, and I have collected 23 of them over the years, ranging from hip length hooded slickers to ankle length SBR trenchcoats. Wearing and layering them was my major source of enjoyment until I met my ex-husband about ten years ago. He also works for the airline industry, and while he enjoys bondage, admits that he never had much attraction to fetish clothing at all. We divorced when I found out he was having an affair with a friend of mine who is into nothing except husband stealing.

I am going to describe a self-bondage scene I attempted last month with almost deadly results. This story is true, as close to what actually happened as I can recall; and could have been very dangerous. About ten years ago while laying over in Paris, I found a shop that carried gum rubber (latex) laminated spandex rainwear. I guess it was the first attmpt at couture fetish. I purchased two rainsuits; both size 8. Despite the fact that they should stretch, these were very formed outfits. The pants have back zipped stirrup legs and high jumper tops that go up to a round neck opening and zip up the back. The jackets are hip length, belted, zip down wrists and hoods. The zipper up the front goes from the bottom all the way up to a snug neck, out over my chin and ends just under my nose. The hoods are loosely fitted, but when zipped all the way up leave an opening that leaves just your nose and eyes exposed. There are also neck straps that are removeable and can be closed with a roller buckle. All in all, they are fantastic rubber suits for playtime.

My husband was not a big fan of rubber or bondage, although he did play along sometimes; He believes that 'vanilla' sex should be enough, and that playing with rubber hoods or helmets is very dangerous. When I wanted to get some latex wear for us to play in, he was strongly opposed. I finally convinced him to let me order catsuits for both of us; I ordered a Cocoon catalogue and we browsed it together. I told him I wanted to order a full suit with a nose hole only hood; he thought I was crazy. He finally agreed with me on the condition that it had bondage style fist mitts in order to prevent me from playing alone. I have had it for four years and only been put in it about 8 or 10 times. I really enjoy restrictive breathing while wearing rubber clothing. Over the past years I have also bought (from Cocoon) shoulder length latex goves and thigh high latex boots.

My home is in a wooded area with no neighbors too close, so I normally play in the living room because the furniture is all overstuffed leather. The way I normally dress to play is by getting naked, turning one set of the rainpants inside out and putting them on. It takes a while, because the zips are all backwards as well. When finally zipped up in the back, my boobs (35B) fit inside the top very nicely. Next I turn one jacket inside out and remove the waist and collar straps, zip it almost all the way up, and slide into it over my head backwards. The zipper on this is very tough to get closed all the way, but when finished fits pretty snug around my head. Then I put the waist and collar straps on over the spandex backing and snug them up. Next I put on the other jacket normally, zip it up snug and tighten the cuff zips and straps. At this point I am pretty well encased, and thebreathing is fairly easy. The other pair of pants then goes on normally over everything and sort of completes the feeling.

Movement is somewhat restricted, and breathing is getting better (more difficult). Finally, I put the boots on over the rubber rainpants. The stirrups hold the leggings down snug, and the rubber boots stretch tight around my legs, really exciting. Then I roll the gloves down to just the hands, put each on and roll the latex up over the sleeves, tightening them as well. At this point, if I have been able to get this far, I usually lay on the sofa and squirm into the first of many orgasms. It sounds wierd, but I don't even have to touch myself to get off, the rubber does it all.

If I want to tighten the hoods, I take a 4' long 2" rubber strap with a d-ring buckle (Canal rubber in NYC) and wrap it around my neck from the front, cross the ends at the back of my neck, then pull them back around front crossing them under my chin and up to the top back of my head where I buckle them. This really restricts the air flow between the hoods and causes ballooning.

Well, as I said, I have collected a lot of fashion rubber and leather over the years, and I regularly check e-bay for anything available. A couple of months ago I saw a 'Ettiene Aigner' double breasted leather trenchcoat that I had been looking for since college. It is ankle length, fitted black leather with a waist belt and wrist straps, two each cuff, double d-ring buckles on all; and a fantastic fetishy collar. When all the buttons are buckled up (16 in 2 rows of 8), you can tighten a removable 1 1/4" throat strap snugly, something popular on 70's leather trenchcoats. What I love is that there are two more buckled tabs located on the lapels of the collar that work, but were probably intended for decoration only.

Well, it cost $225, but I won the auction. When the coat arrived I was working a 5 day junket; I couldn't wait to get home! When I finally did try it on I was unbelievably turned on, the collar can be buckled up tight like a posture collar, and it felt great! So, it didn't take long for me to get 'dressed' up for an evening of fun. My plan was to top off the outfit with the trenchcoat on over everything, backwards. I have never been in the kind of heavy layered bondage I dream of, and this was going to be my time. Someday I will enjoy a full rubber & leather bondage session, with a full hooded straitjacket; but for now, I was ready to have the next best thing.

I had the leather trenchcoat buttoned up except for the two top buttons, the waist belt loosely buckled. I also I put the latex strap in one of the pockets so that it would be handy, and laid the coat on the coffee table next to the couch. I took my time getting into the rubber suits, making sure that everything fit perfectly. After rolling the latex gloves up over the sleeves of the rain jackets, I sat on the arm of the couch and wrapped two additional latex straps around my anles and above my kness, buckling my legs together tightly. I bent over slightly and grabbed the bottom hem of the trenchcoat. Sliding both arms inside the bottom of the coat I lifted it up and worked my head inside as well. By lifting my arms as much as possible (the rainsuits were becoming very restrictive), I was able to shake the leather trenchcoat down over myself and push my hands out through the sleeve endings. By pulling my arms down on my sides my head slid through the collar opening. The taffeta style lining slid easily over the rubber.

I can hardly describe how I felt at that time, The anticipation was overwhelming. Although it was quite a struggle, I was able to get the top two buttons closed in a fairly short amount of time. Now my arms were starting to ache, and I was only able to get one hand behind my neck to work on the collar strap. It took longer than I expected, but I was able to snug up the collar strap pretty tightly. Buckling the two lapel straps took much longer, but by alternating hands, and resting in between, I was able to get them buckled up into a very restrictive 'posture style collar. Finally, I tightened the waist strap behind me and sort of fell onto the couch. Oh Lord, did I feel good.

This was all happening on a Tuesday evening, and I guess the whole process must have taken a couple of hours. After resting a while, I decided to try and tighten the hoods. Removing the strap from the pocket was simple enough, looping it around the collar of the trenchcoat another story. Squirming on the leather couch I had my first orgasm; and it was good! After I managed to get the strap tight enough around my head to limit breathing, I rolled on my side and put both arms behind my back. I then tightened the lower wrist strap on each wrist using the other hand, and loosened the upper strap on my left wrist. I threaded it under the same strap on the right wrist and spent more time getting it buckled back to itself; my bondage was almost complete.

After what seemed like hours I was finally able to tighten the straps, locking my arms behind my back. All this time I was breathing very heavily, moving my head as much as I could to facilitate air moving through the hoods. I rolled back on top of my hands, finally relaxed, and was in utter heaven. The orgasms were fantastic. All I had to do was wriggle and squirm a little to hear the squeak of leather on leather, the sound of the hood over my face ballooning, and the smell of the rubber being all that was needed. I had been so intent on achieving this state of restriction that I had given little though to getting out, but that was not my primary goal.

I guess I laid there in my bondage for a couple of hours, having several more orgasms. I think I fell asleep for a moment, maybe I just drifted out of conciousness, but I suddenly was unable to breathe! The hood sucked down on my face, and I instinctively jerked my arms up to try and loosen the strap around the hoods and collar. I was suddenly struggling wildly, all the time trying not to panic, to calm down, to loosen the wrist straps, and thinking how stupid I was, I was going to die, alone, strapped into layers of rubber and leather, and no one would know!

I guess my frantically twisting my head caused the strap to move just enough that I was getting air again. Now, I had to calm myself, to relax. I was terrified, feelings of panic and sex were rampaging through my body! It took a little while more, but I finally was breathing a little better, air was moving in and out of the hoods, on deep inhales I felt a cooler breeze on the side of my head.

Now, I had to unbuckle the wrist straps. I slowly realized that in my initial panic I had pulled so hard on the wrist straps that they seemed tighter than before, and I could not locate the d-ring buckle on either wrist! Now I started to panic. I could feel the moisture that had built up inside the rubber hood over my face, and I was worried that the layers of rubber around my head might get stuck together. I laid there for hours, wriggling my hands about, tying to loosen the straps to no avail. My fingers were starting to go numb, and my hands were sweating inside the latex gloves making them almost useless. Now I am realizing the worst case fear that anyone who practices self bondage could ever have; not getting free!

It was a very surreal time; I was totally nelpless, and I had realized my dream. I was also starting to perpsire, a lot, and I was worried that I could asphyxiate in my sleep. I tried to slide my legs off the couch and sit up, but my right heel was caught in the cushions, so I just laid there. I was getting really tired, and I had to pee. I had no idea of time anymore, I was starting to become aroused again, so I did what I think many of us would and worked myself into another orgasm. Under these circumstances, there really isn't much you can do; you are bound, you're layered in rubber and leather, but you're alone!

At some point that evening, the phone rang. I heard it ring a couple of times throughout the night, I assumed voicemail was taking messages. I tried many times to loosen the wrist straps, but by this time the sweat and weight of the layers were making any attempt futile. Finally I had to pee inside the rainsuit, and then the crying started. What would people think when someone found my body? Completely bound in layers of rubber rainwear, with a 20 year old leather trenchcoat serving as a straightjacket on top, with only my fingerprints on them. I'm sure it would look bad, either a miserable fetishistic suicide, or an involved investigation in which they would find the credit card receipts from Cocoon, the extensive leather and rubber wardrobe, the basement closet full of shiny rubber raincoats and boots. God, the media would have a field day!

I drifted in and out of consciousness, always wriggling and squirmig. The sounds of ballooning rubber, the creak of leather, the smells of rubber and sweat were overwhelming. As time passed my legs were starting to ache, the zippers on the back of each wrist from the first raincoat were starting to scrape away at my wrists from the constant efforts to loosen my bonds, and my neck was becoming stiff from fighting the high buckled leather collar of my trenchcoat. I reached a point where as turned on as I was, as unbelievably good the tight rubber suits felt, I was no longer able to enjoy an orgasm.

Although I had no idea of time or space, my neighbor had been trying to call me to schedule tennis at the club. By Wed evening she had decided to come over and see if I was alright. When she looked in the living room window and saw a body laying on the couch wearing what appeared to be a solid blue rubber hood and a shiny black leather sheath, she called the police. All I remember was hearing great commotion, trying to scream through the hoods, and hands all over my body. A female voice asked if I was okay, 'yes' I replied; trying to roll over while someone was trying to sit me up. During the next few minutes someone loosened the straps on my wrist and separated them, and then began unbuckling the collar straps on my leather trenchcoat.

I was trying to explain how to help me out of the outfit as the hoods were unzipped and pulled off my face. There was an attractive and horrifyingly young female deputy there who had been unbuckling me while my neighbor and a very big male deputy stood behind her. My neighbor looked horrified, he was giggling. I was trying to get up. but my legs were still strapped together. I was horrified. Everything was wrong; my life was over, I had now been 'outed' after 30 years of secrecy. I can't explain how mortified I was. The male deputy told his partner he was going to go 'call it in' and my neighbor followed him out saying she'd ' talk to me later'.

The female deputy 'Sharon' looked me over, and asked if I was going to be able to get out of the rest myself. I was sobbing by this time, I asked her to please help me with the leather trenchcoat. She tried to help me to my feet, but I had no balance on the heels with my legs bound together, so I just twisted my back around towards her and she unbuttoned and unbuckled the coat for me. I laid back against the back of the couch and she pulled the leather coat off of my arms. Seeing the blue rubber suits, the two hoods, the latex gloves and boots, the straps around my legs,etc. she just commented, "Well ma'am (I hate being called ma'am) you really did yourself up well today, eh?" I told her I would now be fine, and she stood up to leave.

She shook out the black leather trenchcoat, looked it over for several moments, and laid it over my lap. I got a sympathetic grin and she said she'd try to be considerate with her report. She went out to the patrol car, and they drove off. I guess CT state troopers see worse, because I never heard from them again. I haven't spoken to my neighbor since, and don't think I will soon. I have become quite a hermit during the past few weeks, only going out at night and ordering food in. Writing this has helped me realize how lucky I was, although I have still taken chances in the time since then. As much as I liked it, I think I'll wait for the day I finally find the right man, and the right rubber straitjacket.

I would love to hear from anyone who has similiar experiences, please write if you get the chance.

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