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Ready to Play Part 2

by Res Ipsa

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© Copyright 2002 - Res Ipsa - Used by permission

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continued from part one

Part Two

Jordan’s conversation puzzled me. Had she already called Doris and told her that she found me in handcuffs? If Jordan did not call before, what “play” was Jordan talking about? There were so many questions running through my head and no way to express them. It wasn’t long before Jordan was tugging at my leash and saying, “Walk for me.”

It took another several minutes but I made it back to my bedroom. My legs were sore from the walk and my feet hurt. It felt good when Jordan forcefully turned me around and pushed me onto my bed. I was sitting on my bed watching Jordan move towards my closet and pulling out some clothes. I could not see what was being pulled out and thrown into the suitcase that she had found in the closet. When she turned around I saw her holding the little lock that was used to secure the luggage. She approached me and said, “I knew we would be able to use this.”

I didn’t know what she meant. She put her hands on my shoulders and had me lean forward and into my lap. She moved my hair from the gag’s buckle and then secured the lock to the buckle’s hasp. “There, now there is no removing the gag without a key.” It did not take long for me to realize that even if I could get the handcuffs off, how was I going to remove the ballgag from my mouth? Then Jordan stepped back, looked down at me and proudly said, “Tell me. Is there a key?”

Jordan didn’t care if there was a key or not. Fortunately there was a key but if I couldn’t tell her where it was I thought I would never get this gag off. I indicated as best I could with my handcuffed hands that the key was inside the suitcase. Jordan went back and pulled the key from the suitcase and attached it to the ring that held both keys to the handcuffs. These keys were put back into the pocket of her shorts.

Jordan looked back at me and said, “We have some time before it gets dark out. We can play here for a while, or, I can take you to Doris’ house right now. What do you want to do?”

I stomped my heels into the bedroom carpeting, hoping she would understand that I did not want to go outside while it was still daylight. Jordan looked at me and said, “Well, why don’t we just play here for right now.”

I watched as Jordan moved towards me. As she bent over me to move the bag and camera from the bed, I smelled the sweet scent of vanilla. Even that slight scent got me excited. Everything it seemed was getting me hotter. It had only been about 45 minutes since I first put the handcuffs on my wrist but it seemed like hours.

Once Jordan cleared the bed, she pushed my shoulders and I was now lying on my bed with my feet still firmly planted on the carpeting. This position did not last long as Jordan swung my feet up onto the bed. She roughly twisted and moved my body so that I was lying flat on my stomach and with my legs stretched out.

Jordan reached to the floor and picked up more rope. She then hopped up onto the bed and straddled my thighs. I could feel the heat of her legs against mine. It seemed that any contact was going to send me over the top. Jordan reached down to my right ankle and with a firm grasp lifted it onto my left ankle. Her touch was firm yet gentle. I could feel her nails stroke the nylon that covered my calves. I moaned into the gag and knew that I was again drooling on my bedspread.

Jordan then took the rope and tied my ankles together. This time it felt as though she used two strands of rope because when she pulled on the last strand, the coils around my ankles tightened. It felt great.

I was a prisoner in my own bed. There was no escape. I could make no decision on my behalf. I had achieved what I wanted. I couldn’t believe it but I was enjoying myself. Now, if only I could climax.

Without knowing, Jordan would help me reach that point. After tying my ankles together, Jordan hopped off the bed and picked up some more rope. Before I knew it, Jordan’s hands were again moving around both my calves and thighs. Her hands found their way under my leather skirt but stopped just short of discovering I had no panties. At one point, Jordan picked up my handcuffed hands and stretched them towards the ceiling. The pressure on my shoulders told me I would not be able to stay this way. However, while my arms were stretched upward, Jordan took each of my fingers, put them into her mouth and began to suck on them. I was in heaven. Her tongue swirled around each finger like an ice cream cone and with each finger she did that to I was closer to climax. Jordan knew exactly what she was doing and what it was doing to me.

I wanted her to continue to touch me the way she was but she stopped to take my ankles and pull them towards my handcuffed hands. She held my ankles in place by running a rope from the handcuff chain to my tied ankles. This put additional pressure on the rope that secured my thighs. Everything was tight. Everything was perfect.

I was left by Jordan to struggle. My hips seemed to be the only thing that I could move. I swayed left and right, attempting to free my bonds. I called out for my release but Jordan ignored me. I finally let out a long moan as my body took over and found its own release.

I know that Jordan must have heard me but I was not embarrassed. I mean, what could I do about it. Jordan had complete control over me. She held the keys to my freedom. I was her slave to do what she wished. I was her toy to play with.

I don’t know how long it was before Jordan released the rope that secured my ankles to my hands but when she did I felt another release. My legs had long stopped begging to be straightened out. It was a strange sensation knowing that I wanted to move my legs, that I needed to move my legs but I was unable to do anything about it. But when she released my ankles it felt so good. I felt free even though I was still bound and still quite helpless.

As Jordan released my ankles she said, “Its dark enough to go to Doris’. I’ve packed your bags and I will lock your house. I even fed Barney.”

I didn’t want to go to Doris’ house. I didn’t want her to see me like this. But what choice did I have.

Jordan pulled on the leash that was still attached to my collar and escorted me back to the kitchen. I shuffled again as best I could with the rope still around my thighs and the heels still on my feet. She put a raincoat over my bondage and a scarf around my head. The gag was barely visible but enough showed that I knew if people saw me they would know I was gagged. Jordan then untied the bindings above my knees. Another release. God did that feel good.

I was able to move my legs and walk like a normal woman. I wasn’t given much time to treasure this freedom as Jordan pulled on my leash and said, “Walk for me.”

Jordan took me out the back door and to the passenger side of her SUV. I realized now why she released my legs. There would have been no way for me to climb into the truck. At least, at this height my gagged mouth was less visible. A small favor but I would take it.

The ride to Doris’ house was only five minutes but it felt as though it were hours. I was again flush with embarrassment. I thought everyone I saw knew I was gagged, wearing a leash and was handcuffed. I was relieved when Jordan pressed the remote and we pulled inside the attached garage. Jordan left me in the SUV while she opened the door to the house and took my suitcase inside.

Jordan went inside for a few minutes and then came back for me. Jordan opened the truck’s door and pulled on my leash. “Step down for me.” Once outside the truck, a further tug on my leash and a “Walk for me.” told me we were going inside. Immediately inside the doorway was a stairway that led to the basement. I followed Jordan down the stairs as she held the leash just above her right shoulder. I walked carefully down the steps and adjusted my eyes to the basement light.

Jordan must have already turned on the lights as the basement was brightly lit. I looked around. It was the same basement I had been in many times before. But this time I was bound and gagged. It then hit me. I was still bound but only by the handcuffs that I had put on my own wrists. I had done this to myself. If one could smile over a ballgag, I was doing it.

Jordan led me to the center of the basement and said, “Stand here for me.”

As I stood there, Jordan picked up a stool and brought it to me. She put it down in front of me and stood on it. She took the leash and raised it into the rafters where it was secured. I still hadn’t made sense of why we were at Doris’, why Doris said she would play with us and why Jordan was able to quickly secure my leash to the rafter. In a few hours it would make more sense to me.

Jordan stepped down from the stool and removed the scarf around my head and the raincoat. Then she just stood there and looked at her handiwork. I also looked at my self in a mirror that hung on the wall. I slowly twisted my wrists in the cuffs but they were not going anywhere. My blouse was soaked from the drool that had been created by the gag. My jaw ached from the gag. I could see rope marks from where I had been tied above my knees and at my ankles. I felt dirty and needed a shower. Yet, I was still excited from what I saw in the mirror.

Jordan finally spoke. “We are going to play some more tonight. Trust me, you will enjoy it. Just let yourself enjoy it. I have a change of clothes for you. If you promise that you won’t try to escape I will let you shower and change. I will also let you eat and drink something if want. But if you attempt to escape, I will punish you. Do you want to shower and change your clothes?”

I shook my head up and down. Jordan approached me and pulled the handcuff key from her pocket and released my left hand. Another release that felt great. I did not try to escape but Jordan held onto my cuffed right hand just in case. I felt an immediate release throughout my shoulder and back. It felt good not having my hands cuffed behind me.

Jordan quickly moved in front of me and locked the handcuff on my left wrist. My hands were handcuffed again but at least it was in front of my body. A small freedom but it was freedom. Jordan then kneeled down and removed my shoes and stockings. More freedom. It felt wonderful. She then moved behind me and pulled down the zipper of my skirt. My sense of freedom was quickly replaced by embarrassment.

Jordan pulled down the skirt and saw that I was not wearing panties. She smiled but did not say anything. Jordan picked up the stool and stood to release the leash from the rafter. “Walk for me.” Jordan tugged on the leash and I followed her to the bathroom. She directed me to stand in the shower and said she would be right back.

Jordan returned to the bathroom with a set of handcuffs that were attached to a chain that looked to be three feet long. Jordan attached the handcuff to my left ankle and pulled the chain out, attaching it to the plumbing under the sink. I wondered where those handcuffs and chain came from.

Jordan released the handcuffs from my wrists and the collar that circled my neck. Jordan said, “Shower for me.” “I have left a change of clothes for you and some snacks. I will be back in 20 minutes. Be ready for me.” With that she closed the bathroom door and left me alone.

I lifted my hands to release the gag but couldn’t release the buckle. It was still locked. Jordan had left the bathroom and did not hear me yell. I took off my blouse and began to shower. The warm pulsing water felt life giving. I was able to cum again while in the shower. Never had I had so many orgasms in one day. I felt young again. I felt clean.

I toweled myself dry in the shower and stepped out onto the ceramic floor. It was cool to the touch and I almost forgot the chain that was attached to my left ankle. I was reminded when I nearly tripped over it. I dried my hair and applied some make-up that was in the cabinet. I then turned to see what was laid out. It was only a lacy red bra that came from my house.

As I lifted the bra I heard a small “clang”. I looked down and it was the key to the ballgag. I quickly released the gag and felt an immediate release of the muscles in my jaw. I was happy. I drank some wine that was left and ate some of the cheese. I felt refreshed, full and happy. Tonight was good. I just wish that Doris were not coming home to see me like this. As I reflected on the night, a sheet of paper was slid under the door.

I picked it up and written on it was the following: “Stacey—You have been a good girl. A good slave. Continue for me. Put the gag back on for me. Be sure to use the padlock. Put the collar back on and attach the leash. In the cabinet you will find a blindfold, use it for me. When you are done, knock on the door for me.”

I yelled to Jordan as I pounded on the door, “No! Wait! I don’t want Doris to see me like this. Please. We can go back to my house and we can play all you want. I will follow all instructions. Do whatever you want. I will do anything you want. I will be your slave, your toy, whatever you want… Just don’t tell Doris. Please! Don’t let Doris see me like this.”

Another slip of paper was immediately slid under the door. “Do not anger me. Do as I have said. You will enjoy it. Doris will enjoy it. I will enjoy it. If you do not follow these instructions within five minutes I will use those pictures I took for whatever purpose that suits me. Do as I have said.”

Jordan knew I did not want Doris to see me this way and had prepared ahead. She was good. She was smart. I was not going to win this one. I timidly told Jordan through the door. “I will do as you have said.”

I picked up the gag and thought; Jennifer is never going to get this gift. I lifted the gag to my mouth and slid the ball behind my teeth. It was much more difficult this time as my jaw muscles still ached. I reached behind my head and secured the buckle. I lost the ability to speak again. I reached down and picked up the collar. I buckled it onto my neck and attached the leash. I looked in the mirror and told myself, “You wanted to lose all control. You have. Enjoy what happens.” I found the blindfold and put it on over my eyes. I then reached out to knock on the door.

I heard the door open. I heard the sound of heels clicking on the tiled floor. Jordan said, “Lower your head for me.” I hesitated slightly and then lowered my head. I heard Jordan walk behind me and I felt her pull my hands behind my back. I felt the cold steel of the handcuffs around each wrist and the ratcheting of the cuffs told me I was not going anywhere. Jordan bent down and released the chain that held my ankle to the plumbing.

With a powerful tug on my leash I followed Jordan out to the middle of the basement. I felt the chain of the leash go up and assumed I was again attached to the rafter. I felt the warm caress of a woman’s hand all over my body. My body reacted and I let out a moan through my gag. I was getting hot again. I didn’t know if I could take more. But I was willing to try.

I heard Jordan say, “With a little preparation you will be ready for Doris.” I shuddered at the thought. But Jordan continued by dressing me in stockings made of latex. First she applied baby powder to my legs. That alone felt great. She asked me to lift my leg so that she could put on a latex legging. I then lifted my other leg for Jordan. Once the stockings were on Jordan helped me put on a latex panty. “Now that the stockings are on, it is time for some shoes.”

I expected Jordan to put on my pumps back on but she had something different in mind. I felt Jordan ease my foot into a higher heel. At least five inches. But when she began to tighten the lace, I knew she had put me into a boot. Jordan pulled the laces very tight and did the same for the other foot.

I did not know what I looked like but I felt sexy. It was also strange, but I felt powerful even though I had no control or say in what was happening.

Jordan then said, “I think its time to lose the bra.” I should have felt embarrassed but after all that had gone on tonight, this did not bother me.

Jordan removed my bra and I could feel the erectness of my nipples. In fact, it felt as though they were straining to push out farther. Jordan lightly kissed my nipples and breast. I was going to go over the edge again. Just as I was about to climax, Jordan stopped.

I felt the coldness of leather straps going over my shoulders and in the front of my body. Jordan told me that it was time to be harnessed. I did not know what that meant but I was about to find out. I felt Jordan behind me tightening a strap above my breasts. I felt another strap tighten just below my breasts. A third one tightened around my stomach. Each of these straps secured my arms to my back. The handcuffs were no longer restraining my arms, these straps were. But Jordan never took the handcuffs off. They remained as ornaments of what I had started when I first put them on.

I was shocked when I felt Jordan’s hand reach from behind me and through my legs. Another strap was apparently there. I shuddered again when Jordan’s hand grazed my groin. I felt intense pressure when the strap replaced her hand. Once the straps were secured Jordan informed me that it was now time to tighten them. I thought, “Tighten them? Aren’t they tight enough?” Each strap was tightened by Jordan until I felt each leather strap bite into my flesh just as the ballgag had to my face. It was a curious feeling. It should have been painful but it just felt secure. It felt good. It did however restrict my chest and every breath was a reminder that there were these straps around my body.

I was adjusting to my bondage when Jordan said, “I am going to remove the blindfold and gag so that I can put a hood over your head. Do not speak to me while the gag is off or you will be punished. Nod your head for me if you understand.”

I nodded forward and back. I felt Jordan move my hair to release the gag. It was then that she discovered I had not used the padlock. “Tsk, tsk. I thought I told you to padlock this gag. This good girl has been bad. A bad girl must be punished.”

It was a mistake. I forgot to put the padlock on. I tried to tell Jordan but the gag was still on. Jordan was not interested in my pleadings.

Jordan went to a cabinet and picked out a whip. It was a short one with a leather loop on the end of it. Jordan raised her hand and struck hard on my backside. I was not prepared for it. I heard a ‘whoosh’ at the same time the whip hit my ass. I screamed into the gag. I felt an intense burning sensation that was replaced by a prickly sensation. I had never been whipped before. Some playful spankings but that was it.

Jordan told me that I should be thankful she hit me only once with the whip. She began to rub the area that she struck and said, “I don’t want to punish you. Please be a good girl. Please be a good slave.” I nodded affirmatively.

Jordan then said, “I am going to remove the gag and the blindfold. Do not speak to me while the gag is off. You will be punished if you do.” I knew what that meant and I was not about to be punished again.

Jordan stood in front of me and pulled my head forward. She moved my hair away from the gag’s buckle and released it. It felt good as the muscles in my jaw were still aching from earlier. The blindfold was next.

Once my eyesight adjusted to the room, I was astonished at what I saw. Jordan was standing before me, but it did not look anything like her. She had on five inch heels, black fishnet stockings, a black latex leotard which had openings exposing her breasts, she wore elbow length black latex gloves and had on a black latex hood which covered everything except her eyes, a small portion of her nose and her red lips. An opening on the hood allowed her long blond hair to extend out in a ponytail. It was obviously a wig as Jordan had short blond hair. Jordan stood with her feet apart and holding the whip that I had just experienced. Standing before me was a powerful woman. This was not the playful and somewhat irresponsible 21 year-old that I knew.

I stopped myself from saying “Wow!” but I meant it and wanted to say it. Jordan looked every bit the Mistress that she had been playing.

Jordan wasted no time in getting the latex hood that I was going to wear. It was red and very tight. Jordan slipped the latex over my head and pulled tightly. I felt the restriction all over my face. There were openings for my eyes, for my nose and my mouth. I could tell that I was to have the same blond wig that Jordan was wearing. Oh, I thought, “Blonds do have more fun.” I began to snicker but quickly stopped when Jordan stopped what she was doing and gave me a stern look.

Jordan began tightening the laces on the hood and the pressure equalized on the hood. It felt great. I had all but forgotten that Doris was coming home until Jordan said she had to hurry.

Jordan picked up the ballgag that she had just removed and told me, “Open for me.” This time I did not hesitate; I opened my mouth as wide as the hood allowed me. The gag was going to be difficult to get behind my teeth but with a little effort, Jordan pushed the red ball behind my teeth and I was again gagged. Jordan tightened the straps to where she had them at my house. Much tighter than what I had done.

I saw Jordan walking towards the bathroom. She was gorgeous. I wanted her to help me find my physical release that was building in me since I took the shower. Jordan came out of the bathroom with the padlock dangling in her black latex wrapped fingers. "We aren’t going to forget this a second time are we?" I move my head left and then right.

Jordan said, “You are a good girl. You’ve learned quickly I think I will call you my own little slave. This slave needs a new name. Your new name will be Lori. I like that. Lori, do you like your new name?”

I nodded yes. I was hers and she knew it.

“Well Lori, why don’t we secure those legs of yours.” Jordan went to the cabinet and pulled out a pair of leg irons. I thought they were just a large pair of handcuffs until Jordan called them leg irons. Jordan kneeled down and opened the leg iron to secure it around my right ankle. The chain between the cuffs was no more than 12 inches and I could still move my legs even after Jordan secured my left ankle. Again, small favors.

That favor did not last long as I looked down and saw Jordan securing the chain to an eyebolt that was hidden in the carpet. That restricted my legs so that I could only move my legs two inches to either side. Jordan stood up and unhooked the chain that was attached to my collar. “Can’t have any accidents.” I did not understand why Jordan said that but that too would become obvious in a few moments.

Jordan took the key to the padlock that secured my ankles and put it on the ring that held the keys to my handcuffs and gag. She held another key up—I didn’t know what that was for and Jordan knew it. She pointed up towards the rafter and I knew my leash must have been secured by another padlock. She took the loose end of the leash in her hand and hooked it back onto my collar and released it again as she said, “See how easy it will be to chain you to the ceiling again.” I knew she was right as the chain dangled in front of me. All these keys, the keys to my freedom, were put on one ring.

Jordan then opened the cabinet door and pulled out a small white box, which she opened and put the keys in. I was puzzled. What was Jordan trying to show me? Jordan closed the box and secured it with a padlock that was painted bright yellow. Jordan looked at me and said, “I know you must be wondering. The yellow padlock has only one key to it. I don’t have it. Doris is the only one with the key.” Jordan then placed the box on a table on the far side of the room.

I knew there was no escape. Any chance that Jordan might change her mind was now gone. Jordan no longer held the keys to my release; Doris did and she did not even know it. I felt the warm rush of shame flood my face again. No one could tell though because of the latex hood. I wasn’t angry with Jordan; although, I should have been. I was just embarrassed.

Jordan went to the table with the box that held my freedom and began to write something. After a few minutes, Jordan looked at me and told me how beautiful I looked. She then approached me and kissed the ballgag that was embedded in my mouth. I felt the need for more, for so much more. I wanted her kisses. I wanted her hot breath on my body. I wanted her touch. But I was denied. Jordan jumped back and said, “I better get ready myself.”

Ready for what I wondered. My question was soon answered. Jordan moved to the wall on my right and put a leather cuff on each of her ankles and each of her wrists. I strained to see what she was doing but it was clear, Jordan was going to restrain herself. Once the cuffs were on, Jordan picked up a red ballgag like mine. She pushed the ball deep into her mouth and pulled the straps behind her head. I saw her pick up a padlock and lock the gag.

Jordan picked up the stool, stood on it and reached deep into the rafter. A long pole with eyehooks on the each end was pulled down. A heavy chain secured it to the rafter. Jordan reached down and padlocked together the leather cuffs on her ankles. Jordan then reached above and secured her right wrist to the pole with a padlock. She then carefully reached up with her left wrist and secured it with another padlock.

Jordan took a deep breath through her nose and looked over at me. I was impressed with her flexibility and her ability to firmly secure herself against the wall. It was then that Jordan grabbed the pole and lifted her legs off the stool. With her feet, she kicked the stool away from her and slowly lowered herself. Her hands were outstretched about three feet and her toes barely touched the floor. Without the stool, it was clear that there was a great deal of tension on her suspended arms. I thought to myself, “Truly amazing.”

I was lost in the moment. I forgot that Doris was coming. I forgot about Jordan. I was lost in my own sexual bliss. After a few moments I felt like I was exploding. It was the biggest and most intense orgasm I had ever felt. My entire body was bucking. I wanted to touch myself but couldn’t. I screamed in ecstasy but no one heard.

I don’t know how long it was but my attention was brought back to reality when I heard the sound off the garage door opening. I heard Doris’ voice “Is anyone down there?”

I heard Doris come down the steps and looked directly at her. She looked directly at me and began to walk towards me. I wanted to die. My best friend was seeing me in a way that I didn’t even know existed a few hours ago. Doris raised her hand and touched my hooded face. She spoke, “My aren’t you a pretty little thing.”

She looked over at Jordan and said, “Does she have a name?” Doris didn’t recognize me. She didn’t know that behind the hood was her best friend for the past five years. How could she I reasoned, my face was hidden behind a red latex mask, a large red ball was stuffed in my mouth and a blond wig extended out the hood.

Jordan grunted from behind her gag. Doris said as she walked towards Jordan, “I don’t quite understand you.” Jordan again grunted and motioned with her restrained hand toward the table.

“Very well, I will look on the table.” On it and beneath the white box that held the keys to my restraints was the note that Jordan had written. Doris picked up the paper and read. I was afraid the paper would tell Doris who I was. But I was also afraid the paper wouldn’t tell Doris who I was.

Doris read aloud. “Dear Mistress: i went to Lori’s house today and found her playing with the handcuffs she has on and the ballgag. we decided to play. Lori has agreed to be my slave. Since i have submitted to you, Lori is also your slave. we are yours for the weekend. we have agreed to submit to you the entire time. Lori’s only request is that she be gagged at all times and that she be hooded at all times. Lori’s a shy one but she is fun to play with. yours in submission, jordan.”

Did I hear that right? Doris thinks my name is Lori. I am to be gagged the entire weekend? I am to submit to Doris? I can’t stay here the entire weekend. I have to be at work tomorrow. I have to pick up the china. I have to feed Barney. None of that mattered to Doris because she did not even know that it was I, Stacey, her best friend. All she knew was that the girl in front of her was named Lori and that girl had agreed to be a slave for the weekend.

Doris had a huge smile on her face. “Two slaves for the weekend. I am lucky.”

Doris moved toward me and stopped directly in front of me. She lifted the chain that was dangling from the rafter and attached the leash back onto my collar. Doris moved in closer and whispered gently but confidently towards my ear, “Ready to play?”


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