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The Real Inescapable Self-Bondage Rope Tie

by Professor Challenger

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© Copyright 2015 - Professor Challenger - Used by permission

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A new piece from Professor Challenger. Hope you like it.

The Real Inescapable Self-Bondage Rope Tie (A True Story)
By Professor Challenger


Those who have followed the Forums on this site and others may be aware of my quest to discover the inescapable self-bondage using rope, only. We all (I hope) know that it is easily possible to lock yourself up beyond hope of escape using ordinary handcuffs or other locking restraints if you can’t get or use the keys. Rope is another matter, since it can almost always be cut relatively easily with a sharp instrument. (Of course, not wanting to cut your silk cords, or high-end shibari rope may be a deterrent--.) Other authors have asserted that it is possible to tie yourself up with rope in such a way that it is impossible to free yourself, by yourself.

I had been doubtful of that proposition, since, in my own prior experimentation, I have always been able, if I can get a knife at all, to work it around so that I can either cut through ropes around my wrists, or cut the ropes holding my wrist to other parts of my body and so eventually escape. The secret of making a rope tie inescapable is to render that ability irrelevant. The key to this is in tying the elbows. It is rather proverbial that there is “no way out” of an elbow tie, but even this has qualifiers. For a lot of people, the shape of the upper arms will allow ropes there to fall down or be “slipped” particularly if some slack is introduced.

Contrary to bondage art, most people can’t bring their elbows together behind them, and would be in considerable pain if tied that way, even if they could. What is easier is to be tied so that the elbows are restrained in a position behind the torso, so that, even if free hands are brought forward, they can’t reach knots on the front of the torso, and, that the ropes binding the elbows should be within the elbow-wrist radius. That is, if the right wrist is brought up level with the left elbow, the wrist and hand will protrude beyond the elbow, and not be able to reach back to it. Reasonably flexible people should be able to do this, and some others may be able to do so with stretching and practice.

After some thought, I realized that I had to test this hypothesis, and set about devising a tie where, once you were in it, you couldn’t reach any other knots or significant ropes, even if your hands were free. This, I found, I was able to do.

I knew I was going to have to have a way to cinch the elbows up after I had most of the other ropes in place, so I began by preparing a double-ring device with a loop of rope that I could bring from my back around to my front easily. This I attached to a rope harness tied around my shoulders and chest so that it hung at the back of my neck, careful that the harness did not and could not put any pressure on the sides or front of my neck. I left a lengthy tail of rope hanging from the center front of the chest harness.

Next, I tied a rope belt, leaving a foot or so long loop of rope attached at the center back, and again, a lengthy tail of rope dangling from the center front.
I decided I might as well get as baroque as possible, since one of the common pitfalls we self-bondagers tend to fall into is the last-minute extra bit that wasn’t part of our supposedly carefully thought out plan. Taking some thin cord, I looped a piece through the ring in my Prince Albert piercing, where it protruded through the slot in the front of the chastity device I was already wearing, knotted it, and let the ends dangle, and also tied some of the same cord around my scrotum below the chastity. This I made a loop of, and temporarily tucked it between my legs and into the back of the rope belt.

Next, I made and measured a wrist coil. I had thought about just using handcuffs for the wrists, since I didn’t expect to be able to escape anyway, but decided not to “cheat” and go with the classic rope coil.

Careful of the ropes dangling off my person, I got into position, which, for this test, was going to be in our living room. My Mistress, who was being my safety and release, watched with calm amusement as I seated myself on the floor in front of the smaller of our two sofas. While technically a “love seat”, this piece of furniture was very solidly built and heavy, and would do well as an anchor point. (I was determined to be as foolish as possible. One of “Challenger’s Rules” is that a bondage isn’t really secure unless the subject is also tied TO something, or otherwise enclosed, since I can always move around in some way if I’m not--).

Seating myself, I crossed my legs in front of me, and used the rope from my waist to tie and cinch my crossed ankles, the ankles thereby being attached to my waist so the legs could not be extended. The rope from the center of the chest harness also attached to the ankles, holding me in a sitting position and ensuring that, even if I were able to get onto my side or front, I would not be able to bring my ankles in range of my hands. That possibility was further forestalled by using some of this rope to tie my ankles to the love seat leg, leaving me affixed to it by about six inches of doubled rope. This way there was not only no way I could move away, I could not rotate my body in order to bring hands behind me in contact with the tether rope.

Having done that, I took the loose ends of cord from the Prince Albert ring, and tied one off to each big toe, which gave promise of “interesting” sensations to come.

Then, I picked up one end of the loop from the double-ring device, and tied a rope cuff around my upper arm including the loop. I did the same with the other upper arm, making sure the rope ran through the double ring correctly, but not yet taking up all the slack. (It required one hand and my teeth to tie a cuff around the opposing upper arm--.)

Retrieving other gear I had set beside me, I applied nipple clips, gag, and blindfold, which, had I truly been doing this on my own, would have ensured that I would be trapped where I was until someone else found me, unable to call for help, crawl for help, or see what might have happened to any knife or safety device I might have dropped and lost track of. My “safeword” in this situation was to cough, which would immediately get my Mistress’ attention. If I just coughed incidentally, shaking my head would signal I was not yet ready to be freed.

Arranging the loose end of the double-ring loop where I could easily find it, I put my left wrist through the rope coil. I doubled the loop of rope at the back of my waist, and put the coil through the noose so made, as well as the loop of cord attached to my ball sac. With some effort, I worked my right wrist through the coil, and tugged the cinching rope snug.

Next, I got hold of the end of the double-ring loop, and began to haul down on it, shortening the loop that connected my upper arms. Bit by bit, I was able to take up slack, and finally, with a firm tug, to get that connection as taut as I could stand. I paused a moment, making sure that the situation I was in didn’t restrict my breathing unduly. Finally, I pulled as hard as I could against the wrist ropes, making sure the cinch was tight.

I began the obligatory struggling and testing of bonds. I found that, as I expected, I was as securely tied as I had ever been. Having my elbows pinioned robbed me of any leverage I might have had, and restricted my ability to try to pull or twist out of the wrist ropes. I was also as aroused as I had ever been in bondage, my swollen cock straining against its confining cage. I’ve been in inescapable bondage situations before, such as pretty much anything involving my steel cage, but there was just something different about this time. Perhaps it was the extra constriction of the ropes, perhaps it was that every time I moved something pulled against something else. Perhaps it was the mental stimulation that I had made a deliberate attempt to throw away every chance at freedom, and it certainly appeared I had succeeded in making myself a helpless captive, solely with ropes.

As I was settling into the bondage, I felt a familiar, yet unexpected sensation. I tensed my loins. Yes, I was coming! I had succeeded in orgasming even in my chastity belt once before, but that occasion had involved pretty intense stimulation from my Mistress and I wasn’t other wise tied up. I tried to hold still and control my breathing, but to no avail, the orgasm hit. It was as though the bondage itself was making me come!

(My Mistress, attracted but not alarmed by my breathing pattern around my gag, figured out what was happening, and amusedly got a dishtowel and stuffed it under my cock so that the come wouldn’t get on the carpet. Humiliation has never been an explicit part of our D&S play, but on this occasion I was deeply embarrassed and confounded that she should see I was such a bondage slut that I could come just from being tied up.)

After this, I plunged into “subspace” as sharply as though a trap door had opened under me. Truly, the Rope was my master. The Rope had given me an orgasm. The Rope desired me, the Rope possessed me. The Rope held me in its embrace. The Rope would never let me go--!

I eventually became tired and coughed three times to signal I wanted to go on to the next stage. We had agreed that Mistress would cut my hands, only, free at first to see what I could do. (Although I use a small blunt-tipped serrated blade kitchen knife to cut ropes occasionally, Mistress prefers that when she is available she frees me.) She cut through the wrist loop with shears, and I untangled my wrists from the cut ropes.

I found that, as I had expected, with my elbows pinioned behind my back, my hands could stick out uselessly from my sides, but not reach forward enough to get at any of the other knots that held me, so I was still stuck where I was. (Think “T-Rex hands”--.) I might have been able to bend down enough to claw the gag strap loose, but having now established the basic principle, I coughed again, giving my Mistress the “uncle” signal. She took the gag and blindfold off me first, and we discussed the episode as we got me untied, I marveling at the profundity of the sensations I had experienced.

So, dear reader, now both you and I know how to tie oneself up with rope so that we can’t escape. Perhaps this is dangerous knowledge. I do know that I want to do it again--. (Let’s see—this time use my leather hood instead of the gag and blindfold—harder to get off--. I didn’t do a butt plug last time, harness it in with rope per the theme--. Some heavier nipple clamps? Decisions, decisions--.)

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