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Rebecca’s Reason

by Eido

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© Copyright 2010 - Eido - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; lingerie; rope; caught; F/m; bond; bdsm; tease; cons/reluct; X

continued from part one Chapter 2

"Oh, shit!" Ryan began humping and sliding across the floor toward the knife by the bathroom. The race was no contest. With the need for stealth gone, Holly ran into the room and grabbed the rope wrapped around his knees, hauling him back to the floor at the foot of the bed.

"Whoa! Where are you going in such a hurry?" Holly's voice was steady, as though she handled bound men in lingerie every day.

"Dammit, Ryan. You are impossible," Rebecca said, sounding irritated at last. "I'm trying, Ryan, but you don't seem to appreciate it. I know I'm new at this, but you always have to have your own way!"

"Rebecca," Ryan started, before remembering she could not hear him. "Holly, please call her. My cell phone is on the dresser over there," he said, tilting his head, but she was not listening to him.

"Holly, be careful and for heaven's sake don't get hurt or let Ryan hurt himself. He's very smart, very quick, and very smooth. And he's much stronger than he looks. And I know he's going to try something. Honey, if you do escape, please don't hurt her. She's just doing what I asked her to, okay?" There was a pause. "Come on, Ryan. Be a sport." Belatedly, he realized she was waiting for a nod. He gave it.

"That's my good boy. Holly has her instructions, so be nice and try to have fun. I love you." Click.

"Holly. Call her back, please. Use her cell number in case she's not in her suite." Silence met his request. "Dammit, Holly. Please. This is all a big fu... foul up and I really need to talk to her." He waited. "Fine, I'll do it myself." He started feeling around, trying to release the spring clip. Strong, warm hands gripped his questing fingers.

"Not so fast, Ryan. You're the one who doesn't understand. I'm not Holly the sweet little high school senior that used to house-sit for you. I'm Mistress Holly and I'm here for Mistress Rebecca. So sit back and relax. Well, not so much sit back, but you get my point. We'll even have a little fun before she gets here. If you behave, that is."

Ryan tensed. His heart pounded like it was about to jump out of his chest. His abs were tightly clenched and his hands had balled into fists. He turned his head as far left as it would go, trying to glimpse his captor.

"Here. I'll help." Holly walked around his body and struck a pose about four feet from his face. From his angle, Ryan could not tell if she was any taller than the last time they met, but she was nicely proportioned. What skin he could see, her face, neck, and arms, was still as pale as he remembered. Her black hair was done in a modified shag, looking retro and punk. A tailored red blouse covered her upper body while tight jeans and knee high black boots covered the rest. She squatted down, making it easier to talk to him.

"Holly, I'm sorry you got dragged into this. Look, I'll get you a suite at the best hotel in town. I know that's barely four stars, but I'll make sure they take good care of you."

"It's Mistress Holly, pet. You didn't hear a word I said, did you?" She twined her fingers in his hair, which was just long enough to grab, and tilted his face up.

"Ow! That hurts."

She rolled her eyes. "No shit. That is the point, slave Ryan. I have my instructions and they don't include leaving you here while I order room service in some nice hotel downtown. Mistress Rebecca must really love you. She told me that I could have whatever fun with you I like, as long as no permanent marks or other damage is done. I've been trying to think of what I could do to top this. Very nice by the way, especially for a self-bondage job."

"Oh." Ryan's brain finally engaged, searching for a way out of his dilemma. "Oh damn. Oh shit. What were her instructions? Exactly?"

"You heard me."

"Yes, but did you hear her? Did you hear her ask me about cheating on her? Do you think she'd be so obsessed with the subject and then turn around and tell you to help me cheat on her? Don't you see? She's recording video right now, but no audio. She's royally pissed that I kept this secret from her and now she's going to get her revenge. No divorce court in the world is going to believe this story, but they will believe that I gave you a key to the house and the alarm codes and then just waited for you to arrive. We have a pre-nup. Oh shit. I cannot... I mean..."

"Wow," Holly interrupted. "You just made that whole thing up right there on the spot? She did say you were smooth. I'll tell you, for a second, I was buying that. But me and your wife, we talked. We spent lunch, dinner, and then most of the night talking. She wants this for you, and for her too, in about half a day." Holly stood up and walked to the door. Ryan could see a pair of matching bags there. She picked them up and approached him again.

“Tell me, please. Exactly what did she say?” Ryan stuck with his first stratagem because at the moment, it was his only stratagem.

“You're not going to let this go. Okay.” But his captor did not just blurt out whatever it was Rebecca had said to her. Instead, she sank to the floor, stretching out at a right angle to Ryan's bound form. She propped her head on her hands and smiled, looking him straight in the eye. He saw just how beautiful Holly was, and how the intervening years had only improved her youthful good looks.

“She said you might turn into a control freak on me. Does that sound like anyone we know? But here is one of her more choice suggestions for what I do with you.” She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, letting her lips brush his sensitive skin. Ryan could not believe what he was hearing. Holly sat up and studied the stunned expression on her captive's face.

"I know. She was always so proper around me. Of course, I was only eighteen at the time, but still. I had no idea your wife had such a creative mind. So, you are going to behave? Maybe even play along? I have done this before, you know." She began to rummage through one of the bags, pulling out items as she went. Ryan did not like the look of some of her toys.

Time slowed to a crawl. He watched with rapt attention as Holly extracted a black riding crop from one of her bags. He had a decision to make. The same decision he had forced himself to make these past three nights. Submit or don't submit. Be the control freak his wife expected or allow himself to be pulled along by the whims and fantasies of not one but two dominant women that he truly did not know. Of course, it might not matter what he decided. His surrender might be a foregone conclusion.

What was Rebecca doing? He could not accept this sudden twist as real. And if it was real, what did she expect from him? A cold calmness stole over him. He became aware of the pulse in his temple, echoing the heartbeat that he could feel against the floor. Holly's boots creaked as she shifted her weight. His mind spun into overdrive, considering options and choices, evaluating and calculating. He had decided. Holly's face had now turned toward him. Her amused expression suggested that she could not wait for whatever line of bull Ryan would try next.

"I can't stop you, but I'm not going to 'play along.' I guess we'll all find out together what Rebecca plans for us when she gets here."

"Why are you being such a dick?" She blurted the question without thinking. "She is giving you permission. How many wives are cool with that?" She flexed the crop, inhaling deeply as she did.

"She can't give me permission. She doesn't have the authority to break my promise for me."

Holly let the crop go, not even noticing as it sprang back. "What does that mean?"

"It means I promised, in front of God and everyone, to forsake all others, among other things. You know the drill: sickness, health, richer, poorer? It's on TV a lot. It means that I made the promise. She can't release me from it, and she can't break it for me. And I won't break it either.”

"Okay. Whatever. Be that way."

"Thanks, Holly. I... ungghh. Ung uck!" Words became impossible for Ryan as the thick red bit gag pressed into his mouth. Holly buckled the straps behind his head.

"Oh. I didn't say I was leaving. I'm going to keep you just like Rebecca wanted me to. I'll just have to forgo filling my time with tormenting you, alternating with pleasuring you. And it's 'Mistress Holly' Forget again and I will punish you. And not in a fun way, either. Wouldn't want to give you a guilty conscience. And here, maybe this will delay the inevitable escape attempt," she added as she wound the black scarf around his head, covering his eyes. "Hum 'Jingle Bells' for me."

Ryan hummed a passable rendition.

"Good enough. That's your safe word. If you have to go to the bathroom, or something gets numb, or starts to hurt, hum the song. If you use your safe word just to piss me off, I will punish you. Now, let's secure you a little better. Since I've been warned that you might hurt me while escaping, I'll just have to stop that before it starts." She grasped one of his wrists. He felt her moving and then heard the characteristic sound of a zip tie being pulled tight. She used several of them. He tried to picture what she was doing. He had a slight bit less slack, and his wrists were drawn closer to his ankles. "There. They aren't elegant, but they get the job done. That should keep you in those cuffs, and it will keep the cuffs tightly connected to your slender ankles. And all without the least bit of fun, right? And I took all those metal bits off too so you don't bruise yourself trying to get loose.”

Ryan jumped a little when she whispered to him, so close he could again feel her breath against his ear. “I really do mean to deliver you to your new mistress, Ryan, bought and paid. Don't make me get nasty with you.” She sealed her words with a light kiss to his cheek. His skin prickled as goosebumps rose all over.

“Ohhh. Aaaay.”

“You do understand the purpose of a gag? It's to keep slaves and toys quiet. I like a bit gag for men. I just think it's sexier. And, since we might be dozing a little before your new owner arrives, I think it's safer too.”

Ryan tried to speak again anyway. A meaningless jumble of vowel sounds came out instead. Holly sighed and sat down cross-legged near his face, crop back in her hand.

“Since you are not going to shut up and I haven't decided yet whether to use clamps on your nipples or a flogger on your ass, I'll do this instead. Quit making noise and just nod or shake your head. Ready?”

Ryan nodded, feeling foolish since he could not see.

“You want to ask me something, but you don't want to safeword to do it?” She received another nod.

“Okay, I'm going to treat you to Mistress Holly's game of twenty questions. I'm going to imagine what it is you could possibly want to know, and then I'll answer as if you had asked the question. Sooner or later, I will probably get it. But the game only lasts as long as you quit trying to talk to me.

“Let me see. I honestly don't think you are stupid enough to ask me to call your wife again.” There was a pause. Ryan imagined he was being stared at. “I didn't think so. So, I was thirteen, I think. I had been riding horseback for years, but that summer it was just different. Suddenly, the smell of all that leather tack was in my nose all the time. Here, let me show you.” She tugged the blindfold up enough for him to see. She held the crop up to her nose and took a deep breath. Her nipples stiffened against the crisp red fabric of her blouse.

“You see? It was the leather all along. Who knows how these things get into our brains? But that's how I first knew that being a domme was my calling, before I even knew the word 'domme.'”

Ryan shook his head. That was not the question he wanted answered.

“Well, I thought you might want to know, but I see you are too busy staring at my chest to make polite conversation.”

Ryan blushed. He was guilty as charged. He would have a hard time getting away if he couldn't keep his brain on the matter at hand.

“Okay. I recognized her the second she walked in the store. It's been what, four or five years? She hasn't changed much, plus, Rebecca always had that unearthly poise. She recognized me right away too, and she didn't seem bothered by it at all. Since it was my last day and I worked on commission, the manager let me give her the royal treatment. She had a lot of questions, too.”

Ryan shook his head again, and again Holly launched into a detailed exploration of some facet of her life, S&M, or Rebecca. After another three questions, he realized what was happening. He was relaxing to the sound of her voice, almost as if she was training him to it. At the same time, he was becoming more aroused. And with her attention constantly on him, he could not really explore the limits of his restraint. She noticed the shift in his body's tension.

“Is something wrong, Ryan? Are you getting tired of my little anecdotes? Maybe you would prefer something a little more hands on?”

He shook his head, perhaps more vigorously than necessary.

“Don't worry, pet. I won't take advantage of you. Not until you beg me to. No naughty, wrong, fun for you. And look at the time. I must have been doing something right since you stayed awake this long. But now I think we should get a little rest. I'll tell you what. When you decide that you would rather enjoy your wife's suggestion with me than lay on the cold hard floor, hum Happy Birthday To You.” She reached over and pulled the scarf back over his eyes. It wasn't a perfect blindfold, but then it did not need to be.

The bed creaked and Ryan imagined his captor laying across it, reading a book to while away the time, or maybe taking the nap she had suggested.

His stomach churned, feeling like he has swallowed a gallon of acid. An unpleasant thought had come to him, possibly too late to do much good. He had grossly underestimated Holly's deviousness. She had disoriented him with her chatter and now he had no idea what time it was, what his options were, or how closely he was being watched. He could not imagine what Rebecca was up to. Nor could he imagine her ever giving Holly permission to 'have fun' with him in some intimate way. There had to be a catch, at best, or a trap, at worst.

One obvious option was available, trust Rebecca and go with the flow. He did trust his wife. He had truly meant his answer to her question about playing with her, but this is not how he envisioned the experience unfolding. As he thought, doubts crept in, eroding the trust he had only just proclaimed. They did have a pre-nuptial agreement. Her father, who had been a world class bastard, but who watched over his only daughter like a hawk, had insisted.

A dark thought occurred to him. Rebecca travelled extensively, and usually without him. No, he assured himself, that was just not possible. A few more minutes in his own mind and he would not need Rebecca or Holly to torture him.

He shifted his weight, trying to get comfortable. Drool flowed down his chin and soaked into the sheet below. A familiar pressure had built up in his bladder. At least now he had an idea of what time it was.

"Nngll Ells. Nngll Ells." Ryan heard boots hit the floor. In a minute, the gag eased out of his mouth. He worked his jaw. "Thank you, Mistress Holly. I need to use the bathroom, please."

"Wow. I guess you really don't want to be punished? That was very good, Ryan. It will take me a few minutes to get you sufficiently loose for that task. I guess you are one of those guys who doesn't like people looking at you while you go?"

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, but it's true. Mistress."

"Don't overdo it. I almost hate to undo this rope-work. You put a lot of time into it." Ryan did not let his hopes rise too far. Rebecca had made him out to be some kind of Superman and now Holly would take no risks at all. She buckled some kind of belt around his waist, then disconnected his wrists from his ankles. Ryan heard snips as a pair of cutters made short work of the zip ties. Then his wrists were attached to a ring on the belt. Satisfied with his immobility, she began to untie his ankles. They were quickly hobbled by lengths of rope leaving him enough slack for a very short step. She loosed his knees as well and helped him to his feet.

"Don't move." She performed a complex maneuver with his wrists, never leaving more than one unattached and always maintaining control of the single free arm. After a few more movements, his wrists were cuffed together in front of him, and tethered to the belt by a length of chain. He legs were hobbled at the ankles, and he still had the blindfold on.

"Leave the door open and leave the blindfold on until you get to the toilet. I promise not to watch, if you promise not to try anything. Try something smart and I'll ignore all further bathroom requests. You can hold it until Mistress Rebecca arrives.” She unwrapped one turn of the filmy scarf and put the end in his hand.

"Yes, Mistress." Ryan shuffled in the direction she pointed him, holding out his hands for guidance. When he felt his shin bump the commode, he pulled the scarf off and took care of his business and shuffled back toward the bedroom, blindfold in hand. His feet hurt. It was one thing to spend a few hours tied up in a pair of too narrow shoes, but it was an entirely new experience to spend a night in them. His legs and shoulders were also sore.

"Keep moving forward until you run into the bed. I'm not going to put you back on the floor like that. Here, I'll take that," she said as she relieved him of the scarf. "Don't move." Ryan remained still while the process that moved his hands from back to front was reversed. "Okay, lean forward onto the bed."

As he did, he caught a glimpse of Mistress Holly in the mirror. Gone were the jeans and red blouse. He jumped, just a bit, and an erection started to push against the chemise.

"So you aren't a machine after all. It was too warm for that top layer. I hope you like it. Also, take a look at Rebecca's new outfit. It's hanging on the closet door."

Ryan did as ordered and another gasp escaped him.

"Yeah, she has very good taste. I helped her pick out everything." If she noticed Ryan trying to catch a glimpse of her, she did not say anything. What he saw was a pair of red stockings and a short red camisole top stretched over a very attractive pair of breasts. He also stole a look at the alarm clock. "Alright, ankles together." In a few minutes his bound ankles were attached to his bound wrists. Mistress Holly circled the bed to where his face hung over the edge of the mattress. She was holding the gag and scarf.

"I wish I had my camera. The crestfallen look on your face is just priceless." As she approached the bed, Ryan realized his eyes were at her crotch level. The shiny red high rise panties left little detail unsuggested. He imagined he could smell her warm scent. The blindfold went on first, and Mistress Holly leaned far over his head to tie the knot behind him. His nose brushed her skin as she turned, presumably to reach for the gag.

He felt more motion, but he could not envision what she might be doing. The realization was frightening, bordering on terrifying. One hand ruffled his hair, pushing his head one way and the other before pulling it lightly, pressing his nose and mouth against her panties.

"Is there something else you'd like to be doing with your mouth right now?" she asked as she eased her hold just a bit.

"Eating a steak and having a good beer at Nick's." The hands released his head. A moment later, he heard a sharp crack and then felt the stinging pain in his butt. The second stroke landed on the other cheek, and he heard it coming, which didn't actually help in any way.

"That's 'Eating a steak and having a good beer at Nick's, Mistress.' you worthless asshole. Are you having trouble getting your tongue up? Just open your fucking mouth."

The bit was crammed into his mouth and the straps buckled behind his head. He heard her settle into the one cushioned armchair in the room. Ryan settled down too, waiting. He pretended to doze while fighting hard against sleep.


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