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Red-faced but Speechless

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2001 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; handcuffs; gag; stuck; caught; hum; cons; X

As most practitioners of self-bondage know one of the thrills is the possibility of being caught out while bound.

Well it happened to me, a friend was visiting for a Wargaming weekend; we had been playing a campaign for about eighteen months, alternating visits. Now my friend is pretty broadminded and tolerant of other people’s quirks, which was a mixed blessing. I had ordered myself a pair of hinged cuffs about three weeks previously but they did not arrive until the same day as my friend. Therefore I had not had an opportunity to try them out.

We spent the afternoon and evening fighting our battles and drinking. We finally called it a night about midnight. I woke around four-thirty in the morning in serious need of the toilet. Returning to my room I heard snoring coming from my friend’s bedroom I decided I could risk an hour or so of bondage.

I set out my equipment. Three lengths of rope, a leather gag, handcuff keys and my new handcuffs. I put the primary key on the ice release and placed the back up on a low table in the bathroom. 

As all I was wearing were a pair of nylon briefs I did not bother changing, but proceeded to bind my legs at knees and ankles cinching them tightly.

Now as these were new cuffs I tried them on in front finding them difficult but not impossible to release. I realised I would need to think of away to double lock them if I was going to use them for long term wear, but that could wait. I next tried the hinge-cuffs behind my back a little more difficult but manageable. So I decided it was safe to proceed to full bondage, I built the last rope into a chest loop that would pin my arms tightly to my chest, and fitted the gag securely in place. Finally I locked the hinge cuffs to my right wrist, ensuring the keyhole was toward the fingers and engaging the double lock. Then I passed my arms into the chest loop, manoeuvred my arms until my wrists were behind my back and locked the cuffs on my left wrist.

I struggled happily for about ten minutes and realised that the lack of play in the hinge cuffs meant the chest rope was even more restrictive than usual. I decided the time had come to free myself. I worked my way to the primary key, still about an hour before it would melt sufficiently to release the key. So I decided to go for the backup, this meant about twenty minutes working myself to the wall and pushing myself up on to my feet. The key was still trapped by a large block of ice, so I hopped to the bathroom. I leant forward across the bath and used it to control my descent to my knees. Now I inched my way across to the table and fumbled for the back up key. I snagged it and started to work it into the keyhole of my left cuff.

Then the door to my friend’s room opens and he walks in to the bathroom turning the light on!

Now I am not sure which of us was the most embarrassed, but my friend recovered from his surprise and says, "Did you tie yourself up?" 

Red-faced I nodded yes.

"Do you want some help getting free?" 

Now I’ve got the key but I see no point in struggling if he is willing to help, so I nod yes and wave the key in my right hand.

My friend reaches down and takes the key, bends forward and examines the cuffs. "Where’s the keyhole?" my friend asks. 

I grunt "unphrmeeph, phy mpphh phinphers!" (translated as: underneath, by my fingers). 

"Just wait there while I get my glasses!" says my friend.  It is not as if I am in a position to run off. 

"Mupfhh phackk, ooff ffopfhhh phyy phkeee!" (come back, you’ve got my key), I grunt. 

"Don’t worry I won’t be long," says my friend and departs. A few minutes later I hear a door open and a light switch click, "Now that’s clever," my friend says, and then returned to the bathroom. "Stand up and let me see those cuffs." 

My friend helped me as I struggled to my feet, then lifted my wrists, forcing me to bend while my cuffs are examined. 

"Hmm, lock these on the other way round and you wouldn’t get them off without help!"

"Well, I can see I interrupted your fun!" says my friend, "your ice is still melting, so I’ll leave you to it. I’ll keep this key, if you are stuck bang on the door!" and turns and departs. I stood stunned, I didn’t even call out. I hopped back in to my room just as my primary key dropped and a few minutes later I was free.

Next morning I sheepishly discussed the previous night’s events with my friend, showing my collection of Harmony bondage magazines.

"Bondage does nothing for me, although I find other peoples kinks fascinating." says my friend. "But those handcuffs of yours intrigue me, they look like they could be escape proof, how long have you had them?"

I explained they had only arrived the day before and I had not really considered using them for an escape proof tie, after all I would need somebody to unlock them.

"Well, after breakfast I want to go out to the bank, if you can tie yourself up using those cuffs so that you can’t release them yourself, I’ll promise to unlock them for you!" says my friend.

Did I? 



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