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The Release Part 2

by Lisa C

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© Copyright 2013 - Lisa C - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; chast; public; caught; emb; mast; climax; fpov; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one

Part 2

I am in the cycle yet, once again. I have been on a binge for a month now and I don’t see an end happening soon. I do this from time to time. I go quietly upstairs and lock my door. I pull down the shades and open the bag that hides all my favorite and private toys, It contains, belts, ropes, ties, cords, elastic bands, leather straps, ribbons, cut strips of cloth, old seat belt straps, various other mechanisms for self locking . I have purchased a new item and want to try it out. I always find something new to add from time to time and want to push my boundaries. It’s part of the game I play, part of the excitement and part of the arousal that I enjoy.

These past few weeks I have been exploring a new device, one that has taken me into the world of being bound privately in public. I refer to it as SHE. I don’t know why I do. I feel an affinity to her maybe because it is held very close to me physically. What I am mean is SHE is my chastity belt. Not just any belt but one that is leather with straps. I love how it wraps around my waist and has a strict leather band that holds tight against me. I have straps that attach to my thighs that when I walk tightens with each step, bend or lift depending on my position.

If I stand straight, I can feel it all around my waist and inner thighs holding me tight with a feeling of constraint. If I sit SHE is firm against me in all ways. If I bend I can feel the cuffs on my thighs push against my leg muscles. If I spread my legs, I become limited by the stretch of the belt and the cuffs that are held in place via the belt around my waist. The first hours of wearing the belt I felt a sense of euphoria. I was happily belted and loving the erotic feelings it created.

I learned to wear underwear quickly under the belt because my own excitement was literally making the belt damp and moist. I was in a constant state of being wet. I saw my own juices dripping down my legs and puddle inside my clothing. I was also becoming more sexually aware of my own body.

From the first ten minutes of wearing it, I soaked the leather belt completely, and was creating a wet spot on the bed underneath where I sat. I was in a state of total stimulation and exhilaration. I couldn’t stop my own body. It was like SHE stirred me everywhere down there and I couldn’t stop it from happening.

The instant feeling of the leather against my skin was intense and powerful. I could feel my clitoris was hard, erect and was directly pushing against it. This in turn created my inner folds to engorge and press into the strap even further. It was a rush like I have never had before. I was in a state of mind and body bliss. I couldn’t stand up. I had to just sit and let the feelings take over. I ended up moaning from it.

That deep primal moan you get when you are in a zone of pleasure. You totally black out the rest of the world around you. You don’t hear or realize your surroundings. You are transfixed by the moment and the rush of your own body. It’s an incredible feeling. SHE put me on the edge within mere minutes. I get goose bumps thinking about it. I wasn’t about to let this perfect moment slip away.

I let myself sit and experience it for what seemed like an hour or more. In reality, when I looked over at the clock 15 minutes had passed. I made the conclusion I was high from the effects of the belt. I made mental note that this might be something I would have to be careful to not let it become an obsession.

I reluctantly took off the belt and held it in my hands. I was like a child who was allowed to have a few tastes of something delicious and then it was then taken away. I wanted more.

I gave in and put it back on. This time I admired myself in front of the mirror. I didn’t look silly in it, nor did I look like a model either. I played and adjusted the straps, seeing how tight or loose I could make the device on various parts of my waist, hips and legs. I watched as my skin was stretched and how the belt would dig into the fleshy part of my pelvis. I liked how it made it protrude and more pronounced. I liked how the straps looked against my thighs. It elongated them and they looked more powerful and muscular. The strap going around my rear hides the opening and looked like a wide ribbon wrapping a nice round ass.

I pranced around the room, walked to and from the mirror, I inspected my body in the light, and then in shadows. I opened the shades to get more light into the room; SHE was even more attractive in the bright light. You could make out a fine hue in the leather. I tried on different bras, heels and multiple pairs of underwear to find what was the most attractive and comfortable with my new toy. I looked at the clock and realized I had been playing dress up too long and had to be at work... now.

I cleaned up the mess on the bed hid the bag and started to unlock the door when I realized something. I was still wearing HER and didn’t notice it for those few moments. I stopped and took it in. It was that comfortable within that short amount of time. I was dumbfounded. I thought I would have to get used to it. I thought it would take days of working with the belt to have it be a part of my body. I was wearing it and didn’t feel it as a device. It felt, well um, natural. Uh OH… this isn’t good my mind said.

I took it off immediately. I needed to understand what I wanted out of this device and why I bought it. This was not something I expected nor was it something I had even thought about. I crammed in into the bag and hid it in my usual hiding space. I also reminded myself I had to vacuum the carpet under the dresser more often too.

I threw on my clothes, slid on my shoes and off I went. I drove to work and started to think of the effect SHE had on me. I couldn’t believe how excited I felt, how thrilling and exhilarating it made me feel down there and in my mind.

I felt my nipples getting hard against my bra. I was wearing the last one I put and it was a push up cup. I felt both of them tingle, and then the wetness and the tingle between my legs began. I was about to pull into the parking space and felt the pulsating of my clit against my thighs. I was having an erotic moment from just thinking of the belt. I just wanted to reach down and relieve myself right there and then.

I looked at the clock I was late and, here, I was more concerned with my desire to cum at this very moment more than anything else. I forced myself to walk into work and go attend to my duties. I looked over at my pile of stuff and decided that it could wait a few minutes. I went straight to the bathroom and locked the stall door.

I have never gotten myself off in a public restroom before nor have I ever felt the need like I had today. I was engrossed and determined to have the orgasm. I reached down and placed my hands between my legs and rubbed and slid my fingers in and out. They were wet and sticky, I used my own juices to lube and rub my clit. I was imagining the belt against it pushing it, used my hands to grab it and push hard against the hard erect nub. I rocked back and forth, using the friction of my hands to reach the extent of the orgasm. I wanted it very bad and I continued with the mental fantasy of the belt around me and against my skin.

I was almost to the brink of feeling the rush of the orgasm in my ears and the sound of my heartbeat. I held my breath to hide any sounds that might come out during the release. I was on edge and was rocking furiously against my hands. I felt it come over me and then I let out a deep breath. I just came in the bathroom stall. It was my first time. I actually giggled as my legs became wobbly from it. I sat there for a moment and let my breathing and body go back to normal before exiting the stall. I washed my hands and adjusted my underwear. They were soaked and full of my own cum. It was glorious and tiring at the same time. I just wanted to go home and play with the belt some more.

I finished my duties and headed straight for the door. I didn’t bother to say bye to anyone or announce my departure. I had plans for myself that night and I wanted to get home as soon as possible. By the time I made it home, I realized I had previously promised my services for the night and couldn’t cancel them. I had to do my duty and abide by my promises. I walked in and headed straight for the bedroom, locked the door and pulled out the bag.

I brought her out and looked at it. It hadn’t changed in the few hours that I was away. Like I thought it would. I, also, noticed it was still damp from my earlier escapades. I decided to put it on again to see if it would elicit the same reaction it had earlier. It did and I was having a dilemma. I wanted to see if what it would look like under clothing.

I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. The shirt was okay, the jeans were not good. I needed a looser pair to accommodate the thigh cuffs. I tried on a baggy pair and found solace in them. They hugged the belt even more and created a binding against the wedged piece of leather between my legs and around my ass. It held it even closer and constrained my pelvis of being tight against my skin.

It felt erotic and comforting at the same time. I decided to wear it to my event and if I couldn’t stand it any longer I would remove it and place it into a large purse. I grabbed the large bag of a purse and dumped the contents of my other one into it without even looking at the papers and so forth that could have been discarded.

I looked at myself in the mirror and you couldn’t detect it at all. I twisted, bent, walked, stretched and moved around to see if it was visible underneath my clothing. It was not detectable in the least. I was going to go and see how it would play out. I undressed, showered and got ready for my date with the belt for the night.

As I readied myself I took great care to see what kind of shirt I would wear. I wanted it to cover the belt and yet not hang too much either. I found a nice loose long shirt and dressed it up with a necklace and some heels. The pants were the final touch and held HER snuggly in place. I was feeling very confident and also very much aware of my own sexuality at the same time.

The rub against my skin, the pressure against my pubic mound, and the straps against my thighs sent a wave of private pleasure. It like a full body wave of excitement and intense yearning are being held in one spot, between my legs. I was in my own bondage and in a state of total bliss. I had to get my head out of the feeling and into the real world. I could just stand there and feel it the intensity for the whole night now could I?

Instead I ventured out of the house into the car. I sat down and I instantly felt a pulse in my clit and down my legs. I wasn’t expecting that sensation. I tightened my leg muscles and felt the cuffs around my legs. I was beginning to feel giddy. I checked my rear view mirror and I was smiling. I was in a moment all my own and very much happy to be there.

I arrived at the event, and walked into the door. My nerves started and I wondered if anyone would really know or suspect. Would I be caught? Could I last a few hours in the device? Is it possible, to be this aroused and still carry myself without anyone knowing what I wearing underneath?

I was in a state of being held by the effects of the HER and the distain for wanting to wear it. It was not something I had predicted. I just walked in and put on the show face, as I call it. I said my hello’s and gave air kisses and hugs. I engaged in conversation and helped with serving drinks. I was very happy and very much in tune with what I was feeling over my whole body. Someone commented on how content I looked and how much I was smiling. I didn’t realize my inner delight was spilling outwards. My secret hadn’t escaped but my mood had taken over. I wanted to just be in this mental place forever, I said to myself.

I ended the evening and walked out to my car. I had done it! I had made it through 4 hours of wearing the device and didn’t have one issue or anyone suspecting. I was in a state of arousal the whole time and felt at ease and comfortable. I was confident and had an air of sexuality to me. I was in love with my belt at that moment.

It came time to remove HER and I did so without a hint of desire to do away with it. It was comfortable and I felt enjoyment when I had it against me. I was removing something that gave me pleasure. I went to sleep thinking of the whole day over in my head. I tried to make sense of why it felt good, why I liked it so much, why it was not something that wasn’t foreign or uncomfortable. I tried to understand my own thought process. I had no real answers or conclusions. I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to myself masturbating. I was not aware I was doing this in my sleep, but I was. I finished and looked over at the clock. I was due at work in an hour. I laid there and thought about the night before and how I had worn the belt without anyone knowing. I became aroused and decided to let myself finish while fantasizing about wearing it to work.

I got up and walked into the bathroom and cleaned up and walked back into the room and stared at the floor. Where was the belt?

When I undressed last night, I purposely laid it on the floor next to the bed. I looked around under the bed, under my sheets, covers, and clothing. I tried to retrace in my mind where I might have put it. I went for my stash and looked in the bag... it wasn’t there?

I was getting upset because it was not in the room. I ran into the bathroom, not there, I went downstairs, not there. I went to the closet, not there. I wanted to find it. I went out to the car and checked. I looked in every room in the house, I opened closets, drawers, even looked inside my coat!

I was on the verge of having a break down. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a napkin to wipe my nose and eyes. They were beginning to fill with tears. Who could have taken it? Why would they do that? It’s my house I felt violated.

A lump was forming in my throat. I needed to something to calm myself down and just relax for a moment. I needed to collect my thoughts. How could this belt cause me to have such feelings and emotions and when it’s gone it make me feel even worse? I was crushed. I just wanted to find it.

I opened the door to the refrigerator and there was a note stuck on the bottle of orange juice. I pulled it off, almost ripping it in half.

It reads ”Look in the freezer it is going to be very cold when you put it on today, isn’t it?” There is no name on the note nothing to say who it was. I open the freezer and there SHE is nicely wrapped next to the bag of veggies. I am mystified and want to figure this all out, but I am more relieved to see HER more than anything.

I reach in and grab HER... She was cold, ice cold. And it had something else on there as well... a lock... I didn’t have a lock on it. It fit just fine without one!

I un-wrapped it and noticed that I couldn’t put the belt on without removing the lock. I didn’t have the KEY. I was mad, hurt and frustrated at the same time. It wouldn’t open, I couldn’t put it on. I needed to unlock it to wear it!!

Then, I notice a second note. “I see you are wondering where the key aren’t you?” look carefully in the ice box... you may find the answer.”

I pull out the ice bin and notice a small metal container. I pick up and it is soo cold I can’t hold it for more than a few seconds. I look at it and appears to be encased in ice!

I set it on the counter and examine it. It’s like a frozen cylinder with a tiny lid. I can’t open it!!

I scream out loud... “OH my fucking god... I can’t open it. I have to wait till it melts… Jesus Christ! “

I try to run it under HOT water... I try to unscrew it, nothing; I think maybe if I soak it, nothing... it won’t come open. I can’t get it open.

I run it under almost boiling water. I seems to be less cold and but won't loosen. I just sit down and cry because I know I have to go to work WITHOUT my belt and worse; someone knows my secret and is playing games with me. I have to just calm down and prepare for my day at work.

Part III is next...

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