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Remaining Flexible

by Billy Raygun

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© Copyright 2015 - Billy Raygun - Used by permission

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Kira Petrova pressed the numbers in order and the lockbox unlatched to reveal the key within. She inserted the key into the front door and opened it. With a garment bag over one shoulder, she dragged her duffel in behind her as she switched on the lights. She surveyed what would be her new home for the next several months, and hopefully longer.

The house was is better condition than she expected. When Cirque informed her that they recently purchased it from a fraternity, she thought it would be in some advanced state of disrepair, but it appeared to be in fine condition. She should know by now — Cirque are professionals. They expedited her work visa with impressive speed, there should be no reason to think they would house their performers in substandard conditions. The house was near UNLV, which made it conveniently close to the Las Vegas Strip, where she would be performing nightly in their new show.

She arrived in town a week early, wanting to get acclimated to this crazy city before throwing herself into her work. She had the run of the boarding house to herself for the time being. Cirque estimated it would be months before additional performers filled the remaining three vacancies.

She wandered around the house, inspecting her new home. The second floor consisted of four spacious well-lit bedrooms, laundry facilities, and a communal bathroom. Kira claimed one of the bedrooms for herself and heaved her duffel onto a dresser and hung her garment bag on the door before returning downstairs. The ground floor included a kitchen, several large lounging or dining rooms lined with windows, another bathroom, and a storage room. Unlike the the rest of the tidy house, the storage room contained several boxes and odds and ends, presumably left behind by previous tenants.

She switched the light on in the storage room and noticed a pegboard against a wall with some orphaned tools hanging on it. She turned her attention to one of the boxes and casually peered into a nearby box to see that it contained an assortment of papers carelessly thrown into it. It was fairly routine stuff, just some school records (for some expelled student named William), bills, insurance information, a vehicle title, assorted textbooks, and a few user manuals for assorted appliances.

Hoping to find something remotely interesting, she moved on to another box that had an assortment of junk inside. Seeing something that piqued her interest, she reached through the hardware to pull it out. It was just an electric hoist, but Kira was transfixed. More than transfixed, she started to become aroused.


Years prior…

Kira first discovered a love of bondage early in her career when she was a just a magician’s assistant. It was no secret that she was hired for her stacked physique — the goal of the assistant is to attract attention away from the magician as they perform their illusion, and it was difficult for most men to take their eyes off Kira even when she wasn’t dressed in a low-cut, shimmering showgirl outfit. That year assisting “Aleksandr the Great” perform his escape acts and being his “woman in the box,” stoked an unquenchable thirst for confinement and restraints that persisted even after she struck out on her own as a contortionist.

Her boyfriend Vadim was more than eager to indulge her bondage fantasies. Especially since her increasing flexibility permitted them to explore scenarios that would be too difficult for average enthusiasts. Her specialty was her ability to execute and hold the “human knot” — the frontward bend with both ankles behind her neck. Vadim would secure her in a variety of ways in this basic orientation and would have his way with her. It was intoxicating — and became even more so when Vadim introduced earplugs and hoods into their play. That kind of sensory deprivation heightened the sensation of touch, especially in the nether regions. She could convince herself that there were a host of different men ravishing her! Combined with the ever-evolving bondage setups — and an increasingly well-stocked “dungeon” in the basement, Kira developed an increasingly ravenous appetite, one that Vadim always managed to satisfy. For the most part. When Vadim was away at work, Kira’s bondage appetite drove her to seeking it out on the Internet. As she clicked on an unfamiliar bondage website, her life changed forever.

She saw a woman’s hooded but otherwise naked body with her feet cuffed behind her head. Page after page of her signature contortionist positions, bound and fucked by Vadim. But not just Vadim, but  by a number of men she never saw before. She wasn’t imagining it — it wasn’t just the sensory deprivation that made the sex so different, it was literally other men! She could only wonder if he charged those men money or let them do it for some kind of voyeuristic thrill.

Kira could theoretically sue Vadim but decided against it. The public embarrassment would be too great and it could very well threaten her fledgling professional career as an entertainer. All she could do is leave him. She packed up her few possessions into her car and found a cheap apartment of her own.

But setting aside the fact that her trust had been so betrayed, she had to admit the sensory deprivation and helplessness from the hood, the ear-plugs, and the different varieties of gags he used was exhilarating. And while it would be a while before she could trust a man with bondage again, there was nothing stopping her from using these accouterments in self-bondage adventures. She began devising riggings of her own that could suspend her in the air as she was restrained in her favorite contorting positions.

But it was only weeks after leaving Vadim that she saw the open auditions notice for a new Cirque show in America. Kira wasn’t particularly hopeful, since most big-time contortion gigs go to the petite Mongolian girls. And while Kira could flex with the best of them, she felt her stacked figure would be a detriment to her chances. So she was surprised to get the congratulatory call from Cirque. The following week was a flurry of activity as they arranged for her visa and relocation.


She had devised a self-bondage scenario involving an electric hoist back before auditions, but never got to put it into action before the move to the States. And now she has her hands on a hoist in a house she has to herself for weeks. And while the entirety of the house had abundant windows without any curtains yet, this storage room would give her all the privacy she needed. It had been over a month since she had gotten into a really satisfying self-bondage session and her dry spell would be over at long last!

Her mind racing, she rifled through the box. It was like a veritable junk drawer — hopefully she would be able to find a crucial element for her setup. Yes! She pulled out a spool of string. This would keep her from having to take the time to run an errand. She measured and cut about six feet of the string and made her way to the kitchen. She looked inside the freezer and found an ice tray and filled one of the compartments with water from the kitchen sink. She made a small loop about six inches from one end of the string, submerged it in the water and carefully placed it back in the freezer. It would take approximately 3-4 hours for it to freeze, which should be plenty of time to assemble her setup.

Returning to the storage room, Kira inspected the hoist. It had definitely seen a good deal of use and the controller was a bit scuffed and dinged up so she thought she better test it. She found an outlet and plugged the hoist’s power cord into it. She used the controller to draw the cable out and then in again. Despite it’s banged up appearance, the electric motor hummed along like it was new. This looked promising.

She rummaged about in the box for an eye bolt that she could screw into the wall but this time she was out of luck. Disappointed, she glanced around the room as her mind raced. Her eyes landed on the pegboard on the wall with the random tools on it. She walked over to it, positioned an empty hook in the middle of the board, and pulled down on the hook with all her strength. It didn’t budge at all — a perfectly secure point from which to anchor her release mechanism. A smile grew across her face.

Returning to the box, she found the hoist’s mounting brackets and accompanying screws. She checked the assorted tools on the pegboard and found a screwdriver with the requisite phillips head. She could use it to attach the brackets to the exposed rafters in the storage room.

Kira was now faced with how to reach the eight foot ceiling to mount the hoist to the rafters. Maybe she could stand on one of the boxes? No — they would collapse under her weight. But in looking at the boxes, she saw that one stack was sitting on some kind of furniture. She moved them away to discover a ratty old ottoman. It wasn’t pretty, but with a 2’ x 3’ footprint, and solid wooden legs, it looked pretty strong. She pulled it into position directly beneath a rafter, a few feet away from the wall with the pegboard on it. Reaching up, she could just barely reach the ceiling. She retrieved the mounting brackets, screws and screwdriver and set to work.

It was slow going. The screws were thick and the wood was dense. She worked up quite a sweat, especially given the heatwave Nevada had been experiencing lately and Kira was used to much colder climates. Only half-done, she went out into the main area of the house until she found the air conditioning thermostat. She set the temperature to 60° and returned to the storage room. She couldn’t feel much of a difference in that confined room. Looking around, she finally spotted a floor vent directly below the pegboard and opened the grate to bask in the blast of cold air that gradually filled the room. Returning to her task, she managed to get the hoist mounted in position at long last. The hard work was done, now came the fun part!

Kira returned to her new bedroom and opened her duffel, pulling an assortment of items from the bag and arranging them neatly on the bed before unfurling a beach towel and laying it flat on the floor. Going over to her garment bag, she unzipped it to reveal a shiny black full-body catsuit hanging on a satin padded hanger. Kira’s suit was a one-piece suit of thick latex that covered her from foot to finger — with the exception of twin holes on the chest and a gap in the crotch. She pulled the suit off it’s hanger, unzipped the back, turned it inside out, and laid it on the beach towel. She retrieved her talcum powder, dusted her suit, and spread the powder across every inch of the black latex.

Kira removed her clothing, article by article until she stood naked in front of the mirrored closet door facing the bed. She evaluated her body in the mirror. Standing five and a half feet tall, her body was fit and toned from regular exercise. She kept her pussy shaved, which allowed her to see just a hint of her clitoris peeking out from her labia. Her round ass and shapely hips formed the base of her striking hourglass figure. Her waist was narrow and her stomach flat. Her ample breasts were still perky and her nipples stiffened in the air conditioning. Her wild red locks were disheveled from her travels. Though she thought herself conceited for thinking so, the sight of her own body was a turn on.

She stepped into the feet and steadily drew it up over her firm, round ass. She pushed her fingers into the suit’s gloves until her arms were enveloped by the material. With some effort, she pushed her plump breasts through the holes that were barely wide enough to accommodate them. She then reached behind her neck to start the zipper that ran down her back. She looked at herself in the mirror and approved at what she saw. The latex suit fit like a second skin, exposing only her head, breasts and vagina.

With the intent of stretching both her limbs and her suit, she gradually bends her right knee out as she brings her foot up to her opposite knee before swinging it out and pointing her foot directly upward above her head, holding her leg in place to feel the stretch. She reaches down to her vagina with her free hand and explores her vagina. After several minutes, she brings her leg down and repeats the the sequence with her left leg, with the fingers on her right hand getting twice as sticky as her left. Her stretches complete, she licks her fingers clean and grabs the first item from the bed.

Though it looks like a miniature baster, with it’s clear plastic tube capped with a rubber bull pump, it was something much more kinky. Kira stretched a small black band onto the half-inch diameter tip of the device. She squeezed the bulb and placed the end on her left nipple. As she released the bulb, her nipple was drawn into the tube. She pumped the device twice more until her nipple was drawn out nearly an inch. She rolled the band off the tube and onto her nipple and removed the device. The sight of the permanently-erect nipple raised her arousal further. She brought her hand up to her engorged nipple and gave it a hard flick. She yelped and her body jerked from the stinging sensation, causing her breasts to bounce. Wasting no time, she pumped her opposite nipple and gave it the requisite flick as well, producing an identical reaction.

The next item she grabbed was a leather waist belt decked out with rings at the front and back and looping leather straps at each hip. She buckled the belt and picked up a small padlock. She snapped it shut and opened it with the small key to make sure it functioned properly. Satisfied, she threaded the padlock’s shackle through a hole in a stud sticking through the belt’s tongue and clasped it shut. She slid the key onto a keyring sitting on the bed.

She retrieved her handcuffs and tested its key release as well before adding that key to the keychain. She grabbed an padlock identical to the previous one and tested its key as well. With everything in working order, she locked the padlock through both the handcuff’s chain link and the front ring of her leather waist belt. With the handcuffs firmly attached, she slid the belt around her waist to position the cuffs at her back, before adding the padlock’s key to the keyring.

Kira then grabbed a vibrator and a short length of black plastic chain with matching snap clasps on either end. She ran the chain through a hole on the end of the vibrator and snapped the clasp onto one of the links. She clasped the other end of the chain to the ring attached to her belt. She had used this setup many times in the past, and had long since adjusted the length for maximum impact. She turned the vibrator on and let it drop right onto her clitoris. Kira jerked with pleasure, bouncing the vibrator around her pussy before it returned to it’s original position. Kira’s excitement was intensifying and it was hard to summon the willpower to resist satisfying herself right then and there. She switched off the vibrator and gathered up the remainder of her equipment as she made her way back downstairs.

Stopping in the kitchen to retrieve her ice release from the freezer, she brought her remaining paraphernalia to the storage room. With no locks on the storage room door, she established there was no danger of being locked in and shut the door behind her. She grabbed the hoist control dangling down from the ceiling and let out enough cable to nearly reach the floor.

After testing her two remaining keys in their respective padlocks, she added them to the keyring and added it to the string just behind the frozen ice cube. She tied the release mechanism end of the string to the pegboard hook she previously tested for sturdiness. She then let the string out four feet to the ground and three feet from the wall, directly below where the hoist’s cable dangled. Kira’s ice-release was designed for safety in mind — the only way for it to fail is if her environment were to plunge into sub-zero temperatures (not a problem in Nevada, even with the air-conditioning set to maximum), or if the laws of gravity were revoked. It was designed so that once the ice cube barrier completely melted, the key ring would be free to glide down the smooth string to the other end of the string attached to her handcuffs and within easy reach of her hands. However, part of the thrill was that her latex gloves almost completely negated any external sensation to her fingers, so she would have to feel around periodically to know if they had dropped, not to mention the trouble distinguishing which key was which and which way it was facing. But she had all the time in the world. She pushed the ratty old ottoman she previously stood on off to the side and kneeled down facing the pegboard below the hoist and slid her belt around so that the handcuffs were facing forward yet again. She tied the end of the string with reliable bowline knot to the ring on her leather belt that held the handcuffs in place. She tested the string and it held securely. Satisfied, she carefully turned away from the pegboard, sliding her belt back around as she did so and sat herself on the floor and raised the hoist’s cable to a height just above her head.

She then turned her attention to the remaining gear she brought down with her from the bedroom. She grabbed her two bright red polyurethane earplugs and rolled them into small cylinders before inserting each into her ear canals. As they expanded, the white noise of the air conditioning vanished. She strongly clapped her latex-covered hands together but could barely hear the faintest hint of a tapping sound. Her vagina moistened even more.

She picked up her penis/ball gag and opened her mouth to take it. The phallus was long enough to prompt her gag reflex (if she wasn’t concentrating on supressing it) but without any risk of blocking her airway.

She grabbed a pair of padded leather cuffs and buckled each around her ankles before fixing her gaze on the final ingredient of her self-bondage adventure: the hood. Her face-hugging leather hood’s only holes were two grommets for her nostrils. She slowly pulled it on, plunging her silent world into complete darkness. She tucked her hair into the hood and pulled the zipper down until it found it’s home at the clasp that held it’s neck band in place. She placed her hand flat on the floor to feel for either of the two remaining padlocks until she located one. She picked it up and reached behind her head to lock the hood in place. Muted, deafened, and blinded, her vagina began to drip onto the floor. But she wasn’t done yet.

After finding the hook at the end of the hoist’s cable above her head, she raised her right leg up past her shoulder until her ankle rested behind her head. She hitched the steel o-ring attached to her leather ankle cuff to the hook at the end of the hoist’s cable. After repeating the same for the other leg, she located the final padlock and locked the rings together. She was now in her favorite “human knot” position and almost in position.

She activated her vibrator and it quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm. She would need to work fast to complete her setup before it hit! She flailed around in front of her to find the dangling controller and maneuvered it behind her back. Finally, she reached her arms around her upstretched legs and behind her back to lock each wrist in the handcuff bracelets secured the the belt behind her back. She then grasped the waiting controller to lift her off the ground. The distance would be easy to gauge — once she felt the her weight leave the floor, she would keep the button depressed for one to two additional seconds. Though she would only be a few inches off the floor, it would be all she would need in her sensory-deprived state to complete the illusion of being suspended in space.

Kira pressed the button in her handcuffed hand. The cable pulled her legs upward and the rest of her body followed in kind. As expected, she felt the firmness of the floor vanish, waited a second and released the button. The sensation was overstimulating. She convulsed in an orgasm almost instantly — her scream of passion filling her head even though it barely escaped her gag and hood into the room. She was still basking in post-orgasmic bliss when she experienced a sharp bump above her. The surprise knocked free the controller from her latex-numbed hands as she wondered what had just happened. She strained to hear anything that might give her a clue as to what she just felt. She thought she heart a faint pitch that gradually went higher until it vanished altogether.

With neither sight nor hearing, and all sensation of touch neutralized expect for her exposed breasts and her clitoris being ruthlessly besieged by her buzzing vibrator, she couldn’t focus on anything but her sexual euphoria. Her vibrator induced wave after wave of orgasm. As she drew breath through her nose, she had to regularly contend with the phallus at the back of her throat. As time drew on, her nipples began to throb from the tight rubber bands constricting them at their base. But Kira loved it all. This was the stimulating payoff she had been waiting for and she would enjoy it until the keys dropped or the battery ran out — whichever came first!

As it turned out, it was the batteries.

She had no idea just how much time had passed but her batteries were finally petering out. As the constant stimulation tapered off, she found the presence of mind to feel for her keys. Twisting her hands at the wrist, she felt around but grasped only air. The keys hadn’t slid home yet. She also noticed she had gotten pretty warm in her latex encasement. Curiously, even her exposed breasts weren’t being chilled by the air conditioner. Something was wrong. Fear began to rise and Kira jerked and flailed in her bondage but her range of motion was almost nil. She tried screaming but her gag quickly turned shouts into a gag reflex. She was trapped in this position: a human pretzel covered in latex except for her dripping pussy and pair of tits. Where were those goddamn keys?!!


Three and a half hours previously…

Kira pressed the button in her handcuffed hand. The cable pulled her legs upward and the rest of her body followed in kind. As expected, she felt the firmness of the floor vanish, waited a second and released the button.

Kira’s latex-enveloped hand didn’t notice that the button of the controller, dinged-up from years of use, got stuck and continued to raise her upwards slowly towards the ceiling. As her body was drawn up higher than she expected, the string slipped up and off the hook, causing the keys that were once held in place by the ice slid off the end of the string, narrowly missing the pegboard hook, dropping down through the grates of the floor vent in a clatter that Kira was deaf to. Soon, the steel ball above the hoist’s hook reached the very top of the hoist and jolted the helpless body riding it upwards. She hadn’t noticed the hoist’s shut-off switch had been broken off, so the mechanism continued to strain against the ball that prevented further motion. The straining hoist drew more and more power and, combined with the heavy use of the air-conditioner, blew a fuse, leaving Kira suspended with her exposed pussy four and a half feet in the air.


Two miles away…

Bill was bitter and resentful as he exited off the highway onto Flamingo Road.

He had never been lucky with the girls at school. He thought he might finally get lucky when Alexis got trashed at the party but her stupid friend Jen walked in on them just as he was able to get Alexis’ pants down. He didn’t even get any but the school officials didn’t care. The whole world turned on him. Expelled from school, kicked out of the frat, and stuck in a damn jail cell for four months. His luck finally changed when Jen’s testimony was called into question because she admitted on some chat forum that she wanted to get some frat guy in trouble. He was released, but his reputation was ruined. All he could do was get his shit from the frat house and start a new life somewhere else. All because of some damn bitch!

Still fuming, he reached the old frat house and pulled into the driveway to retrieve his belongings. His old key still worked but as he made his way inside, but he noticed the lights were out. He found his way into the pitch-black storage room and felt for the fusebox near the door. Switching it back and forth, he was startled not by the light he expected, but by the blast of air-conditioning and the sound of the electric motor straining behind him. Turning around, he shouted out in surprise at the large black figure dangling from the ceiling. The figure’s head raised slightly and turned from side to side as he slowly realized what he was looking at.

He walked over to the figure silently and turned off the motor. He though he heard a muffled sound coming from within the hood. He continued around, surveying this figure. This figure was encased in some kind of rubber and restrained several times over all manner of handcuffs and padlocks, but there were no keys to be found anywhere. He saw the straps on either side of a leather belt around the figure’s waist and he noticed an ottoman that was pushed off to the side. He positioned it in front of this figure and stood on it to discover his pelvis was at what he would consider a very… convenient height. He was transfixed by the pair of plump tits squeezing out of the rubber suit and the swollen nipples that were almost purple. He didn’t know who this was, but it was clearly someone who liked it hard and kinky. He drew in close to the leather hood and said in a clear voice “You like it hard and kinky, don’t you?”

With this, the figure jerked and he heard some kind of muffled shout, with the head turning back and forth. With that enthusiastic response, Bill unbuttoned and dropped his pants before grabbing the figure’s belt straps.


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