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Remote Controlled

by Greg

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© Copyright 2001 - Greg - Used by permission

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The best form of self bondage that I've come across is via a computer program. For years I've wanted to develope a computer program that would keep me in bondage, while stimulating my mind with pleasure, pain, and fear. It wasn't until recently that I came across a way, with relative ease, to allow a computer to control my bondage sessions. Before this time, I had been using appliance timers, and ice to control my time in self bondage. Locking my keys to freedom in a block of ice kept me bound until I could get the ice melted.

Using an appliance timer to control a light, kept me in bondage via combination locks… of which I couldn't free myself without the light to see the numbers on the lock's dial. But that was the past, and now I've found a stimulating alternative to those methods. I discovered a computer attachment device sold at Radio Shack, called the Home Control Center. This unit hooks up to the serial port of your computer. It comes with software that allows the user to set up times to control just about anything electrical. I bought several appliance remote modules that are designed to work with the system. One module controls a light, and this light is required so that I can remove the combination locks that keep each arm bound far apart from each other.

Another module controls a vibrator that is strategically placed to create an appealing stimulant to my bound body. A third module is used to control the television, thus removing a favorite form of passing time when I am bound. To make all of this work to my mind's disadvantage, I use 20 diskettes, all identical. These 20 diskettes are loaded up with a different "Home Control Center" program for each. One diskette might keep me bound for an hour, while another diskette might keep me bound for 4 hours.

Each program has variables on when the light comes on, but each program has similarities, such as how long and when the vibrator comes on. This way, I can't tell how long I'm going to be bound. I shuffle and mix the diskettes up, grab one, load it into the Home Control Center software, and begin my journey. (It should be noted that the program name is the same on all 20 diskettes, even though the program is actually different. This way, you don't know what you're in store for when the session begins.)

My personal preference is to be bound by my wrists, my ankles and my neck. I wrap my body up in plastic, binding both of my legs together. After the plastic wrap is applied, I attach a big leather strap to my ankles, and another one around my neck. I then attach leather straps to each wrist.

At this point, I attach the vibrator using tape, so that it is firmly secured to my body. I kneel down at the end of my treadmill, which has a comforter and a pillow laying on the walking surface. I attach my ankle collar to a chain that is secured to the bottom front edge of the treadmill. I carefully lay my body down on the walking surface, and lay my head on the pillow at the other end of the treadmill. I attach my neck collar to the top back edge of the treadmill.

I am now ready to secure my arms. I've built a special bondage tube out of PVC tubing and eyebolts. It is secured underneath the treadmill, set perpendicular to the treadmill. I attach each leather wrist band to each end of this PVC tube, using the eyebolts to secure the combination locks to. One for the right hand, and one for the left hand.

Now, I am ready for the ride. I am ready for the computer to take control of my session.

The computer program is set up in every case to allow me light during my setup period, when I'm binding myself up for the evening. The computer allows me the use of the lamp's light for 20 minutes, and then it shuts off. Once the light goes out, I'm a victim of the computer program. I have set up some safety backups though. First, I have an emergency light that turns on should the power go out. This gives me the light I need to free myself, but if will only activate when the power is out.

Once the power goes out, the computer wouldn't be able to continue to control my session, and this is why I have this backup feature. Still, I would be in for some problems if the power just blinked out for a very short period, because it takes me about 20 seconds to operate the combination to free one of my hands. That is the reason for my other backup. That backup is the sun. Eventually, the sun will rise, and I'll have my opportunity to free myself. Thirdly, I have a telephone within reach. Should there be a fire, I could call for assistance. This phone has a speaker phone feature, so I can hear via it's speaker. With my arms stretched out and secured, I am not able to hold a phone next to my ear.

Even with all of my planning, I still have to struggle with my fear once I'm secured. Some sessions are relatively easy to deal with the the fear, while other times my mind starts to worrying "what if". Once secured, I cannot urinate, so I try my very best to make sure my bladder is empty before I begin a session.

What has gone wrong?

In the beginning, I learned that some computer screen savers can prevent the program from running at all, creating a bondage session that lasts until sunrise. A severe charlie-horse attack on my legs was very uncomfortable that night. Not to mention the increase heart rate from fear, that caused my body to break out in sweats. I could yell my head off, but I wasn't getting out until sunrise.

What else could go wrong?

The worry in my mind, when I'm bound, is the lightbulb burning out, or a burglar breaking in, or a fire erupting inside the house. A backup light could be set up, but I prefer the fear of knowing someday I'll be forced to endure an all night session waiting for the sun to rise. Of course, fantasy is much more delightful than reality. The reality of actually being bound all night long is painful. The fear and realization that you cannot move for the entire night can be earth shaking. The more you struggle against your bindings, the more soreness and aches your muscles have to endure.Throughout the night, you have to keep reassuring yourself that you will be alright. That it will only be a matter of time before freedom is gained.

You could use additional computer interface modules for a variety of things. To operate a radio, a fan, humidifier, sauna steamer, heating pad, electric blanket, or many other things. There's almost no limit to what you could come up with. I personally like to use the 20 diskette method with 20 different programs, because that keeps me in the dark. I don't know how long my session will last, I only know that my minimum session is 1 hour and my maximum session is 4 hours.

One final note: I prefer to allow only 1 minute of time for the light to turn on and then go off again. That way, should I want to extend my session, I can do nothing during that minute, and the light will go out, thus extending my session to yet another period of unknown time. I also dim the contrast and the brightness on the television, so there isn't enough light emitting from the set to allow me to see the numbers on the combination dials.

So there you have it. A way to allow your computer to control you. Through your own design, you can make things as hard or as easy as you want. But once you begin the session, the rest is all up to the computer program. You have no say in anything. The computer if in charge. Your bound, and you'll remain that way, waiting and wondering, for what seems like forever. The only advantage you have is time. Time is on your side, but you'll have to serve your sentence. No early release is possible. Being bound in place, without the ability to move even a few inches can be very unnerving. You've given up your self control, and traded it for a computer's remote control.

Have fun, and try to relax..... remember to keep telling yourself that fantasy's can come true.


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