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Remote Bondage

by Cynthia Trusscot

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© Copyright 2009 - Cynthia Trusscot - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; rope; tape; online; M/m; true; cons; X

I was spending an idle afternoon on-line when I hit on a chat site, I tie up F's.  I checked the profile:  A man who did what he called "directed self-bondage”

>>CynDy:  “What is your opinion of over-the-hill transvestites?”
>>ITieFs:  "The gender thing is a bit off-putting, but it might be OK" 

I told him that I could pass for femme (at least on-line) and he agreed to give me a tie. I quickly went out and dressed as a woman:  Blonde, black lace blouse, calf-length red satin skirt, and platform pumps with six inch heels.  I grabbed my collection of rope and hurried back to my computer.

>>ITieFs:  "Is a knife around?"

There was, and I told him so.  "Put it far away from you--I want you to have to work to get it," he said.  I got up, found a pair of scissors (just as good, I figured).  Sauntering in my heels, I walked across the room and put it on the floor.

>>ITieFs:  "Do you have any duct tape?" 

I did.  ""Tape your mouth shut," was his command.  I quickly ran to the back door -- took a quick look, no one in sight -- nipped out to the garage, got the duct tape, quickly came back in – no one saw me.  I tore off a 6 inch piece, and smoothed it firmly over my lipsticked mouth.  I came back and typed, "Mmuffgh!  (Mouth taped)"

>>ITieFs:  “Now cross your ankles and tie them," came next.  "Run rope under your heels" was added. 
>>CynDy:  “Yes, Sir” 

I crossed my ankles and tied them, then used another piece of rope around the arches of my feet.  That didn't work so well, so I undid it and re-tied them with one piece, around my ankles then under my feet and pumps.  The sensation of following orders and doing what I was told, even if he couldn't see me doing it, was powerful.

>>ITie Fs:  "Make a loop in another piece of rope, just big enough to force your hands through".   I already had this, for self bondage.  "Good.  Can you make a slip knot?"
>>CynDy:  “Yes Sir”  I assured him.

>>ITieFs:  “Tie one end of a rope to your ankles, and make a slipknot in the other end.”  I did so.  "Now--loop the cords around your wrist, pull it through the slipknot, and put your other hand through.  Then pull the slipknot up tight."  This took some wriggling around, getting the cord through my legs and in back, then arranging the cord around my wrist with the slipknot in the middle.  Finally I managed it.  The last thing I did before I put my hand through the loop was type to him that I would soon be hogtied, as he had ordered.

"That's great," he sent back.  I jerked the slipknot up, and he had me tied and gagged, just as if he was in my apartment with me.

Then he sent, "Let me know when you free yourself--I have to go and do something!"  This was incredibly annoying!  There I was, sitting in front of my computer, tied up, and he wasn't even going to hang around!  Of course, there wasn't any point -- with my hands tied behind me, I couldn't type, and he couldn't watch me.  I realized at once that it was a calculated move on his part, to raise my frustration level.  Still!

I squirmed around a little, but I had done a pretty good job on myself.  I wasn't thoroughly hogtied, there was considerable slack between my hands and feet -- but I couldn't stand up, either.  And with my ankles tied crossed, I wouldn't be able to hop, anyway.  The cords around my wrists were just tight enough with the slipknot that I couldn't pull my hands free.  Nor could I work the slipknot loose. 

After a few minutes of thrashing around, I jerked sideways and slipped to my knees.  Now came another problem -- the skirt I was wearing was over my knees, and it kept getting under me as I worked myself across the floor.  Plus, I didn't want to tear it.  I had to keep stopping to pull it up to my thighs, awkwardly from behind.  Then I would scooch myself across the carpeted floor to where I'd left the scissors.

After a considerable time I got to them.  I maneuvered myself around backwards, picked them up, and got a grip on them.  Then I maneuvered the blades around the rope binding my wrists.  Luckily, it was thin cord, and I was able to cut it in a few minutes.  I untied my feet, then finally removed the tape from my mouth.  I had been tied up for perhaps half an hour -- not long, but remarkable when done by a person all the way across the country.


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