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The Repair Garage

by West Coast Comet

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I own a small repair garage in north central Indiana. It’s a modest place, but it keeps food in the table. Every morning before I open, I go get some breakfast and coffee with a bunch of the local boys. The food is passable, but the highlight of the day is when Lucinda comes in the joint.

Lucinda, or Cindy as she likes to be called, is the wife of Caleb Fisher. Now, Caleb is at least 50 years old, kind of grizzled old fart that has a big farm. We all can’t figure out how he got Cindy. Cindy is this 25 year old vixen. She has a pretty heart shaped face with a turned up nose, and a figure that is absolutely flawless. I mean I get a hard on just glancing across the diner when she walks in. …and, Oh God, the way she walks!

We are all talking and she walks in. Our conversation just dies out as all the guys sneak looks over their coffee cups or by looking in the big mirror at the end of the room. She knows it too and shows off just a bit for us. This has been going on for about two years, ever since Caleb came back from Chicago with his new bride. Of course, the puzzle is how does he manage to marry this goddess, and what keeps her happy. We all figure Caleb has talents we don’t know about.

Today would be the day I found out what was going on, and furthermore, I would enjoyed all the delights Miss Cindy had to offer, all because she liked to tie herself up.

Caleb approached me this morning and asked if I could winterize his travel trailer. He had a little 17 foot Keystone that he used very rarely.

I said, “Sure. Things are slow today and I’ve got time. I’ll swing around this morning and pick it up. I will do a full check and get it ready for the cold”. I was trying not to look across the diner at little Cindy, but she was standing there talking to the waitress in short cutoff jeans and a T-shirt. She turned and walked out without even a glance at the boys. She was hard to ignore when she swung that round ass as she walked. Caleb looked over at the other guys who were gawking and just smirked.

After breakfast I opened the shop. I had one flat tire to fix. Roger had dropped it off last night after closing. I tossed the fixed tire into the truck bed and got my pickup fired up. I dropped off the tire at Roger’s and drove over to Caleb’s place.

I backed up to the little trailer and popped it onto my hitch and I was off. I backed it into my garage and parked the truck. By now it was raining pretty hard, so I figured any walk-in business was unlikely.

“Better get to work on this trailer”, I said out loud, to myself. I opened the door and heard something in the back. I opened the bedroom door and there was Cindy, in all her naked glory, lying on the bed! She was blindfolded, heavily gagged, and bound with belts. Oh, and she was more beautiful naked than she was in her cut offs. I was dumbfounded. I just stood there and looked. She was absolutely beautiful.

Her hands were pulled up behind her back and fastened with leather cuffs padlocked to a strap that hung down from a leather collar. Each leg was bent up chicken wing style and belted tightly. Her gag seemed to be leather and so did the blindfold. The black leather stood out from her pale skin. She made a mewing sound and rolled onto her back, moving her hips. Well hell! I didn’t need a second invitation.

I began to touch her. She had the prettiest pink nipples. There were really pink and were hard as little rocks. I could tell she was already aroused by the flush look of her upper chest, and the way she seemed to welcome my touch. She was breathing hard and making little sounds behind the gag. I just about popped the zipper on my pants before I could get them unfastened. I massaged her pussy which was hot and wet to the touch. I wanted her to come with me, so I didn’t let her come in my hands.

“Don’t you dare cum yet!” I whispered. She moaned.

Christ! She was going to cum as soon as I enter her. I knew I was going to make it a short session as aroused as I was anyway. I parted her legs and pushed into her. She may have had the hottest tightest pussy I had every felt. She began to arch her back as soon as I started moving, and the violence of her climax pushed me right into mine.

I kept playing with her body, touching and kissing everything I could reach while still staying in her. It wasn’t long that we both went to it again, this time much slower, feeling the movement of each other’s bodies. She moved without any inhibitions, as best she could with her arms and legs bound. This time our climax was incredible.

I pulled out of her and we lay quietly for a while. I decided to release her legs, and then I removed her gag and blind fold.

“That felt so good”, she said quietly, “I needed that… like you would not believe!”

She paused, and then said, “You’re Bill, the repair guy, right? Are we at your place?”

“Yep. Your husband asked me to winterize the trailer”, I said. I was trying to figure out what to say next. I had so many questions, mixed in with so many smart assed comments spinning in my head. I decided to just let the moment be, and I laid back and looked up at the ceiling. That’s when I saw the key hanging from a string.

“Is that your release mechanism? Your get-out-of-jail-free card?” I said pointing to the hanging key.

“Yes”, she said with some hesitation. Her hands were still locked behind her back.

“Can I trust you not to tell your buddies about this little ‘encounter’ we just had? It would mean a lot to me if you can keep your mouth shut. I know fucking me is probably a big deal, but if Caleb finds out I could be in a lot of trouble”, she said while looking at me with those dark eyes.

I felt the need to respond in a sincere manner, “Look Cindy, I’m not the kind of guy who runs around bragging about who I bed, besides, who would believe this actually happened? The boys in the dinner would just laugh at me”

She smiled at me. All I could think was that I could get lost in the beauty of her face.

“Would you like me to set you free?” I asked as I started to reach for that hanging key.

“Not just yet” she said. She swung over me, putting a leg on each side of me. Lying on top of me she began to move seductively, rubbing her breasts across my chest. She slowly moved until her vagina was just touching my now regenerated hard-on.

“Oh Jesus”, I thought, “How does Caleb survive this? This woman is about to kill me!”

She kept teasing me by moving just a little bit onto my dick then pulling away. Finally she slid down and I plunged into her. Cindy swung her legs under her and sat up, and began this gentle rubbing and rocking of her sex against my groin. With each movement of her hips, she practically milked my dick until I thought I would explode. This seemed to stimulate her clitoris making her cum in no time. I joined her climax immediately afterward.

“If you haven’t guessed” she said in a husky voice, “I like being on top. Oh, and I like being tied up”.

“No shit, lady!” I said. At this point the key fell and hit me in the forehead and startled me. I jumped a little causing her to giggle.

“Looks like your jail time is up” I said. She gave me a pouty lip and turned her torso allowing me to reach behind her and undo the padlock. She stretched her arms out to either side and gave me a big smile. She was without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“I bet you have a few questions, right?” she said.

I smiled, “Nope, this happens all the time. I can’t tell you when the last time was, when I didn’t find a naked woman tied up in a travel trailer. Why just last week I was fixing a bycicle and…”

“Oh shut up”, she said.

“Would you like to come into my little office area and have a cup of coffee?” I suggested. “It might not be as comfortable as this trailer, but maybe you would like to be outside this bedroom for a while”

She nodded her head in agreement, got up and went to the little bathroom in the trailer. She stepped back out after taking care of her business and began to get dressed, if you can call it that. She pulled on her cut offs, no panties. Then she pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her breasts, now that she was standing up were just perfect. You could see the up-curve of her young breasts. They both pointed forward in perfect symmetry. They were all natural as far as I could tell, and based on my considerable manual inspection.

“They’re nice, aren’t they?” she asked smirking at my open mouth and glazed over eyes. She finished with a little giggle. I just shook my head as she walked away. She picked up the leather belts and the padlock that has so recently kept her prisoner. She turned her head as she stepped out of the trailer, “Better hurry up or that coffee will get cold”

She sat down on one of the old wood chairs in my office. She started up the conversation with some explanations. “I tied myself up just as you found me. The key was attached to some ice that held the string until it melted. I didn’t know you were going to haul the trailer away, so please don’t think I gift wrapped myself for you”.

“Well, I didn’t know what to think. When I saw you like that, my… ah, my sex drive got in the way of much thinking”, I stammered out.

“Well I kind of thought so. I was hoping that the trailer wasn’t being stolen, and with me kidnapped, by my own hand!” she said, cupping the hot coffee.

“I hadn’t thought of that”, I said with some distress. “That might have been bad!”

She leaned forward and looked directly in my eyes. “Look, I mean this. Don’t tell anyone this happened, or how you found me.” She said with some stress in her voice.

“Okay, but you have to tell me how you got into this situation” I thought I sounded authoritative, but she just laughed a bit.

“Well why not. Caleb calls me his trophy wife. He likes it when you guys look at me. He slips into the café and watches you guys” she started. “He doesn’t touch me, you know”

I shook my head and got a puzzled look on my face, “What?”

She smiled and sipped her coffee, “He asked me to marry him just so he could show me off to all you guys. I was a ‘working girl’ up in Chicago. Let me put it this way, I was a very high end working girl. Caleb offered a good amount of money if I would just show off a little bit and make you guys think he was getting some of my best. He can’t get it up anymore, so all he can do is look”

Cindy sighed, “It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was getting tired of the rat race, with creeps always putting their hands on me. I just wanted a break, and the money Caleb offered seemed like a good deal for me. Once we got to his farm, I found out that this bargain I made had some draw backs”

She continued, “I got bored, so I started masturbating. That got old, so I reverted back to bondage, an old standby from when I was much younger. I tied myself up using those leather cuffs and belts, and deny myself any pleasure until my fantasies get my motor running pretty good. About two hours tied up seems to really turn my crank. I get loose and take care of my business” she shrugged.

“So I interrupted your private… activity?” I added.

“Well you certainly added a bunch of excitement to it. I felt the trailer move and realized that I was in trouble. Kidnapped and probably ravaged. I got to tell you, I got really hot and bothered by what happened. I think your gentle love this morning was just what the doctored ordered”

Cindy smiled and sipped her coffee. “Yep, but now my secret… well Caleb’s and my secret is out. I guess that will mean the end of this pleasant vacation”.

I saw her mind change directions just as she finished that comment. Moving quickly, Cindy took one of the leather belts and fed it around the bottom rung of the chair, then wrapped it around her ankles tightly. This pulled her ankles up under the chair. Then she used the second belt to hold her waist to the back of the chair, buckling it tightly around her waist and the rungs at the back of the chair. Then she deftly dropped the padlock through her wrist bindings, fastening her hands together in front of her, and to the buckle of the waist belt.

“I bet you are wondering where that key is, right?” she grinned at me, but her eyes seemed to take on a hardness.

At first, I watched this beauty tie herself up with some awe and fascination. Finally, I reacted. I held up my hand in a stop motion, “Wait, nothing needs to change. Look Cindy, my ego doesn’t depend on bragging to others about what I do and how I do it. I think it is nobody’s but my business. I’ve got no reason to tell anyone what happened this morning” I continued, “Furthermore, I don’t expect any sort of favors from you. What you gave me this morning was wonderful, but I’ll never extort anything from others. Your secret is safe”

“You’re a nice person. I’m not.” She stopped for a moment and licked her lips. “I am going to tell the police that you raped me this morning. Then you kept me tied up in your office. If they do a rape kit on me right now, you will have no defense. At least this way, I can continue for a bit with Caleb”

Needless to say, I was very upset and confused. I was starting to panic just a bit.

“What the Fuck!” I said. “I just said I wouldn’t tell anyone. You can ruin me! What do you want?”


Cindy had just told me she was going to accuse me of rape and kidnapping. Frankly, I was in trouble. What could I do? I guess my face reflected exactly what I was feeling. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak. Perspiration was dotting my forehead and my mouth went dry.

“See how one word can screw up your life as you know it.” She said with deadly seriousness. “You remember this feeling. You remember it anytime you even think about telling anyone about us. If you ever say a word to anyone about this, you can ruin my life just like I can ruin yours right now”.

Finally Cindy said, “Relax, I’m not going to say anything to anybody. I expect you to keep your mouth shut too. Never forget that I can be a steel bitch, and I can rip your heart out without thinking twice”

“I get it! I get it!” I said with some relief. I realized she was just making her point about keeping this secret.

Just then I heard the outside door of the shop open. I quickly grabbed the tarp sitting in the corner of the office and threw it over Cindy. I told her to sit very still or our secret was out. She giggled a bit and then was quiet.

Henry Millburn came wandering around the corner yelling my name, looking at the trailer.

“What can I do for you Henry?” I said cheerfully as I shut the office door behind me.

“If you’re not too tied up, I need some help” Henry said. I really disliked his use of those words right now. I convinced myself he could not possibly know anything.

“I got this here spark plug and I think it’s broke” Henry said as he pulled an item from his pocket. The spark plug was bent and obviously broken.

“Yep” I said, “I got one of those in the stock room. Follow me”. I wanted him as far from the office and little Cindy as possible.

I gave him the replacement spark plug, and told him it was $5.75, but if he had a five in his pocket, I’d take it. He walked out thinking he had a bargain. I locked the door and turned off my “open” sign, because I had something I had to attend to. I had a video camera set up that kept track of the office when I wasn’t there. I turn it off when I come in, but now I turned it on just to safe guard myself.

I pulled off the tarp and there sat Miss Cindy, just as pretty as I remembered. No it wasn’t a dream. She was actually here, and with her hands pinned to her waist.

“Well that was fun!” she said, “In fact it was kind of a turn-on!”

I sat down across the desk from her and said “We won’t be interrupted again. I closed the shop”

She sat there quietly and just smiled at me. I decided to find out more about this mysterious young lady. After a moment, I asked her “So when did you start tying yourself up? Tell me about this interesting habit you follow. You know I find it damned hot that you like to tie yourself up, right?”

Cindy smiled, opened her mouth just a little, and shook her shoulders a bit, which made her lovely tits swing just a bit. Then she gave me such a hot look I almost jumped across the desk to get at her. She closed her mouth and gave me a big smile, “So you really want to know a little about me, and not just fuck me?”

I leaned back in my chair and thought about it. I was still a bit freaked out by her earlier threat to accuse me of rape. “You know any man would want to jump you, but I figure there is more to this story”

“Okay” she said, “I will tell you about this kink I have, since we are now accidently a bit too deep into this relationship for any inhibitions”

Cindy looked down, right at me, and then smiled. She started her story, “I guess it started when I was much younger, and it didn’t start as a sexual thing. My family used to go camping quite a bit. We had this nice trailer, a lot like the one Caleb has” she pointed to the repair bay using her head.

She continued, “I’d play in the trailer with the neighborhood boys all the time. One day one of them found some ropes we used for securing the awning off the front of the trailer. He joked about tying me up, and I dared him to do it. Well he did, and I liked it”

“All the ropes were sort of short, maybe 6’ long. He wrapped the first rope around my wrists. I had crossed my wrists and held them sideways to make sure I could slip my hands out when I turned them flat to each other. The ropes were loose enough so I was going to have no problem getting loose, so I thought”

Cindy licked her lips and tilted her head back just a little, “He took a second rope and crossed my ankles, sort of forcing my legs apart, tying them much better than he had done with my wrists. However, everything was still okay for me up until the next step. I figured I could untie that rope once my hands were loose. Everything was okay until he took a third rope and wrapped it around my wrist bindings, cinching them and then tying it off to my ankles. He pulled my ankles right up against my butt. Now I couldn’t get out, no matter how much I tried. After a few minutes he asked if I had enough, and he started to untie me, but I stopped him. I told him I would get out myself!”

She started to get more excited as she told the story, “I knew some of the boys had a crush on me, and I was a terrible prick teaser, even back then. One of the boys tickled me on the side and I reacted in an exaggerated way. I jerked and yelled. Well, you would have thought it was blood in the water for sharks. They all ganged up on me and tickled the ever living shit out of me”

I noticed she was starting to rub her crotch with her hands in front, so I stopped her, “Wait just a minute”

I ran to the trailer and got the key for the padlock. I unlocked her wrists from the belt in front. I said, “You are having too much of a good time with your hands like this”

I pulled her arms behind the chair and padlocked them so she couldn’t get off rubbing herself. Then I walked back to the desk and said, “Now, go right ahead. The boys were tickling you, right?”

She pouted for a moment, and then said, “You never let me have any fun, damn it!” She squirmed a bit in the chair.

She continued, “Okay. The tickling went on for several minutes with me getting very aroused. In fact I had my very first orgasm, right there in that trailer, all tied up. The guys didn’t realize it, which was crazy, but they were so intent tickling me that my reaction was just buried in my thrashing. At first I thought I had broken something inside, but it felt so damned good. I realized what happened pretty quickly. I eventually called a time-out and they stopped tickling. I admitted defeat and they untied me”

Cindy shook her head to get her hair off her face, “For whatever reason, the guys never tied me up again, but I wanted to experience that same feeling again. I started to sneak into the trailer and tied myself up, at least once a week. I wasn’t very good at it, but it still got me aroused. I tried every kind of tie up I could think of. Actually I favored some sort of hog tie as the best I could do in the back of the trailer”

I interrupted, “Did you ever get stuck?”

Cindy rolled her eyes, “Yes, and what is worse, I had begun to do my tie-ups, as I called them, in the nude when I got caught. It was so exciting to be back behind our garage, in that trailer, naked and bound. Holy shit that was exciting to me. That’s why you found me doing the same thing in Caleb’s trailer. I was bored, Caleb had a trailer, and, well you know the rest of the story”

“So you got caught?” I repeated, trying to bring her back to her story.

Cindy seemed to pull at her wrist bindings just to test them, then she started again, “Anyway, I would take off all my clothes, and walk into the back bedroom of the trailer naked. I pretended that I was being forced to be naked. There I would tie my ankles, usually with a slip knot noose on a little end. I would tie off the second rope and loop it about 5-6 times for my wrists. I even started to gag myself with a strip of cloth with a knot, well several knots all in the same section of the cloth. It was long enough that I could put the big knot in my mouth and then wrap the ends around my neck and mouth several times before tying it. It was a pretty effective gag if I say so myself”

“I would then slip my hands into the wrist wrap and through the slip knot. One stretch of my legs and the noose would set, cinching my wrists. I would roll around a bit then I would work the noose loose and masturbate the hell out of my little pussy” she said with a very sexy smirk.

“If you promise we can go back in the trailer for a little more fun I will tell the rest of the story” Cindy said with some huskiness in her voice.

Good God she was beautiful and sexy as all hell. I thought to myself that I might die this way, but what a way to go, so I said, “Maybe, but only if I like the rest of the story. So what happened? Did the noose not open or something?”

Cindy laughed, “No, I just got too creative. I was frustrated that my bindings were so easy to get out of. I guess I didn’t really think too much about an exit strategy. I just wanted to be tied up more securely, and I managed to do exactly that. I wanted the hog tie to be tighter and I wanted it to be harder to escape. There was a bookshelf bracket above the bed that was pretty sturdy. I know because I once tied myself to it and tried to hang by my hands from it. It took all my weight without budging. That fateful day I pulled a rope over that bracket. I tied my gag around my head. Then I tied my ankles as usual. My wrist loop was well worn and remained tied between sessions. In fact the knot was so tight I doubt I could have untied it anyway.

I decided to stack all the pillows in a pile under the bracket. Instead of using my legs to pull the noose closed, I would wiggle the pillow out from under me and that would close the noose. I laid on the pillows and fed one end of the rope around my ankle rope, and then around my wrist loop. I tied it off with a slip knot. When I pulled the other end of the line, it tightened up the wrist and ankle connection. Then I looped that loose end around my wrist bindings a couple times and tied it off with another slip knot. It was pretty tight even before I started pushing the pillows out”

“Fuck! This story is getting me hot!” Cindy said almost pleading with me to help her. I decided to tease her a bit. I loosened her leg bindings and I opened the belt around the chair and told her to stand up releasing her from the chair. I kissed her hard on her open mouth. Her hands were still fastened behind her back. I undid her cut offs and slid them down her legs, which she lifted one at a tie to let her shorts fall free. She stood there in only her T-shirt.

I began to touch her, then stopped, “Oh no. You are trying to distract me. I want the rest of your story!” I unlocked the padlock and pulled her hands up refastening the lock to secure her hands to the collar strap. She sat down with a dissatisfied grunt. I crossed her ankles and wrapped one of the long belts around, pulling it tight.

“Damn-it, what’s a girl got to do to get off around here? I need a good mechanic! You know where I can find one?” Cindy whined.

“Go on with your story”, I insisted.

“Well as you might suspect, this new idea didn’t end well for me. There I was naked as a jay bird, gagged pretty effectively, in a tight hogtie, with the noose rope running over that upper bracket”, she sighed, “Then I started wiggling, sort of burrowing down in the pillows. The hogtie got really tight! I mean really tight, so much that it pulled my hands up off my butt and up against my ankles. My back was arched just a bit, and I was in heaven. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew I had done it. I was not going to get loose very easily”

Cindy was looking really good. I could see her chest was moving up and down as her breathing got heavier. She pulled on her bindings and moved in her chair, rubbing back and forth. I could tell that when I fuck her she is going to cum pretty quickly.

“Well”, she smiled and continued, “I started to struggle and then really struggle trying to get loose. I couldn’t. All that happened was I got more and more aroused. Eventually, I actually came in those ropes with just minimal stimulation, but then again, I tend to cum easily”

Cindy took a deep breath. I could see that her shoulders and chest were blushing a bit in her arousal. She kept rolling her story, but this time she looked downward as if embarrassed a little, “Mom found me about 3 hours later. I don’t know why she entered the trailer. Maybe she heard me trying to yell or maybe just me struggling to get loose. Not my finest moment. My mom cussed like I had never heard, accusing the boys of doing this to me. She couldn’t get the knots undone so she pulled out a knife from the trailer kitchen drawer and sliced through the ropes”

Cindy paused, “I couldn’t think of a plausible story, so I just told her the truth. I didn’t want to get the boys in trouble of course. That would not have gone well. Oh boy was my mom pissed! She was pretty religious, and of course, she saw me as some sort of terrible sinner. I think that was the event that really tore us apart. The truth is that I was never close to her, and this just cemented the situation”

I jumped in, not wanting this hot story to turn into some sort of pity party about long ago drama, “You know, I understand your situation. That is sometimes what happens when you are bright and head strong, and determine your own destiny when you are young. Not every parent can accept that, and it sounds like yours struggled with your sexuality. Hey, it happens!”

I gave her a big smile. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, and said, “You’re a nice guy. Thanks for listening, but I have a request of you”

“Anything doll”, I replied.

“I can tell that I am going to need another really good fucking right now. How about we go back to the trailer and go another round, that is, if you’re up to it?” she said with a wicked grin on her face.

“I guess we’ll figure out how to get you back home and how to get this trailer fixed later”, I said as laughed. I pulled her out of the chair and threw her across my shoulder for the short walk from the office to the trailer.

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