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by Mikel

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The beautiful woman walked towards the gate in the airport followed by several men who were captivated by the sway of her walk. She hadn’t noticed, she never did, she just didn’t care about what she called “hounds”. She continued to walk confidently in her five inch spiked heeled ankle boots with the tight pencil skit keeping her stride short making her take double the steps to keep up with the pace of the crowd she was walking with. The skirt emphasized her narrow waist with it’s higher than normal waist line and the wide belt pulled snugly around it. The top she wore was a long sleeved turtle neck sweater that fit her more snuggly than the skirt and showed her perfect figure, her arrow straight posture and almost cone shaped breasts protruding from under it.

Her hands were covered in tight black leather gloves that matched her boots and around her neck was the only outward sign of her passion. Someone would have to look closely to discover that the shiny metal choker was actually a wide steel collar partially hidden under the neck of the sweater and that it was locked on, the keys already at her final destination. Kate had locked it and the matching cuffs on her ankles and wrists after going through security and would not be able to remove them or the tight heavy duty rubber suit under her clothes until she retrieved the keys hopefully waiting at the hotel front desk when her six hour flight was over. 

Kate loved tight restrictive clothes, when she was young her mother had given her the old clothes from her sister. Being that her sister was quite a bit smaller than Kate she had gotten used to wearing the tight skirts and tops even her bras were too small for her. Her family had little money so it wasn’t until Kate was in high school and her sister had married that she got to pick out her own clothes and continued picking skirts and dresses that were too small for her to continue to give herself the same feelings she had come to enjoy. Kate’s sister and her husband had paid for Kate to attend college and after three years out in the working world Kate had gratefully repaid them and now concentrated on herself.

As she grew older Kate had discovered bondage and had dabbled with it with an occasional boyfriend or two but her real passion was being restricted in public. She had played prisoners in school plays always making sure she was correctly chained or tied during the whole production. She had even started going to “renaissance fairs” agreeing to be the woman in the stocks being punished for a crime. She was unable to stop people when they stopped to pose with her enjoying being the helpless criminal. As she stood locked hand and foot in the center of the grounds all the while wearing a tight corset, her only demand was that she be locked into the stocks and left until closing and everyday she would struggle to free herself. The tight corsets and the hidden high heels combined with the uncomfortable position making her almost desperate to be free. And every evening she would swear she wouldn’t go back, but she did every chance she got.

Her other outlet was to be an inmate in an asylum firmly strapped in a straight jacket and leg binder and turned loose to hobble around the neighborhood during Halloween. Kate particularly enjoyed these two evenings a year she would be helped by her friend into the outfit and not released until after the evening’s festivities had ended. Remembering on several occasions while wearing the medical mouth restraint strapped on so tight it kept her from speaking and being unable to get into the house the party was held at because she had wandered too long and everyone had gone home.

With her hands bound tightly in the jacket she could not open the door having to wait on the porch outside bound and gagged until someone opened the door for her in the morning. Her favorite Halloween was when three guys had stopped her and tightened up her leg restraints making her have to take very short steps during her trip home. The tall heels she wore combined with the large vibrator jammed deep inside her and held in tightly by the strap of the straight jacket made the two miles she had to walk difficult and filled with orgasms as she struggled to get back. Ever since then her clothes have gotten tighter and her heels taller.

Now as a working professional while at work she wore sensible clothes over her obsessions. Always wearing some type of corset or girdle and lately wearing more than one at a time. She had also begun wearing a much tighter skirt under the slightly looser dresses for appearances but she always wore tall heels. Nobody ever questioned why because of her height they had just figured she wanted to be taller. Most of her favorite clothes were made of thick rubber or even thicker leather and when not at work she always wore them and they were always extremely tight.

Kate had learned how to make her own rubber clothes being unable to find any pre made that were thick or tight enough to make her happy. After seeing a large truck inner tube in a tire store one day and buying several different sizes she took them home cutting each into either skirts or tube dresses taking pleasure in the effort it took to force her body into them. She knew this is the compression she wanted and studied hard to learn how to make her own very thick rubber clothes.

Now her wardrobe was full of perfectly fitting clothes, to her anyway most people would not be able to breathe in them. Kate had mastered assembling and wearing extremely tight clothes and as she continued to find more materials and experiment with them she also continued to make them tighter. Kate delighting in when an item kept her panting or limited her movements, having doubled up the thick rubber on two of her suits made even lifting her arms difficult and compressed her body and chest to the point of being barely able to move without making her get short of breath.   

It was one of these suits Kate currently wore, as a last minute challenge to herself she had squeezed her body into the rubber making her waist get drawn in by almost six inches and have constant pressure trying to make it shrink more. The cone shaped tits were made entirely of rubber, her fleshy mounds were compressed under the thick rubber and being held tightly at their bases by wide rubber strips she had built into the suit. The arms and legs of the suit fought every movement she made and the tall collar kept her in perfect posture as it pulled on her neck.

Over her rubber covered legs she wore black lycra tights that not only covered the rubber but added to the restriction and allowed her to wear the rubber in public. Kate had been in her outfit since six this morning daring herself to wear it to work and then to the airport to fly out and meet a representative of a company that sold shrink tubing that her company was thinking of investing in. Kate had never worn anything this restrictive to work or for this amount of time. The thrill of being held on the edge of blacking out all day pushed her to accept her own dare, adding the plugs was a last minute idea she now regretted. They had shifted and moved inside her keeping her distracted all day and sometimes making her seem disinterested or stupid when she would miss something that was said. 

Reaching the gate was her goal now, several times during the day she was going to remove the rubber as she felt she could not take it anymore and every time she had been interrupted and had not been able to. Once through the airport security she had forced herself to lock the steel around her wrists and ankles having the boots and gloves cover them. The tight steel making it impossible to remove the rubber without something to cut it that she did not have and would never do. Now she strained to get to the gate quietly panting as she felt the suit compress her more. She already had to tighten the belt several times during the day as her abdomen was squeezed more and now swore she was going to suffocate.

The sweat slipped around in between the rubber and her skin until finally reaching the absorbent material stuffed in between her legs and ass cheeks and getting trapped there making her feel like she has gone to the bathroom in the suit. All these feeling making her smile as she walked along, reveling in the knowledge she had done it all to herself and could nothing to undo it now. Looking at the clock and seeing it was seven fifteen she slowed slightly knowing she had plenty of time to make the gate that was now in sight. Kate thought about being trapped in rubber for over thirteen hours in public and felt another small wave of an orgasm ripple through her compressed body knowing this would not be the last time she did this to herself.

Kate had made it to her destination, even sleeping a little on the flight and now stood waiting on her bag to arrive when a man approached her asking if she was Kate? She found out, luckily before blowing him off, he was there to pick her up and that he worked for the company. He took her bag he led her through the long hot garage to the limo, her limited stride making him walk much slower than he was used to and helped her get in the hot car. Kate was tired from her long day and with the long walk in the hot garage now felt like her body was slipping around inside the tight rubber desperately needing to get to the hotel.

 Kate was hoping her keys had made it and she could relax until tomorrow afternoon in some less restrictive rubber garments before heading out to meet the people from the company. The driver chatted while on the way to the hotel all the while Kate sat trying to relax and breathe deeply. She was told that he would return around nine am to pick her up so she could have breakfast with the president of the company and it had been planned for her to spend the day with him at his country club. She tried to decline but was told it was all arranged and everyone was expecting her to be there so she finally agreed as they reached her hotel.

Checking in she was a little sad but more aroused when she found out her keys had not arrived yet. Kate was shown to her room where she promptly opened the small ports over her ass and pussy and relieved herself. Kate was grateful she had not shipped her enema equipment also and paced around her room only in her rubber suit and boots before lying down and falling asleep. Waking at five like always she felt tired but called the desk anyway and still had nothing waiting for her and was now slightly panicked. She had not planned to wear the suit except on the plane and had nothing to cover up her cuffs and collar except what she had worn during the flight and didn’t think that was appropriate.

Getting dressed quickly Kate went downstairs to the dress shop and thankfully found a long sleeved dress with a tall collar that would work to cover her rubber and still look right with her leggings and gloves. She was glad it was the time of year where it was colder here and she could wear a coat to help cover her bullet shaped tits. Paying too much for the dress she returned to her room and ate a light breakfast and cleaned herself out again before getting dressed. She changed her ankle boots for some knee high boots that had a small platform with much taller heels and she met the car out front at nine am. The drive to the club took an hour and Kate was forced to sit in the tight rubber feeling every bump in the road through the plugs filling her. The motion of the car making her turn red and gasp as small waves of orgasm’s washed through her sweat covered body as she sat smiling and panting.

Reaching the club she was led into a grand ballroom and introduced to all the executives she would be working with having to shake hands with each as she was led around the room. The room was very warm and Kate was sweating from the rubber and heavy coat and finally gave in and took it off when someone asked if they could take it for her. Kate was now showing her bullet shaped breasts proudly from under her dress and stopping all conversation at the large table for a moment as they all stared at her figure.

Thankfully none asked about her gloves as she sat talking and nibbling at her breakfast for the next two hours before being pulled into agreeing to take a tour of the club and factory before going back to her hotel. Kate was miserable, she had been in her rubber skin for over thirty hours, yes she had wore it for longer but never fully clothed and never having to move around this much. Her skin itched and the water gathering material was full making her feel like she was wearing a very full and very wet diaper. The uncontrolled sweat was now moving around freely and collecting in the feet of the suit and starting to make squishing sounds as she walked in her tall boots.

Arriving back at the hotel around four in the afternoon Kate was desperate to remove the rubber not only to get out of the wet diaper but her small orgasms were just not enough. She desperately needed to stimulate herself into one massive orgasm and then rest until dinner. Reaching the counter her keys had still not made it and she almost cried as she turned and went to her room relieving herself and then lying down still trapped in her rubber cocoon. She dreamt about never getting out of it and envisioned herself being swallowed by it completely. Waking as she had a massive climax from the dream leaving her gasping for air but satisfied at least for the moment.

Kate laid thinking about her options, she could not go to dinner sloshing in the rubber and was debating on calling the front desk and asking for some scissors. Kate hoped if she cut it correctly maybe she could fix it when she got home when they called and said her package was on its way up to her. Kate grabbed a robe and waited for the delivery not caring if he saw her neck and feet in the black rubber tipping him twenty dollars as she snatched it from his hands and slammed the door.

Unlocking the cuffs and collar Kate peeled the rubber from her body dumping out the mixture of fluids as she hung it over the shower curtain rod and removed the plugs making her groan as she slowly eased them out. Her breasts were sore with red stripes around the base of each but Kate was used to that and rubbed them briefly as she waited for the water in the tub to fill. Kate eased herself into it purring and moaning as the hot water eased her aches.

Having only a couple of hours before she need to meet them again Kate cleaned herself and the suit quickly. She laced her corset around her waist pulling it until she had reduced her waist by four inches. This would leave her plenty of room to breathe then she slipped into a tight rubber girdle that would hold her plugs inside of her. The corset was designed to make her breasts stand out and Kate hoped make them appear as big as they did under the rubber. She didn’t want to make her appearance too different and raise suspicions.

She pulled another tight top over her shoulders covering the wide straps from the corset before attaching her stockings to the garters and stepping into the tight pencil skirt. Kate buckled the wide belt over the top of the skirt before stepping into the tall pumps she would wear tonight. She was going easy on herself tonight, she needed to be able to move and breathe so no more additions were made to her outfit. Kate was studying herself in the large mirror smiling at how even with this slight reduction of her waist the tight skirt and tall shoes made her look extremely thin. She turned stretching the skirt across her thighs and thought about adding more restriction but her phone rang and her party was at the restaurant waiting on her.

During dinner she was much more open with the people she had met and apologized saying it was jet lag that had caused her to be so distracted at breakfast. They all laughed and during the evening several of the wives commented on her figure leading Kate to tell them about how her grandmother had always told her that proper ladies always wore corsets.

She had fallen in love with them and liked to wear one on special occasions even giving the ladies the name and number to her corsetiere. The ladies seemed to really like Kate. By the end of the evening they had all talked with her about corsets and how much fun they were when the husbands helped lace them and especially unlaced them. Kate retired when the group broke up declining on going out for a drink citing she was still tired and returned to her room. When she arrived she found her rubber suit lying on the bed dried and folded and cursed herself for leaving it lying out but grateful they had dried it before folding it. She stashed it in her suitcase before stripping off her dress and tying her laces to a door knob and closing the corset making her pant and her breasts heave as she prepared for bed and another massive orgasm.

Once her corset was closed and tied Kate locked the cuffs and collar on again then took the small chains she had used frequently and crawled into the center of the large bed. Taking the large padded bit gag she strapped it tightly around her head sealing her mouth completely before locking one end of the chain set between her ankles. Kate leaned back and connected one wrist to the other end of the chain before tossing the keys across the room. Kate turned on the vibrators and quickly chained her remaining hand behind her and fell forward onto the bed in a tight hogtie.

It took less than a minute for the first orgasm to rip through her as she pulled and yanked on the thin chains and moaned loudly past the gag as she gasped for air through her nose. As the third orgasm was building Kate lay twitching on the bed not wanting to fight anymore as she could feel the vibrations slowing knowing this would be the last climax of the night. After the last massive orgasm faded Kate drifted off to sleep still bound in the tight hogtie. The corset made her pant as she slept completely happy and her appetite for restriction finally met. Kate woke the next morning at five like always, after struggling for a moment to figure out what had happened and where she was she rolled to the edge of the bed and slid to the floor. Kate fought her way to the keys she had tossed away the night before and unlocked her cramped legs and arms surprised the tall pumps had remained on all night as she loosened the corset and removed the gag.

Meeting the limo at eight she was wearing a loose dress and more towering high heels but under the dress Kate had worn a latex catsuit with her corset laced tightly over it. Dancer’s tights covered the transparent latex perfectly making her look very professional outwardly and satisfying her need for compression. Kate spent the day going through the plant her tall heels clicking on the floors as she followed the men leading her around. Each step on the hard floors sending wonderful vibrations into her dampening pussy making her smile and have to concentrate harder on what she was being told. The large phallus shifting inside her with each step, its movement accentuated by the slight vibrations from her steel high heels making her even more aroused.  The whole time she was learning everything she could about the uses for and the processes of how to make the products.

Learning that not only were the tubes used for wiring but they also were used to cover and seal leaking pipes and to insulate large underground pipes used in cable and electrical systems. She also found out that each tube was coded for different thicknesses, firmness when heated and flexibility with some of the material turning rock hard after being heated while others stayed soft and could be reheated to add tension if needed.  During this discussion Kate’s mind often wandered thinking about how she could use these items for her own purposes and some of the details about how to tell one from the other were missed. While at lunch she had asked for samples of all different sizes to show her partners and they agreed to supply her with several sets of the entire range of their products. Kate had asked about the sealing process and was shown how the simple it was when a two sided tape was applied and when the over lay was placed on top it caused a chemical reaction fusing the two together making them one piece. Kate smiled as she thought about how easy it was going to be to fuse tubes together to make a new suit for herself.

She had also asked about if other items like zippers or openers of some kind could be used and the manager gladly showed her that anything could be added if the right material was used to secure it to the tube. Kate had already managed to snag three sample packages and planned to see if these “Shrink tubes” could be used in her games. The firm but flexible material had the feeling of rubber but very little stretch to it and the new products they had been working on could be wrapped around an object and shrunk to fit holding it very tightly. This was one of the samples she had acquired and was wet thinking about trying it out tonight.

Kate spent the rest of the day talking finances with the board before returning to the hotel and stripping the dress off. The inert phallus and her kinky thoughts had left her desperate to cum. Kate quickly tightening the corset and strapped the padded gag into her mouth before activating her vibrator and sat in a large chair gasping as her pent up orgasm slammed through her body making her light headed as she sat gasping from it.

After a brief rest Kate removed the corset and wet latex before she unrolled several of the rolls of tubing she had “acquired” and sat looking at them before sliding one up her leg. She really had to force her thigh into the tube before she had it high enough to begin stuffing her other leg into another tube. Each tube went past her pointed toes keeping her feet arched like they were in ballet boots leaving several inches over hanging and ended with the skin of her thighs bulging over the top right at her pussy. After getting her legs encased Kate took the largest tube and cut off a section that was about as long as her torso and wiggled into it until she had it up to her armpits. Carefully she cut two holes above her breasts and gently worked her firm tits through the holes. Now Kate was ready and took the hair dryer and began warming up the material on her legs. After fifteen minutes she could see the material starting to draw up around her ankles and as the heat built she could slowly move up her leg. Kate gasped as the material tightened itself around her foot and ankle continuing to shrink even as she moved higher up her leg.

The heat from the dryer was not enough to rapidly shrink the material but if she moved slowly it would begin the process and soon Kate had her left leg tightly encased in the warm material. She sat back watching it continue to draw itself tighter amazed as she saw the outline of her toes through it as it compressed and formed to her shapely legs perfectly. With both legs now tightly encased Kate lay back and began warming her torso waiting for the material to start to shrink before moving slowly a few inches at a time. Smiling as she felt it begin touching her skin and start to pull tight. Working for thirty minutes she had her stomach drawn in very tight and moved up her chest warming it. Kate was enjoying the feeling of it tightening around her breasts before rolling onto her side and warming her back until she was gasping from the tension and decided to stop warming and wait to see the results. 

Lying on her back Kate could see her breasts had been pulled away from each other and taking the dryer began warming the material between them with hopes of pulling them towards one another. After warming the thin piece between her breasts Kate warmed the remaining section above them making her chest begin to be compressed and turned the dryer off again. Reaching back above her head she locked the cuffs still attached to the head board around her wrists and lay enjoying the sensation of her body being compressed further as the material cooled. Lying with her eyes closed Kate drifted off for a brief nap waking suddenly by some noise in the hall. She looked towards her feet at her encased legs and was surprised when she couldn’t bend her legs or ankles. As she struggled with her leg bindings she noticed her breasts were now almost crushed together and smiled before realizing that they were also a dark red almost purple color. Kate mummphed into her gag as she fought the cuffs holding her hands above her head trying to get a better look at her breasts by pulling herself up.

Kate wrestled with the key finally able to unlock her hands and raised herself up on her arms staring at her purple breasts grabbing one and sighing as she could feel her hand on it relieved she still had some circulation left. As she gasped for air she tried to force her legs to bend and found she could barely bend her knees and her feet were held firmly en-point with the material now just covering her toes. Kate tried to twist in the tight plastic finding she could not bend her torso at all or even twist inside of it. She lay back running her hands all over her body really turned on by the tightness of the plastic she was now encased in. Kate presumed the material had continued to constrict even after she had stopped using the dryer and she was sealed tightly inside it.

Lying on the bed for another hour before she slid her body off the bed and forced herself up to her pointed toes. Kate walked stiff legged in to the bathroom to get a better look at her “outfit” and gasped when she was able to see how tight it was around her waist. No corset she owned pulled her down this far and as she stood panting she knew she had found some new toys but also knew she needed to remove what she was wearing before she ran out of air. Returning to the bed she dropped herself onto it and drug her body towards the night stand and reached for the scissors. Rolling onto her back she lay panting as her head began to spin and she slowly blacked out.

Waking in total darkness Kate panicked as the feeling of being crushed overwhelmed her and she tried to fight the plastic covering her body. Kate calmed herself and turned on the light and tried to get the scissors under the material, finding that no matter how hard she twisted or pulled she could not get the tip of them in between her skin and the plastic. Lying back again she controlled her panic and tried to think what to do as she tried in vain to bend her legs or waist while she lay on the bed. Slowly she was able to work a finger under the material in back and slid it around to the front easing the tip of the scissors under it finally able to snip it.  Carefully she worked her way down her chest freeing one breast then the other stopping to rub the feeling back into them as she lay humming into the gag. An hour later Kate was almost to her belly button, she was breathing better but still couldn’t sit up and worked blindly as she snipped an eighth of an inch at a time until finally feeling the plastic corset pop open.

Kate breathed deeply and removed the gag before slipping her arms under the corset and prying it open and sat up slinging it across the room after her body was out. Now much more comfortable and no longer concerned about her breasts being pinched off she concentrated on her legs that had gone numb and were encased even tighter than her torso had been. With the skin bulging even further around the tops of her leggings Kate reached for her toes and could just feel them through the small opening at the end of the tube. Slipping the scissors in she carefully began snipping upwards cutting her leg out of its encasement. Before repeating the procedure on the other leg Kate stood and experimented with her trapped leg getting it to bend only when she put her full weight on it and then only slightly and began losing hope for her new found toys to be of any use to her.  

After resting Kate was lying naked and suddenly felt the desperate need for compression and got up and pulled out her corset. Wearing her corset laced as tight as she could pull it Kate slipped on her ballet boots and cuffed her ankles together. Kate crawled into bed she pulled her rubber blindfold out and wrapped it around her head buckling both straps very tight. She quickly cuffed her hands to the headboard again and fell asleep. Her dreams were filled with images of her trapped in a body suit of the new plastic hopelessly immobile lying on her bed desperately trying to reach the scissors.

Waking very horny Kate struggled out of her handcuffs and removed her blindfold and looked at the clock and realized she had slept until seven thirty. She shuffled into the bathroom and while she relieved herself she unlocked her ankles and removed the boots. “Damn it”, she swore as she unbuckled the gag for sleeping late, now not having the time to get properly dressed having to meet the car at eight. The corset would stay but she had no time to adjust it so she slipped into her tightest skirt and quickly brushed her hair and washed her face. Looking in the mirror she noticed the marks on her face and hoped they would fade quickly and if anyone noticed she would say she slept with her blanket under her face or something.

While strapping her shoes on she could smell her dried liquids and grimaced as she dropped the skirt and quickly washed herself then pulled the long rubber girdle out of her suitcase. She had never worn this in public because the legs of it went to just above her knees and the bodice covered her torso completely with wide straps over her shoulders. The thick rubber tried to force her shoulders down, but today she needed the thick rubber to block any odors she might be emitting and hoped the stiff corset would stop any hunching she might do. The skirt was now much tighter across her thighs as she zipped it up tucking the peach colored silk blouse in before closing the final clasp. Kate breathed shallowly as she tried to brush her red hair around her face desperately trying to cover the remaining marks on her face. Grunting as she dropped the brush Kate checked herself in the mirror and turned to call the office and ask to send the car later when the phone rang. It was the front desk was calling to say her car was here and she heard herself saying “I’ll be right down”.

Walking to the door Kate ignored her already aching feet and went to meet the car. Walking as quickly as Kate could feel her legs fighting the tight skirt and smiled relishing the restriction. Kate waved at the driver not realizing until she stepped into the back seat that due to her hurried preparations and being half awake she was wearing her six and half inch heels that she liked to wear only when she was alone. “Shit” she cursed as the driver drove off knowing she would be spending the day in the shoes and hoped she would be able to sit a lot. While getting adjusted in the car Kate also noticed that her girdle leggings were sticking out below her dress and desperately tried to tug the hem down. By the time Kate reached the building she was gasping for air as her panic attack continued. She thought back remembering getting dressed and couldn’t believe she had snapped the ankle straps on her shoes closed without noticing it was her bondage shoes she had locked onto her feet. “That’s what I get for being late” Kate mumbled to herself as she stepped out of the car and took as deep a breath as she could and slowly walked inside.

Kate was lucky the office she would be in was comfortable with a large table and she was able to hide the marks on her face as the mornings presentation was shown in the darkened room. They even ordered in lunch for the group relieving her fears of having to walk and sit at a restaurant. Towards the end of the day she was shown one of the laboratories where their research was done and even though she was breathless from having to keep up with the men escorting her and her feet were killing her she paid attention and even asked a few intelligent questions. Kate even learning why the material had continued to shrink even after it was not being heated anymore. Around four the car took her back to the hotel, Kate had secured some more of the material and looked forward to another evening of being alone with her hobby but when she entered her room she was shocked to find it been cleaned. All her gear that had been left out now it was put away neatly in drawers, even her cuffs had been removed from the bed and put in a drawer with her other cuffs, gags and collar.

Kate was horrified as she stumbled around the room opening drawers and finding her hobby had been discovered by the cleaning crew and cursed herself again for being so stupid and not hanging the do not disturb sign as she left. Sitting down Kate searched for her keys in her suitcase and unlocked her shoes from her sore feet almost coming right there from the relief. Removing her skirt and blouse she hung them next to the other clothes that had been put away including her latex and leather items. She wrestled with the tight girdle finally slipping it off and began loosening her corset laces. Turning on the bath water while she removed her corset Kate was about to step into the tub when she heard someone knocking at her door. Wrapping her robe around her naked body she checked the peep hole and saw it was a maid and opened the door. The maid had several more towels in her hand and a small package and said with a slight grin on her face. “I thought you might need more of these and this was sent to you”.  Kate smiled and said a very sincere thank you and retreated back into her room thinking to herself “I should leave tonight” but knew she needed to finish what she came for and couldn’t leave.

Placing the towels on the rack she ripped open the paper bag and a black mass fell on the floor. Kate stood staring at it and noticed a piece of paper folded inside it and grabbed the paper stepping back from the mass on the floor. Opening the paper she read a hand written note that said “We enjoyed having you visit, hope you like our gift”. Kate reached for the mass and lifting it she found it was a suit made of the material! She squealed as she held it up inspecting it noticing all the zippers embedded into it, she unzipped them leaving the legs, arms and back of the suit gaping open and knew she had to try it on. Stepping in she found she hadn’t needed to unzip the legs or arms as the suit still needed to be shrunken but quickly closed the zips and stood in the stiff material admiring the craftsmanship of it. Someone had even placed cups for her breasts and reinforced the tall collar. Smiling Kate saw the tub about to overflow and turned off the water that was calling her name and slid her sheathed body into the hot water still inside the suit and lay back to let the steamy water ease her aches and pains.

Waking up two hours later Kate was shocked to see the suit had now formed perfectly to her body, the legs had withdrawn to just below her ankles and the sleeves stopped at her wrists. The waist had drawn in to almost her perfect size leaving her gasping but comfortable. Kate tried to look down at her encased body but the tall collar would not let her move her neck, realizing the water had gone cold she climbed out and toweled off and stood staring at her new suit smiling as she studied it. Kate rushed into her room and quickly laced her ballet boots on and went back to the mirror and admired herself some more stroking and rubbing the suit. Kate grabbed the hair drier warming her stomach until she felt the material begin to move then moved the drier to her crotch and back between her legs warming it and making it shrink pulling tight on her pussy and forming into the crack of her firm ass.

Moving the drier around she tightened up several other spots before being satisfied with the look and the tension of her new suit and went and lay back on her bed.  Finding her cuffs and gag she stuffed her mouth before locking her cuffs on her ankles and wrists and took the chain set and vibrator and moved to the floor. Sliding the vibrator under her pelvis and turning it on high Kate attached the chains and was quickly struggling in another hogtie while the vibrator hummed under her. The vibrations were making her twist and bend her body until it lay in the correct place making her whole body tense as she fought the chains. Finally arching her back further as the orgasm washed over her leaving her motionless and hanging limply in her hogtie.

Kate moaned as she unhooked the chains from her wrists, the material had continued to tighten around her waist and now had her gasping. She straightened out her body and crawled back on to the bed drifting off to sleep wrapped in her wonderful new suit. As Kate fell asleep her mind drifted and she thought about who had sent her this wonderful gift but exhaustion from her long day struggling to breathe and walk took over and she fell asleep. Waking in the morning at her normal five am Kate stretched and stroked her body still encased in her new suit loving the way it held her so tightly. She noticed she didn’t feel any sweat pockets or any feelings of being water logged and smiled. She was having some difficulty in sitting up having to use her hands to raise herself to her pointed toes and gingerly walked into the bathroom.

Unlocking her cuffs and removing the gag she unlaced her boots and started to unzip the suit. Trying the zippers at each arm and each leg and having none of them move. Kate reached back and tried to pull the zipper on her neck down and found that none of them would move. Panicking Kate dashed to her suitcase and pulled out the small multi tool she carried opening them to make pliers and grabbed the zip on her left arm and yanked. The zip moved and as she continued pulling her arm bulged out until she reached her shoulder. Feeling much better Kate continued to unzip the rest of the suit and was able to peel it from her body. Getting out of it completely was difficult but Kate wrestled with it for twenty minutes until she was finally free of it.

Relieving herself Kate sat thinking about who had given her the suit trying to figure out who it could have been when there was another knock on the door and when she answered there was another package for her. Kate looked around then grabbed it and ducked inside, quickly opening it she found another suit. This one had no zippers on the arms or legs and only a short one across the shoulders and felt much thicker than the other but also much more supple. The note read “For your last day here. Enjoy” Kate laid it on the bed and continued to get ready thinking of the suit and now becoming really curious who had sent it. After showering and doing her hair and makeup she inserted her plugs deep in herself before pulling the tight rubber girdle panties up. Kate saw the suit lying on the bed, checking the clock she saw she had plenty of time and unzipped the back and slipped her body into the suit. It felt wonderful, Kate knew she had to wear it and ran the tub full of hot water tying her hair up out of the way and slipped herself into the hot water. The suit reacted immediately making Kate squeal at how quick it began to shrink, then lay still to relish the feelings the suit was giving her as it tightened  itself around her.

Kate lay with her eyes closed as the suit continued to engulf her tighter and tighter, as she lay gasping she stroked her encased body noticing that the openings on the sides of the tubes that were at her finger tips were now pulling back near her thumbs. Kate watched as the material kept pulling backwards until the holes lined up over her thumbs and she stuck her thumbs through them. The material started to tighten on her making her seem to be wearing fingerless gloves. Kate smiled again as she watched the legs shrink back to just cover her feet and leave her toes protruding out the ends of the long black tubes. “Perfect” Kate thought to herself. Climbing out of the tub Kate dried of and stood admiring her body as she warmed up her torso using the hair dryer making the material tighten in all the right places until she was gasping at the constriction around her waist thinking. “Maybe I should have stopped a little sooner” as she watched her waist shrink slightly more before it stopped trying to crush the air from her body. Kate posed in front of the mirror the suit felt wonderful and she could move almost as well as in her thick rubber suit.

The plugs had been pushed in deeper and had her aroused again and she decided to wear it the whole day figuring she could come back to the hotel before her plane was due and change if she wanted to. Donning her black leggings again she pulled on another skirt and blouse and slipped her feet in to black platform pumps. Kate straightened her room putting all her equipment into her bags hiding the cuffs and collar again so when x-rayed they looked like part of the bag and prepared for the rest of her day. Walking into the building Kate felt strong again, ready to do business and loving her new suit. She was wishing she could talk to the person who had sent it to her not only to thank them but ask if there could be more. The day went quickly for her as each time she moved the plugs shifted inside her keeping her mind in the gutter.  

Kate was desperately trying to make it where she can go to the hotel early and get herself off before having to go to the airport and so far had no luck at it. The companies had come to an agreement and all that was left was for her to bring it back to her bosses. She thanked each person shaking their hands with her leather covered hand. She was about to leave when the wife of the president of the company stopped her and said “You can’t leave without a good bye dinner”. Kate tried to get out of it but the woman was persistent and soon her they were on their way to dinner. Kate sat next to her and the two chatted about her flight and Kate’s amazing figure and Kate remembered she had been the one she had talked to so long about corsets and girdles and started to wonder if she had been the one to send her the suit.

During dinner the president of the company had gotten a call and had to leave early leaving the women alone. They had all had a few drinks and now the girls were able to talk freely and Kate was told it was indeed the wife that had sent the suits and asked how she liked them? Kate smiled and said she loved them and thanked her for sending them to her. The wife said “Good” in a funny way before saying “Oops we talked too long I’m glad we had a chance to chat, I had your driver fetch your bags, and you just have time to make your plane”. She hurried Kate to the car waving goodbye as the long car drove off. Kate felt uncomfortable wearing the suit home but even more uncomfortable about the way she had been told about the suit. Kate sat panting unable to do anything about it now and went to her gate, stopping as normal to lock her cuffs and collar on and carefully covering them up. Kate was going to leave her ankle cuffs off since she was wearing shoes instead of boots but changed her mind saying nobody will notice and if they do so what.

Now locked in her steel again she pushed the keys into a pocket of her carry on and went to board the plane. Drifting off to sleep as soon as the plane leveled out Kate slept until it began its descent. Waking she felt stiff and was having difficulty breathing but figured it was from sitting still too long and flexed her arms and legs while the plane landed. Walking through the airport was much more difficult than before and Kate was sweating badly while she waited for her bag. Walking to her car dragging the heavy suit case Kate was gasping and having trouble bending her legs as the oppressive heat made her sweat even more and the shifting plugs kept her on the edge of an orgasm.

Climbing in the hot car Kate gasped as she felt the suit suddenly tighten again and she fought to start the engine and turn on the A/C and she sat gasping waiting for the air to cool. Driving home took a lot of effort, the suit was squeezing her all over making driving difficult and now she couldn’t even turn her head as she carefully worked her way through traffic. Kate was continuously flexing her hands and legs when she could trying to keep them moving and not have them fall asleep. Reaching her house she dashed inside out of the hot garage not wanting the suit shrink anymore and ripped off her clothes and stared at herself in the mirror.

Kate could not believe what she saw as she wrapped her hands around her waist and could almost touch her finger tips together. Her neck seemed longer and her legs and arms were now pencil thin. The tight material around her hands was now digging deep into them and when she kicked her shoes off she couldn’t stand flat footed as the material held her on her toes. Reaching back she dug for the zipper put she could not get her arms to flex far enough to reach it and stood fighting the suit for several minutes before collapsing to the floor and lay gasping for an half an hour. Kate lay on the floor wondering if this had been intentional but could not figure out why, she had done nothing to that woman to deserve being crushed to death.  

After catching her breath Kate tiptoed to the garage and retrieved her suit case and carry on. The suit did not react to the heat but she hurried inside anyway and as she unpacked her bags thinking of what to do she found a note and read it. “You may have ruined my life but I have definitely ruined yours, the suit your are now trapped in will never come off it is made of the strongest materials we produce and can only be cut with a saw and now that it is so close to your skin that would be next to impossible”.  Kate continued reading getting more anxious “The zipper? Well it fused together as soon as you warmed it up and now can’t be opened so enjoy the suit since you will be buried in it”. The note went on to say how liquid can pass through the microscopic holes through out it and that a small hole had been included for her convenience and to “Enjoy your enemas”. Kate passed out as she remembered the thick plugs she had inserted under the rubber girdle knowing she couldn’t get anything past them or them out of the suit.

Waking on the floor Kate read the note again and to buy herself some time calling a courier to take the packages to her office and called in sick. Her first concern was testing the suit to see if it really was sealed on to her. She attached a pair of locking pliers, that the salesman had told her was the strongest, to a door frame and once she got them to grip the zipper pull she struggled and twisted trying to get the zipper to move until the pull tab broke off. Next she slid every pair of scissors and shears she could find under the suit at her hands but could never seem to cut the material. The strange material either flexed too much or would not cut. She desperately tried everything including a razor but nothing worked and by the third day she needed to relief herself badly and had concentrated on the anal plug.

 Using a spreader tool she had found online she was able to open the small hole enough to reach back and grab the plug through the rubber girdle with the locking pliers. After an hour of tugging and twisting and almost bringing herself to an orgasm she had yanked the plug from her ass. She could urinate around the phallus in her pussy and was amazed at how well the liquid flowed through the suit. Kate was thankful that with all her struggles she had been able to flex the suit making it easier for her to move in. During the next few weeks Kate tried everything she could to get out of the suit. Now being forced to wear it to work no longer turned her on. Kate had to continuously control her breathing and wearing gloves everyday was starting to become a problem.

Kate no longer hated the suit even though she couldn’t breathe well and it made most movements difficult she still loved the compression she felt and the idea of being trapped inside it made her feel warm and comfortable. Finally one day after several months had passed her boss called her into his office and asked what was going on not only with the gloves but her attitude had changed and she seemed distracted all the time. Kate skirted the issue until he finally said “Either tell me or I’ll have to let you go”. Kate broke down and told him what had happened, she changed the story some to hide her hobby but basically she told him she was tricked into trying on the suit and now couldn’t remove it. He didn’t believe her until she stripped off her work clothes and stood letting him inspect the material she was trapped inside of.   

Kate cried on his shoulder torn between wanting the suit off and never wanting to be without it as he continued inspecting her encased body refusing to believe someone would do this to someone else. Kate got dressed again as she calmed down and sat gasping for air while he made some calls to the tubing company. After talking to several people he told her that she should go home and he would figure out a way to get her out of the suit. They set Kate up with a remote link limiting her need to come in all the time and Kate spent the next few weeks at home trapped in her wonderful suit. She was now practicing self bondage every day only achieving high arousal and was becoming desperate to climax.

Now Kate’s life was all about her compressed body, since the suit no longer shrank anymore she had adjusted to the tension on her body but now she craved more so she bought several smaller corsets and would wear one constantly. She started adding her mouth filling gags and en-point shoes, all of the items making her feel more comfortable in her home prison. She never went without a corset and only removed the gags when she ate or went into the office but she always wore ballet shoes of some kind no matter where she went. After another three months Kate got a call from her boss to meet him in the lab tonight they may have found a safe way to remove the suit. Kate was still conflicted about removing the suit but met him anyway. The time he had set was after work hours so Kate wore her thigh high ballet boots with her smallest corset over the suit and nothing else. She had carried her cuffs, collar and gag with her and strode into the lab making all three men there stop and drool over her fantastic figure.

One of the men was the president of the tubing company and the other his lead technician who she found out had made the suits for his wife. The three men poked and prodded Kate for an hour making her remove the corset and boots before finally asking her to lay down then strapped her tightly to the table. Kate was scared but they said she would have to be very still so she asked for the gag to be strapped into her mouth which after some questioning looks her boss stuffed it in her mouth and with her urging him tightened it firmly. Kate lay crying as the men slipped a thin metal strip under the suit and used a vibrating cutter and carefully sliced the suit up her arm. They continued to slice it working down and across her body until reaching her toes. Kate had felt the tension easing as she lay sobbing into the large gag and fought the feelings of trying to stop them. Feeling the suit relax around her ankles she knew it was over and she would soon be free. The men proceeded to cut the suit up the other side until finally she lay naked completely free of the suit. Her boss inspected her thin misshapen body then covered her with a blanket as the other two released her arms and legs allowing her to curl up and cry while they left the room to discuss what had happened.

Kate calmed down and removed the rubber girdle and fought with the phallus in her pussy as she pulled it out and left it on the table with the girdle. Kate stepped into the corset and laced it tightly around her body easing the pain of the sudden release. Kate took her clothes from her purse and pulled the dress over her head before stepping into the toe boots and was lacing them when the men returned surprised she was able to cope with the pain as well as she was. They talked with her briefly about compensation, Kate finally breaking down and begging to be taken home. Her boss helped her walk to his car and took her home leaving her alone as she continued crying about being without the suit.

Kate was visited by her boss a week later and was told the president of the company had set aside three million dollars for her to be used as she needed to recover. Kate thanked him and said she was doing ok but as her boss walked out he handed the package he had found on her door step. He had noticed under the cuff of her long sleeve shirt her wrist was covered in solid black. He shook his head as he also spotted her feet still encased in ballet boots and said “I’m sorry” and walked out of her house. Kate dropped the loose dress she had been wearing showing the first black suit she had been sent. It had taken her all day after her release to force her body into it even with her tightest corset laced closed but she had not taken it off since easing the feelings of loss she had since she had been released.

Opening the package she started crying again when she found another suit. The look and feel was exactly like the one she had been cut out of. Reading the instructions she found out that it was indeed like the second suit except that there was no zipper only a small opening with a strip of the fusing tape across it. There were feet and real fingerless gloves attached and openings for her pussy and ass with small holes for her nipples to protrude through. It also came with hard plastic cones she would need to place over her nipples before she adjusted it to her body. If not there would be a chance her nipples would be pinched and kept in a permanent state of arousal. The instructions also told her to place her feet in whatever position she wished for them to be in since once the suit was set they would remain in that position.

Kate stared at the suit for hours debating on trapping herself in an even tighter more constricting suit quite possibly for the rest of her life or not. The wonderful shininess of the black material taunting her with its promise of giving her the feeling of being safe and secure once it was encasing her again.  Lying the suit down she walked off and strapped the largest gag she had been able to find behind her teeth before locking the collar and cuffs on securing herself to the bed for the rest of the day and night while her vibrators hummed inside of her. As the room grew dark she closed her eyes knowing she would be kept on the edge of an orgasm by the low speed of the vibrators for the next eighteen hours while she struggled for air and an orgasm. Kate knew the orgasms would never happen since the vibrations were so low and she continued to think about sealing herself back in the new suit.

Two thousand miles away the wife of the former president of the tube company sat smiling knowing Kate could not resist the new suit and since she had been cut out of the first one she had this one made with a lining of industrial strength glue almost guaranteeing it could not be removed. The woman smiled broader knowing soon would have her revenge on the woman responsible for ruining her husband’s career and lowering her “social status” and began to make plans to visit the woman in a few weeks just to check in on her and explain her predicament and why she had done this to her.       


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