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Jep! It's over now!

After 10 years of the best friendship someone could ever imagine, me and my best friend Michael went our separate ways! We didn't usually fight, but this time it was diff rent. Let's just say, we both made mistakes … !

But the thing is, Michael's got a big problem with taking criticism. He really doesn't like it when he has to take the blame for something ... even when it was his fault! We didn't see each other after the fight, and after some time, he just doesn't wanted to stay in contact with me anymore! HE was angry at ME, although HE fucked shit up.


But that's a story for a other time ...

Well .... but to be honest ... in the end it was just a matter of time. We both saw it coming ... We were growing apart ... but I never thought it would end in a fight.

Things went fast at that point. We had a last conversation on Whatsapp, we gave each other the doors keys back, and then we went our separate ways. I already had a bad feeling when he gave me my second-key ... I could see that he was hiding something from me ... I knew him REALLY well ... and I should be right with my concerns.

About two weeks later I was over him. I already was busy with other things. I was really lonely in that time and I also was looking for a job. But I had a lot of time for for me. Time to spend days on the couch, I fully enjoy myself. Just me plans ...

I didn't planned much, just some snuggly rope-bondage with scissors nearby, so I can escape every time I want. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself, while I planned how I would tie myself up this time. I locked the front door and went into the living room. My couch is almost 2m (6,56feet) x 1.5m (4,92 feet) big so i have a lot of roll space! I was standing next to my couch, all of my equipment in front of me on the couch, just waiting for me.

First the chastity device. I don't wanted to cum direct immediately, I wanted to enjoy myself as long as I could resist. First mistake ...

Next the Catsuit. Not too tight, but smoothly fitting, I always loved the feeling of a second skin and it gives a good base for the ropes! It was way better than on pure skin!

Next the crotch rope and Karada (Body rope harness). I made it tight this time... I used one really long rope for the Karada and wound it 7 times around my body. I wanted so get frustrated by it, so I made it extra tight. Every movement of my butt will hurt like HELL at some point of time. And I also put on a second crotchrope to keep the handcuffs behind my back in place! The crotchrope rope was also really tight so the cuffs really stayed in place. Second BIG mistake ...

Next the legs. I put on female overknee-boots and tied my legs between my ankles, under the knees and over the knees! I wound all of them at least ten times around my my legs, my legs almost disappeared completely under the rope. This way the pressure was well distributed, it felt just incredible! First good thing ....

Next the head. I put earplugs in and stuffed 3 used and sweat soaked socks into my mouth and taped with electrical tape, not only around my mouth, but also around my whole head. Only my nose were still visible. I couldn't see, hear or say anything. The the pressure was REALLY intense. It didn't hurt ... at the beginning ... but after some time it would probably be pretty frustrating. Third REALLY bad mistake!

Last thing I put on was my self-made body harness which would keep a prepared rope-coil in place behind my back! I put my arms through the coil behind my back so it stayed above my elbows and ...

Last checks ...
Everything fits good ...
Breathing is okay ...
Handcuffs ...
*CLICK "...
"CLICK" ...


And so I lay there ...

I immediately rolled over on my couch, testing all the bonds, I muffled as hard as I could in to my Tape-Harness ... No chance! The only escape for me were the keys for the handcuffs, which laid next to me! So I rolled on my side took a big breath and fully relaxed!

I moaned heavy into my gag trying so scream, just to see that NOTHING comes out. I couldn't even squeeze a "MMHPP" out! I slowly moved with my whole body so I could feel every rope. The crotch-rope was working pretty well ... even a bit too well ... After some some time my anus was hurting so badly that the moans were not fake anymore! I let myself go completely and my mind was already soon in a trance, I was fighting for an orgasm, which I will never achieve with my chastity device on!

I totally forgot about time...

Till I heard my front door being opened ....

Part 2

For one second I was frozen in total shock ... Till I realized that someone is actually getting into my apartment!!!


I looked the door. I'm 100% sure (!!!) and I even had my second-keys back from Michael. How could this be ... ´?

"Well … that's almost to easy …!"

I understood EVERYTHING when I heard his voice … !

Michael --- He must have made a copy of my keys. He had a determined and arrogant look in face, that I have never seen. He stopped right when he saw me and didn't even moved his face. He knew about my bondage-fetish … even where I hide my equipment.

As he said that I overcame my shock and rolled to my side and tried to reach the key. As soon as he saw that he ran to me and took them before I could even find the needed one on the key ring.

"Noooooope! No easy way out of that for you! You better prove how good your escaping skill are, or the next days will be VERY unpleasant for you! The thing is, you actually like this … mhh … that means we need to make it so bad for you that I like it even more!"

I began to breath heavily. He couldn't do this to me. Was he so angry at me!?!?

I begun to struggle with all my power but it was already useless, the most stupid thing is, I trapped already myself so he didn't even have to do much … he had all control over me … and I made it extra easy for him! He looked at all the other bondage equipment which were still laying around. Ohh goood … he can't be serious!!!

First he took another rope and tied my ankles to my elbows! He made it so harsh that my legs and chest lifted up in the air a bit. My back begun to hurt badly. I tried to scream but not even Michael almost couldn't hear me. And like that wouldn't be painful enough, he took the electrical tape and wound it around my whole body!! He begun at the knees and almost mummified me completely up to my head. My feet pressed against my butt, on my knees were intense pressure, and my arms were fully fixed to my body! I almost wasn't even able to roll around anymore, from this point on its was completely useless anyway.

"Sooooo …. nicely packed! … No screaming! … Perfect! What are you saying? I can't understand you! What? You like it … ? Thank you, I really gave my best to make it as nice for you as possible. Because we're soooo good friends!" He said with a sarcastic wide smile on his face!

I DID NOT! … but I have to admit that I was never so horny as I was now!!!

"I will give you extra long time just for you… if that's even possible. And I can understand that you want to be all by yourself for this! Mhhhh … maybe … but just maybe I will free you in a couple days! Or maybe I forget about you forever as soon as I am out of here … "

'He must be bluffing! He … He cannot … ohh god …', I thought to myself in absolute panic mode! I pushed with all my strength against may tape-cocoon, I wasn't able to move anything!
And my whole body pulsated when I tried ... It was excruciating.

"So … I won't bother you anymore! Try to enjoy it… if you can!"

Then he left …

And so it became really quiet in my apartment! I tried to think of something to escape but the more I thought and the more I fought the more I knew that I was basically fucked … ! I can only wait and hope that he won't let me die here! I fought for a long time which only made me cry even more … after some time with no orgasms but a lot of pain in all my body parts I passed out … !

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