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Riding Lessons

by Tar Feathers

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© Copyright 2014 - Tar Feathers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; stables; jodhpurs; lingerie; boots; cuffs; rope; bitgag; caught; F/f; tease; bdsm; crop; les; climax; cons; X

Part 1

I trembled with anticipation, the stable yard was quiet, the only sound was the snorting of sleepy horses. I crept towards the tack room, my shadow cast by the full moon above. I fiddled with the lock and swung the door open, I was engulfed with the smell of warm leather and horses, I breathed in the intoxicating aroma. I had been planning this session for weeks, I would come here to tend to my horse and then stay at the livery yard until everyone had gone then I would use the opportunity to engage in my personal fetish.

I was what I suppose you could call 'between boyfriends', to be honest the last man in my life had been a boorish brute and I was glad for the escape, the only thing I missed was the bondage he had so truly enjoyed. Steve had introduced me to what he called, 'tie-up games' and what had started as giggling and scarf's had culminated in tight ropes, leather harnesses and severe bondage, of course with me being the increasingly willing victim. Our sex life otherwise had been nothing to write home about but he had kept up the bondage right up to the end when he had left me hogtied as he packed his bags and told me he was leaving me for a fling with his PA. He had been kind enough to leave me a knife to free myself, but those hours of restriction had made me want for more.

I had failed to find a partner, or at least one that would not run a mile when I suggested bondage games so my Internet searches had finally turned up self-bondage. I had started on a series of increasingly complex self-bondage scenes and would imagine that I was a damsel in distress or a kidnapped heiress strung up until my ice lock allowed me to get free. So tonight I had decided that I should try somewhere more risky, and to be honest, sexy. It was okay trying myself in my apartment, but in the surroundings of the tack room, leather, whips, rope. I shuddered at the thought as I looked around the room.

I had dressed in my best show ring jodhpurs, brilliant white and at least two sizes too small, they hugged my curves and felt amazing, the pull of the lycra almost a bondage in its own right. They were paired with my long leather riding boots, polished especially and a white blouse barely covering my lacy bra and shapely breasts. I glanced in the mirror, running my fingertips across my jodhpured bottom, smiling at the twenty six year old who looked back at me from the looking glass.

I laid down my backpack and pulled out the wrapped lump of ice which contained my handcuff key and a bundle of orange baler twine and rough rope, I slid a bit from one of the racks and swiftly placed the cold steel in my mouth, holding it in place with a short leather strap which I buckled behind my head, the metal pulled at the corners of my mouth and prevented me speaking quite effectively. I hung the ice block from a rafter, the ice slowly dripping giving me just over one hour before I could escape.

The next part was well practiced, I strung rope around my waist before clinching it into an effective and tight crotch rope, looped baler twine around my polished boots and pulled my ankles tight before doing the same with my knees. I clipped on one half of my handcuffs onto my waiting wrist, stringing a loop of twine between my ankle rope and between the cuffs. There was one last step, clip the cuffs shut and then the slip knot would tighten with every movement until I would be in a punishing hogtie.

It was a simple set-up, but this was the first time I had played here so I was be cautious, I took a deep breath and clicked the cuff shut before falling to my knees onto the rugs I had piled on the floor, the clinch rope was almost too effective, the slip knot pulled me tighter and tighter as the crotch rope worked its magic between my legs.

I sighed, the feeling was wonderful, every struggle tightened my embrace the ropes and cuffs enhancing my dream of mystery kidnappers who had jumped me and left me helpless. The rugs were deep and soft, smelling of horses, and were comforting as I rolled around, approaching climax. My reveille was broken when I heard the rattle of keys beyond the door. I gasped as I watched the door handle move slowly. "Shit!" I muttered, not that the word escaped the punishing bit in my mouth.

The lights snapped on and I was left waiting for the person who had entered to see me. I could see their worn wellington boots and above that shiny blue jodhpurs with a contrasting leather seat.

There was a pause, a gasp and silence before the woman knelt beside me.

"Oh my God!" She touched me. "What the hell happened? Are you alright?"

It was Hilary, my riding instructor, she was a couple of years younger than me and had been helping me get the best from my horse. She was a firmly red head with a taught body with long legs that sunk into her boots. Despite her youth, she intimidated me, her obvious presence and the way the horses always did what she commanded first time was pretty daunting.

She stood up, saying that she would need to get a knife to cut the rope when she knocked into the block of ice. "What the?" She took the dripping lump of ice which had struck her head, turning it round she saw it contained a small key. Suddenly she laughed. "Oh!"

Oh? - what the hell did that mean? I looked up and saw the broad smile on her face and realised.

"You did this to yourself?" She laughed. "Nod if I am right." I reluctantly nodded. "Oh wow!" She clapped her hands together and started to tug and pull at the ropes and cuffs before pulling hard on my crotch rope. I grunted. There was a giggle from Hilary and she sat down cross legged in front of me. I gazed at this woman in front of me, I was totally helpless and in her control, the feeling sent electric shocks down my body.

"Now what should we do with you eh?" She smiled. "The pretty little equestrian, all helpless before me." She reached down and lightly touched my rear, goosebumps spread from her touch and I shuddered, gasping through the gag. "Nice?" She stood up and walked across the room before returning, I felt the clinch rope between my wrists and legs being sawed and cut. I shook my head.

"Ah, ah..." She smiled, helping me stand up.

When I was on my feet she took my cuffed hands and raised them above my head, I was quickly hooked onto a tack cleaning hook and left standing on tip-toes. Hilary stood back to admire her work. "Very pretty." She stepped towards me. "Now, you need to tell me what you would like." She brushed her fingertips across my blouse, my nipples hardened and I groaned with pure pleasure.

"Well, I think that is pretty clear."

She started to unbutton my blouse and caress my body, I quivered as she swept lower, raining spider like touches to my crotch, my pulse quickened, then as suddenly as the touch was there it had gone. She smiled before kneeling before me and loosening my jodhpurs, her face was level with my damp panties which she slid down, admiring my shaved quim. She breathed on me, her warm breath alone was almost enough to make me orgasm right there.

She stood up. "Oh not so soon." She reached towards a wall rack and took a short leather riding crop and toyed with it in her hands. I gasped. She approached me, gently running the leather tassel down my body, tickling my nipples through the bra before pushing it into my moist pussy. She tugged it out and licked my juices from the dark leather. "Yummy..."

I had never been into corporeal punishment, the role playing it involved often had made me giggle when Steve had been a headmaster admonishing a naughty school girl, but the rapid sting of the leather on my buttocks cut through me, the pain passing to a massive warmth which made me stagger and flop against the hook I was hung from. She gave me three sharp whacks with the crop and I knew that I was in love, the pain tipping me almost to orgasm. I succumbed when she rang her tongue across my pussy lips and encircled my throbbing clit.

I blacked out from the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced and woke lying on the rugs in the arms of my new lover. I gazed into her eyes, looking longingly at her. She smiled warmly. "Good night now..."

My eyes snapped open, I mummped behind the bit.

"See you in the morning." She giggled. "I hope I don't over sleep, I would hate to share you with the grooms if they get to you first in the morning." She pocketed the handcuff key with a wink and left the room.

I stretched out, my ankles and wrists tied, my jodhpurs around my boots and my sex dripping. I realised my life had just changed.


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