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Riding Lessons 5

by Tar Feathers

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© Copyright 2014 - Tar Feathers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/ff; D/s; slaves; stables; jodhpurs; punish; strip; bond; hogtie; truck; les; wam; oats; oil; mud; manure; tease; les; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part four

Part 5

It had been sometime since my beautiful mistress had placed a collar around my neck and that of my new ‘sister’ Sarah. I had effectively given up my work, however the money raised by an app I had created kept nicely filling my bank account as I toiled for Hilary as an unpaid stable hand and slave.

You see I was no longer Claire Fullerton, systems analyst and developer who had enjoyed a hobby riding and liveried my horse at the stables of a local event rider, I was now just ‘you’ or ‘slave’ to my mistress. I had let my house and lived, sharing the stable flat with Sarah.

You may think that this was something which seemed cruel or barbaric however I had given myself over to slavery freely and the rewards, the love and attention from my mistress was now all I desired in life. I had left behind the stress of deadlines and misbehaving business IT systems and given everything to Hilary who looked after, protected and loved me. If I was a good girl, kept the stables clean to Hilary’s high standards, groomed her horses to the perfection she expected and was polite and demure I would receive her praise and could have the opportunity to share her bed and her desires. To fail was like a dagger through my heart, the punishment dealt in blows from a riding crop or being hogtied and left to sleep in a stable was nothing to match my mistresses displeasure.

However, I was a good groom and an attentive lover, my mistress was almost always satisfied with what I did and so I was rarely punished. Sarah however was so often slovenly, lazy and such a poor worker that I wonder if in fact she thrived on the humiliation and punishment. I so often suspected this and felt that the surreptitious wink she gave me as she was trussed up in the automated horse walker and set to jog in circles with her hands above her head was telling.

My perfection was not without its jealousy, Hilary loved Sarah and me equally and showed her desires to the same level but I often felt that there was some, albeit friendly rivalry between us at the times when Sarah wanted to impress our mistress. It seemed that today was one of those times when a rebellious streak would show its ugly head.


I woke as the alarm screeched that it was four thirty am, I sighed and resisted the temptation to roll over. This was a major event day and I had to get Hilary’s two horses ready for the dressage competition which would decide if she was to become a member of the Great British team. No pressure then, I thought as I dragged myself from the bunk in the horsebox and pulled on a pair of grubby jodhpurs. Sarah was fast asleep in the lower bunk, it was clear that she was not going to pull her weight but I put that from my mind as I quickly brushed my hair and left to feed and muck out the stables and get the horses ready.

I went on autopilot as I shoveled manure from the stables as the horses munched buckets of oats. Five am and I had to get the two fine thoroughbreds groomed and exercised before the competition commenced. I started the slow process of brushing down the first horse who fidgeted and stamped as I bustled around him.

“Mornin’” Sarah leant over the stable door yawning. “Not done yet?” She giggled.

“Oh for goodness sake Sarah. Hilary will kill us both if we let her down today of all days.”

“Oh chill…” She smiled. “I know you will do just fine.”

I honestly thought that Sarah must have a death wish, I had no idea what Hilary would do if either one of us let her down today. I pushed the idea from my mind as I hurried to get the horses ready with or without Sarah’s help.


By eight forty-five both horses were looking perfect, their coats shone as if mirrored, their tack was perfect. I sighed as I saw Hilary walk towards me, the sight of her in her dressage outfit would almost make me cum on the spot. The perfectly polished boots (I had spent hours on those, savoring the leather which had been so close to her), her skin tight white jodhpurs which clung to her body and showed her equally tightly honed thighs, her white blouse and the silk tail coat. I stared, open mouthed. Hilary rewarded me with a smile, touching my shoulder sending electric shocks through my body.

“Thank you, they look amazing!” Hilary’s truly meant statement made me blush like a schoolgirl. I stuttered. “You have worked so hard. Good girl.” She leaned down and kissed my cheek lightly. I almost collapsed. “Now Sarah tells me you have my topper.”

Hilary’s top hat was antique silk top hat and the crowning glory of her dressage uniform. It was also her ‘lucky’ hat, she had worn it whenever she had won a competition. “I… But…” I stammered. I did not have her hat, I had cleaned and polished it some days before but had left it for Sarah to pack and, of course I had checked that it was in the horse box before we left. My heart sunk, Sarah appeared behind Hilary clutching the top hat with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. The hat was far from the perfect state I had left it in and she wiped the smile from her face and looked suddenly grim as she handed it to Hilary.

“Oh Miss!” She cowered. “I found your hat in the stable. It has been…” She was cut short by Hilary who wailed as she tipped the hat and poured a fresh pile of dung from it. She turned to me. “What did you do?” Her voice was a rasp of pure anger. I stuttered and gasped. “You left this in the stable and it has been ruined!” I glanced up watching Sarah making a neck cutting gesture behind Hilary’s back.

“Miss… I… No…”

“Stop!” Hilary glared at me. “Kneel.”

I dropped to my knees in the mud before my mistress, staring down at the toes of her perfectly polished boots. I daren't look up to do so would have been almost suicide. Hilary was silent as she poured the last of the muck before me and tried to clean the silk. If I had realized that there were tears in her eyes I don’t know what I would have done, I knew that I had been betrayed but in this position I could say or do nothing.

“Deal with… Her!” Hilary’s last word had been spat out with such venom that my heart was breaking as I watched her take her first horse, mount and ride towards the arena. I stayed kneeling, the cold mud seeping through my jodhpurs. I wanted to leap up and attack Sarah, I know what she had done but she had been commanded and I knew that I was unable to do anything but respond to what she told me to do.

“Oh Claire…” Sarah laughed. “Perfect, goody two shoes Claire. Never punished, always so hard working.” She paused. “You don’t know what you are missing out on.”

At this stage I could not see more that the toes of Sarah’s worn green wellingtons, I dare not look up, not just because I did not want to break my command but I did not want her to see I was myself broken.

“Hilary has asked me to deal with you, so that is what I shall do…” Sarah walked behind me, kicking me in the back of the legs so that I fell forwards, landing face first in a deep puddle of mud and horse manure. I gasped but was too quickly bound in a punishing hogtie, my elbows tied so they touched my back arched. Sarah left for a moment leaving me to contemplate my fate, my body ached, the baler twine Sarah had used cutting into my wrists and ankles. I was soon roughly lifted and dumped into a wheelbarrow. “Sorry bitch, I couldn't find an empty one.” She pushed me down into the muck which layered the barrow. I was disgusting, coated in mud and muck which was seeping into my polo shirt and jodhpurs. I was bounced away from the stables and towards what I guessed was our horsebox.

Sarah opened a side hatch beneath the floor of the horsebox, this was a storage container which we usually reserved for feed sacks but now it was clear that was to be my home as she dragged me from the barrow and forced me into the tiny space. I only just fitted and this required a level of contortion until I was unable to move an inch. I could see Sarah as she had pushed me in facing the door, my hands helpless behind me. She smiled evilly. “Want something for the journey?”

Sarah roughly unbuttoned my jodhpurs and dragged them down so that my panties were exposed. She grabbed a handful of dust and rubbed it into my pussy. “Corn and oat dust.” she smiled as she rubbed in another handful before re-tightening my jodhpurs and rubbing more of the dust into my bra and in my armpits. My confusion gave way to a manic desire to scratch as the dust started to irritate my skin. I struggled, unable to do anything to calm the itch.

“Oh yes Claire, best itching powder I know. Have a nice day!” With this she slammed the door closed.

The day was hot, in fact it was one of the hottest days of the year and I was trapped in a tiny box, as I sweated the oat dust made me itch more. It was hours of torment before I heard the thumping of the horses being loaded above me. The engine started and the horse box started to move. Suddenly I was bashed with every movement, slammed within the limits of the space.


It was at least a two hour drive home and then more hours, I guessed, before the horses had been attended to and the door of my prison was finally opened. “Take her out.” Hilary’s voice sounded calmer but still angry. Sarah dragged me out and dropped me onto the rough concrete of the yard before cutting me free. I rolled in a fetal position, too exhausted even to kneel before my mistress.  

“You know what you did?” I nodded feebly. “You understand you will be punished.”

“Yes miss.” I whispered.

“Good.” Hilary turned to Sarah. “Wash her down, she stinks.” I watched as her boots stepped away across the yard.

Sarah dragged me to my feet, I struggled to stand. “Come on bitch.” She smiled.

Sarah part carried me to the wash stall. I was quickly tied, spread-eagled with my wrists in the cross ties above my head. I allowed my body to slump forward so I was hanging in the ties. “Bath-time!” Sarah splashed my body with a bucket of heavy oil. “Whoops…” She smiled. “That is a bucket of hoof oil and not water. I wonder how that could have happened?”

The sticky oil dripped down my body seeping through my jodhpurs. “I do hope that this is water…” Another bucket of gluey oil hit me full in the face, my eyes stung and the oil coated my entire body. “Oh dear, you are not having much luck are you?” Sarah slowly spilled a sack of oat dust over my head, it stuck to the oil leaving me rapidly setting with a thick coating of flour like powder. “Nighty, night!”


To say I slept would have been a lie. I dozed eventually hanging from the cross-ties. I woke with a start as the door to the wash stall opened and Hilary stood before me. My heart sunk as I saw her face, she was not angry but disappointed. She stepped towards me, inspecting the now solid coating which prevented me from moving. “Why?” I stuttered, how I had not done this, how I loved her, how I would never do this to her. “Oh I do know…”

My eyes crashed open. “I know?” I slowly repeated.

“I know that you would never do anything to hurt me. I was on edge yesterday it was a bit day and all that. I won by the way, I am on the team.” It was so matter of fact. “But why would Sarah do this to you?” She paused. “It kept me up all night. Was it jealousy or something else?” She walked around me as I hung there. “I think she wanted you to experience what she so craves, you see she thrives on the humiliation and punishment that I give her. For her this is the ultimate pleasure, I am sure she is creaming her panties at the thought of what I would do to her when I discover that she was the one who destroyed my topper. Of course I could double bluff and do nothing. Leave her hanging, metaphorically as it were.” She waved her hand at the cross ties holding me up. “But no, she will get what she craves, perhaps as a reward for her ingenuity.” Hilary smiled. “But what about you?”

Hilary smiled. “I think you need some punishment, just to show you what this can be, to demonstrate that it can be a loving thing.” She pulled on a pair of heavy gloves, gently unbuttoning my jodhpurs and pulling down to my ankles. “No whips for you. Something more, subtle.”

I heard a swish and a sudden burning across my bare bottom, a warming glow of pain followed by another. The pain subsided quickly leaving and stinging warmth. I was puzzled there was no impact, I was being tickled but left with delicious pain. Hilary held up the bright green stinging nettle before gently passing it across my pussy. I gasped as the leaves brushed my sensitive parts.   Hilary unclipped my wrists, I slumped into her arms and we kissed deeply. My heart sang as I knew that my mistress loved me again, she knew I would do anything for her.

“Now... “ She crinkled her nose. “You still stink!” She released me from the cross ties and tore the clothes from me leaving me naked, “now either you bath… Or…” She nodded towards the three buckets of heavy oil and the sack of oat dust. I smiled. Reaching into the sack I grabbed a handful of dust and caressed my beautiful mistress’ pussy. She gasped. “Oh god!” She panted heavily. “You may have to restrain me…” I gently clipped her into the cross ties before tipping the heavy oil over her body, soon she glistened and shone. I drank in the image before grabbing the sack...


Hilary and I bathed for hours together, finally we were both clean and fresh, we fell into bed making delicious love before I fell asleep in her arms, exhausted.

As for Sarah, well Hilary had promised that she would receive punishment for what she had done and as we lay in bed together we hatched the most delicious plan to put her in her place.

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