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Rigid Rubber

by M88

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Chloe was sweating like a pig in her full latex suit; her hands shook wildly as they completed her self bondage. Her heart was going 100mph as she closed the last lock. Getting out of her self bondage would be horrible humiliating in both the short and long term. 

Chloe was a fit and healthy 25-year-old with a normal retail job. It gave her enough money to rent a flat near the town centre and more importantly the money to buy an extreme self-bondage outfit. Chloe was a great looking girl with long red hair with black highlights. Her body was well looked after as she played a lot of sports. She didn’t drink or smoke. She had lovely curves and perfect breasts. Overall she was a 10 out of 10. Thankfully she was very down to earth and nice to be around. She also had a dirty mind and was kinky as they come. 

Her bondage was very rubbery and would keep her controlled. She had placed herself in a full latex suit with built in hands and feet. The suit was a bright shiny purple and was could only be entered through a neck zip. It was a mirror outline of her body as it tightly compressed her body. The perfect latex suit was like a second skin. Over the top of the latex suit was a heavy duty leather corset in a beautiful shiny black. The latex corset had a purple tribal design across the front of it. The lace also used to close it was purple as well. She was also wearing a black latex hobble skirt underneath the corset. The skirt went just passed her knees and stopped her from running. A set of massive metal cuffs had been tightly locked around her ankles. The cuffs were linked together by a short but thick metal chain. 

She was wearing a thick latex hood in black. The hood had been modified to remove her control, ear plugs had been pushed deep into her head and over the top of that was added padding. Her hearing was completely gone, and it was not the only thing taken from her. Her vision was not helped by the hood as it only had two horizontal windows to see out of, the windows took away 90% of her field of view. To keep her breathing two long rubber tubes had been pushed up her nose. She had done this herself and always found it the most difficult part of her self bondage. She hated the tubes as putting them in place was painful and uncomfortable, but she needed them to keep her airways free as breathing through her mouth was not an option.
The hood had a built-in mouth place that covered her tongue and teeth. The latex almost looked like it was forcing its way into her mouth. Her mouth was a black hole of rubber. Still, the latex would not gag her and only remove her sense of taste. So she needed something else to stop herself from talking. A leather face harness with a panel gag was the answer to the question. An inflatable rubber ball was stuffed into her mouth. The harness was that tightly wrapped around her head that it was indenting the latex hood now that the straps had been pulled that tight.
A strap went in-between her nose and up and over her head. A strap was under her chin, and the last one went around the sides of her head. All the straps had been locked on with a padlock. The rubber ball in her mouth had been inflated until her checks had started popping out from behind the harness. 

The next item was a reinforced latex neck corset that covered her neck, chin and the top of her shoulders. The purple neck corset was laced shockingly tight from one end to the other. Chloe would be unable to move her neck in any direction. It would stay in one position only. Keeping her completely bound was a fantastically well-designed bondage device. Two metal belts had been enclosed around her stomach and neck. Over the top of both the corsets and then padlocked closed. Coming from the front of both belts was a long metal pole that met about an arm's length from her body — making a sideways V shape. At the convergence point was a set of metal handcuffs. The whole setup was completely unmovable, and once the cuffs had been closed, she would be unable to reach any other part of her bondage. Her arms would be pulled right out away from her body. They were now level with her neck and head. Chloe was well bound by her own hand. 

She could still move around somewhat in her bondage. She had a simple test. She needed to leave her hotel room on the edge of the city centre and get the keys for the padlocks. The keys had been placed on the other side of the city centre at the train station. The station didn’t open until 6:30 am. I was just gone 1 am as she struggled in her bonds. She wanted to see if they had been done tight enough. She also wanted to see in the grooves in the neck and waist corsets would keep the metal belts from moving up or down her body. She thought the walk from the two locations would take 1 hour and 5 minutes in bondage. But she had thought about that and wanted to be in public a lot longer than that. Or suffer staying in the room until the last minute.

So if she stayed in the room for as long as she needed to waste time, it would get super embarrassing for her in the long term. She had set up three go pros and synced them up with her laptop, which she had placed on top of a wardrobe in the corner of the room. The go pros would take a picture every 30 minutes and a video every 65 minutes. The footage would then be uploaded to a different website each time. She had downloaded a computer program that picked the website at random. She had linked all her social media channels to the program as well as porn websites and other locations. All footage would have an info bar about her an would be put on each picture and video. She would be ruined in public as her friends, family, boss and anyone else could see her kinks. It was not the only thing set up in the room to torture her. 

She had turned the heating all the way up, and it would become roasting very soon. She would sweat buckets if she stayed in the day for any length of time. It was not the only thing. She had placed smell pods on top of the wardrobe and they would stink the room out. Her computer also controlled one last thing. Under the latex suit, she had placed two metal sex toys in her pussy and ass. They could vibrate or shock the user. Key to this feature was GPS. The computer knew the location of the sex toys at all times. Chloe had setup the program to painfully shock her if she stayed within a short distance of her laptop. If she were outside the circle of pain, she would be vibrated until she orgasmed. Chloe had finished testing her bondage and was happy with how well done it was. 

Her latex looked stunning as she saw herself in a mirror on the wall. The purple was popping against the black latex. The bondage made her look helpless. She let out a little cry to test the gag. Yep, she made a pathetic sound and felt drool ran out her latex hood and down her chin. She had set the computer programs to start in 10 minutes. So she was spending it enjoying her latex suit and burning the image of her restrained body into her brain forever. She didn’t want to run the timer too short as she still needed to get away from the hotel. With her heart leaping out her chest and sweat pouring down her back. She headed for the door. 

The streets should be somewhat empty this time of night and seeing as how it was mid-week. Nothing should be going on to get people out of the house. The route she had planned to take used back alleys. She had walked the route a couple of times to see how many people would be there. Almost no one all night. The station had lockers near a side door, and once again she had seen how many people used that gateway. First people were at 7:15 am on both days. In the locker was a bag in the keys to her bondage as well as a jacket so she could cover the latex suit. She could use the bag for the bondage items. She may show a bit of latex on the walk back. But nothing too eye-opening. 

She had put a lot of time and effect into getting this to work. However, she had missed one small detail. Getting out of her hotel room once she was in full body bondage and covered in latex. She had not tested the bondage equipment beforehand and found her hand's miles away from the door handle. She simply stepped backwards and bent forwards. Her hands reached the handle, and she turned it. The door should have opened all the way. But she had used a chain lock that was located at the very top of the door, seeing as how she was engaging in some very kinky stuff. Having the door double locked made sense. She had just forgotten to undo the chain before completely her bondage. Being right in the top corner of the door was not only a stupid place for it. But she was unable to reach it with her arms being kept in place. Trying to bend backwards was a nightmare as the corsets and bondage made her rigid.

Her heart was pumping blood around her body at a shocking rate. She wanted to go for the walk and get the key as soon as possible. The room was set up as fake danger and not something she ever wanted. It sounded horrible and edgy in online forums and played into her self bondage subspace. But she never wanted to go through with it. Walking through an empty city in latex bondage was the plan. She just wanted her friends and family to see pictures of her hotel room. Not her in this godforsaken suit. 

Chloe spent the next 5 minutes trying to fold her back and reach the chain. The suit stretched with each and every moment as she strained her muscles. Her fingers fought with the lock as she struggled to get a good grip on it. Slowly she gave up and sank to the floor with her back against the door. How could she be so stupid? Oh god, the throught of her latex body being shown on her Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. She would be a laughing stock. Everyone she had ever known would see her in this state. It was not the only thing she feared. She had tested the heating the night before. It got so hot; it felt like her body was melting, it would be 1000x worst in a full body latex suit. Plus the smell pods, she had got them as a troll to the cleaners. Seeing as how she was meant to be long gone the next day, thinking about them having to clean the room when it stank of fish. Had put a smile on her face and she had been joking to herself the whole stay. Now she would not only have to breathe in the air until the door was opened from the outside. But it would be the cleaners that found her in the morning. 

They would open the door to her in a full purple latex outfit with bondage equipment poking out everywhere. The room would feel like a sauna as the wall of warm air would hit them. Plus it would smell like a farm. Cold sweat was pouring from everywhere under the hateful suit. Why had she not seen the chain lock before? She had completely forgotten about the metal sex toys in her hole until she was given a massive shock. She had picked this hotel as it offered peaceful nights thanks to the walls being soundproof. Her scream under the gag would have awoken the whole building in a normal hotel. Not this one. The people next door never heard a thing. 

She had set the program to shock her for 30 seconds every 2 minutes. She would be jumping off the ceiling if they kept going all night. The room was slowly getting hotter and hotter. The suit was accepting the added heat and making sweat drip from the zip. Chloe was panicking now and had started to shoulder barge the door to force it open. The smell of sweat and latex was suddenly not the only odour in the room. She could maybe throw the smell pods out the window, followed by the go pros. She used her latex body to move the curtains out the way. She used all her power and body weight to bend herself level with the window latch. She unclipped it and was left frustrated to find it only opened a few centimetres. The pods would not fit through the gap. Having the window open would let in fresh cold air. But her screams would now escape the room. Would this mean that other people hearing her and maybe they could call the police. 

She was then heavily shocked again and madly fought against her restraints and gag. Hoping she had done a poor job setting up her bondage. She just wanted something to give way and let her get out of the room. She still wanted to do the walk. She closed the window and with no more fresh air. The smell pods made themselves known to her the second she shut the window. She wished she had not gagged herself so tightly. She was breathing deeply through her nose and each and every time was being meet with the horrible smell. She then remembered the go pros and tried to move away from all three of them. 

She had set them up so there was no blindspot. She saw the flash go off a few minutes later from all three cameras. Her pussy got a wet as she thought about where that set of pictures could end up. Please, not her Facebook or other well-used media platforms. Thank god it was a meaningless job website. She may not be so lucky next time. Her brain was working overtime, trying to find a way out. Door and window had been ruled out. She couldn’t break through the walls or ceiling. She was unable to get out of her rubber bondage. She had a horrible sinking feeling the only way out was to wait for the cleaners in the morning. She hoped they arrived at her room before it got busy in the city centre. Chloe was a little worried that this thought made her even wetter downstairs. 

She hated it a second later as a strong shock flowed through her holes. She jumped in her latex suit, and her fingers tried to craw at the locks. She had well lubed the sex toys with her pussy juices. That lube also made the shocks even harder. She was still looking for a way out. The bathroom was locked off to her, and she had duct taped the covers against the bed. So she couldn’t slip into bed and hide. She would just have to stand there and get shocked all night. With her rubbery images being posted everywhere online. She had been drinking a hell of a lot of coffee and energy drink. So she would be awake all night. One problem with that was she now needed to go to the toilet. Another small issue she hadn’t thought of. 

As it happens, she pissed herself just as the go pros filmed her and she got shocked. It was the most horrorific minute of her life as the electrical flow made her whole body shake. The piss made it even more eye-watering as it ran down her legs. She saw the video was uploaded to a fetish forum. At last, it was going to a website designed for stuff like this. 

Chloe then finally saw something she had been missing all night a blind spot. Down the right-hand side of the bed would cover her from the cameras. She didn’t care about the heat, smell and shocks. She could live with them for a couple of hours. Ruining her life over a kinky game was not worth it. She squeezed her rubber body down the side of the bed and slowly dropped to her knees. She landed with a loud thud and let out a soft moan from behind the gag. She then folded her body and pushed herself forward. Her hands protected her this time round.
She stayed there for the next 5 hours. The room was cooking her as sweat flowed freely from her zips and she could feel it building up at her feet. Her body was sore and stiff from being in the same position for hours. It was so hot it felt like the latex was melting against her skin. Plus every time she inhaled any air it made her shudder and wish away her gag. Her pussy and ass felt like they had been turned inside out by the continuous shocks. She couldn’t believe they had made her orgasm a couple of times.

The GoPro kept filming and taking pictures on the set timer. She shared lots of images of an empty looking room that her friends and family found to be odd. Under the suits, she was a mess. Her hair soaked through and her body covered with red marks from the bondage items. 

She heard loud beeping sounds from the cameras and knew they had switched off. A minute or so later and the laptop shut down as well. This had all been pre-set before she had started her self-bondage. She was now safe to stand up again. Which was hard work as she struggled against muscle fatigue and cramp. She got to her feet and let out a massive groin as the blood started to move around her body like normal. The carpet behind her was layered with sweat, and the smell was almost sticking to everything in the room. God what time was it, she had been up for over 24 hours. She now just needed the cleaners to arrive and open the door. She would just have to push past them and deal with the outcome later. 

Chloe heard a lot of loud chatter and it sounded to be coming from the other side of the door. Maybe the cleaners had reached her room and the smell had escaped. She got her answer a minute later. When security needed to force the door open and finally break the chain lock. Three well-built men entered and were left open-mouthed. An army of cleaners stood behind them. Chloe had been hoping for a small group of people to see what she had been. Not a mass of now shocked people. She had every one of them look her up and down and she was sure some of them took pictures. She would go down in the hotel history and stories would be told by the staff for years. Or maybe they saw this stuff all the time, and she was just another kinky person staying the night. She was waiting for security to question her. But they just left. She could have been attacked and left like this. 

With the door open and people moving away Chloe walked towards the door. Once again she was given some very odd looks as she walked past people. She saw some of them laughing and joking at her. In fairness, she could understand that as she was wearing a latex bondage suit. She entered her own little world as she walked to the train station. She could not care less about what the people walking by her thought. Having spent so long in the heat and smelly hotel room, this was heaven. She was soon out of her bondage and covered up. Still, in her happy place and with less on show the walk back was straight forward. 

She returned to her room and saw a group of people outside it. Staff and other guests. She slipped past them and calmly packed her bags and removed her outfit. She had a shower and left the bathroom wearing normal clothes. She did need to talk to the manager and paid to have the room cleaned and door replaced. She had long accepted this outcome. 

She could not wait to do it again. Maybe she should be unable to move at all next time and then the pictures would 100% end up online. 


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