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The Rivals

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2017 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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Part 1 - A Friendly Game of Ping Pong

She HAD to find a way out - the alternative was unthinkable. Her nefarious opponent had put her into a truly diabolical situation. How had it come to this?

Struggling wouldn't help. Not that she hadn't tried, of course. But even if she had twice the strength she still wouldn't be able to break free by force. If there was someone there with her, she could beg and plead. But she was alone.

Regardless of the obstacles, she HAD to find a way to escape!! But how???


Kaylee and Jenna simply did not like each other. There was no obvious reason for this, at least not initially. It was just a case of mutual instant dislike when the two first met, and things had gone downhill from there. They were both first year engineering students, which unfortunately meant that they were in some of the same classes and generally bumped into each other a lot.

Both young women were good students, with logical minds well suited for their chosen field of study. Physically, they had similar builds - trim, average height, and with bodies toned from sports activities. They were both attractive. They even wore their medium-length hair in similar styles, although the color of their hair was quite different, Jenna's being light blond and Kaylee's dark brown.

Kaylee and Jenna got through the first semester of school without any serious incidents, limiting their disaffection to barbs and snide comments directed at each other. It couldn't be said that either girl was more at fault than the other. Maybe Jenna was just slightly more aggressive, slightly more willing to go out of her way to throw verbal assaults in Kaylee's direction. But Kaylee was hardly defenseless and pretty much dished out as much as she was given. With the intensity of their animosity it was fortunate, and even a little surprising, that an entire semester had gone by without things escalating. That changed, however, during the period between semesters.

During the free time between terms, there were a number of events available for students to participate in. One such event was a table tennis (or, as some students called it, ping pong) tournament. As it so happened, Kaylee and Jenna were both top-notch players of that particular sport.

During the tournament, the two girls sailed through the competition easily, leading to a match between them for the championship. There was no money or prizes, not even a trophy, for winning the tournament. Nevertheless, the two girls played against each other as if winning was the most important thing in their lives.

The championship was a best-of-seven series of games. The first game set the tone for the entire series, with the two evenly-matched players battling furiously for every single point. The game went back and forth, sometimes Kaylee having a slight advantage and other times Jenna being a little ahead. The game went right down to the wire. Jenna eventually won it, but it was only a small victory in the larger war.

The next five games were just as close as the first, with neither girl ever being able to get a significant lead over the other. Kaylee won three of the games and Jenna won the other two. Thus, after six games the match was a tie, each girl having won three games.

Just as the previous six games, the seventh and final game was a nail-biter. The two girls fought neck-and-neck until the game was tied at 10 apiece. At this point, the first player to get a lead of two would be the winner of the game and thus the entire match.

With sweat pouring from both girls' bodies, the game continued. Every time Kaylee would go up by one, Jenna managed to win the next point, and vice versa. The game went all the way to a 19-19 tie.

Jenna won the next point, putting her one ahead. She knew if she could just win the next point as well, she'd be the winner of the entire match, something she wanted very, very badly.

When Jenna served the ball, Kaylee mishit her return shot. It appeared Kaylee's shot was going to sail right off the end of the table. Jenna was ecstatic, thinking she had won the game. But as luck would have it, Kaylee's shot just nicked the very edge of the table. That tied the game up again at 20 each.

Jenna, mentally cursing Kaylee's luck, was thrown off a little. Enough, in fact, that Kaylee was able to easily win the next point. Unfortunately for Jenna, Kaylee won the next point as well, making her the winner of the hard-fought tournament.

Kaylee leaped for joy when she won, but she didn't rub her victory in. Nevertheless, Jenna took exception to her loss. Great exception. Had Kaylee seen the expression on her rival's face at the end of the match, maybe she would have realized just how much resentment her opponent had for her. Kaylee wasn't aware of this, however, and thus had no forewarning of the nastiness that was about to come her way.


After her loss, Jenna seethed. It wasn't just that she had lost to a girl she despised, it was that she had been so close to winning. Had Kaylee's mishit shot gone just one millimeter farther, she would have won! She just couldn't let it go. For several days after the match a growing anger festered inside her. She wanted revenge. The fact that Kaylee hadn't done anything at all wrong and had won the match fair and square made no difference to Jenna. She didn't care that Kaylee hadn't made a single gloating comment to her, or anyone else for that matter, about the match. She wanted to get back at the bitch!

Jenna had a devious mind, and it wasn't long before she came up with a plan. She outlined it on her computer, then gradually filled in the details and revised it until she was fully satisfied. To get it started, she'd need to pick a fight with Kaylee. That shouldn't be difficult since Kaylee already didn't like her. Once she had Kaylee good and angry at her she'd spring her trap. She'd have to take some risks, but it should work. She decided to get started on her plan right away.


Kaylee had had enough. Jenna had been on her since the party began. It was just like at last weekend's party, where Jenna had kept goading her, seemingly intent on getting her to explode. Last weekend things had eventually settled down. That wasn't the case now, however.

Kaylee, very angry and not entirely sober, was just ready to go at it physically with Jenna when Jenna suggested a rematch of their table tennis contest. Kaylee just stood there and blinked. Jenna's odd suggestion had come out of the blue. One minute she was trying to pick a fight and the next she was talking about a ping pong game? "What the hell?" Kaylee thought to herself.

Kaylee got the gist of what Jenna was suggesting. It seemed pretty odd - playing a single game of table tennis with consequences for the loser - but not THAT odd. Possibly the alcohol Kaylee had been imbibing influenced her judgement; it certainly made her less cautious. In any case, as Jenna started rewording her "suggestion" into an actual challenge, and implying that Kaylee was afraid she'd lose, Kaylee accepted.


When she woke up the next day, Kaylee immediately regretted having accepted Jenna's challenge. She realized she had been pushed into it by the other girl, but it was too late now. Although she could always back out, she'd never hear the end of it from Jenna. No, there was really no choice at this point - she'd have to proceed.

She thought about the consequences for losing the game. She remembered them clearly; the consequences would be humiliating and a little painful as well. Still, if worse came to worse, losing wouldn't be THAT bad. But then she realized she had been assuming that the contest would be a close one. If it was a blowout, the consequences would actually be humiliating and VERY painful.

Kaylee decided it would definitely be best if she won her rematch with Jenna.


At noon a few days later, Kaylee found herself standing on the opposite side of the table from Jenna, prepared to start their match. The contest was taking place at the Pi Rho Tau sorority. This wasn't the first time that particular sorority had supervised a grudge match between two girls. The members rather enjoyed the competition. They also liked watching the consequences meted out to the loser.

The match was being held in a large room with a high ceiling. Nearly all of the girls in the sorority were in attendance, although due to some recent problems with vandalism and theft a few of the girls stayed in other areas of the building, basically to act as guards. The two acts of vandalism directed against sorority property had been bad enough, but then the entire proceeds from their last fundraiser had been stolen. Until they found the culprit, they were being extra cautious. They had never had a problem like this in the past; no one had ever been crazy enough to risk incurring their wrath, for the girls of Pi Rho Tau had a well-deserved reputation for toughness, emphasized by their nickname ("The Pirates") and symbol (a skull with two crossed swords).

The rules of the table tennis match were simple. They would play a single game to 20 points. The first girl to reach 20 would be the winner. Unlike standard rules, it would not be necessary to win the game by two points.

The loser of the match would, assisted by members of the sorority if need be, bend over the back of a heavy upholstered chair which had been placed off to the side. Their hands and feet would be bound to the chair legs, leaving their rear end sticking up in the air. Then, with nearly the entire sorority looking on, the winner would deliver a series of swats with a large wooden paddle to the backside of the unfortunate loser. Five swats would be given for every point by which the player had lost.

Kaylee was acutely aware of the penalty for losing and was understandably concerned. When Jenna had first mentioned the consequences for losing the game, Kaylee had automatically assumed the number of swats would be low - only five most likely - since the two girls were so evenly matched. But she later realized that if she was unfortunate enough to have an off game, the penalty could be very significant indeed. On the other hand, she told herself, Jenna could be the one to have a bad game. If that was the case, Kaylee planned on making Jenna regret issuing her challenge. Like Jenna, she had good arm strength, and she'd use every bit of it.


The game did not start out well for Kaylee. Her return shots kept going off the end of the table without hitting it first, and she quickly found herself down 0-4. She attributed this to nervousness and tried to increase her concentration on each and every shot. She had to be more careful!

Kaylee won the next point, but then lost three more in a row. Down 7-1 now, she was starting to get frantic. She was a better player than this! What in the world was happening?

She managed to win the next two points, but then lost two more, making the score 9-3. She could have sworn she had hit her last shot perfectly, yet, like so many others, the ball went too far.

It was Kaylee's serve. Suspicious of what was happening, she took a close look at the ball, but ascertained that it was the exact type she always used, strictly regulation. As she was scrutinizing it, Jenna taunted, "Getting nervous?" Kaylee glared at her, then proceeded with her serve.

Several more points went by. The game was not going well at all for Kaylee. Even worse, she couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong. With the score now 13-5, she was running out of time. "Your ass is mine!!!" Jenna declared, taunting her again with a nasty, gleeful look on her face.

Kaylee was trying just as hard as she possibly could. She managed to win the next pair of points, raising her hopes a little.

Then the bottom fell out. Kaylee lost five straight points, bringing the score to 18-7. If it ended like this the consequences would be simply unimaginable. Jenna would be merciless, of that Kaylee had no doubt. She knew she had lost the match, but she HAD to get the score closer!! Otherwise...

Thankfully she won the next point. 18-8. Then on the very next point, her ball hit the top of the net and just trickled over onto the other side. Dumb luck, but she needed all the help she could get. It was 18-9 now. Jenna had an annoyed look on her face; she obviously hadn't liked that last shot. Kaylee felt just a tiny bit better.

But her hopes were quickly squashed, as Jenna won the next two points. It was over; the final score was 20-9. Kaylee was in shock. She didn't know what had hit her. It had all happened so quickly!

With Kaylee just standing there in a daze, a couple of the Pi Rho Tau girls walked over to her. Jenna moved to the large chair where the consequences were to be administered.

With a sinking feeling, Kaylee realized the situation she was in. She had lost... badly. She was going to be paddled by the girl she despised - 55 times!!!

"That's too much!" Kaylee said, looking at the two girls who had approached her. They didn't say anything; the look on both their faces was hard. Not nasty or gloating like the expression on Jenna's face, yet completely unyielding. Kaylee would get no help from that quarter.

Nevertheless, Kaylee pleaded again.

A third girl walked over. "Yes, it's a lot, but you agreed to the rules." Kaylee looked into her eyes. She thought she saw a hint of sympathy there, but not nearly enough to change her fate.

"Come this way, please," the third girl said, motioning to the heavy upholstered chair. Jenna was standing aside of the chair, holding the paddle up so Kaylee could see it. It was large and menacing.

The girl put her hand on Kaylee's back and said, "You don't have a choice."

Kaylee knew if she didn't walk over to the chair on her own she'd be taken there by force. She swallowed, then began walking slowly. She had to coax her legs to move, as they were most reluctant to carry her to her intended destination.

When she reached the chair, the three girls accompanying her positioned her so she was standing directly behind it, facing the back of the chair.

"Bend over, please," said the girl who had talked previously.

There was simply no option. Kaylee did as she was told, knowing she was in big, big trouble.

As soon as she had bent forward so her waist was resting on the back of the chair, she felt cuffs being attached to her wrists and ankles. The girls binding her weren't being rough, but they seemed very proficient. Obviously this wasn't the first time they had done this.

In almost no time at all, Kaylee's wrists and ankles were bound to the four legs of the heavy chair by ropes connected to the cuffs. She was completely helpless now, with her bottom sticking unceremoniously into the air. The position was humiliating, which made things even worse. She wondered just how badly this was going to hurt.

"Kaylee," the leader of the Pirates announced to both Kaylee and the audience, "you lost the game by 11 points. As you had agreed, you'll get 5 paddle swats for each one of those points. That's 55 swats in all. Jenna, as the winner you get to do the honors."

Kaylee, almost in disbelief of the situation she had found herself in, tried to brace herself for the coming onslaught.

She felt the wooden paddle press against her bottom. She wished she was wearing something with a thicker material. The thin material of her gym shorts and the even thinner material of her panties beneath were not going to provide her with much protection.

Jenna rubbed the paddle against her bottom, taunting her with it.

"I hope you don't plan on sitting down any time soon," Jenna said.

The pressure of the paddle against her cheeks disappeared. There was a short pause, and then...

***** S M A C K *****

The sharp, loud sound of the paddle making contact startled Kaylee. There was just the briefest delay after hearing the sound, and then she felt the effects. She yelped loudly - that swat had hurt!!!

And this was only the beginning.


As Kaylee had feared, Jenna was being totally merciless to her. Smack after smack landed on her bottom, with Jenna apparently swinging the paddle just as hard as she could. It was more than just the physical discomfort, too, for Kaylee was well aware that there was a large group of girls watching this. It was totally humiliating.

***** S M A C K *****

***** S M A C K *****

***** S M A C K *****

Each swat was every bit as hard as the last. Jenna was barely pausing at all between each hit. She was trying, most successfully, to rain as much anguish as possible down upon her helpless rival.

Then, thankfully, Jenna did pause.

Jenna proclaimed, "That's 10. Only 45 more to go!"

Kaylee couldn't believe it. Only 10? She hadn't been counting, but she thought she'd at least be nearing the halfway point by now. Had she not been tied down she might have tried to run away, but unfortunately even that desperate option was not available to her. She'd have to take whatever Jenna dished out.

"That's enough of a break," Jenna mocked. "Let's get started again."

It really hadn't been much of a pause at all. Kaylee felt the paddle rub against her bottom again, just as it had at the very start. Jenna apparently felt the need to keep taunting her.

***** S M A C K *****

The paddling began again. There was a long way to go.


Jenna was pausing after each set of 10 swats. Thirty had been delivered thus far. Kaylee's bottom felt like a raging inferno; she couldn't believe there was more to come. She felt like crying, but managed to hold back. She needed to hang onto some semblance of dignity. Crying in front of everyone would be so demeaning. She didn't know how long she'd be able to hold off her tears, but she'd try her best.

Then Cora, the tall, dark-haired leader of the sorority, ran over and started talking softly to Jenna. Kaylee overheard her say something about receiving a text from an anonymous sender. The next thing Kaylee knew, Cora asked her, "Where are your car keys?" Her voice was cold and sounded like there was great anger just under the surface.

Before Kaylee could even answer, one of the girls called out, "They're over here with her water bottle." Then the girl brought Kaylee's car keys over to the leader and handed them to her.

"Please wait until I get back," Cora said to Jenna.

Then Cora, flanked by two of the sorority members, walked away. Kaylee had no idea what was going on. Why had she been asked about her car keys? Had something happened to her car? Was she parked in the wrong place? Why did the leader of the sorority sound so angry? The last thing Kaylee needed was more problems!!

A few minutes later, Cora and the two girls returned. Cora placed something on the floor just in front of Kaylee, who was still tied over the chair, where she could easily see it. It was a small metal box with the sorority's insignia on it.

"Recognize this?" Cora asked.

Kaylee looked closely at the box. It meant nothing to her; she had never seen it before. Still having no idea what was going on, she said nothing.

"WELL?" Cora said, fury in her voice.

"What's that?" Kaylee asked.

Her response seemed to anger Cora, who tried a couple of times to respond but only got a few sputtered words out. Composing herself, the leader of the Pirates then said, "We found it in your trunk."

None of this was making any sense at all to Kaylee. She was growing increasingly nervous, however, as Cora was clearly very angry.

"I don't understand," Kaylee said simply. She was almost afraid to speak, but she wanted to know what this was all about.

Cora bent down and opened the box. Kaylee noticed that Cora's hands were shaking. Inside the box, Kaylee saw a little money.

Then Cora shouted, "WHERE'S OUR FUCKING MONEY?"

Kaylee was both dumbfounded and scared. This was making less and less sense. What in the world was the woman talking about? There was money plainly visible in the box. Kaylee was afraid to point that out, however, and remained silent.

"WELL???" Cora persisted.

Kaylee knew she had to answer. In a soft voice she said, "I don't understand. The money's in the box."

Exploding, Cora shouted to Jenna, "GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PADDLE!!!"

But before Jenna could accede to her demand, a few nearby sorority members, likely afraid that their leader was about to go overboard against the target of her wrath, quickly stepped in to try to calm Cora down.

"We've got her - she's not going anywhere," one girl pointed out.

"Don't worry, she'll pay for what she did," another said.

Fortunately their efforts were successful. Instead of taking action, Cora placed her hand on Kaylee's back and said, "So you think this is funny, do you? Well, laugh while you can..."

Kaylee, petrified at this point, still didn't have a clue what was happening. If she could have seen Jenna's face, she would have seen an expression of smug satisfaction.

Now that things had settled down a little, Jenna pointed to the box and said, "So that was in her car?"

One of the girls answered, "Yes, the box was there but most of the money's gone. The bitch must have spent it."

"So it was her? She's the thief?" Jenna sounded surprised. "I wonder if she was the vandal, too." Jenna silently complemented herself on her excellent job of playacting.

Cora showed Jenna a piece of paper. It was the floorplan of a building, with a couple spots marked in red.

"What's this?" asked Jenna.

Cora responded, "It's a map of our building, with the two places that were vandalized marked. We found this in her trunk along with the box."

Jenna, being careful not to smile, said, "No way!!" in a shocked voice.

Then, turning to her bound rival, she said, "Kaylee, what were you thinking???"

Now Kaylee was starting to understand. They thought she was the one who had damaged their property and stolen their fundraising money!!! But they said they found the box and a map in her trunk. That didn't make any sense!!

Jenna asked Cora, "What should I do now? Should I give her the rest of her swats or do you want me to stop?"

With no hesitation, Cora replied, "Oh, absolutely, please continue. There are 25 more to go, I believe. Make them hard!!"

"OK, sure," Jenna responded. Then, mentally crossing her fingers, Jenna said to Kaylee, "You know, after what you did you're lucky you're not getting these on your bare ass. That would REALLY hurt!!"

Jenna hoped she hadn't been too transparent. Her last statement had been pretty obvious, maybe too much so.

But her fears were unfounded. Cora stepped to the back of Kaylee and unceremoniously yanked her shorts down to her knees, bringing her panties right along with them. Kaylee gasped in shock and embarrassment.

"There you go," Cora said to Jenna. "She's all ready for you now."

Not completely able to keep a smirk off her face, Jenna prepared to continue the paddling. When Cora and the other girls moved back a bit, Jenna said softly to Kaylee, "Sucks to be you."

Then, as before, Jenna placed the paddle on Kaylee's backside and began to slowly rub it.

Kaylee, still trying to get over the shock of being exposed in front of everyone, felt the smooth surface of the paddle against her now naked cheeks. Nervously she wondered how much more the paddle was going to hurt now. She felt it lift away from her. For a few moments, she felt the room's air currents against her bare flesh. Then her question was answered.

******* S M A C K !!! *******

Kaylee howled as the paddle impacted her. She hadn't thought her thin gym shorts were giving her much protection. She was wrong. That last swat had hurt a LOT more.

******* S M A C K !!! *******

Almost immediately, Jenna gave her another.

Kaylee yanked against her bonds, but they continued holding her bent over the chair, her bottom presenting a perfect target.

Jenna, in heaven, proceeded to give Kaylee her remaining 23 swats without pausing even once. Kaylee, in hell, felt tears streaming down her face as she helplessly received each one.


It was finally over. Kaylee was still bound over the chair with her raging bare bottom raised up for everyone to see. Her backside felt like someone had built a bonfire on it. Although she was crying, she hadn't completely lost control of herself; she was still able to hold back some of her tears. Nevertheless, the pain and humiliation were hard for her to bear.

When Cora came over, Jenna handed her the paddle. "You know, I have an idea," Jenna told her. "Maybe it's none of my business, but still. I think it would kind of set an example so others don't do the same thing."

Cora was interested and asked Jenna for details. Leaving Kaylee bound and exposed, the two walked away. Kaylee caught the words "signed" and "visitors" but then the two left her hearing range.

Before long, Cora, Jenna, and a third girl approached. Cora was holding the paddle. Jenna was smiling. Kaylee, thinking she was about to be paddled some more, was in a near panic.

The third girl knelt down next to the chair. Cora said, "We're going to release your right hand and give you a marker pen. We want you to sign the paddle. Sign your full name. Write large and clearly. Do you understand?"

The instructions were simple enough. Kaylee, although she didn't see the point of this, responded, "Yes."

The kneeling girl untied the rope from the cuff around Kaylee's right wrist, then handed her a thick, black felt-tip marker.

Cora then warned Kaylee, "You'd better do this right. None of us here are very happy with you at the moment. If you screw up your signature, I'll give you a repeat of what you just had - 55 more swats. They'll be hard, too... very hard."

Kaylee couldn't even imagine what it would be like to get another paddling as bad as the one Jenna had just given her. She had no idea why Cora was so insistent she sign the paddle, but she was going to be very, very careful and make damned sure she signed her name exactly as Cora had asked: with large, clear letters.

Cora positioned the paddle where Kaylee could easily reach it, and soon the surface of the paddle was filled with Kaylee's signature, clear and easy to read.

"Guess what we're going to do with this paddle?" Cora asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued. "We're going to mount it on the wall in the sorority's reception area, where we receive visitors. Right above the paddle we're going to place a large sign that says, "Thank you for using this on my bare butt." Every single one of our visitors, and we get a lot of them, will see the sign and the paddle with your name on it. We're going to leave the sign and the paddle hanging there for a full year."

Kaylee was mortified. As much as her rear end hurt, she would have rather been paddled some more than to suffer this kind of embarrassment. All of the sorority's many visitors would know what had happened, that she had been spanked with the paddle on her bare bottom. Nothing could be more humiliating!!

"Thank you, Jenna, that was a great idea!!!" Cora said.

Kaylee's feelings toward Jenna, never very good, had hit a new low.


Jenna was tempted to give Cora some additional suggestions about mean things that could be done to Kaylee. But although she had no end of ideas, she thought she'd better not push her luck. She had already given two suggestions, both of which had been readily accepted. But it was going to seem odd if she kept floating ideas, and might cause questions to be raised. Jenna didn't want that, so she decided she'd just keep quiet and allow things to proceed on their own. Everyone in the sorority, Cora included, was quite angry at Kaylee. Jenna had no doubt Kaylee was in for plenty of additional unpleasantness. At least she hoped so!!


Kaylee, truly miserable, continued lying there. Her right hand had not been rebound, but until her left hand was also freed there wasn't much she could do. What she wanted more than anything else at the moment was to get her shorts pulled back up!!!

As if in answer to her wishes, Cora did exactly what Kaylee wanted: she grabbed the waistband of her shorts, together with that of her panties, and pulled them back up where they belonged! Although the press of the material against her cheeks hurt, Kaylee was grateful.

"Can I untie my other hand?" Kaylee asked meekly.

"We'll untie you in a moment," was Cora's answer as she walked away.

Kaylee was greatly relieved. She just wanted this ordeal to end!

A short time later, Kaylee heard a small commotion coming from across the room. She looked in that direction and saw several girls sliding a strange-looking object across the floor. It was some kind of weird wooden framework, composed of sturdy-looking wooden beams and a pole running horizontally from front to back. If the pole, which was almost touching the floor, was higher, it looked like it could be used as an overcomplicated clothing rack. Questions swirled in Kaylee's mind.

"OK, untie her now."

Instantly losing interest in the strange wooden framework, Kaylee welcomed Cora's words. She'd somehow have to get this mess with the theft and vandalism cleared up. She didn't want the sorority thinking she had been responsible for that! Yes, she'd talk with them and get it all straightened out.

A couple girls quickly freed her from her bonds and allowed her to stand. They stayed right with her, however. In fact, the girls who had released her were uncomfortably close, almost pressing against her.

Cora, who had been supervising the placement of the wooden framework, came back over.

"Come this way, please," she instructed Kaylee.

Kaylee started getting worried again. She looked at one of the girls who was standing almost on top of her and thought she saw a slight hint of amusement on her face. Kaylee wasn't exactly sure how to interpret that.

Guided by the girls, Kaylee walked over to the newly added "furniture." Even close up she had no idea what it was for.

"Give her some room," Cora instructed, and the girls who had been invading Kaylee's personal space backed away.

"Take off your clothes," Cora said.

It took Kaylee a few moments to realize that Cora had been speaking to her.

"What?" she responded automatically.

"Everything off. Either you do it or we'll do it for you. Don't try to run, either. If you do, you'll regret it."

Kaylee was stunned by Cora's words. She was being told to undress? Fully undress?

Kaylee looked around and saw the faces of the considerable number of people there. Every single member of Pi Rho Tau was now present. Even the few girls who had been acting as guards were there; since they had found the culprit of the theft and vandalism it was felt that guards were no longer needed.

Everyone in attendance was looking right at her. She could hardly undress under these circumstances!

Cora said, "Would you prefer that we strip you by force?"

"N... n... n... no," Kaylee stammered.

"Then get your clothes off. All of them."

Fighting back tears, Kaylee slowly complied. Why were they making her undress? What were they going to do to her?? She strongly suspected it would be something involving that strange wooden framework they had just brought in.

Piece by piece, Kaylee removed her garments and let them fall into a pile aside of her. As she proceeded, her embarrassment grew and grew. She wasn't exactly shy, but this was a little much!!!

When the last of her covering was gone, Kaylee stood there with her eyes averted. She didn't want to look into anyone's face!

"Now get over here. Stand right here." Cora was pointing to a spot WITHIN the wooden framework.

Uncomfortably self-conscious of her nudity and extremely concerned about what Cora might have planned for her, Kaylee walked to the indicated location. Cora had her stand with one foot on each side of the pole, which ran the entire length of the framework and was positioned just off the floor.

Despite her embarrassment, Kaylee anxiously looked over at Cora's face.

"I'll explain this to you in a moment," Cora said, motioning at the strange object inside which Kaylee was now standing. "It's best if you don't try to struggle."

As Kaylee was processing Cora's last bit of advice, several girls grabbed onto her and began binding her to the wooden framework. The girls weren't being overly rough, but neither were they particularly gentle. It was clear they meant business. After a brief period of ineffectual struggling, Kaylee found herself following Cora's advice and didn't try to fight back. It was hard for her not to freak out, though. It was bad enough being manhandled this way, but having it happen when she was stark naked was almost too much.

Kaylee soon found herself tied and helpless again. It was worse than before, when she was bent over the chair. She was standing with her feet flat on the floor and her legs slightly spread. Her arms were positioned over her head and spread wide, each wrist bound firmly to the opposite sides of the wooden framework. She was totally exposed, front and back.

With Kaylee watching, Cora began fiddling with the framework. Kaylee couldn't see exactly what Cora was doing but she could certainly see the result: the pole began to lift farther off the floor. This couldn't help but to make Kaylee nervous, since the pole was positioned between her legs.

"It's been a few years since we've used this," Cora explained to Kaylee. "In the past, it was used on sorority members who broke the rules. It's actually pretty effective for keeping people in line. It won't cause you any pain, but it's still rather uncomfortable. Well, you'll be able to judge that for yourself shortly."

Cora's explanation was not making Kaylee feel any better.

"I'm sure you've guessed where the pole is going to be positioned for your punishment," Cora began. Kaylee flinched when she heard the word 'punishment,' although she was hardly surprised. "You see," Cora continued, "there are a series of springs which will hold the pole in place. It'll press firmly up against you, and you won't be able to pull away from it. It won't hurt, but... well, you'll see."

A girl wearing gloves began rubbing something onto the pole. It was some kind of white cream.

"What's that???" Kaylee asked nervously.

"It's part of your punishment," Cora replied.

That hadn't answered Kaylee's question at all, and her anxiety continued to grow. Her worries were almost enough to take her mind off the anguish she was feeling from the paddling. Almost, but not quite.

"Now, there's some good news from your point of view," Cora said. "The effects of the cream only last for about 15 minutes."

Breathless, Kaylee was focusing on Cora's every word.

"The bad news," Cora said, "is that it'll be 15 minutes you're likely never to forget."

The girl continued applying the white cream to the pole, making sure not to miss any spots. When she was finished, everyone except for Cora backed away. Cora then began making more adjustments to the device. The pole rose inexorably upward as Kaylee, near panic now, watched.

A few moments later Kaylee felt the pole press upward between her lips. Its smooth surface was now right against her most sensitive regions. As Cora had promised, the pole wasn't pressing hard enough to cause her any pain. It was still pretty uncomfortable, though, having it intrude upon her at that location.

Kaylee waited helplessly for something to happen. She knew the cream would have some undesirable effect, but she wasn't at all sure what that effect would be. She tried to lift away from the pole, but couldn't - even on her tiptoes, the pole maintained the same steady pressure against her.

"I wonder if that stuff still works?" a girl asked. "It's been in storage for a long time."

A moment later, Kaylee was able to confirm that the cream had not lost its effectiveness.


It felt as if every mosquito on earth had just bitten her. The itching sensation was horrific. Kaylee had never felt, or even imagined, anything remotely like it. It would have been terrible at any location on her body, but the place where it was delivering its effects made it completely unbearable.

Kaylee automatically did the only thing possible to try to alleviate the sensation - she rocked her hips vigorously forward and backward, rubbing her crotch against the surface of the pole. This didn't help, of course, as she was actually rubbing more of the cream onto her skin, but she couldn't help herself.

She heard the sorority members hoot, jeer, and laugh as she put on the lewdest display imaginable for them. Knowing what it must look like to her audience, she tried to stop herself. But she simply couldn't. The itching feeling was insane and overrode any attempts by her to maintain even the smallest hint of modesty.

She heard herself grunting and groaning loudly. This, too, she tried unsuccessfully to stop. To her observers it appeared that she had been possessed by uncontrollable sexual lust and was frantically trying to sate it.

It went on forever. Had she been able to think about it she would have realized that what Cora had told her was true - she wasn't feeling any pain. On the other hand, the sensations impacting her were in some ways even worse. Had she received an offer to stop the itching she would have accepted it without a second thought... at any price, any price at all. But such an offer would not be forthcoming. She would be forced to experience this anguish until it released her. There were no signs that this was going to happen anytime soon.

In some respects, Kaylee was actually fortunate. She didn't realize this of course, but it was true nonetheless. The lubricating properties of the cream were such that she would not get any friction burns from her activities. Had a less effective lubricant been used, her vigorous rubbing would have left her with problems she would certainly have preferred not to have.

She was getting out of breath from her exertions. The crowd continued to mock her loudly; apparently the sorority members were happy to see her getting payback for her supposed crimes against them. Hearing them, her focus started to move away from the horrendous itching and more toward the humiliation aspects of her ordeal. She had almost forgotten that she was totally naked and wide open for everyone to see. And to have them see her rubbing herself like this?

Gradually, Kaylee realized that the awful sensation between her legs was starting to subside. Was her punishment ending? Where they done with her? It was almost too much to hope for.

It wasn't long before the itching stopped completely, leaving no hint, other than the terrible memory, that it had ever even been there. As Kaylee's breathing slowly returned to normal, a couple girls unbound her. She felt rubbery and would have collapsed had the girls not helped her stay standing. A couple minutes went by, then she was led back to the chair she had started from.

Almost before she knew what was happening, she was bent back over the chair, bound just like before. She was still naked.

Cora came over to her and said, "By now I suspect you're beginning to understand that we don't take kindly to vandals... or thieves. I'm not sure we've totally gotten our point across, however."

Kaylee then saw that she was holding something in her hand. It was a dark leather strap - long, thick, and generally evil-looking. "Oh My God, No!!!" Kaylee thought to herself.

Then she heard Jenna ask Cora, "Could I talk to her just for a moment?"

Cora, a little surprised, nodded and backed away, leaving Jenna alone with Kaylee.

Jenna then began talking to Kaylee, speaking loudly enough so that Cora, as well as the other sorority members standing nearby, could hear her.

"I know we're not exactly friends, but I've got to tell you - just apologize to them for what you've done! I don't know how much it'll help, but it'll at least show them that you're sorry!"

Kaylee, bent over the chair with her backside raised, looked up at Jenna. Apparently Jenna, too, thought she was guilty of theft and vandalism. But she didn't understand why Jenna would be trying to give her helpful advice when she knew full well that the girl hated her.

Kaylee looked into Jenna's eyes. But she didn't see the eyes of someone trying to help. Instead, she saw loathing, satisfaction, and warped joy.

And then she knew.

Somehow Jenna had set her up. She had planned this right from the very start when she had goaded her into the table tennis rematch. Kaylee realized now that Jenna had found some way to cheat. She didn't know how, but it was the only possible explanation for what had happened. And the vandalism and theft? Again, she didn't know how, yet she had no doubt Jenna was behind it and had deliberately framed her. Even the anonymous text message. It was all Jenna.

Jenna spoke again, still speaking loudly.

"Please, Kaylee, for your own sake. Admit your guilt and apologize! Maybe it won't help, but please try!"

Kaylee was furious. "FUCK YOU!!!" she shouted. "GO TO HELL!!! I'm not apologizing for ANYTHING! I didn't do a DAMNED THING!!"

Kaylee instantly realized her mistake when she saw the smirk on Jenna's face. Cora, strap in hand, ran over. Jenna backed away to give Cora room, and then...

*** THWAPPPP!!! ***
*** THWAPPPP!!! ***
*** THWAPPPP!!! ***
*** THWAPPPP!!! ***
*** THWAPPPP!!! ***
*** THWAPPPP!!! ***

A series of searing welts appeared on Kaylee's already anguished cheeks as Cora repeatedly brought the strap down hard. Cora only actually hit her a half dozen times, but it was more than enough. The strap she was using was designed especially to deliver an intense and lasting sting. It was very effective at achieving its intended goals.

Cora then stood in front of Kaylee, who looked up at her. Kaylee winced when she saw the barely controlled anger on her face.

"Listen carefully," Cora told her, venom in her voice. "You've gotten an entire sorority very, very angry with you. Your friend is giving you good advice - apologize for what you did. You don't have to, of course - the choice is yours. But if you're not willing to even say you're sorry, you're going to make us all even angrier. I promise you, that's not something you want to do."

Kaylee knew she had no choice. Jenna had put her into an impossible position. Under normal circumstances she'd never apologize for something she hadn't done. But these were not normal circumstances. If she continued denying any guilt and refusing to apologize, she didn't know what would happen. She certainly didn't want to find out. So, as distasteful as it was to her, she had to accept the blame.

"You're right," Kaylee said, trying to sound sincere. "I should never have done what I did. I'm truly very sorry. I absolutely promise you it'll never happen again."

She thought she saw Cora's face soften just a little. Then she looked over at Jenna and saw the wide grin on her face. It was too much. The agony she was feeling from the paddle and the strap, the unbelievable humiliation she had just endured, the uncontrollable anger she felt toward Jenna, and on top of all that being forced to accept the blame for something she hadn't done... all of it hit her at once. She began bawling. She hated the fact that everyone was seeing her completely lose control; she had tried so hard to avoid that. She didn't have a shred of dignity left. But she couldn't stop the tears.

Cora waited for her to start calming down, then said, "Well, maybe you're actually starting to feel remorseful. Who knows? We'll wait a couple minutes for you to get it back together."

After Kaylee's tears had slowed to a trickle, Cora spoke to her again.

"If it was just one act of vandalism, or even just the one theft, we might let it go at this point. But vandalizing us TWICE and then stealing almost all our fundraising money? I'm sure you realize we can't let you off that easily."

Kaylee listened with stunned disbelief. She had assumed they'd let her go now that she had apologized. But apparently she was wrong.

"Since your actions affected everyone in Pi Rho Tau, everyone should be involved in your punishment. Therefore..."

Her mind swirling, Kaylee listened with dismay.

"... you'll receive three smacks with this strap from every member of the sorority - two for the two acts of vandalism and one for the theft. If you would have been quicker to apologize, I would have given you a lighter sentence. But I have no sympathy for you at all - you didn't apologize until I basically FORCED you to!"

Cora added, "I'll bet you'll think twice about ever doing anything like that again!"

Kaylee looked around the room. There were a lot of girls there, all members of the sorority! She didn't know how many members there were, but it was a LOT. They couldn't really do what Cora had just said!!!!

"OK, girls, let's get started! I'll give her the first three. Remember - only three hits per person, and I don't want to see anyone taking more than one turn."

"But they can't... they CAN'T..." Kaylee thought to herself.

Naked and bound, Kaylee helplessly watched as Cora positioned herself to begin carrying out her sentence.

*** THWAPPPP!!! ***

Just as the first smack landed, Kaylee looked over at Jenna. As she felt the searing pain from the strap, she saw an expression of blissful triumph on Jenna's face.

It was going to be a long afternoon.


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