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Robot Costume

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF+/m; robot; encase; foam; electrodes; toys; halloween; display; program; insert; shock; tease; torment; transport; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

The two things that have fascinated Jim since he was young were robots and bondage. Jim always liked to be on the losing team of cops and robbers and always wanted to be the robots he saw in the movies. It was more the robots that drove him to be an engineer in hope to be able to build a real one but as he learned about his trade the more he began to apply his skills towards bondage.

Jim had moved into the robotic field and had built many robotic body parts that he would use to aid in his self bondage. At home he had almost completed a full body frame that he could strap himself into and program what movements he would be allowed to make and for how long he would be kept inside it. The frame would keep him in whatever position he had chosen until his computer released control of the frame and allowed him to remove it. It wasn’t pretty but it was very effective at restraining Jim for hours and was used every chance he got including sleeping in it blindfolded and gagged.

Jim had been working on a new robot shell, it originally was designed to be used as a test platform. Since the first one had been built as a large easily used frame the outside had been shaped to look like one of the toy robots the men in the shop collected.

The large square head and body had many buttons and lights used primarily for decoration and the square legs and arms were made to be easily fitted with the test electronics that would be used inside it. All of its arms and legs could be locked into place and the legs could be locked straight. Then the arms could be bent behind its back and used as a handle to lean it back on the small wheels and rolled around the shop when needed.

It stood over six feet tall and over the years antennas and other decorations had been added. As the electronics advanced a remote control system had been added and “Robbie” could be made to slowly walk around. The robot could even say prerecorded things from the speaker one of the engineers had added to its “face”. When the new platform was ready the engineers decided, after some good hearted competition who got to take Robbie home. Several of them wanted to have the toy for their home but Jim had worked very hard and won the right to keep the robot for himself.

Once at home Jim quickly figured how to use the large spaces inside the shell for his games and quickly adapted his bondage frames to the robots shell. He had kept the remote control features and added several functions to the large lighted control panel on “Robbie’s” chest. Jim used some material from the lab that acted like expanding foam but dried much firmer and kept its shape much better. Once he had the robots shell made to accept his body he ran the electronics to the surface of the liner and added a full cock and ball sheath.

The back of the robot opened allowing him to slip his legs into the bottom half making him press his feet down into the forms that would hold them tightly. He would slip his cock into the sheath then lean into the form and force his hands into the arms. Jim had to struggle to pop his hands past the tight wrists in the form sealing his hands into the blunt “hands” of the robot shell. Once his hands were in all the way he had two buttons he could use.

The first button in the left hand would activate the claw like gripper of the robots hand. The second button would close the back sealing him inside the shell. In the right hand was a button to work the gripper and the second would open the back allowing him to wrestle his way out of the shell. He had remotely tested the closing mechanism watching the back of the shell swing shut and the four securing bolts spin as they pulled the shell tightly closed.

Robbie had been very popular with Jim’s friends when they visited his home none of them knowing what Jim was doing to the inside of the robot. Over the time Jim had been modifying Robbie he had lent it to his nephew to use as a prop for different plays and even a few college parties. His nephew really enjoyed playing with Jim’s robot and got a lot of attention when he was allowed to use it.

Jim had finished his robot restraint and tested the controls and buttons on its chest thoroughly and finally felt comfortable enough to test it with him in it. Touching the button once he was in completely and listened to the back begin to close. As the foam pushed him further into the front of the robot he felt his nipples being pushed into the cups and his cock and balls get sucked fully into the sheath. He had equipped the robot with small vacuum motors, his nipples and cock could be sucked at different levels exciting him. The suction would range from very pleasurable to painful determined by the computer settings or a combination of buttons pushed on the front.

As he listened to the back seal itself shut he groaned into the huge gag being forced deeper into his mouth as the large phallus attached to the back insulation impaled him. He didn’t play with anal penetration often and this had been a last minute idea and as he struggled to try to move he thought about not using it again. Jim had set the first trial for twenty minutes and stood struggling inside the robot as his body adjusted to the compression being forced on it.

The tormentors began to run through their self tests and Jim felt his cock being sucked and vibrated. Next the tens pads turned on delivering severe bolts of electricity to him in all of his most sensitive areas making him scream into the gag. Jim noticed the lenses over his eyes turning on allowing him to see out of the robots blank eyes. The lenses also showed him the battery charge state and how many times the buttons on the robots chest have been pushed and how many cycles he has to go through before they turn off.

When the shocks to his body eased Jim began to enjoy the feeling of being trapped in the suit and starts to experiment with his mobility. First raising his arms and opening and closing his claws, Jim then leans forward slightly and carefully raises his left foot the few inches the shell allowed and rotates it forward. By the time he can release himself Jim has learned to walk in the suit and was starting to enjoy himself and walked around his house for another hour.

Jim pushed the open button and felt the pressure released on his body and the phallus being pulled from his ass moaning quietly as it pulled from him. After climbing out of the robot Jim sat smiling looking at it and knew he would be spending all of his free time inside it. During the next few months Jim perfected his programming and his ability to walk in the suit, he eventually programmed the robot to roam around his home totally controlled by the computer. The feeling of being out of control and being totally unable to stop what the robot did excited him and during his last session he came up with an idea.

Jim had agreed to let his nephew take his robot to his next college party and told him he would have to pick it up and bring it back himself. Having told his nephew that he was to bring the robot back the next day he programmed the robot to only open once it was back at his house. Setting the computer to only accept in puts from the remote control and set the buttons to punish and pleasure him with different combinations instead of each making something happen with one push.

Jim sealed himself inside the robot and waited for his unknowing nephew to pick him up and seal his fate for the next twenty four hours. After a half an hour the robot shut down leaving Jim sealed inside the robot in total darkness and silence unable to move. Jim felt his arms being pulled behind his back, he had not ever put himself in this position and tried to resist but his nephew quickly had them locked in position. Jim’s arms quickly started aching from being twisted behind him and he felt himself being leaned back and knew his nephew was rolling him out of the house.

As the robot left the house the computer awoke allowing Jim to see as he was rolled out to a truck and loaded into the back. Jim couldn’t hear anything and hoped his nephew had tied him down properly when he felt the truck begin to move. Jim was watching the world pass by from the back of the truck in total isolation and silence and felt his cock swell in its sheath. Jim’s ride was much longer than he had figured it should have been but when the truck was backed into the driveway he realized he was not where he had been told the party was going to be held at.

Jim panicked slightly as he was lowered from the truck and rolled into a large house, he had no idea where he was and no way of escaping the tight grip of the robot until he was returned home. Jim’s arms were aching badly when he was set into a corner and left facing the wall for several hours. Jim was almost in tears from the pain in his arms when he felt them drop to his sides making him moan loudly. Outside nothing was heard from Jim’s movements as his nephew prepared his life sized toy for the evening. Jim felt the robots wheels turn him away from the corner then his leg raise as the robot was commanded to walk.

Jim watched as he was placed by the front door and the buttons on his chest were pushed turning on all the lights on the outside of the robot. These buttons also activated the several pleasure and torture devices that came on performing their self tests then beginning to go through the programs the buttons had activated. Jim was pleased when he felt the sucking increase on his cock and nipples, even the vibration from the phallus buried deep in his ass was pleasurable and he was glad he had left it installed.

During the next twelve hours Jim was forced to get beers for the party goers and was continually pleasured and tortured by the kids punching the buttons every time they passed him. By the time he was being toted back to his house Jim had been tortured into so many orgasm’s he was exhausted and severally dehydrated.

Reaching his home Jim was very relieved when he saw the status light change so he could open it and pushed the button. The locks released his arms from behind his back as it swung open. Jim crawled out of the robot and drug himself to the kitchen sitting down with several bottles of water and drank until his thirst was sated and sat smiling about his adventure in total helplessness.

Jim spent several more nights sealed inside the robot while his nephew and friends “drove” him around their parties. When he was taken outside the house for the first time and walked down the street he felt a new sensation and orgasmed violently while he struggled inside to stop his exposure. The only time he had been frightened was when he had been walked outside near the swimming pool and felt he might be driven into the water and drown, but even then he felt aroused by his helplessness to stop it.

Jim had solved his hydration problem by installing a watering system that he could use by sucking on the gag so now he could stay locked up inside much longer comfortably. The requests for the robot increased so Jim was able to spend many evenings or entire days sealed inside helpless to stop any of the tortures or teasing. Jim was asked if the robot could spend Friday and Saturday with his nephew at a frat house but Jim declined saying he had plans for it himself.

Jim’s plans were to go out on Halloween sealed inside his creation pretending he was being remotely controlled. Jim had used a navigation system to program his carefully plotted and practiced route and would not have any control of the robot until it reached his house. It was a daring plan but the idea of being so completely helpless in public aroused Jim greatly making him continue with his plans. Jim knew that once he reached his door he could use the grabber to open it and once inside he would free himself so he programmed the robot to keep him locked up and tormented for an additional twelve hours once he arrived home. This time frame should give him ample time to release himself if he decided not to stay inside for his nephew’s party.

Jim’s nephew had begged him to use Robbie Saturday night and Jim had finally agreed that he could pick up Robbie Saturday afternoon and bring him back Sunday. That would give Jim Friday night for his adventure and then another night if he wanted to extend it. Friday night came and Jim slipped into his robot prison checking the batteries before closing the back and sealing himself in. Jim moved outside the door making sure it was closed before pressing another button he had installed turning control over to the computer.

The only thing Jim could control once the program was activated was he could press the button and as long as he held it the robot would stop moving. Jim had worried about traffic and other people getting in the way so he had added this safety button. To keep him from using it freely Jim added to the program he would be punished for two minutes for every press of the button. Jim stood outside his home encased naked inside a sexual torture device. His every move would be controlled by the computer and his pleasure or punishment controlled by the lighted buttons anyone could press on his robots chest.

As soon as Jim pressed the button the robot started walking, each turn was made by the small driven wheels and jerked Jim inside the robot. The whole trip should take about two hours depending on how many times he was forced to stop. Robbie was an immediate success, most of his neighbors had already seen Robbie so they knew it was remote controlled and let their kids run up and push the brightly lit buttons on his chest. Jim would stop Robbie and let the kids climb on him before moving on not paying attention to the number of cycles building up in his viewer.

Half way through the trip Jim had been getting steadily punished for stopping so many times but as he made his way back towards the house most of the kids had gone home. Jim had now noticed the number of cycles and was able to start letting them run as he was forced to moan and sometimes scream inside his moving prison. Getting near the house Jim was ready for the night to be over, the punishment cycles had outnumbered the pleasure cycles and he was tiring quickly.

As Jim waited for a car to pass suddenly everything went dark and he couldn’t move. He thrashed inside Robbie until he felt the robot get leaned back and was beginning to be rolled somewhere. Jim could tell he was being lifted into a truck and felt it speed off carrying him unwillingly but could do nothing to stop it. After a brief ride Jim was unloaded and rolled into a house where the power was turned back on and he could see it had been his nephew that had kidnapped him.

Robbie was now a prisoner of the frat house, Jim was so mad he screamed around the gag then felt Robbie being driven by someone and relaxed since there was nothing he could do about it. Robbie was used all night while Jim was being punished inside, the kids adding to the number of cycles Jim had to endure.

By the time Robbie was left alone Jim was exhausted and was glad when Robbie was powered off and he could get some sleep. Waking the next day Jim struggled inside the dark and silent prison unable to move or see anything and wondered how long he would be left trapped inside. Drifting in and out of sleep Jim spent the day alone until finally he was roused by the stinging sensation of the tens units shocking him. Opening his eyes he could see that he had been turned around and was now sitting outside the house. The battery indicator showed it was charging so Jim knew his torments would continue.

The heat of the day sank in and soon Jim was sweating profusely inside the stiff foam surrounding him and was glad he had added the water system to his robot. Jim tried to move several times but found the legs and arms to be locked making it impossible for him to try and walk home. When the party started Jim was again forced to serve beers and even though he had used up all his cycles he had not been able to cum once and was extremely frustrated.

The party went on until early morning and Jim was left plugged in but locked in place just inside the door. During the night Jim had amassed many more cycles and stood frozen while the robot punished and pleasured him making him desperately try to climax. Just as he saw people moving around his pleasure routine was sucking his cock and nipples hard while he was vibrated in his ass. Jim went three cycles in this state and was feeling like he was about to explode when everything went dark again and he was left silently weeping from frustration as he was loaded up and taken back to his house and placed inside the front door.

As soon as he was rolled into the house the power came back on and Jim was being sucked and vibrated again, Jim was panting as he looked around and found he was at home and knew he had twelve more hours before he could release himself. Jim watched the counter decrease and hoped he would be allowed to cum at least once before they all stopped again. Six hours later Jim was finishing a punishment cycle, he only had three more cycles left and still had not climaxed. Jim struggled hard and forced himself to walk around the house as his cock and balls were pulled into the sheath harder. The phallus in his ass was shaking wildly when the tens units turned on and started pulsing. The pulsing worked with the other sensations driving Jim closer to his building climax.

While Jim waited for the desperately needed orgasm he began to struggle inside his prison. Jim was close to a substantial orgasm when everything stopped. Jim screamed around the gag knowing he still had hours to go trapped in his robot unable to achieve orgasm. As Jim waited to be released he continued to walk around the house desperately trying to find some way to stimulate himself but finding he was held to tightly inside the foam to get enough movement to help at all.

It was very early Monday morning when Jim was able to press the button and felt the pressure on his body released. Jim crawled out of the robot prison exhausted and frustrated. His cock and nipples were very sore but it had been the phallus in his ass that had caused him the greatest amount of discomfort during his forty eight hours in captivity. Jim lay on the floor stretching for several minutes before forcing himself to get up and eat then drug himself to the bedroom and collapsed.

The alarm woke Jim a few hours later and he rolled over and called in sick and went back to sleep still unsatisfied and very sore. Waking Monday afternoon Jim desperately wanted to come but did not want to get back into the robot so he inserted his cock into a vibrating ejaculator. Even with the liberal amount of lube Jim’s cock was very sensitive and he could not masturbate. Jim struggled with every toy he had but finally stood staring at the robot knowing it was the only thing he could use. Quickly changing the program for constant stimulation Jim climbed inside and sealed himself in.

Pushing the button to start that program Jim felt the robot moving and could see he was heading towards the door. A visceral scream could almost be heard as Jim realized he had not reset the program from Friday night. He would now be forced to walk the preprogrammed route and spent an additional twelve hours inside the robot. Jim stopped the robot long enough to open the door and let it take him outside in the bright sun. As Jim reached the curb in front of his house he exploded in his first orgasm.

Even as he panted around the gag he knew this would be the first of many since he had set the robot to pleasure only and was now stuck for the next fourteen hours having his cock sucked while his ass was vibrated and his nipples twisted and pulled. As the heat inside Robbie increased Jim could only think “Happy Halloween” as he climaxed again.

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