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Roommate Fun

by selftiedgrrl

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We were probably the luckiest chicks on campus – my roommate and I. We spent a lot of time together at the gym and dance class, so it didn’t take us long to discover that we shared interest in bondage. During the summer between first and second year, we found a basement suite just off campus and roomed together. We could have done with a one bedroom, but the second bedroom was convenient for the occasional time one of us would bring a boy home with us.

My roomie was Chinese, 5’2”, with a beautiful face that needed no makeup (though she liked to highlight her eyes with liner and false eyelashes), adorned with long black shiny hair. She had a small waist which accentuated her larger-than-your-average-Asian breasts, absolutely perfect legs! I have always thought Chinese girls have the most beautiful feet, and hers were no exception.

We were both chill girls, hard working, young and fit (I’m sure I had to work harder at it than she did!). And both of us were similar in our bondage tastes – enjoying nice tight rope hogties – what are the chances!? I have to admit, we both would probably have been straight “A” students had it not been for this common interest but we gave in to temptation far too many times. There were very few weekends when at least one of us wasn’t tied. Often, it was both of us and often at the same time (she was very happy to learn my self bondage techniques). We took turns planning out the activities. Here is one of the evil (wonderful) games I devised:

First, her:

She is wearing stiletto heels and very sheer, pretty much invisible pantyhose, and a vibrating dildo (the Rabbit type with a clit stimulator) set on “low”, securely inserted and secured in place. I have her tied sitting in a chair with her open-cup bra showing her erect nipples. She could have tied herself securely enough (and has done so before) but I wanted this to be tight. Her legs tied together at the thighs, knees and ankles. Her arms are draped over the back of the chair, elbows are very close to touching and a rope pulling her ankles back and feet off the ground, up to her hands. We are both planners, and I had a couple of pairs of worn panties (with my fresh wetness). She welcomes these into her mouth and they are sealed in with several layers of clear tape. I opt not to blindfold her tonight. She looks absolutely lovely and I spend some time sucking on her nipples to get her hips grinding. I reach down between my legs to show my helpless honey the effect she has on me, smearing some under her nose. She closes her eyes and gives me an approving moan.

My turn:

I leave my chair-tied honey on one side of the living room and go to the other side where I have my bondage gear laid out. I am wearing pantyhose identical to my bound honey (very sheer, crotchless, almost invisible and show my pedicure very nicely. I love the feel when I wiggle my toes. My vibe is securely tied in place as I will be doing a lot of struggling, and after tying my legs together at thighs, knees and ankles, no way that baby is going anywhere! 

I tie a rope harness around my body which runs around the shoulders and threads a steel ring at the back of my neck (you can read my first story to get a fuller description). For this tie, I put on leather wrist cuffs. Just before I pull my legs up into the hogtie, I insert my gag.

I freely admit at times I can be a really Suzy-Homemaker. I am quite adept at sewing. I wanted to have a gag that was effective, secure, yet easy to get off when the time came. I had a nice, mouth filling penis gag with the usual strap and buckle. I converted the buckle to a Velcro strap. This has a good sized loop that can be easily pulled to release the gag. You’ll see why I chose this later. The penis is enough to make any speech unintelligible and after then I make it even bigger by covering it with a couple of layers of my Honey’s well worn (crusty) panties. These used to be soaking with her juices but have now dried. When inserted in my mouth, the juices are re-hydrated and the taste lasts longer with the penis pushing it to the back of my mouth. While no gag can render you completely quiet, this gag does a really good job of muffling any sound.

I am a fan of challenges and earning my release. One of the things I do to prevent myself from being able to cheat is to tape my eyes shut with black duct tape.before strapping on the blindfold. I love the blackout experience. It could be a sunny day in the Sahara and I would still only see blackness. On the off chance I might be able to move the blindfold, I still wouldn’t be able to see anything more than maybe a sliver of light.

It’s time for the more restrictive part. I lean on a chair to keep my upright, on my knees. I run a rope from my ankles through the ring at the back of my neck and back down to my ankles. I loop this a few times and pull it tight, lifting my feet off the ground. Pulling tighter, I can feel the pressure pulling my shoulders back. Pulling as much as I can, my back arches back. I tie off the rope, trying to take as much slack out as possible because everyone who self-ties, knows that the ropes “settle” and after a bit of struggling, there is always a bit of give.

I work my fingers down between my legs and turn on my vibe. I set it at a considerably higher power than my Honey’s vibe. Hers is to keep her on edge, helpless, but not enough to cum. Mine is set to make me cum over and over whether I want to or not. My Honey gets to watch me struggle and cum as she is being teased.

I slip my arms into a looped leather belt and work it up over my elbows, securing my arms back. I grab a padlock in my hands and allow myself to fall onto my side onto a cushion. I’ve done my job well and everything is still tight as I work myself onto my stomach. There is still an arch in my back and if I try hard, I can touch my knees to the ground, but I cannot get any forward push from them. All forward movement is from rocking and trying to move one shoulder or hip up a bit, then rocking to the other side and hoping for the same traction from that shoulder or hip. It is hard work and I always work up a sweat. But the most restrictive tie is the elbows. Experience has also taught me that I can get my elbows into a tighter loop when I am upright than if I were on my tummy. So I take care of that before I let myself down onto my side.

With everything else secure, I lock my wrist cuffs together along with the rope bisecting my butt, using the padlock. It is only then that I allow myself to fully enjoy the sensations – my toes wiggling and feeling the soft texture of my pantyhose, my legs that are inseparable, bent and ankles pulled towards my head, the gentle rocking that naturally occurs when in an arched hogtie, my elbows belted tightly, pulling my shoulders back, the total blackout blindfold, my mouth full with a big cock that tastes of my Honey...a taste that is so deep, I swear I can smell it as well, the big dildo, violating me so deeply, vibrating both inside and outside… it all feels so wonderfully overwhelming, I’m sure I can cum without the vibe. But that’s not the point…

You always hear that it’s not the destination, but the journey. My journey is a hard struggle with my mouth and my pussy invaded, bound, blind, muted, so helpless, unable to stop the shuddering spasms brought on by the big dildo buried inside me. Ironically, the ropes probably stop me from hurting myself as I slowly work towards both my Honey’s and my own release. My struggle is long, only able to move a small amount with every rock and push, having to stop every time I cum. Then, when the wave subsides, I move on. I am relentless in my efforts because I know what awaits me when I finally get there.

All this while my Honey is helplessly watching. Watching as I struggle, trying to literally “inch” my way to her. I can hear her muffled attempts to tell me I’m heading in the wrong direction. I don’t hear her moans or her grunts as she bucked and ground her hips trying to bring on her own orgasm as I was having mine. That was very cruel of me. Maybe next time, I will give her a remote so she can control my vibe.

The Release?

Finally, I find my way to her. The ropes are still just as tight and I am still controlled by the vibe, succumbing to an orgasm every few minutes. To get our release, I have to work my way behind and under her chair. I have to get one of her stiletto heels into the loop of my gag so I can pull and release the velcro strap securing my gag. Once I am positioned under the chair, this isn’t too hard to locate the heel (after getting poked in the eye and the nose a couple of times) or get the heel in the loop of my velcro strap gag. The Velcro strap worked extremely well, holding the gag in securely and releasing easily. I can spit the penis and panties out easily. Next, I have to remove her shoes. Still blindfolded, I bite one of the heels and pull her shoe off, and quickly pull the other one off as well.

After I remove her heels, she presents her toes to me by pointing them straight back into my face. In one of her nylon covered feet is a key to the padlock that holds my wrist cuffs together. I explore her feet, at first, sniffing, then pressing my nose hard against her toes and taking deep whiffs (did I mention that we both worked out hard that day and I insisted she didn’t shower before our adventure?). Her nylon clad feet were sweaty with a sweet aromatic smell to them (how does she do that?). I inched forward so I could take a whole set of toes into my mouth and tongue along the bottom of her toes, trying to see if I could get my tongue in between her toes, through the nylons. After a couple of hours watching me and kept on the edge, this set her off to a massive orgasm. It was literally a toe curling orgasm and my mouth was there to live the experience. It was quite a turn on, having my head moved around by her foot in my mouth.

I was in no hurry for release. I can’t think of too many places I’d rather be than tightly hogtied and sucking on my gf’s bound stocking feet (did I tell you I think Chinese girls have the most beautiful feet?). She could have struggled and pulled her toes out of my mouth, maybe even foot-slap my face, but she didn’t. I took this as a sign that she was enjoying this treatment. And the orgasms weren’t all hers (I hope I didn’t bite her toes too hard). I sniffed and sucked and licked and came and sniffed all over again for I don’t know how long.

Eventually, it was time to move on to other pleasures. I found the key a while ago, between her toes. Now I had to bite her toes to get through the nylon and get the key. It was a good thing they were sheer pantyhose as they were stronger than you’d think. I sucked on her toes harder than any cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of. Eventually, I was able to get the key and worm my way out from under the chair and get my hands free. From there, I was able to release the rope pulling my ankles to my shoulders. This is a welcome relief after a few hours of hard struggling and orgasms. I stretch out my legs and try to catch my breath. With the dildo now having a different angle (a little deeper, now) and still buzzing away, I am quickly aroused and grind off a quicky and settle back down to rest.

After a short rest, I work the elbow loop off and work myself up to my knees. I untie my Honey’s arms and she can untie the rest of her bonds while I lie down and rest some more. When she is done, she rolls me back onto my tummy and slips the elbow loop back on, pulling it tighter than it was when I self-tied. I am exhausted and in no condition to fight it. She takes off my wrist cuffs and ropes my hands together, pulling them up in a reverse prayer, using ropes that were used to bind her. She smacks my butt hard, saying something about ruining her pantyhose (I’m guessing as she hadn’t removed her gag and it was difficult to understand). Then she tied me up in a hogtie again, and as with the elbows, it was tighter than what I was able to do myself. She moved the chair and moved me to the center of the room so she could run a rope from a ceiling hook to the rope between my ankles and shoulders, pulling this tight and lifting my shoulders and knees and arching my back. Obviously, our night was not finished.


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