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Roommate’s Helping Hand 3

by Tommy Sox

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© Copyright 2011 - Tommy Sox - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; rope; gag; pantyhose; hood; socks; mum; encase; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 2

Part 3

Hi there, I’m Tommy and this is another story about one of the evenings I spent with my roommate. A little while after returning from the Christmas Holidays he and I discussed what we referred to as the Night before Christmas and I admitted I had been very impressed (and turned on) with the way he had used a sock as a sort of monoglove on my tied up arms. He then explained he had several more ideas he would be more than willing to show me. In exchange for another “liquid donation” off course.

By now I was more relaxed about the whole situation. My roommate had very clearly stuck to the rules and limitations and the idea of being much more thoroughly tied up than I would be able to do myself was a very convincing circumstance. All work and no play makes Tommy a dull boy.

The next opportunity presented itself only two weeks later. One of our roommates would be spending the weekend with his girlfriend and the other was away with his sports team. Knowing that this was coming I had not played with myself for the two weeks so I was very much in the mood. Having completed all my school work and my house chores I would be spending Saturday evening in bondage and the whole of Sunday enjoying the afterglow.

After dinner I could barely control myself anymore and asked my roommate if we could begin. My roommate grinned and said that the last time he had waited for weeks before I had agreed to play again. I informed him I had been saving my load for two weeks so he had a vested interest as well. He was very impressed with my self-control and told me to get dressed for my special evening. I quickly went to my room and got naked before pulling out the stuff I wanted to use.

I started by putting on my latest acquisition. It was a pair of black cotton tights with an attached tanktop. So basically the tights reached up over my chest and there were wide bands going over my shoulders. I just love internet stores and nondescript cardboard boxes. I had made one modification. There was now a small hole in the crotch panel that I pushed my penis through. I was already firming up. On top of this I pulled on a pair of thick black wool socks that reached to halfway my thighs. I now had a rockhard boner.

Careful not to play with myself I pulled my black wool balaclava over my head and I quickly put on my black cotton turtleneck sweater. As I was doing this one of the sleeves brushed over my penis and I actually moaned out loud. My roommate had been leaning in the door opening the whole time to make sure I wasn’t going to cheat. I quickly finished putting on the sweater to keep my mind away from my dick. Having the turtleneck on top was going to keep the balaclava securely in place. I was going for the catsuit look again, but with some improvements.

As a finishing touch I picked up a pair of thick black cotton socks. On my legs they would reach to just below my knees put I pulled one over each arm all the way up to my shoulders on top of the sleeves of my sweater. Instead of my gloves I was going to use these. I would not be needing my fingers and the thick fabric was going to stop the rope from cutting in to my skin.

After a quick look in the mirror I told my roommate it would probably be best if he quickly tied my arms behind my back to prevent me from playing with myself. He fully agreed with me. Then I asked him if I could stand facing the mirror while he did this so I could look at myself being tied up. Whatever floated my boat was his reply.

In the mirror I could see my entire body was covered in black. My pink erection made a very nice contrast. My roommate meanwhile carefully looped a rope around my arms just above my elbows many times before cinching of the rope between my arms. My elbows were now touching. And any chance of masturbation was gone. He then looped and cinched a rope just below my elbows and one around my wrists and then another one halfway up my lower arms for good measure. I was allowed to steal a quick glance over my shoulder in the mirror. The white rope looked magnificent on top of my black clothing.

My roommate now picked up a similar sock to the ones I had pulled over my arms. This was going to be my monoglove. Turning sideways to the mirror I arched my back and kept my arms away from my torso. This also thrust my hips forward and gave me a very exciting profile view. Meanwhile, my roommate pulled the sock around my hands and over my arms. After some tugging and massaging it was stretched all the way up and covered all the rope around my arms.

Looking in the mirror again I was once more completely covered in black and had a single useless appendage hanging down my back. And a single appendage sticking out the front desperate for some attention. It wasn’t going to happen soon. I was once more told to face the mirror.

Standing behind me my roommate held the center of a long white rope in front of my chest just below my armpits. He pulled one end around each of my sides and crossed them behind my back in between my back and my arms. He then pulled the ends around my arms. So the rope coming around the left side of my chest went around the right side of my arms. After crossing the ropes behind my arms he once more pulled them between my arms and my back where he crossed them again and then he pulled the ends around my chest to cross them in front of me again.

After doing this several times he then looped the ends of the rope around my arms and chest a few times before tying them off. He repeated this procedure with a rope just below my elbows and the bottom of my ribcage and another one around my wrists and the top of my hips. The three white bands of rope looked excellent around my black torso. My shoulders were pulled back and my arms were a very effective splint for my back. Bending was now only possible at the hips.

Grabbing hold of my penis my roommate led me to the living room for the next bit of bondage. After walking me over to the couch he pulled me down into a sitting position by my cock. Now he would show what he had in mind for me. From his room he brought out two pairs of black cotton tights without attached feet. Worn normally these would reach from waist to ankle. After demonstrating that these were extremely stretchy he pulled the left leg of one of them around my right leg.

He made sure that the cuff was around my foot so my heel was still inside the leg and pulled it further up over my lower leg before leaving it bunched around my knee. I was then told to bend forward to get my head as close as possible to my knee. Tied up the way I was this was difficult but I managed to lean far enough forward to enable my roommate to pull the waistband of the tights dangling from my knee over my head and then start pulling the empty leg over my head until it was through and the ankle cuff was around my neck.

He now started working the leg down over my shoulders and then around my torso and arms. While he was pulling the waistband down around my upper body he also pulled it up over my right thigh. Now I was told to carefully stand up but remain bent over. This was very uncomfortable but with a few good tugs my roommate managed to pull the waistband down over my hands and up over my right ass cheek. This enabled me to stand up again.

Traditionally you have your legs in the legs of the tights with your torso sticking out the waistband. I now had one of my legs and my torso in the legs and my other leg sticking out the waistband. The crotch panel was stretched on top of my right hip bone. Sitting me down on the couch again by pulling on my dick my roommate repeated the process on my left leg with the other pair of tights. This was actually easier than the first one because instead of having to pull the leg down over the rope around my arms and chest the second one could very easily slide down the smooth tube the first one had formed.

I really wanted to see this in the mirror. Quickly shuffling to my room I studied myself intently. I was covered in very tight fitting cotton from halfway my feet up to my neck. And I had slightly more lumpy black wool over my toes and my head. My throbbing boner looked so awesome sticking out from all the black! I had worn tights before with my penis sticking out but I had never been able to create such a smooth look on my upper body. And with a waistband on either  side of my cock both of them were in between my butt cheeks. A wedgie with benefits, so to say.

My roommate now held up my ballgag. He worked it through the opening of the balaclava and into my mouth and pulled the straps around my head and under my chin very tight. After that he announced I would be allowed to continue admiring myself in the mirror while he changed into his outfit for the night. He was convinced I would not be able to masturbate the way I was dressed and tied.

As soon as he left the room I focused my attention on the mirror again. I admired myself from every possible angle I could get into view. Once more I was completely covered in black but there was no more appendage at the back. The one in front was now even more desperate for attention. Bending slightly at the knees and hips I managed to rub my cock over the cotton that was stretched over my thighs. Moaning in my gag I kept wriggling and twisting. I then managed to catch my dick between my legs. At that exact moment my roommate returned. Apparently he had heard me and come to investigate. I straightened back up and my erection popped out from between my legs again. My roommate said it would probably be best if I was tied up some more.

Once more I was led into the living room by my dick. I would be spending the evening lying on the couch. We had spread a white sheet over it and one on the ground in front of it so any small accidents could be easily cleaned up. Pulling down on my penis my roommate made me side down on the edge of the couch. He picked up another piece of rope and looped it several times around my legs halfway up my thighs and cinched it off between them. Then he added another rope just above my knees, one just below them and one around my ankles. Next he picked up one of my black wool legwarmers and pulled it up around my legs until it fit very tightly from just below my hips to just below my knees. He then pulled the other over my legs so it reached from just above my knees down to my toes.

The only part of me that wasn’t covered or squished by fabric was my throbbing erection. I felt magnificent! And I decided then and there that mummification and encasement would be added to my list of fetishes. My roommate then said that I was obviously enjoying myself so he would continue as agreed before. I really wanted to. He then pushed my very hard dick down on my legs and pulled the upper edge of the legwarmer around my thighs over it. It was now straining against the slightly stretchy and very scratchy wool. Mind-blowing! Slightly wiggling my hips, which was pretty much my entire range of possible movement, I was completely going nuts until my cock slipped free of the restrictive band and stood quivering to attention again.

My roommate enquired if he could borrow a few items from my play collection. It was pretty cool in the apartment and little chance of the heater catching up so he wanted to dress up properly. Warning me there would be hell to pay if I did cum my roommate stuffed my dick under the legwarmer again and left to get dressed. I squealed and groaned in my gag as I squirmed around until my cock popped out again. After this I just laid back and enjoyed my situation. I was extremely warm and desperate to come and then I realized that everything so far had been self inflicted. My roommate would surely only add to that before I would be allowed release. As before we had agreed my roommate would play with my penis for one hour and then would leave me tied up for another hour before I would be released from my bondage. It was going to be a very long evening. And I was going to love it!

When my roommate returned he informed me I looked like a black mummy lying on the white sheet. With a big pink cock sticking out the middle. He had dressed in a very similar style. He had borrowed my black cotton tights and pushed his penis through the opening in the crotch panel and was wearing a pair of black overknee socks on top of them. I addition he was wearing a tight fitting black sweatshirt with the hoodie over his head. Underneath this he was wearing the black balaclava he had used on me before Christmas. We were both covered in black from head to toe with only our cocks visible. And his hands.

Standing next to the couch my roommate pushed my penis down under the legwarmer again. While I was getting myself all worked up again he laid out a few gloves and socks on the couch next to me, each rougher and scratchier than the next. Based on my previous performance he just knew I would like them. It really was going to be a long night.

With his right hand he picked up a grey sheep wool sock. He held the foot part in his fist and with his left hand he folded the ankle part of the sock down over it. Then he also wriggled his left hand into the cuff created by the folded down sock. Pointing this at me he showed me that he had one hand on each side of the foot part of the sock creating a wool vagina. A very scratchy and itchy vagina.

I was lying on my right side on to the couch, still wriggling and squirming to keep my boner under the band of the legwarmer. He sat down on the coffee table just as my erection popped free from its scratchy restraint. Pulling his hands slightly apart my roommate opened the vagina and slowly slid it over my throbbing penis. With his hands squished together in the cuff of the sock he slowly massaged me and he rubbed the entire package up and down and around my shaft. Instantly I was squealing and shaking.

After a few minutes he pulled his left hand out of the sock around my dick, grabbed hold of his own penis and started stroking and squeezing it in sync with mine. He had gotten a quivering erection as soon as he started playing with my cock and apparently he wanted in on the fun.

After about fifteen minutes of pumping me with the sock-vagina my roommate pulled it off my dick and his hand. Then he picked up and put on the pair of gloves he had used on me with such spectacular effect the last time. Squeezing and fondling me with both his hands he started pulling back my foreskin. And every bit of my tip that became accessible was teased and scratched with the tips of his fingers.

For fifteen minutes he kept letting my foreskin back up and then pulling it down again while keeping up the torment of my tip. Only then did he fully pull it down. And then he ran the scratchy wool over the edge my tip. My whole body was quivering and spasming. He then grabbed hold of my throbbing boner with his left hand and rubbed the tip over the open palm of his right hand.

Now that I was truly desperately horny he started stroking and caressing my entire shaft again with both his hands and always quickly letting go to prevent me from having an orgasm. Every now and then he would take the glove off his left hand to caress and jerk his own cock. When he did that he looked as desperate for an orgasm as I was. All the while he continued fondling and squeezing my erection. I was now so rockhard he couldn’t push it down under the legwarmer anymore.

After informing me my hour of foreplay was over my roommate pulled his hoodie down and took off the balaclava. His face looked as red and sweaty as I felt. He sat down on his knees facing my penis. After putting both gloves on again he grabbed hold of my cock and after a few more seconds of teasing he started properly jerking me off. And then he finally let me explode. My whole body went rigid and I could feel, hear and see  my cum squirting out and hitting my roommate full in the face.

He quickly threw off the glove from his right hand so he could catch the semen that was still dripping out of me. And for what felt like several glorious minutes, but was probably much shorter, my roommate kept pumping my still stiff cock until he had gotten every last drop out of me and my penis had gone limp. I was trembling and panting inside my cocoon.

Letting go of me my roommate threw off his other glove, picked up his balaclava and sat down in the easy chair opposite the couch. I now understood why he had also put a sheet on this. After licking the puddle of his right hand he quickly pulled the balaclava over his head again with the eye and mouth holes at the back of his head. Then he pulled the hoodie back on top of it. With both his hands he rubbed the balaclava over his cum covered face. His hips were bucking as he humped the air. And his erection was quivering as hard as he had made mine do.

While he kept rubbing one hand over his face he started stroking his shaft and massaging his tip with the other. And every time he came close to an orgasm he would let go. I really admired his self control. If I hadn’t been so thoroughly tied up I would have jacked off five seconds after getting dressed.

After fifteen minutes he used both his hands to push the balaclava around his head until he could see through the eye openings again. He sat on the edge of the seat, put his knees together and bent forward to look down on his erection. He grabbed himself with both his hands and started to furiously jerk off. Cum shot out of his tip and hit him in the face. The remainder ended up on his thighs and hands as he continued to pump every last drop out of himself.

After catching his breath my roommate made his way to the shower. When he returned he told me I still had half an hour of bondage time left. He wanted to know if I wanted to be blindfolded while he started cleaning up the place. I quickly nodded and he put a sleep blindfold he had once gotten on an airplane over my eyes. On top of this he pulled a black wool beanie hat over my head. The rim reached to just below my jaw and all the light was blocked. Sound was also a lot more muffled. This was another thing I wanted to experiment more with.

While I continued to luxuriate in my very small and restricted world I could hear my roommate moving around and doing stuff. When my half hour was up he asked me if I wanted to pee before we attempted to remove me from my cocoon. This sounded like a very good idea so I nodded. He helped me in a sitting position and then pulled the two legwarmers off my legs before untying all the rope that had been underneath. I was very surprised that he did not remove my blindfold and my gag before telling me to stand up but I decided to play along and found out I had very wobbly legs.

After walking me to the bathroom and helping me sit down on the toilet my roommate asked me to sit up straight and spread my legs. He would love to watch. The moment to be prudish had long since passed so I did as he asked. After the glorious relaxation, almost as good as my orgasm, and wiggling of the last drops my roommate led me back to the living room.

Once there he pulled the beanie and the blindfold off my head and undid the straps of my ballgag. After he pulled it out I worked my jaw and cleared my throat. After giving me something to drink my roommate told me to bend over as far as possible again so he could start taking off the first pair of tights. I bent my shoulders as close to my knees as possible. He was standing behind me and commented that my penis looked awesome dangling between my legs. I told him to keep his mind on the job because my muscles were aching.

He pulled the first waistband from between my butt cheeks and started pulling it up my torso and down my leg. As soon as my hip was out of it he let me sit down so I wouldn’t fall over while he pulled it off the remainder of me. Getting out was even more difficult than getting in! The true sign of good bondage. After getting both pairs of tights off me he untied the ropes around my chest and monoglove. When the monoglove sock had been pulled of my arms and the remaining ropes had been untied I desperately needed a shower. Afterwards I fell into my bed and passed out.

The next day I slept very late but I still woke up sore from muscle ache. I felt very content with the world. Meanwhile, my roommate did all the laundry for all the stuff we had used. When returning my items he asked if we would do this again. He had a few more ideas he wanted to show me. If I was interested.


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