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Rope & Nettles

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2011 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; rope; bfold; gag; nettles; cons; X

I have seen a lot of interesting stories regarding the use of nettles in self bondage scenes. After reading a little about these weeds, I decided to try a shot at them.

From what I can find, letting your cock head come in contact with the needles may not be a good idea, so I have decided to follow that advice.

Now the set up. My back yard is rather large, fenced and tree lined.

I purchased about a thousand feet of the tan hemp-style rope for the scene.

First, I attached one rope at ground level from fence to fence (about 300 feet). Then I did the same with two others at the top rail, keeping these about 9-12 inches apart.

I then zip-tied numerous branches of nettles at different distances to the two ropes. My plan was to set my escape keys at the far end of the yard, and chain myself to the rope at the other end.

At dusk on a hot Saturday in June, I took a penis gag, and blindfold out to the ropes. I went to the far end, and set the keys on the ground in the grass. Went back to the start, stripped down, and got ready. I attached a pipe clamp just over the head of my cock after pulling a condom partially on. Next, I pulled the end of the rubber back over the head, and used a rubber band to help keep it in place hopefully protecting my cock head from damages.

I straddled the two ropes to get my cock and balls between them, and locked my ankles under the ground rope. Sinking down to my knees, I opened the rope up and made sure they were running on either side of my balls, and between my thighs. Next, I secured my gag, and pulled the blindfold over my eyes. Finally, I handcuffed my wrists under the rope. At that point, I had to reach the far end of the yard to unlock the cuffs.

I started out my crawl slowly, and soon the first set of thorns brushed against my chest. The ropes holding the nettles were loose enough to allow me to move, but still put pressure on me as I went down the line, much like a hammock. The nettles at first, didn't feel too bad. But soon the itch and intense burn started on my chest. I tried to hurry through this first batch, only to have them scatch roughly through my thighs, burning my balls and shaft from both sides.

The second set of weeds were a larger group. As they scratched across my nipples, and through my legs, they sprang up behind me, digging into my ass. I remembered that I had place an even larger bundles somewhere in the line, so I started dreading what was coming later.

The ropes had been placed, running between a set of pine trees, and had somehow gotten tangled, as I found out in a bit. I had made it over four of the bundles, and suddenly ran into one of the trees. The ropes had moved over, and gotten twisted, and tangled in the branches. I tried to jerk them over, but they refused to move. Having just crossed over a large set of nettles, I realized that I would have to reverse direction, and go BACK over that bunch ass first. I slowly started to move. The burning itch that had, so far, been kept from my rectum, now made it's self very well known. I arched my back and tried in vain to slide over the branches, but just couldn't get high enough.

All of the little stinging needles were pulled back over the side of my cock and balls, and back to my nipples. Afraid they would spring back into my face, I stopped there. Moving from side to side, I was able to get the ropes loose from the tree branches, and continue on my way.

I discovered that I had tied twelve bunches of nettles along the rope path. I took over an hour to get myself to the opposite side of the yard, but finally I had made it to the other fence.

The relief in my body when I unlocked my cuffs, and stood up was enormous. Standing straightened out my skin, and caused the itch to intensify even more. I laid down in the wet grass for a minute or two to help, then went inside to check out the damages done to myself.

Every inch of skin that had either been touched by the nettles, or dragged across the ropes was still on fire. From my neck to my thighs in front was bright red, with raised welts. I saw a couple of scratches on my right side as well.

Turning around in the mirror showed me the same condition to my ass cheeks.

I immediately took a bath with plenty of my wife's skin softening bubble bath.

It was an interesting evening, and will try it again when I can. May try different versions of the crawl. Perhaps a longer, more weaving trail over and through the area I had pulled the nettles from. That part of the yard is completely covered in the weeds as well as cockle-burrs.



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