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Roped in the Shed

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2013 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; ropes; cuffs; torment; tacks; oil; denial; cons; X

I have my shed out back cleared out.

I have eye bolts threaded into the floor plates around the diameter.

To a couple about three feet from the back wall, I attached 3 inch O rings. I did the same to the ones at six inch distance along the back wall. I tied a rope to the ones and the door wall, and tied that tight. I put the rope through another O ring.

I took two long lengths of rope to the header wall. I tied the end to the O ring on one side, string it through the ring at the six inch bolt, then through yet another, smaller O ring, over to the far wall, through the six inch ring, and then to the three foot ring, tying a knot to the ring. I repeated this back and forth until I ran out of rope. I tied the second rope to the first, making sure the knot was between the three foot ring and the six inch ring, then began the back and forth until that rope was done.

What I had was a total of ten lengths running from side to side. Each run was tied to the O ring. The O ring in the center would be attached to my wrists, with a swivel clip. My legs would be tied to an O ring on the rope spanning the door wall in the same way. These swivel clips will allow me to spin without twisting the ropes.

My escape will be the keys locked onto the smaller O ring at the center of the rope across the header wall. I have twine attached to the key ring, and simply laying at hand level on the floor. I will need to make sure that twine isn’t moved, or twisted up as I roll. I will need to roll to one side of the shed, untie the knot, roll to the opposite side, untie THAT knot, and so forth, until all the knots are undone, and the keys can be reached.

After I stripped, I tied my legs tied together, and then attached to the rope to the door wall.

My hands were locked into the cuffs.

I lay back onto the cool cement floor, and lock the cuffs over my head to a rope tied to the swivel clip.

To my left, is a pool of cooking oil. Left of that, a pile of thumbtacks, then a pile of rice, and finally a pile of fresh coffee grounds.

To my right, another pile of tacks, then oil, coffee, and these will be my torment, as I make my way back and forth.

A little while before, I took a Viagra pill, and it was just beginning to start it’s affects on me. I felt my cock start to grow and harden as I laid there.

My first roll was to my left into the oil. It felt great. But, not wanting to cum, I rolled over again. With the slipperiness of the oil, I had little control of how fast I rolled, and once my center of gravity reached the apex, my ass flopped on into the tacks. I almost shrieked with the jabbing pain I felt on both cheeks. I stayed where I was for a minute or two until the pain subsided a bit, then rolled again, into the rice.

I now know what they mean when they say how much of an irritating torment hard, uncooked rice can be on any hard points of the body. My hip bones were jammed down hard into the pile, as well as the hardness of my erection. One caused me a hell of a lot of pain, the other was almost intense pleasure. I rolled one more time and into the coffee.

I could then reached the first knot holding the rope in place. I untied that first knot, and began my way back across the floor. From coffee, to rice (more pleasure to my cock) to the tacks (pain for my ass), oil (cock got even harder), then back to my center point. A few of the tacks had stuck to the skin of my ass, and assaulted me one more time as I dropped into the center of the floor.

Now, to my right.

My first torment were the tacks. Again, having my skin slick from the oil, I had no control over how fast I would drop my front side down.

My erection actually helped this time. As I dropped into the thumbtacks, the erection kept the head of my cock from being driven directly into the points. But I didn’t escape the full attack when I hit the floor. The intense desire to cum hit me hard. My cock began to throb, even though it was being poked by hundreds of tiny needles. I rolled as quickly as I could, and splashed my ass into the pool of oil. Rolled again, and into the coffee, and finally the rice tormented my ass.

I got the second knot undone, pulled the rope through the rings, let the loose end lay on the floor and started the other way.

This took me a little over an hour to complete. (After my fourth trip, I had royally fucked up, and forgot the knot hold the two ropes together, so I had to make an additional trip to untie that.)

By the time I was into my third roll, the oil had ran over my entire body. I had absolutely NO control by the time I was done to how fast, or how hard I dropped into each of the piles. The piles were pretty much fully mixed as well before I was done, so I was assaulted by mixtures of all of the torments.

When I was finally able to unlock my hands, and untie my feet, I was a slippery coffee/rice covered mass. Little tiny blood dots covered my ass and abdomen from the tacks.

And somehow, I was able to avoid cumming. But I was horny as hell as they say.

Before I went into the house, I had to get rid of some of the crap stuck to my skin. My only option was the garden hose. I hadn’t thought of this before (BIG mistake). It was by the house, and rolled up on the hook, so not an option during daylight hours, while naked.

I simply put my clothes back on. The rice and coffee stuck to me dug even deeper as I pulled my jeans up.

I got inside, and undressed in the garage, wiped myself off with an old towel, and went inside to shower, and decide which way I want to jack off.

It was a good one. I’ll tell you about it someday.


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