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Rough Night

by mtrs

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© Copyright 2002 - mtrs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; tape; bdsm; ice; pain; denial; mast; cons; X

I was about 19 years old at the time and was still in college. I was bored sitting around at home one weekend, while my room mates were gone home for a visit. I really had nothing to do, the TV had the most annoying re-runs on and the radio sucked. I was horny anyway and decided to have a little fun. 

I took 2 boards about 2x4's about 2 feet wide and 1 foot long, next I took out my strands of rope, collar and duct tape. I then stripped off all my clothes and threw them in the closet.

I was going to be a slave to myself as though I was in service to a Mistress or Master.

Being a slave I got on my knees and crawled to the shower a very long way down the hall. I decided to be unworthy of any pleasures so I used only ice water.

I got in and kneeled down, I pushed my tits up towards the hose as though ordered to and let the ice cold water harden my nipples.

I stayed in there for 10 minutes, getting out I did not dry off, I just opened the door and went to the freezer.

I took out the ice cube tray and returned to my room and locked the door.

I next lay on my back took a hand full of ice cubes and shoved them in pussy sealing it with duct tape, that way I could not play or touch myself.

Still soaked I attached my collar and tied a rope around my waist, I then attached another shorter rope to my ankles as though it were a chain, after that I made sure the boards were one on top of the other. I was to be punished for not holding myself up long enough for my Master or Mistress.

I decided to do 100 push ups as part of my punishment, the thing is I would lie on the boards with my pussy on the edge so all the pressure from the push-ups would go right there and having the tape on I would not be able to relieve myself.

I decided to make things a little worse and took my very large butt plug out of my desk drawer and with no lube I shoved it in and my eyes watered quick.

After giving myself 20 hard smacks on each tit and ass cheek I started my push-ups, I was so horny and the pressure on my cunt was driving me nuts, by the time I was done I could have exploded.

Before I chickened out I decided to tie my hands using a slip knot and secure them to my waist. 

Now I was ducted taped on my pussy, my ankles were attached with rope with not much slack, my hands tied, collared and I’m freezing from the water. Do you think I got much sleep?

I ended up passing out and releasing myself the next day at 2 pm, I started at 8 the previous night I could barely move my arms and the tape almost ripped the hairs out of my cunt but was a great set of orgasms, try it its fun.



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