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Roxanne's Self-bondage Trial

by LoBoNoxy

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Storycodes: Sbf; anal; gag; ballgag; clamps; plug; rope; timer; cuffs; bathtub; outdoors; cloak; cons; X

My name is Roxanne and I live in Milan, Italy. I have been working as a model for years, and my long brown hair, green eyes, big round firm boobs, thin waist and long legs guaranteed me lots of success in the local fashion scene. This is certainly not a world without sins but nobody here loves to speak openly about fetishes and kinks so nobody knows about my passion for bondage. Actually I have never been bound by anyone and all I did was some self bondage alone in my apartment, and I have become quite experienced in it.

Last week I was in a hotel room in Paris. After a long day of work I was feeling really tired and I decided to take a bath. I filled the tub and put my favourite set of hemp ropes close on a stool close to me. When I was almost submerged by the hot water I grabbed the rope and started to tie my ankles together, then I tied the ropes under and over my knees and around my thighs. I also did a tight crotch rope and used more rope around my boobs squeezing them. I wanted to tie my hands too so I made a sort of slipknot around my knees and put my wrists inside then I pulled and ta-da my hands were blocked too.

It was the first time I tied myself up in the water and there was something I hadn’t considered: after a while the ropes started to get wet and obviously tighter, especially the crotch rope and the ropes on my boobs were starting to become really uncomfortable. At first I panicked a bit, but I did not want to call for help because obviously I did not want anyone to see me naked and bound so I decided to concentrate and try my best to set me free. Of course I could grab the scissors from the stool but I did not want to cut my precious handmade ropes. After some long minutes I realized that this was the only way to get free so I did it, thinking about my wallet getting empty again.

After more or less thirty minutes I was laying on the queen size bed trying to relax. For the first time I felt extremely excited and “alive” and I realized with a bit of surprise that the reason for that feeling was that I really had risked being surprised in self bondage! Maybe my simple self bondage experiments were not enough and I needed to try something different. I opened my laptop and reached my favourite bondage web store: I ordered a vibrating egg with a timer, a small ass-plug, a pair of vibrating nipple clamps, new ropes and some other things that looked promising.

Now a week has passed after that incident, I’m back home and the postman just delivered a big package. I lay all the content on the sofa and start to examine every item: a latex hood with holes for eyes and mouth, a complete set of nipple clamps, ass plug and pussy egg, with vibrations controlled remotely by my smartphone via bt. Then of course a small jar of lube, eight coils of raw hemp rope, some leather belts, many rolls of tape of different colours and a pair of handcuffs with a timer. It’s a cold winter day, perfect for what I have in mind, so I start to prepare myself.

First I undress completely and for a moment I admire my curvaceous body in my big mirror then I step inside my walk-in closet to choose my outfit, taking out a pair of black high heels, dark seamed stay up stockings, lace panties, a grey long skirt, a white wool sweater and a large red satin cloak with a hood. I put all the restraints and clothes into a large suitcase and walk to the kitchen, posing it on the large table. From there it is very easy to reach my private backyard which is indeed well protected from curious eyes. I walk to the back door and throw it open then I start to prepare myself: first I wear my stockings and heels, then I stand with my legs open. I start to smear a good amount of lube on my butt hole, so that the small plug goes in perfectly. I am starting to feel already horny so the pussy egg goes in without difficulty. I start to roll black pvc tape on my big round boobs until they become considerably tight and small and my nipples become hard and perky as ever, easy prey of my clamps. Pain is hard and immediate, like a flash of light in the dark, but then becomes more bearable and after some deep breaths I can go on. Next I wear the latex hood passing my long hair through the hole on the back. It leaves my eyes and mouth free but I also have a huge 3” ball gag that soon makes me unable to even moan. I sit on a chair and I start to tie my thighs together tightly with several rolls of tape and I close my ankles with metal handcuffs, then I wear the long tight skirt that almost reaches my cuffed ankles. I put on the wool sweater and then the big cloak that covers me entirely, head included. Under the coat I put my hands behind my back and lock my wrist together with a pair of metallic handcuffs. These cuffs have a very wicked timer system because if you put it e.g. at thirty minutes, when they reach the thirtieth minute they will beep and you have three seconds to take them off or they will stay locked and you will need the key to open them. For extra safety I put the key on the kitchen table but I hope I will not need to use them. If things will go as I planned I will have the time to reach the open back door and do a small walk around the backyard and come back in thirty minutes, so I set the timer that way.

As for the other timers I set all the vibrations to the max: pussy egg will start after five minutes, ass plug after ten minutes and nipple clamps after ten minutes. This was made on purpose to make the last five minutes as hard and excruciating as possible.

Time to start: I stand on my heels and move the first small step towards the back door. I can do only very tiny steps of course, because of the taped thighs and cuffed ankles, so it takes a while to reach the back door and step in the small garden. When the pussy egg starts vibrating I almost fall to the ground and I must lean to the house wall to avoid falling to the ground. I keep walking as I pant in the huge ball gag which is almost deforming my jaw. I know that nobody can see me and even if they could they would notice anything strange as the cloak covers my body entirely and the weather is rather cold.

I am reaching half of my path when the nipple clamps start to vibrate too, but somehow I manage to resist and I keep walking even if it is clear that an intense orgasm is building. My nipples are hard and aching and my toes inside the heels are curling… I have almost arrived at the back door again when the ass plug starts its job and I feel it hitting me like a storm, I fall to the ground and cum hard, squirting, struggling, shaking and biting the big gag. It’s heaven and hell for me since nobody can save me now.. but then the orgasm fades away and I manage to fight again the vibrations and thank my personal trainer for my fitness because I manage to stand again and reach the inside of the kitchen, just in time to hear the beep and take off those handcuffs from my wrists. Slowly I start to undress and remove the ball gag, the hood, the egg, the clamps and the plug, then I cut all the tape away and unlock my ankles. Then I lock the backdoor as I do not want anyone to find me naked, sweaty and close to a plethora of restraints, I clean the place and put everything in the suitcase, heading towards the bed for a highly needed sleep.


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