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Rubber Ducky

by Weird Thoughts

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Why do I do things like this to myself pondered Diane as she gazed down at the rubber ducky at the bottom of the 10 gallon trashcan? The answer to that was self evident. Diane was a pain slut who loved coming up with unique ways to torment herself.

She might have out done herself this time. The key to her self imposed bondage was the key that hung around rubber ducky’s neck on a string. It would be an easy thing to reach down and retrieve rubber ducky if she wasn’t so confined. Her wrists were held in place by manacles padlocked to rings on either side of her favorite chastity belt, the one with oversized vibrating plugs fore and aft.

She also couldn’t just knock the trashcan over either. She had made sure that was impossible by securely fastening the trash can to a pillar in her unfinished basement. No, the only way to retrieve the key around the neck of rubber ducky was to fill the trash can up with water.

Diane had taken great pains in planning this latest odyssey. A glance into a wall mirror reflected her planning. Her ankles were joined by a short stretch of chain to limit her movements. A strict posture collar with a ring on the front held her head tall and proud. Then there was a special ball gag of her own creation. It was a regular ball gag that she had drilled a hole through the middle and inserted a PVC pipe that extended 6 inches in front of her. Near the end were 2 eyehooks which could be used to route strings through and for today’s adventure there were strings attached.

On one end of each string were nipple clamps that were making their existence known to Diane’s nipples. The other end of the strings, after being routed through the eyehooks at the end of the ball gag, were attached to either side of a child’s toy bucket. A third string ran from another eyehook near the bottom of the bucket. This string went up through the ring on her posture collar, split into an inverted Y and then attached to rings on each of Diane’s thumbs. Pulling down with her thumbs enabled her to raise the bottom of the bucket allowing for the loading and emptying the bucket of water.

All she needed to do was fill the half gallon bucket with water and then pour said water into the trash can holding rubber ducky until it floated to the top of the trash can. Once at the top, the key to the padlocks could be retrieved setting Diane free. Nothing could be simpler.

To fill the bucket with water she had mounted a plastic bin on a short table just above the pre plumbed connection for a toilet. She installed a toilet float mechanism in the bin so the water would be refilled as she filled the toy bucket from the plastic bin. It was then only a short 15 foot to the trash can holding rubber ducky prisoner. With a half gallon bucket it should only take 20 trips back and forth to retrieve the key to the padlocks. Time to get to work.

Diane went over to the water source, and pulled down with her thumbs on the string to raise the bottom of the toy bucket. So far, so good.  She bent over to lower the bucket into the bin of water and watched as the bucket filled up with water. Next she started to straighten up before screaming into the ball gag. How much does water weigh? Remembering back to her childhood school days she had learned that a gallon of water weighs a little more than 8 pounds. Half a gallon is 4 pounds which means each nipple clamp was supporting 2 pounds.  That was over pound more than she had experienced on each of her nipples than ever before.

She figured to fill the toy bucket half full would be a pound on each nipple which would mean she would have to make 40 trips. More trips if there was any spillage of water during the trips to the trash can or being unable to completely drain the toy bucket.  She tugged on the string with her thumbs to raise the bottom of the toy bucket and emptied half of the contents.

Traversing the distance from the water source to the trash can proved to be quite the adventure. The toy bucket, filled with its contents starting swinging to and fro, tugging and yanking on the nipple clamps squeezing on her nipples.

The posture collar holding her head high obstructed her view of the trash can. In her rush to ease her burden, Diane took little care in her aim. When she bent over and raised the bottom of the toy bucket to dispel its contents she overshot the trash can completely. Nary a drop of water went towards floating rubber ducky from the bottom of the trash can.

Next trip, she thought to herself, she will be more careful with her aim and she would reduce the amount of water to around a pint. That would reduce the weight of the water to 1 pound, or 8 ounces for each nipple. She could handle that. Of course it also meant that it would take around 100 trips to fill the trash can with water. It was either that or just wait for her secondary release system.

High on a shelf was a Styrofoam container that had been retrieved from a freezer before she trussed herself up. The block of ice imprisoned a small chain that also held a key to all her padlocks. On the outside of the container was a bucket of sand attached to the other end of the chain. Once the ice melted enough in the container the weight of the bucket with the sand would free the key which would drop to the floor. It was a well tested secondary release, normally took roughly 8 hours for the key to drop to the ground.

I can do this Diane thought to herself. Hours later Diane was nearing the end of her ordeal. She had lost count of how many treks she made back and forth between the water bin and the trash can. She had progressively decreased the amount of water hauled with each load which had increased the number of trips. She was tired, the batteries were running low in her plugs and the pain was getting to be more than she could endure.

After pouring what she had hoped was the last of the water she tried to grab hold of rubber ducky. She could barely touch the head of the toy duck but could not grasp it. Only a few more trips she thought as she shuffled back to the water bin.

Whether it was from fatigue or the thought of her impending freedom from bondage, Diane had a momentary lapse of concentration and let the toy bucket fill to the brim. Damn, she thought. As she lifted the bucket out of the water bin the clamps gouged their way into her nipples. As she tried to remove some of the water in the bucket the string from her hands to the bottom of the bucket suddenly snapped. The string had frayed through while rubbing against a sharp edge on the inside of the posture collar ring.

Diane rested the bucket on the edge of the table that the water bin was mounted on while she planned her next move. She glanced at her secondary release but decided that was not an option. That release was at least 4 hours away and she wanted her freedom, and she wanted it now. She knew what she had to do. She must steel herself from the pain and carry the full bucket over to the trash can. Once there she would have to sway her body back and forth like causing the bucket to swing like a pendulum. Then at the right moment bend over at her waist so the bottom of the bucket would hit the side of the trash can causing its contents to spill into the trash can.

That was exactly what she was going to do. As she stood up her knees almost buckled from the pain of the weight of the completely full bucket. With all her resolve she crossed the distance to the trash can. She withstood the searing pain as she swung back and forth until she bent over causing the bottom of the bucket to hit the top of the trash can. Success! Her plan worked to perfection. Almost all the water found its way into the trash can.

There was only one minor, little problem. The water hit rubber ducky with a broadside with such force that it caused rubber ducky to capsize. Diane watched in horror as the key for her release sank to Davey Jones Locker at the bottom of the trashcan.

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