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Rubber Epiphany

by Sneakerslave

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My first actual bondage experience was when I was 17, in summer camp. I was a junior counselor that year, at a girl’s camp in Vermont. I had always known that being tied up, or the thought of it, was something that aroused me sexually. So, as girls will be girls, I was ambushed by a group of campers and tied to a tree, gagged with wide tape, and left there for an hour or so until a couple of fellow counselors rescued me. That night, I masturbated to an orgasm remembering how excited I had become.

I’m 32 now, quite fit and successful in my own right as an IT consultant. I’ve always been something of a nerd so technology was a logical career course for me. I work from home for the most part, dealing with issues my clients might have from the office in the barn located on the property of my house in Connecticut. I inherited the place after my mom passed away. The place was an old farm that sits on about twenty acres that is wooded and green. It backs up on a state reservation, but is very secluded. The barn made a great workspace and I had converted part of it to a guest house.

While I have been in relationships, bondage has always been a self-practice. I’ve never had the courage to bring it up with a date, so relationships for me always seemed short lived. Of late, I had begun to think that another woman might be what I needed, although I don’t really think that I’m a lesbian. No, if anything, I guess sex for me doesn’t mean male or female.

This brings me to relate this experience here. Call it serendipity? Perhaps so. Things often have a way of happening.

One summer evening, I decided that the weekend would be one of self-bondage. I had tied myself quite effectively on a number of occasions, but always in the safety of either the house or in the barn. Over the years, I had collected quite a number of bondage toys that allowed me to secure myself with no hope of escape until my chosen “self-release” method allowed me to unlock the cuffs that secured me. Sometimes I used a block of ice with the keys frozen inside; sometimes I used more sophisticated “stage” releases that allowed only part of my bondage to be unlocked at a time.

For this adventure, I wanted to be outside. This was risky because, although I am pretty secluded, I am not far from a reserve where there were campers, hikers; bikers-all could inadvertently wander onto my property. But the risk of discovery was, of course, thrilling. Also, it was dangerous. But I resolved that this was what I would do.

I knew where I wanted to do it. Close to the back east corner of the property was a thick stand of pine trees where there was a large glacial boulder in a small clearing. I thought that this was a pretty safe location as it was hard to see past the trees.

I decided that, in order to make it really satisfying, It would have to last a minimum of eight hours. And it would be at night to lessen the chance of discovery. So I designed that, once partially freed in the woods, I would need to get back to the barn to fully release myself.

Friday afternoon, I began my preparations. I went out to the area where I would be tied, and picked a spot that was behind the boulder that was close to several trees, I chose a spot that was about four feet from two trees that stood about six feet apart. I attached a nylon strap between the trees, ratcheting it so that it stretched taut about five feet off the ground. In the center, I attached a heavy duty ratcheting pulley. I ran a length of 1/8” steel cable through the pull to a spot by the rock. Pulling it though the pulley till the other end was almost to it, I attached a plastic bucket to that end. Testing it, I found that, by pulling on the bucket, it would lower but would not rise unless the ratchet catch was released. Satisfied, I pulled the cable up again so that the bucket was in the “up” position.

Returning to the other end of the cable, I knelt and held the free end at chest height. Scooting back I stopped at a point where the cable was about taut, rising away at about a 45 degree angle.

While still kneeling, I spread my legs roughly three feet apart. At the point here my knees were I drove two metal stakes into the ground on either side of them. Each stake was fitted with a steel ring that hit just above my knees I drove a third stake into the ground mid-way between where my feet were spread. This stake had a large ring at the top. (I have gotten quite proficient at finding things at Home Depot!)

The last item that I had brought on the cart of my lawn tractor was a ten gallon bucket filled with water. Through the top I had fed a piece of plastic tubing. I had fitted a stop cock to the curved end of the tubing, and hung it on the side of the plastic bucket. There was an electric cord running out of the bucket that powered the fountain motor to which the tube was attached. I had a small battery pack that could run the pump for about six hours. I tested it and adjusted the stopcock so that, according to my calculations, the water would fill the bucket in about four hours. As the bucket filled, it would draw the end of the cable as the weight of the water forced the cable through the latching mechanism of the pulley.

By now it was around 5:00 PM. I intended to wait till dusk to begin my “adventure”. I drove the tractor back to the barn. This was where I would need to get in order to undo the rest of my restraints. I opened the freezer and saw that the bucket I had placed there was frozen solid. It held about three gallons. I had placed a cable which had a key clipped to end of the cable in the bucket. Again, I had calculated about 4 hours for the ice to melt.

My second release method involved a large faced clock that hung over the mantle of the stone fireplace. I had attached a pill bottle to the small hand of the clock. The opening of the medicine bottle aligned with the hand such that, when the small hand was at 9:00, the opening would be perpendicular to the floor. Once I had placed the key in the bottle, the small hand would have to move to at least 4:00 before he key would drop out.

My plan was that, once secured in the woods, at around 9:00, I would be helpless for a good 4 hours. That would be at around 1:00 AM. I was sure that it would take me at least a half hour to get back to the barn. Then it would be at least another two and a half hours before I could release the second stage of my bondage.

I had a light supper and a glass of wine before downing an energy drink. I was too excited (turned on!) to be too hungry but I knew it would be a long night. I was ready to get dressed.

Some months ago I had a custom latex leotard made. It was easy as all I had to do was give them my measurements. I am about 5’5” and weigh 120 pounds. I was specific as to how I wanted it made: It needed to have holes for my nipples, needed to cover the upper part of my thighs, was to be short sleeved to the top of my upper arms-and needed a butt plug and dildo, both hollow, In addition, it needed a protrusion with soft rubber spikes that was also hollow. To the top of the leotard would attach a hood that zipped from the crown of my head to my neck. There would be a hole at the top through which I could thread my ponytail. Last was an inflatable rubber bladder that would snap across my mouth. Once in place and inflated, I would be completely silenced. The leotard actually was more like a body suit as the bottom was really shorts that ended at about mid-thigh.

Once I had slipped into the powdered leotard, I retrieved the vibrators that would keep me company for the next several hours. One was for my vagina, the other a butt plug. Inserting them into their hollow sheaths was easy, as I had lubricated those parts of my anatomy carefully. Both of my orifices clenched at the intruding vibrators, and I snapped the rubber pads in place to hold them in.

I had modified the vibrators with long lasting lithium batteries ensuring that they, too, would last for at least six hours. But they would most likely last for longer than that, as I had installed microchips in both that would coordinate when they turned on and off. Sometimes, just the butt plug would vibrate, sometimes the vagina vibe, sometimes both together and at varying speeds and durations. They both “communicated” and would work randomly so that I would have no idea when, how forcefully or which, would tease me.

I slipped on a pair of denim shorts, which I planned to remove once I was outdoors. I laced a pair of new black Converse high tops on over black socks. Why sneakers, you may well ask? Well, truth is they are a fetish for me, and have been since I was 14 or so. Wearing them is a form of submission to me, and that probably stems from a domineering mother who forced me to wear them when I was a kid. I wore a pair of white Keds when I was tied to the tree at camp. I always fantasized about wearing sneakers and being tied up. Odd, perhaps, but still….

I then buckled leather cuffs around my wrists, thighs just below the shorts and ankles, using small brass padlocks to lock them. The keys for those hung on a hook at about four feet from the floor in the living room. Finally, a leather belt with a large steel ring at the small of my back went around my waist.

I got up and walked around making sure that all was in place.

At around 8:45, I figured it was safe to start. I placed the key, which would unlock the padlocks holding my wrists and ankles together, into the medicine bottle, being sure that it was seated well.

I left the barn, making sure that the door was locked. The security system keypad blinked red to confirm that. When I returned, I would need to find a way, probably with my nose, to punch in the code that would unlock the door. The door was designed to swing open when the lock released so I didn’t need to twist the door knob.

I made my way back to the clearing carrying the bucket with the key frozen in the ice, as well as a set of Japanese nipple clamps and a length of cotton rope. It was dark, but not too dark to see. I carried a small flashlight, hoping that, when the first phase of my captivity was done, I would be able to get it to see my way back to the barn.

First, I started the water dripping into the bucket at the correct speed. Next, I placed the bucket with the key behind the steel stake that would be between my feet, and firmly tied the end of the string to the ring at the top of the stake.

I now pulled the rubber hood up over my face and head, and pulled my auburn pony tail through the hole and zipped it shut. I then tied the length of line to my pony tail and braided the rope into my hair I adjusted the hood so that I was able to see and breathe through my nose before snapping the inflatable gag in place. I would inflate it last before securing my wrists.

Now I placed the clamps on my exposed nipples. These were they type of clamps that, as the tension on them was increased, they would tighten. A thin chain with a small ring attached them. This I attached to the cable that ran through the pulley and attached to the bucket into which the water was dripping.

I now knelt between the two stakes at my knees. Using two padlocks, I locked the rings on the thigh cuffs to the rings on the stakes, essentially splaying my legs. I then locked a two foot length of chain to the cuff on my left ankle before running it behind the post between my feet and securing it to my right ankle. I took the dangling end of the rope and secured it to the ring atop the stake with the snap clip that was attached to it, pulling my head back just enough to make me bend back slightly.

I inflated the gag now and activated the vibrators. They would not kick in for a while and I had no idea when they would, only that they would. My last step was to was to secure my cuffs to a large ring behind my back with padlocks and then to padlock the ring to the ring on the top of the stake.

I was now thoroughly helpless. The concept was that, as the bucket filled, it would get heavier thus increasing the tension on the cable attached to my nipple clamps and increasing the pressure on my nipples. I would be able to do nothing until the ice melted and I could get the key. That key would release only the key that would release my hands from the ring. Once released, I could use the same key to unlock the locks holding my thighs in place and to release my hair bondage. I had tried this with hands bound behind me and, though it was awkward, I was able to accomplish the task.

Once I was unattached, I could scoot forward relieving some of the tension on my nipples.

Then I thought of something. Shit! How was I going to release the nipple clamps? Just as that thought hit me, the vibes kicked in-both, hard and fast. I gasped as the heat in my belly began to spread though me. Then they started pulsing, varying the speed and intensity, alternating front, then back then together. I felt a climax building and could think of nothing but release.

Then, they stopped, leaving me breathing heavily. I sagged as best I could in the rigorous bondage into which I had placed myself. For the first time, I wondered if perhaps I had bit off more than I could chew. As I relaxed, I pondered the nipple clamp issue. I would just have to figure it out.

I endured the first couple of hours in a kind of erotic haze. The vibrators did their work and I must have cum three times. Each successive orgasm was more intense than the last, and I felt my slick skin in my rubber suit and hood.

By the time it was midnight (I had placed a small lit clock in front of me) I was quivering with the stress of my bonds and the intensity of my orgasms. The ice was, indeed, melting, but I wondered how soon I would be able to get to the key. And the pressure on my nipples was also intense and there really was no relieving it.

Surprisingly none of my body parts were falling asleep except for my toes. I wriggled them inside my sneakers in an effort to keep the blood circulating. The one thing that I had not planned for were the mosquitoes. My legs and arms were the only parts of me not covered by rubber, but the little bastards had a feast. In a way, their torment heightened the arousal that was my constant companion.

At last I pulled the now small block of ice into my hands. I was able to speed up the final melting by rubbing it between my palms. With a sigh, I now unlocked my wrists released my hair bondage.

Next were my thighs, which proved more difficult than I had remembered. But at last, the locks snapped open.

Now for my nipples. I was able to move forward, thus relieving some of the tension. I found that, with some twisting, I could reach my hands around to my front and to snap them off. I bleated into my gag with the sudden relief of having the pressure on my nipples gone. They throbbed pleasantly as circulation returned.

I collapsed on the ground and breathed heavily. The vibrators made themselves known again, and I moaned around my gag. Quickly, before I lost my nerve, I snapped one of the open padlocks to the short chain attaching my wrist cuffs together, and then locked it to the ring at the small of my back. The key to this was the one that I had used to release my wrists and thighs, but now lay in the grass somewhere. I had no idea where it was the dark. What would have to happen now would be for me to get back to the barn. The clock told me that it was now 1:15 AM.

I began my arduous journey with small shuffling steps that were all my hobble ankles would allow. The vibrators suddenly kicked in with a vengeance and I collapsed in the damp grass. To my dismay, they both came on full force and even after cumming, they did not stop. I was forced to endure another orgasm, and I writhed in both agony and ecstasy as my whole body shook.

They finally stopped and I lay there, panting and totally wrung out. The barn was still a good twenty minutes away, I judged, given my progress on my bound feet. Resolutely, I managed to get to my feet and resume my journey.

I finally reached the door of the barn. The red light on the alarm flashed tauntingly at me. I knew that, if I got the code wrong three times, the alarm would go off and the security monitoring service would send a car out.

Both the first two attempts with my nose failed. I took a deep breath and tried for the last time. I was rewarded by a sharp click and the door swung open. I stumbled inside, my sneakers making squeaky noises on the polished wood floor.

I felt exhilarated! I was safe now, the door shut and relocked behind me. The air conditioning felt wonderful, even though I was clad in latex. I looked at the clock that had the key to release my wrists: it was 2:55 AM. I couldn’t believe that it had taken my almost two hours to get back, but I realized that the vibrators had kept me incapacitated longer than I had thought. The one in my vagina pulsed gently, and I wondered if the butt plug had run out of power.

I had an hour before the key would drop. I lay down on the sofa and relaxed in a sort of haze. Now both vibes pulsed gently, and the arousal that I felt was a pleasant undercurrent to the exhaustion that overtook me. I was soon fast asleep.

I awoke with a start. I ached all over and I could see that the sky was lightening outside. I looked to see that it was 5:30 and that the small hand of the clock was pointing straight down at the floor. I struggled to my still hobbled feet and shuffled over to get the key to my cuff locks.

I stared at the floor in disbelief. It wasn’t there. I looked at the medicine bottle, which was empty. The key would have landed on the small area rug and should not have bounced.

I panicked. What the fuck would I do now? The keys for my feet were in a drawer that I could not reach with my wrists locked to the ring at the small of my back. Even if I could get to them, what good would it do? I was still masked and gagged, my hands behind me.

I sat on a chair and tried to calm my rising panic. The key HAD to be there. But where? I searched everywhere but to no avail. I then had a horrible realization. My friend Sarah would be by at 7:00 to go to the gym with me. She had the code, and she would find me like this, and I would have to explain to her just what in hell I was doing. Sarah was a bit older than me and made no secret of the fact that she liked girls. I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to… well, to “be” with her. I wondered what effect finding me like this would have on her.

I must have dozed off again, because when I awoke, she was sitting in a chair, legs crossed and just looking at me. Sarah had blonde hair currently in pig tails. She wore a leotard and gym shorts with socks and running shoes. Her blue eyes looked at me and a small smile played over her lips.

“I think that you might be looking for this,” she said, holding up the key to my wrist locks. My eyes widened and I grunted into my gag in surprise. She got up and walked over to me, standing above me, hands on hips.

“Ellen, darling, you are crazy.” I “Mmmmpphhhed” into my gag, but she smiled.

“Not yet. You just keep that thought. You see, I stopped by last night to pick up the spread sheet that you were working on for me.”

Shit! I had completely forgotten that!

“When I couldn’t find you, I thought it odd that there was a medicine bottle taped to the clock. When I looked and saw the key, I had a suspicion that I knew what was going on. Finding your extra cuffs and some other goodies upstairs, I realized that yes, our little Ellen was a bondage freak. By the way, the key on the clock thing is an old self-bondage trick.” She grinned. “I’ve used it myself. Now let’s get a look at you.”

She helped me to my feet and turned me around.

“Wow. Very nice.” She placed her hand on my crotch. The vibrator was running weakly. “The back too?” I nodded dumbly. “How many times did you cum?” I glanced away. Sarah deflated the gag and unsnapped it, pulling the now limp bladder from my mouth. I hadn’t realized how much I had drooled, and Sarah laughed softly as she retrieved a paper towel to wipe my mouth. She gave me some water from a straw in a bottle of water. I realized suddenly that she was teasing me!

“Now,” she said, “how many times?” I looked at her blankly. “How many times did you cum, you little slut?” I blushed beneath the hood.

“Not sure,” I whispered.

“Well,” she said, stroking my face, “I think that after you have some rest, we’ll just need to see how many times I can make you cum.”



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