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Rubber Walk

by M88

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© Copyright 2016 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; liquid; encoat; gag; hood; gasmask; cuffs; collar; harness; toys; insert; outdoors; walk; stuck; cons; X

Sam had ordered a long list of fetish items off the web. She had been planning a massive self bondage season for over 4 weeks and had finally found all the stuff she needed. 

Liquid Latex  Rubber gas mask  Leather bondage cuffs Leather bondage harness  Ball gag head harness Duct tape  Ear plugs Rubber face hood Rubber butt plug Rubber dildo  Chains  Padlocks Metal poles  Leather collar

Sam had put the keys to all the padlocks in metal box and she had put the key to her metal box miles away from her house. She had duct taped the key to a lamppost and would need to walk from the safety of her house to free herself from bondage. She would then need to walk back to her house, still in full bondage. The route she was planning to take was out the way and she should not meet anyone along the way. Sam was luck to live in a small town and she should be able t get away with it. 

She had already taped the key to the lamppost in the morning. It was now 1am and she had just finished having a shower. She stood naked in her living room with all her bondage equipment on the floor. It was waiting for her as she got dried. She pushed the sex toys into her wet holes. The rubber butt plug and dildo filled her pussy and ass to the max. She then pushed the ear plugs deep inside her ear. 

She had ordered a 200 litres drum of liquid latex. It had cost her an arm and a leg to buy. She opened the lid and was met by the strongest rubber smell in her life. She used a paint brush to cover herself in the thick and cold liquid latex. She covered herself in layer after layer of latex. She worked up and down her body from head to toe. Soon she was painted black all over as the layers started to dry. She had used a third of the drum and left only her face uncovered. As soon as the latex dried, she started adding the fetish equipments to her bondage.

With the liquid latex shining away, Sam picked up the head harness gag. A huge red ball with a leather panel in front of it was her gag. She forced it into her mouth and pulled the harness as tight as it could go. She doubled up the gag by wrapping duct tape around and over her head. Her hair was covered in layers of dried shiny liquid latex and the tape was sticking to it. She then pulled the rubber hood over her face and lined up the holes for her eyes and nose. Once that was done, she zipped the back of the hood shut and padlocked the zipper. Now she would not be able to remove the hood without the key. 

Sam’s heart was going as she pulled a Russian rubber gas mask over the hood. The very tight rubber was pulled over her hood until she could see clearly out of it. The gas mask had no zip and stayed air tight only through the rubber squeezing the person head. Sam then put the leather body harness on as she worked the soft leather around her boobs and between her legs.  She padlocked the harness in place and then picked up the leather collar. She closed it tightly around her neck and padlocked it shut.

She then placed leather bondage cuffs on her ankles, above her knees, groin, wrist and above her elbows. She stepped outside to complete her bondage and was met by a wave of hot summers air. She chained and padlocked the ankle and knee cuffs together. She then used the poles to keep her from bending her legs too much. She padlocked the poles to her groin cuffs to the ankle cuffs. Sam then wrapped a chain around her stomach and between her legs. She placed a padlock in the centre of the chain at her back. She left the padlock open, as she padlocked the chain in place. 

She then with a lot of hard work got one of the poles padlocked to her elbow cuffs. This pole kept her arm part as she fed the d-rings on her wrist cuffs on to the open padlock. With a deep breath she slammed shut the lock. She was now bound and gag, OUTSIDE with rubber covering each part of her. The metal box was waiting for her on her doorstep. Her house keys had also been put in the box as she shut her back door. The only way back inside her house was with the key. 

God the rubber was amazing in every way possible as she could smell and feel it. The gag was made from latex as well and then meant she could taste it. She now needed to get the key to her self bondage and it was over 2 miles away. She would need to walk down a long pathway in the middle of nowhere with very little moment. The pathway was empty 99% of the time and was well lit, so she should be safe. The back of her house was right next to it as well. She struggled to move with the bondage holding her body prisoner. But slowly she head off into the night.

In the dead of night every shadow looked like a person. Any sound which was loud enough to get through her ear plugs made her spin around. She was so scared someone would see her dressed like this. She found public bondage a real turn on, but that don’t mean she wanted to be seen. Air flowed through her gas mask as she struggled to breathe. The smell of rubber filled her nose as she pushed herself forward. The liquid latex was squeaking away as the chains got pulled to their limits. 

She was starting to wish, she had shoes on and not just latex covered feet. She was softly moaning away behind her huge gag. She arms had started to become numb as the walk got her sweating. The street lights played with her eyes as they formed the outline of people. She was rushing down the pathway as quickly as she could. She could see the lamppost with the key taped to it. Her rubber painted body was slowly moving closer and closer. She finally reached the lamppost and then to turn around and rip the key away from the duct tape. With the key in her hand, she now needed to head back home.

She would have to stay in her bondage from the walk home. She was finding breathing very hard work as the gas mask was being pulled towards her face. Her muscles had started to hurt and the pain from her lungs made her stop. She needed a rest for a couple of minutes. It was then she saw something out the corner of her eye. Was the light tricking her again as she looking down the long path. No she saw two guys walking towards her. She was in a dark section, halfway between two lamppost. So they could not see her black rubber as she forced her way off the path and behind a large bush. She could only stand behind it as her bondage stopped her from moving too much. She was silent as the two males walked past and could see they had been drinking. They joked and had a good laugh as sweat dripped inside Sam’s hood. Her heart was going a million miles an hour as they vanished into the night. She only left the bush when she could no longer hear them. 

She headed off into the night as her restraints kept her from running. Time was almost standing still as she walked back to her home. It felt like she had been outside all night. The latex was now itching and sweaty as her gas mask lens had streamed on. Her muscles set on fire by the endless walking as the cuffs had started to bite her hard. Her sex toys had moved away inside her wet holes, but had not done a lot for her. Something she would work on next time. As she reached her house. It was a welcome sight for the tried and sore girl as she struggled over to the metal box. 

She needed to turn around so her hands lined up with the lock. She was trying to remember which hand had the key. But her hands seemed empty and she tried to think about where she had put it. It was in her right hand from the second she removed it from the lamppost. But was now gone as she searched what bondage equipment she could reach. God she had dropped it. Most likely when she needed to get away from the people walking towards her. 

She headed back down the path and started looking for it. It would be morning in a couple of hours. Would she find it or would people find her?


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